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Thurlow Family Name History

The English surname THURLOW is of toponymic origin. Toponymic sunames are
those names which derive their origin from a particular place-name near which
the original bearer lived or held land. In this instance, the surname Thurlow is
derived from the place name Thurlow which is found in Suffolk, England. Thus,
the surname Thurlow signifies one from Thurlow, England. The place name is
derived from Old English "thyrn" meaning "troop - hlaw" meaning "assembly hill".
The earliest record of the surname Thurlow is of one John de Thrillowe who lived
in Cambridgeshire, England in 1278 (Rotuli Hundredorum). There is a record of one
Antony Thurlowe who, lived in Suffolk, England in 1524 (Subsidy Rolls). Matilda de
Threlowe lived in Cambridgeshire, England in 1273 (Hundred Rolls). There was a
marriage between a Samuel Thurolow and Elizabeth Lowe at the St. George Chapel
in England in the year of 1795.
Where the surname Thurlow is found in Ireland it may be presumed to be of English
origin the name being brought to that country during the plantations of the 17th
century. It is possible however that in Ireland the surname Thurlow may also be
an anglicized form of the ancient Irish surname O'Toirdhealbhaigh (pronounced
"Turla"). This name is derived from the personal name Toirdhealbhach (an early
form of Turlough) meaning "instigator".

BLAZON OF ARMS: Argent, on a chevron between two chevrons sable three
portcullises with rings and chains of the field.
TRANSLATION: Argent, or silver signifies Peace and Sincerity. Sable, or
black denotes Constancy.

CREST: A greyhound courant or, collared and lined sable.

MOTTO: Justitiae soror fides (Faith is the sister of Justice)

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