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Thompson Family
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Florice Mozelle Thompson
Her Family 1772--1994
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Written by Lisa Barnum 2000
Revised by Lisa Barnum 2002
Edited by C. W. Barnum 2014

Friends and Relatives

It was my intention to write a brief account about my Mother's ancestors, perhaps only three pages, because I knew little about her family. God was generous, for each week He revealed new facts and data about her relatives. It's still a little family book, but it far exceeds my expectations.

After one hundred years, our descendants migrated from North Carolina to California. Today, 12,000 individuals may have descended from the children of Charles Thompson. His son, also a Charles Thompson, was born over two centuries ago. I wonder where all my relatives have gone. I hope one of them will read this and contact me. We might pool our knowledge, thus grow a friendship, even though we're presently strangers.


Thompson is an ancient name. Thompson was derived from the name Thomas. That name dates to the time of Christ. Every European culture used the name of Thomas. It's one of the most popular names.

In about 1730, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson possibly from Scotland or England sailed to America. Evidence indicates they settled along the Deep River of North Carolina. They helped establish a Baptist Church in that area. By about 1759 Charles Thompson and his father, Thomas Thompson,  moved to Union County South Carolina and established Fairforest Baptist Church on the Broad River. Charles Thompson and his wife Elizabeth had four children named Susannah, Charles, William, and John according to the will of Charles Thompson.

Charles Thompson died in Union County South Carolina ca. March of 1797. Soon after that, Charles Thompson moved to Washington County Georgia, Morgan County Georgia and finally to Walton County Georgia. It is believed that William Thompson and a brother, John, also moved to the Morgan / Walton Counties area by 1820 accompanied by Elizabeth, the widow of Charles senior. 
Updated section 11 September 2001

Thomas Thompson 

The earliest evidence we have about our Thompson line is they may have been in Orange County North Carolina before or about 1755. On page 180 of the book, Christopher Gist Of Maryland and Some of His Descendants, written by Jean Muir Dorsey and Maxwell J. Dorsey in 1969, state this,
...Some of the others who where interested in the church [founded by Rev. Shubel Stearns who had come from Massachusetts in 1754 and founded a Baptist Church at Sandy Creek] were... Charles and Thomas Thompson. The names of these men are found on the Orange County [North Carolina] tax lists, as well as on early deeds in the county. Later these families sold their land in Orange County and went to South Carolina with rev. Philip Mulky and organized a church on the Broad River. From here they went to Fairforest and located on a fork of the Fairforest and Tyger Rivers where they established another Church. (David Benedict, "History of the Baptists," Vol. 2, p. 155; George W. Paschal, "History of the North Carolina Baptists," pp. 385-386; Leah Townsend, "South Carolina Baptists, 1670-1805," pp. 122-126.)

Several other references to Thomas Thompson (and his son Charles) exist which ties them to the Stearns, Mulky, Gist, Breed, Collins and Howard families who came from Massachusetts, to Orange County North Carolina and later to Union County South Carolina. The following short history is from Union County Early Settlements and Families.
Dining Creek / Fairforest Creek / Padgett's Creek A group of Separate Baptists arrived from North Carolina and settled on Broad River in 1759 and incorporated into a church. In 1762, the congregation moved up Fairforest Creek to the Dining Creek area in southwestern Union County. The Fairforest Baptist Church was the first Baptist church in the South Carolina up-country, and is the mother church of many up-country Baptist churches. Families in this group included: Philip MULKEY, Obediah and Stephen HOWARD, Benjamin GIST, Charles and Thomas THOMPSON, Joseph BREED, and Rachel COLLINS.
During the conflict between Whigs and Tories that emerged during the American Revolution, some of the members scattered while the main body of the congregation moved further north on Fairforest Creek, close to Rocky Creek near the Ben BLACK estate. By 1794/1799, the Fairforest Baptist Church was located near Duck Pond. Some former members of the Fairforest Baptist Church who lived in the Tyger Creek / Padgett's Creek area formed the Church of Christ on Tyger River in 1784, which later became known as Padgett's Creek Baptist Church.

In his HISTORY OF THE BAPTIST DENOMINATION IN AMERICA, David Benedict says, "In the year 1759 Philip Mulkey and wife, Stephen Howard and wife, Obediah Howard and wife, Joseph Breed and wife, Benjamin Gist and wife, Charles Thompson, Thomas Thompson and Rachel Collins, all members of Deep River Church in N.C., arrived in South Carolina and settled first at Broad River, and chose Mr. Mulkey for their pastor. After tarrying there for two years and increasing to 104, the above named 13 persons (leaving the rest behind) removed to Fairforest where they were again formed into a church in 1762. Another book says Nehemiah Howard, a member of Mulkey's Church at Deep River, did not come with him to SC but followed later about 1787 Nehemiah and his family moved to Wilkes Co GA -- he died before the first of April 1798 in Elbert County, GA.

Charles Thompson 
Son of Thomas

The most important document found which establishes the direct line between Thomas Thompson to Charles Thompson (#1) is a deed from the South Caroline Archives. It is reproduced here: (an abstract)
D, 530: William Thompson, son and heir at law to the real estate of my father Charles Thompson deceased, for 100 pounds sterling to Tilman Bobo, tract of 150 acres granted to my grandfather  Thomas Thompson 14 August 1772 on north of Tyger River at Blackstocks ford adj. Charles Thompson , Absalom Langston, dated 10 Jan 1795. William Thomson (W) (LS), Wit: John Anderson (1), Samuel Coson (S) . Proved in Union County by the oath of John Anderson 12 June 1795 before John Martindale, J.P. recorded 10 March 1797. (end of abstract)

The above deed proves William, son of Charles (#1) was the grandson of Thomas; hence, Charles was the son of Thomas. Further, Charles was deceased by by 10 March 1797. It also suggests Thomas was deceased before that same date. The census records tend to support that both were deceased by 1800. How many months or years before March 1797 they died can not be determined from this deed. In 1797, there was a general recording or proving of deeds in Union County South Carolina. People who owned land had to go before the court and prove they had right to it by testimony in open court generally by a third party. However, since the will of Charles Thompson was proved in court in 1800, it is my opinion Charles died about 1797. He died after 1795 as the deed refers to his property location dated 10 January 1795. Below, we will see Charles had a will dated 23 February 1795 so he died after that date.

The deed registration which was required in 1797 also produced references to a Charles Thompson. These were almost certainly deeds involving the son (Charles #2) of Charles (#1). Charles(#2), son of Charles was aged 23 at this time and was capable of buying and selling in his own name. Again, the dates of 1797 do not actually mean the land was sold or bought in 1797, as that was the years that deeds had to be registered for all prior transactions. Prior to this time any documents that existed were held in Charleston, South Carolina for the entire state or actually recorded in other states, mainly North Carolina.  

The Family of Charles Thompson (#2)

The  will of Charles Thompson (#2) follows:
Will notes of Charles Thompson Sr. 
From micro film # 0255019
Starting on page 000096
Box 3 pkg 12 Est. of Charles Thompson
Ex. Elizabeth Thompson
Page 97 of film back of page reads:
C. Thompson His last will and testament 23 February 1795

Page 97 of film reads: (There were several  - - - dashes in the will which were used as periods or. I did not show them here.)

In the name of God Amen, I Charles Thompson of Union County and State of South Carolina, being of sound and perfect mind and memory and blessed by god, do this twenty third day of February in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner following that is to say

First, I lend unto my wife Elizabeth during her widowhood all my estate real and personal. In case my wife Elizabeth do marry then at that time the personal estate to be divided equally amongst and with my wife Elizabeth and my children that is now living with me, each to have an equal part without having the personal estate lots.

Item- I also give and bequeath unto my daughter Susannah to be paid at my decease the sum of ten pounds in property out of my personal estate to be valued.

Item I also order and allow the division of my personal estate as above mentioned to be made and done by two responsible men chosen for that purpose, and in case my wife Elizabeth should die during her widowhood then and at that time my personal estate to be divided as aforesaid between my children that is now living with me in the same mode above mentioned.

Item- At the death or marriage of my wife Elizabeth I give and bequeath all my lands to be equally divided between my three sons namely William, John, and Charles, their heirs and assigns for ever to have and to hold the said lands and testaments.

Item- I do hereby order and appoint my well beloved wife Elizabeth executrix (footnoted); and also my beloved son William my Executor (footnote d) to this last will and testament

signed and sealed in the presence of

Wm McCullock,

George Petty,

John Darbrow 

Charles Thompson his mark, X (with an x )

Proved by law William McCulloch or MCGulick or McGuligh on this 31 day of March before me the Thos Brandon (Court of Ordinary)

Recorded 31 of March (note: this copy does not show a "year’ previous typing we had showed 1795. It does not show the will book or page either as previous typed copy from SC. That info was probably assumed from other records.) 

Page 98 back side of will,

The Will and Testament of Chas Thompson decd Probate before Thos Brandon Ordinary on the bottom it reads:

Charles Thompson will recorded? in Book A, page 10? By Jus Woodson Clerk for Thos Brandon Ordinary (end of will)

Thus, we know that shortly before his death that Charles Thompson (#2) had four children and a living wife, Elizabeth, Susannah, William, John and Charles. Susannah was already married so she may have been over 20 years old and possibly the oldest child. Charles was aged 20 years plus six months at that time based on the known date of birth for Charles. The sons in the will were listed not in alphabetical order but as William, John, and Charles. They were apparently still living with the family. I speculate that William--the will executor, was the oldest son, followed by John, and the last born was Charles. Susannah may have been born about 1770, William about 1772, John about 1773. Charles was born in 30 June 1774. 

End Updated section 11 September 2001

Seaborn J. Thompson

Seaborn, son of Charles, moved with his family to Georgia about 1806. On 19 April 1832 he married Jane Briden Moreland in Troup County. She was born in Georgia about 1810. Her father was Joseph T. Moreland.

Seaborn owned a general store, a hotel, and a tan-yard. He was an estate broker, slave broker, bookbinder, and a shoe and boot jobber. Seaborn was a partner with William W. Snow, James Aikin, and Minor Harris in the W. W. Snow and Co. Stage Coach line which operated between Greenville, Georgia which is east of LaGrange, and Franklin County, Alabama. He was wealthy.

Seaborn was the sheriff of Troup County for two terms. His first term was 1838 through 1839. His second term was 1842 through 1843. Several documents bear his title of Sheriff.

He kept his ear close to politics, and operated out of LaGrange, the county seat. He had two partners: Daniel Evans and Samuel Reid. These gentlemen cooperated in land transactions with Seaborn.

Seaborn wasn't a farmer as business better suited his temperament. He was active in local politics. His closest friend was Edward Young Hill, Superior Court Judge in Troup County. Seaborn attended most estate sales in Troup County. He purchased estates, equipment, businesses, and slaves. Below are some of the estate sales he attended.

Haralson, Jonathan; 1 December 1832: His will was witnesses by Samuel Thompson in Greene County. Sold were the estate and seventeen slaves. Samuel and Jonathan were friends and moved to Troup County at about the same time.

Manning, John B.; 17 January 1837: This estate was purchased by William P. Thompson who we once thought was Seaborn's brother. This is probably not so, but his real brother William H. Thompson did in fact live in Troup County Geaoria from about 1835 to 1845.

Brown, Robert C.; 24 May 1834: Purchased by Seaborn and others. Sixteen slaves were sold.

Daniel, Josiah; 7 January 1834: The estate sold with six slaves.

Rogers, Henry; 34 March 1837: The estate sold with a number of slaves.

Walker, Green B.; 17 January 1839: The estate sold with one slave. Note that Samuel married Nancy Walker, the sister of Green.

Chivers, Henry T.; 1 April 1840: The estate sold with one slave.

Kendrick, John W.; 15 November 1837: The estate and thirty-four slaves sold.

O'Neal, James; 23 January 1850: An 'S. J.' Thompson was listed twice as being present. Those two  may have been Seaborn and Samuel Thompson.

Perkins, Henry; 25 November 1837: This estate included houses and land in several counties.

Purcell, David; 14 May 1846: David Purcell manufactured shoes and boots. Seaborn produced leather and purchased Purcell's estate for that reason.

Rogers, Collin; 14 May 1846: The estate and slaves sold.

While Seaborn was present at these estate sales, he may have acted as an agent for others including his relatives, the Smith's, his friend Edward Hill, and his partners. After 1850, no record of Seaborn has been found in Troup County Georgia. His children either moved to Mississippi, Texas, went to war, or married.

On 30 April 1841, Seaborn signed an oath limiting distribution of alcohol to slaves of free persons of African descent. It read thus: (Typed as found with errors.)
Georgia, Troup County.} I do solomly swear that I will not, during the next succeeding months sell, barter, give, or furnish to any slave or slaves or Free person of Cullors any measure or quantity of Distilled Spirituous or Intoxicating Liquor without the verbal or written order of the owner Overseer or employer of such slave or slaves or without the like consent of the guardian of such free person of Cullors and I do further swear that I will not suffer or allow any other person to do so for me by my approbation knowledge or consent So help me God. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 30 April 1841. Clerk W. H. Sims.
Several deeds were recorded in favor of Seaborn. Those reproduced here were copied verbatim from hand written documents. This compiler used his own judgment concerning illegible words. No effort was made to correct mistakes such as the misspelling of Seaborn.

Deed, April 1832:
Georgia, Troup County: This indenture made this the third day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two and of American Independence the fifty sixth. Be known James Calbourn James B. Simmons and Joel D. Newsom Justices for the Inferior Court and for said County of the one part, and Daniel Evans and Seaborn J. Thompson of the county of Troup and state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the James Calbourn James B. Simmons and Joel D. Newsom for and in consideration of the sum Seventy four dollars and 33 cents by the said Evans and Thompson paid to the trustees of said county of Troup, at and before the sealing and deliening of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have by vested power residing in them as Justices aforesaid, bargained, sold, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the said Evans and Thompson their heirs executors, administrators and assign all the tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Town of Lagrange, and county and state aforesaid, and known and distinguished in the place of said town as lot number No.1 in tract D being the North third of said lot. The same being part of lot number one hundred and nine in the tenth district of the third section, Now Troup County, to have and to hold the said bargained forever, to the only proper and benefit and behoof of them the said Evans and Thompson, their heirs executers administrators and assign in fee simple forever and the said bargained provisions to the said Evans and Thompson their heirs and assign the said James Calbourn James B. Simmons and Joel Newsom Justices of aforesaid for themselves and heirs in office against the claims of all persons whatsoever warrants and signed in testimony whereof the said James Calbourn James B. Simmons and Joel D. Newsom have hereby set their hands and affix their seals as Justices of aforesaid and have caused the seal of the County to be thus affixed this day and year aforesaid. Signed and delivered in the presence of W. H. Sledge J. A. Calbourn; W. Celly J. B. Skinner; Joel D. Newsom;
Recorded 4th April 1832; N. Johnson, Clerk

Deed, October 1832:
State of Georgia, Troup County: This indenture made this the fourth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two between John Warren of the County of Troup and state aforesaid of the one part and Seaborn J. Thompson of the same place of the other part witnesseth that the said John Warren for and in consideration of the sum of eleven hundred and fifty eight dollars to him in hand paid by the said Seaborn J. Thompson at and before the sealing and aligning of these presents. The receipt whereof, is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold aliened and conveyed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien and convey unto the said Thompson his heirs and assigns, all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the sixth 6th district being in the community first aforesaid it being apart of lot number one hundred and ninety one acres more or less having such shape limits and boundary as follows. Beginning at the north west corner of said last land mentioned lot and running South 47 chains 60 links, to a red oak post the north west corner of Lot No. 114 in said district, thence, east 47 chains 30 links to said oak post, past the south west corner of lot no. (116) (117) 21 chains. Thence North 36 west 21 chains 50 links to a red oak corner. Thence north 9 chains 25 links to a stake corner. Thence west 37 chains 18 links to the beginning corner. Thence west 6 chains 16 links to the beginning corner. Excluding and reserving however land contained in said limits over two acres around and about the tan-yard now in the occupancy of James R. Law and also Samuel Reid sold to said James Law and John E. Gage and also on one square acre lying immediately west of and adjoining the lot now in the occupancy of James Chandler and contiguous to and lying upon the north line of said lot 116 and 109 in said district of heretofore sold by said John E. Gage the land aforesaid to hold the said bargained promises unto him the said Seaborn J. Thompson his heirs and members together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances to the land in any manner belonging to him and their own proper use benefit to behold forever in fee simple. And the said John Warren for himself and hearts executors and administrators the said bargained promises unto the said Seaborn Thompson his heirs and sellers will warrant and defend forever the Right and Title thereof against themselves and against the claim of all other persons whatever. In witness whereof the said John Warren hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written signed sealed and aliened in the presence of William Doughtery John Warren; John Prather Recorded 21 January 1833; N. Johnson, Clerk

Deed, March 1833:
Georgia, Troup County: This indenture made the first day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty three between James R. Law of the one part and Samuel Reid and Seabron J. Thompson of the other part all of the County and state aforesaid witnesseth that the said James R. Law for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand two hundred dollars to him in hand paid at and before the sealing and aliening of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained grants and sold and by these presents do bargain grant sell deed and convey unto the said Samuel Reid and Seabron J. Thompson their heirs and assigns all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County aforesaid, It being a part of lot No. (116) one hundred and sixteen in the sixth district containing two acres. Beginning on the northeast by road leading from Lagrange to Columbus and coming near said road at a hickory corner and running South 21 West Six chains and fifty links to said Road 2 Chains and twenty five links from beginning corner, to have and to hold said lot or parcel of Land unto the said Samuel Reid and Seabron J. Thompson their heirs and assigns together with all and singular the right members and appurtenances thereof to the same in any manner belonging to them and their own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee simple, and the said James R. Law for himself his executors administrators heirs and assigns the said bargained premises unto Samuel Reid and Seabron J. Thompson his heirs and assign with warrants and forever defend the rights and title against themselves and against all other persons, whatsoever. In witness whereof the said James R. Law has hereunto set his hand and seal this day and year above. Witnessed signed and sealed in the presence of Hugh Estral. Evans L. Harris J. R. Law;
Recorded March 22nd 1833; N. Johnson, Clerk

Deed abstract, September 1833:
A nearly illegible deed discovered in favor of Seaborn J. Thompson, with partner Samuel Reid, and James Warring, seller, for property lying in the town of Lagrange (LaGrange) 18 September 1833 for $175.00. Recorded by N. Johnson, Clerk 20 September 1833.

Deed, December 1838:
Georgia, Troup County: This indenture made this twentieth day of December between John E. Morgan of the County of Troup and State aforesaid of the one part and Seaborn J. Thompson of the same County and same state of the other part witnesseth that the said John E. Morgan for and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred dollars to him in hand paid at and before the sealing and deliening of these presents the receipt which is hereby acknowledged hath granted sold aliened conveyed and conferred and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien convey and confirm unto the said Seaborn J. Thompson by his hand and assigns all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the sixth district of Troup County and known and distinguished in the plan of said district as the North half of Lot number (81) Eighty one containing one hundred acres and a quarter acre. To have and to hold the said lot or parcel of land unto said Seaborn J. Thompson his heirs and assign with all and singular the appurtenances hereto belonging to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee simple. And the said John E. Morgan for himself his heirs executers and administrators the said bargained premises unto the said Seaborn J. Thompson his heirs and assign will warrant and forever defends the right and title thereof against the claim of himself and against the claims of all persons whoever. In testimony whereof the said John E. Morgan hath herein set his hand and seal the day and year above written signed sealed and deliened. In presence of: December 14, 1838 J. E. MorganTerrell Beasley Recorded January 24, 1839; T. M. Beal R. F. Gehie, Clerk

Thus, Seaborn Thompson was a business pioneer and settler of LaGrange as evidenced by deeds recorded. He was only twenty-five years of age when the first purchases occurred. He made his first transaction in 1832 before he was married. This was soon after he left his father's house and only six years after the county was established.

Money was difficult to obtain in 1832. A hundred dollars was a fortune. Sufficient amounts to purchase entire farms and township properties required backing. Seaborn obtained the money to start his businesses from his father, Samuel, who also bought and sold property, and later by mortgaging his slaves. The 1851 tax records show Seaborn and his father, Samuel, each owned seven slaves and valuable real estate.

Seaborn was a shrewd investor after he was established in the community. It's noteworthy that Seaborn purchased several properties in a short period of time. He may have borrowed money from the wealthy Smith family to whom he was friends or related through marriage.

Seaborn could have been an agent for others as well. He lived near his friend, Judge Edward Hill, who may not have wanted his dealings made public. Seaborn's wealth surely carried over to his children for they purchased farms in Texas, presumably with funds from the swollen purse of Seaborn.

The children of Seaborn and Jane were: Frances Louise, 1829; Mary Ann, 1833; William T., 1835; John N., 1837; Julia C.; Charles W., 1841; and Edward Young Hill Thompson, 1845. See group sheets for details. With the number of William Thompson's living in Troup County at that time, it's difficult to correctly identify them.

Deeds executed by Seaborn J. Thompson in Troup County, Georgia and related deeds.

ID:   Grantor(seller):                                                 Grantee(buyer):                               DistrictCounty: Payment    Lot:     Year:           Year Recorded:
8988  Evans and Thompson                                               Coleman, Pleasant P.                          6       Troup Co$1,225     109      01/06/1835      02/02/1835
8989  Evans and Thompson of Troup County                               Ware, Bennett M. of Troup County              6       Troup Co$235       109      01/21//1835     02/02/1835
8992  Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J.                           Alford, Julius C.                             6       Troup   $50        109      12/29/1832      07/10/1833
8993  Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J.                           Poythress, Joseph                             6       Troup   $600       109      04/02/1833      04/10/1833
8994  Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County           Sledge, Whitfield H. of Troup County          6       Troup   $1,500     109      11/27/1832      12/06/1832
8995  Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County           Miller, Ripley and Company of Charleston, SC          Troup   $5         -0-      03/06/1834      03/28/1834
8997  Evans, Daniels and Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County          Ford, Noah of Troup County                    6       Troup   $225       109      04/04/1833      04/16/1833
9635  Griggs, William & Thompson, William P. of Troup                  Williamson, Zachariah of Troup                4       Troup   $2,000     77       08/07/1832      06/28/1833
12375 Reid, Samuel and Thompson, Seaborn J.                            Howard, G.G.                                  6       Troup   $125       109      05/12/1836      02/02/1841
13372 Thompson, Hilliard J., of Troup                                  Preston, Samuel S.                            6       Troup   $200       116      02/08/1836      01/11/1837
13375 Thompson, S.J., sheriff of Troup                                 Boddie, Nathan V.                             12      Troup   $118       131      04/01/1843      11/14/1845
13376 Thompson, S.J., sheriff of Troup                                 Boddie, Nathan V.                             12      Troup   $118       162      04/01/1843      11/14/1845
13377 Thompson, S.J., sheriff of Troup                                 Boddie, Nathan V.                             12      Troup   $118       159      04/01/1843      11/14/1845
13386 Thompson, Seaborn                                                Haralsons and Culbersons                      6       Troup Co$1,006.44  116 &115 02/04/1834      06/20/1834
13387 Thompson, Seaborn J, sheriff of Troup                            Ferguson, Alfred W.                           16      Troup   $21        23       01/16/1844      01/22/1844
13388 Thompson, Seaborn J.                                             Bustain, Thomas                               6       Troup Co$500       116      06/24/1834      08/28/1834
13389 Thompson, Seaborn J.                                             Bustain, Thomas                               -0-     Troup Co$600       -0-      07/28/1834      08/28/1834
13390 Thompson, Seaborn J.                                             Redd, James K.                                6       Troup   $300       116      11/13/1839      2/3/1840
13391 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup County                     Culberson, James                              12      Troup   $450       98       07/04/1843      09/03/1853
13392 Thompson, Seaborn J. - sheriff of Troup                          McCallay, William                             4       Troup   $180       190      08/07/1838      11/15/1838
13393 Thompson, Seaborn J. - sheriff of Troup                          Oneal, James of Morgan County, GA             4       Troup   $3,300     -0-      04/04/1843      05/24/1843
13394 Thompson, Seaborn J. and Reid, Samuel                            Howard, G.G.                                  6       Troup   $125       109      05/12/1836      02/02/1841
13395 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Broome, Rufus and Wm. B. Stokes of Troup      6       Troup   $127.50    116      05/00/1839      01/22/1841
13396 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Malone, William B. of Troup                   6       Troup   $1,212.75  81       12/22/1840      09/10/1841
13397 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Dix, James T. of Troup                        -0-     -0-     $5         -0-      12/29/1841      12/31/1841
13398 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Douglass, John of Troup                       -0-     -0-     $5         -0-      04/27/1842      10/25/1842
13399 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Reid, Samuel and others                       6       Troup   $5         109      06/18/1844      08/24/1844
13400 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    King, John P. & Thompson, J. Edgar of Richmond-0-     -0-     $5         -0-      05/09/1844      05/25/1844
13401 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Hill, Hampton W. of Troup                     6       Troup   $100       81       12/20/1845      01/10/1846
13402 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County                             Waren, John of Troup County                   6       Troup   $5         116      10/05/1832      11/02/1832
13403 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County                             Mays, William C. of Troup County              6       Troup   $420       116      11/01/1833      11/04/1833
13404 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff                                     Walker, Elihu of Monroe County, GA            5       Troup   $1,470     238      10/04/1842      05/04/1846
13405 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff                                     Walker, Elihu of Monroe County, GA            5       Troup   $1,470     274      10/04/1842      05/04/1846
13406 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Robinson, Benjamin P.                         5       Troup   $20        -0-      01/19/1840      09/10/1841
13407 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Brown, Robert C.                              6       Troup   $225       12       03/01/1842      03/02/1842
13408 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Phillips, John                                5       Troup   $5         -0-      04/12/1842      04/13/1842
13409 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Cohen, Levin                                  6       Troup   $306       109      03/02/1842      03/03/1842
13410 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Phillips, William R.                          5       Troup   $175       286      02/09/1843      09/21/1846
13411 Thompson, Seaborn J. sheriff of Troup                            Culberson, James                              12      Troup   $450       98       07/04/1843      09/03/1853
13412 Thompson, Seaborn J., Sheriff                                    Mooty, William                                12      Troup   $15        261      04/02/1839      10/25/1839
13413 Thompson, Seaborn J., Sheriff                                    Griffin, Charles H., of Troup                 12      Troup   $725       261      02/05/1839      01/24/1840
13414 Thompson, Seaborn J., Sheriff                                    Gafford, George W., by atty. William Dougherty5       Troup   $137       238      01/01/1839      12/12/1839
13415 Thompson, Seaborn J., Sheriff of Troup                           Redd, William A.                              11      Troup   $5         127      08/06/1839      09/11/1839
13416 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Todd, Henry W. and Harrington, Jeptha         unk.    Troup   $300       56       05/05/1842      06/12/1842
13417 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Allen, Jackson                                14      Troup   $40        70       05/11/1842      07/22/1842
13418 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Darden, Willis and Davidson, Allen            5       Troup   $105       230      09/06/1842      09/06/1842
13419 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Reid, William                                 5       Troup   $510       276      04/05/1842      08/03/1842
13420 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K.                                12      Troup   $100       159      10/07/1842      10/07/1842
13421 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K.                                12      Troup   $100       158      10/07/1842      10/07/1842
13422 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Carlisle, William W.                          5       Troup   $1         -0-      11/10/1842      11/19/1842
13423 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Harrington, Jeptha and Todd, Henry W.         unk.    Troup   $300       54       05/05/1842      06/12/1842
13424 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K.                                12      Troup   $100       159      10/07/1842      10/07/1842
13425 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Davidson, Allen and Darden Willis             5       Troup   $105       230      09/06/1842      09/06/1842
13426 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Poythress, Joseph                             12      Troup   $620       70       04/09/1842      05/20/1843
13427 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Jennings, Thomas                              12      Troup   $10        110      04/04/1843      05/191843
13428 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Horton, Walker                                11      Troup   $25        108      03/31/1843      05/26/1843
13429 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Harvey, Harman H.                             6       Troup   $50        109      04/04/1843      05/19/1843
13430 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Davidson, Elijah                              7       Troup   $10        251      11/09/1842      01/01/1843
13431 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Wilkes, Benjamin M.                           3       Troup   $6         236      03/03/1842      05/12/1842
13432 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K. & McKleroy, William H.         6       Troup   $1,500     98       05/16/1843      10/10/1843
13433 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Robinson, Nathaniel Mc.                       16      Troup   $36        58       09/05/1843      10/12/1843
13434 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Brown, Robert W.                              12      Troup   $110       131      02/09/1843      12/27/1843
13435 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K. & McKleroy, William H.         6       Troup   $1,500     127      05/16/1843      10/10/1843
13436 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Redd, James K. & McKleroy, William H.         6       Troup   $1,500     95       05/16/1843      10/10/1843
13437 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Post, Joseph M.                               5       Troup   $30        205      12/28/1843      12/28/1843
13438 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Frost, William A.                             11      Troup   $365       163      01/16/1844      -0-
13439 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Reid, William                                 -0-     Troup   $6         -0-      01/19/1844      06/05/1844
13440 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Chivers, Joel M.                              5       Troup   $390       -0-      01/05/1844      10/12/1844
13441 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Gage, James R. & Graybill, James S.           -0-     Troup   $1         -0-      02/08/1843      -0-
13442 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Graybill, James S. & Gage, James R.           -0-     Troup   $1         -0-      02/08/1843      -0-
13443 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Ware, Daniel                                  12      Troup   $236       72       11/14/1842      12/15/1845
13444 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Ware, Daniel                                  12      Troup   $236       71       11/14/1842      12/15/1845
13445 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Ware, Daniel                                  12      Troup   $300       91       03/03/1842      12/18/1845
13446 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Ware, Daniel                                  12      Troup   $300       92       03/03/1842      12/18/1845
13447 Thompson, Seaborn J., sheriff of Troup                           Phillips, William R.                          6       Troup   $201       109      07/20/1843      09/21/1846
13448 Thompson, Seaborn sheriff of Troup                               Poythress, Joseph                             5       Troup   $290       232      03/03/1842      03/03/1842
13449 Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                                    Stokes, William B. of Troup                   6       Troup   $260       116      05/00/1839      (01/22/1841)
13450 Thompson, Seborn J. of Troup County                              Reid, Samuel of Troup County                  6       Troup Co$5         109(?)   01/26/1835      03/09/1835
13452 Thompson, William P. & Smith, John A.                            Hunter, James of Troup                        4       Troup   $245       96       12/08/1836      03/08/1837
ID:   Description:                                            Book: Page:
8988  E 1/2 Lot 2, in western part of town, where             D     275
8989  Town of LaGrange, Lot a in Sq. G, adj.                  D     274
8992  Square G Town Lot adj. John E. Morgan, Ford & Chadler, NC     270
8993  Town Lot 1, Square D                                    C     208
8994  Town Lot #2, 2 1/2 acres; E 1/2 adj. Daniel Robertson   C     126
8995  Negroes: Charles, 28; Rubin, 20; (promisory note for $50C     497
8997  Lot 1 Square G; adj. Taylor                             C     222
9635  400 acres except 5 acres in E corner of LL 77           C     255
12375 20 ft sq in SE corner of lot 2, town of LaGrange adjoiniH     10
13372 1/4 of 2 acres on which tan yard is located,            F     168
13375 260 A. whereon David Fuller lives in lots 131, 159 & 162J     126
13376 260 A. whereon David Fuller lives in lots 131, 159 & 162J     126
13377 260 A. whereon David Fuller lives in lots 131, 159 & 162J     126
13386 66 3/4 acres - all of 116 and small part 115            D     38
13387 100 A. in NE part of lot 23, 16th district              H     511
13388 except 2 acres & tanyard owned by Samuel                D     79
13389 Promisory note (12/25/1835)                             D     80
13390 41A. bounded by Clara Haralson, Wm. C Mays              G     429
13391 195A seized fifa from Troup Superior Court in suit of ..L     104
13392 Fifa: Troup County, William T. Wortham v. Joseph WorthamG     144
13393 1,150 A. [lot numbers not indicated] where Edwin & HilliH     416
13394 20 ft sq in SE corner of lot 2, town of LaGrange adjoiniH     10
13395 water priviledges for tanyard and 10.5 A. on state road G     666
13396 110.25 A. bounded E by S.J. Thompson, N by John E. MorgaH     138
13397 mortgage; negroes: Charles and Mary                     H     182
13398 mortgage; negroes: Joe, Isaac, Jeff                     H     327
13399 mortgage; house & lot on street leading N from the squarH     570
13400 mortgage; 30 head of horses, 3 coaches, 7 sets of harnesH     549
13401 16 A. bnd S by road from LaGrange to Faver's Mill, N by J     159
13402 191 a.; exclusive of 2 a. around tanyard now occupied byC     101
13403 69 1/4 acres in S Side                                  C     343
13404 367 A in lots 238 & 274 5th district                    J     224
13405 367 A in lots 238 & 274 5th district                    J     224
13406 50 A. in NW corner (lot no. not indicated)              H     139
13407 101.25 A., W half of lot 12, 6th district               H     222
13408 Lot no. not stated. The land whereon William P. Lyle latH     248
13409 house & lot, SE corner of square in LaGrange where Sml. H     224
13410 -0-                                                     J     274
13411 seized in fifa from Troup Superior Court in suit of WillL     104
13412 5 acres                                                 G     380
13413 202.5 acres                                             G     418
13414 165 acres                                               G     393
13415 2 A. where Ebenezer (Presbyterian) Meeting House stands G     363
13416 140 A. in lots 54 and 56, district not stated.          H     282
13417 S half of lot 70, 14th district.                        H     292
13418 100 A. in E half of lot 230, 5th district.              H     305
13419 202.5 A. adjoining Reid and whereon Hill did formerly liH     295
13420 50 A. in lot 158 and 50 A. in lot 159 both in 12th distrH     315
13421 50 A. in lot 158 and 50 A. in lot 159 both in 12th distrH     315
13422 Lot 7, block 35 on E side of the river in West Point.   H     339
13423 140 A. in lots 54 and 56, district not stated.          H     282
13424 50 A. in lot 158 and 50 A. in lot 159 both in 12th distrH     315
13425 100 A. in E half of lot 230, 5th district.              H     305
13426 202.5 A.                                                H     409
13427 John Jennings' interest in lot 110, 12th district       H     406
13428 -0-                                                     H     421
13429 tavern lot on E side of public square in LaGrange on theH     405
13430 S half of lot 251, 7th district.                        H     357
13431 70 A. known generally as the place called Rough Edge    H     378
13432 607.5 A. in lots 95, 98 & 127, 6th district whereon LewiH     458
13433 1 A. known as the Academy lot also lot 4, block 9, also H     465
13434 100 A. in E half of lot 131, 12th district              H     484
13435 607.5 A. in lots 95, 98 & 127, 6th district whereon LewiH     458
13436 607.5 A. in lots 95, 98 & 127, 6th district whereon LewiH     458
13437 202.5 A.                                                H     486
13438 202.5 A.                                                H     565
13439 James Worthy's interest in two houses and lots in West PH     553
13440 16 A. formerly owned by Wm & John Bradfield on which is H     507
13441 Jesse K. Stratton's interest in half of lot 1, block 8 iH     550
13442 Jesse K. Stratton's interest in half of lot 1, block 8 iH     550
13443 S half of lot 71 & SE corner of lot 72, 12th district   J     134
13444 S half of lot 71 & SE corner of lot 72, 12th district   J     134
13445 100 A. in lots 91 & 92, 12th district formerly owned by J     146
13446 100 A. in lots 91 & 92, 12th district formerly owned by J     146
13447 hosue & lot in LaGrange where Noah Warlick formerly liveJ     268
13448 202.5 A.                                                H     224
13449 2 A. known as tanyard lot                               G     667
13450 adj. LaGrange, 70 a. adj. Jeremiah Robbins;             D     311
13452 100 acres, S 1/2                                        F     229

Grantee Deeds

ID:     Grantor(seller):         Grantee(buyer):                              Payment:Lot:    Year:     Recorded: Description:                                                Book:Page:
7668    Bones, John and Samuel   Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J.       $587.97 116     04/29/183304/29/1833191 acres adj. John Warren and others                       C    230
10083   Herring, James           Reid, Samuel and Thompson, Seaborn J.        $125    109     11/06/183311/20/1833LaGrange Town Lot N (2)                                     C    349
10740   Justices of the Inferior Evans and Thompson                           $350    109     09/23/183112/07/1832Town Lot 1, Square G                                        C    127
10919   Law, James R.            Reid, Samuel and Thompson Seaborn J.         $4,200  116     03/01/183303/22/18332 acres                                                     C    206
11690   Morgan, John E., Troup   Thompson, Seaborn J., of Troup               $1,200  81      12/12/183801/24/1839101.25 acres, N 1/2                                         G    216
12891   Sledge, Whitfield H.     Evans, Daniel and Thompson, Seaborn J.       $1,500  109     11/07/183212/06/1832Town Lot #2, 2 1/2 acres; E 1/2                             C    125
13004   Snow, William W. Troup   Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup                $5      -0-     12/13/184108/26/1842mortgage; ten horses                                        H    301
13400   Thompson, Seaborn J.     King, John P. & Thompson, J. Edgar of Richmon$5      -0-     05/09/184405/25/1844mortgage; 30 head of horses, 3 coaches, 7 sets of harness   H    549
13771   Warren, John of Troup    Thompson, Seaborn J. of Troup County         $1,600  116     10/04/183201/21/1833191 acres, reserving 2 a. around Tanyard,                   C    156mortgage; 30 head of horses, 3 coaches, 7 sets of harness Georgia RR Stage Line Madison GA to Chehaw AL.
13400   mortgage; 30 head of horses, 3 coaches, 7 sets of harness Georgia RR Stage Line Madison GA to Chehaw AL.


Edward Young Hill Thompson

On 2 May 1845, Jane Briden Thompson delivered a child she named Edward Young Hill Thompson. That wasn't a name selected at random. The Honorable Edward Young Hill, a family friend, was born in Abbeville District, South Carolina in 1821.

After receiving an education, he moved to Jasper County. Edward ran for Governor of Georgia in 1840 but was defeated by George W. Towns. Edward Young Hill married Annabella P. Dawson 12 December 1827 in Jasper County, Georgia. He had three brothers and seven sisters. His parents were Joshua and Nancy Collier Hill.

Edward's youngest brother was Senator Joshua Hill who ran for governor in 1863 but was defeated by Joe Brown. Edward Hill died 20 November 1860. Seaborn named his son after Edward Hill as a show of esteem and friendship.

Edward Thompson left Georgia for Mississippi after 1850. He went under the supervision of his older brother, Charles W. Thompson. In 1850, Edward was just five years old.

On 6 March 1862, Edward joined the Confederate Army, Company 'D' Third Mississippi Infantry at Scottsville, Scott County Mississippi. He held the rank of Private. He served until the close of the war when his unit surrendered in Marshal, Texas.

The account that follows is an abridgement from "Military History of Mississippi" concerning the Third Infantry Regiment, mostly copied verbatim from that source. It's impossible to know in which battles Edward, Charles, and John fought as units were often separated or assigned to other duties or locations.

The 3rd Infantry Regiment was organized in the spring of 1861 at Enterprise, Mississippi with men form Hancock, Newton, Hines, Yazoo, Harrison, Copiah, Jackson and Sunflower counties. After serving at Biloxi, the unit was assigned to General L. Herbert's and Featherston's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and was active around Vicksburg. It continued to serve under General Featherston in the Atlantic Campaign and in Tennessee and North Carolina. This regiment totaled 575 men in February 1863. It surrendered with the army of Tennessee. (See the war record of Allen Wood later in this story.)

Company 'D', Chunkey Heroes, of Newton County, mustered into State service at Pass Christian 5 September 1861.
Captain--W. B. Johnson
First Lieutenant--William E. Thomas
Second Lieutenant--Charles H. Hughes
Third Lieutenant--Charles W. Thompson
This list of officers proved that Edward Thompson served under his older brother, Charles W. Thompson.
On 3 April 1862, seven companies of the Third were at Handsboro and three were at Pass Christian when the Federals landed 500 men at Biloxi. The Third attacked and repulsed the Federals. The Federals then landed 1,200 men at Pass Christian on 4 April and burned the camp and the stores. The companies of the Third retired to Gainesville. The Third afterward returned to Pass Christian. The flag of the Third was captured by the ninth Connecticut. In May 1862, the regiment was re-established at Tangipahoa, Louisiana.

On 20 May 1862, General Lovell sent the Third to reinforce General Smith at Vicksburg. They fortified Sugar Loaf Hill and remained under heavy bombardment.

In January 1863, with Smith and Lee at Vicksburg, the Third was stationed at Snyder's Mill on the Yazoo. The name 'Vicksburg' was inscribed on it's battle flag.

At the battle of Baker's Creek on 16 May 1863, Featherston's Brigade was in line at a raging battle on the Raymond road. They were ordered to support Bowen and marched two miles in double time. They were attacked on the flank and rear and were forced to withdraw, but they did not withdraw until ordered by General Loring and were praised for their gallant fighting against superior numbers of Federal troops.
The Third was ordered to Jackson in February. They joined Polk's command at Demopolis, Alabama. On May 31, the Third charged the Federal line and suffered heavy losses near New Hope Church, Alabama. The Honor Roll, published 2 July 1864, stated The Third Mississippi Regiment of Infantry was gallant and meritorious while on picket duty on Kenesaw Mountain.
The Third was in the battle of Peachtree Creek, 20 July 1864. The unit was flanked on two sides suffering heavy losses.
In October 1864, Featherston's Brigade captured the Federal post at Big Shanty.
On 6 November the Army of the Mississippi crossed the Mississippi River and attacked a fleeing Federal army at Spring Hill on 20 November. The battle raged from four in the evening until after darkness. The color bearers of the Third planted their colors on the enemy's positions. They were wounded and captured with their colors.
On 9 December 1864 Featherston's Brigade had 1,208 men present with 781 ready for fighting. On 20 December, the Third reported 75 men present, 51 effective after they crossed the Mississippi guarding the rear of the retreat of Stewart's Corps. They were confronted by a large force of Federals and marched across snow in bare feet for forty-eight hours without rest. On 25 December 1864, Featherston's army at Sugar Creek checked the Federal pursuit and captured considerable men and horses.
In the Carolina campaign in the battle of Kinston 19 March 1865, the Third made a gallant charge suffering heavy losses near Bentonville. On 9 April the Third, Thirty-third and Fortieth Mississippi were consolidated as the Third under Col. James M. Stigler with 1,349 men. They suspended hostilities on the 26th of April 1865... End of verbatim and abridgement.

Edward had a friend named D. W. Buie (pronounced like Bowie). Buie testified that Edward and he saw action against the Union Army in Northern Louisiana and on raids along the Mississippi River while serving in different units. Buie later moved to Glen Cove, Texas and remained Edward's confidant until Edward's death.

After the war, Charles and brother Edward moved through Louisiana where Charles took a wife. In 1867, they moved to Wood County, Texas. In 1874, Edward moved to Miller County, Arkansas and married Martha A. Smith. He moved to Glen Cove, Coleman County, Texas before 1880. After Martha died, he married Mary Ett KOONE GRAHAM. The children born into his Thompson family are shown below.

Martha A. Smith was born 12 December 1856 in Texas. She died 1 January 1886 in Glen Cove. Her children were born in Glen Cove as listed:
1-Frank H. Thompson, also referred to as H. F. Thompson, was born 1876 Glen Cove, Texas.
2-Seaborn Jones Thompson, Seab, was born 10 February 1879, died 16 April 1845, married 25 October 1903 to Tennessee Blanch Wood.
3-James Jerome Thompson was born 9 November 1881, married 17 November 1907 to Perney R. Satterwhite.
4-Leo E. Thompson was born June 1883, married 1899 to James M. Futrell.
5-Angie Thompson was born 25 December 1885, died March 1886.

Mary Ett Koone was born 6 October 1864 in Van Wert, Van Wert County, Ohio. She died 16 February 1941. She married Edward Thompson 27 March 1890. Her Children by Edward were born in Glen Cove thus:
6-Henry W. Grady Thompson was born February 1887. He married Grace Katherine Montgomery 9 April 1912.
7-Archa Ball (not Archibald) Thompson was born April 1890. He died March 1892.
8-John Nugent Thompson, Uncle Nuge, was born 30 July 1893. He died 3 March 1954. He married 11 March 1920 to Louisa JAMESON Davis.
9-Earnest Mattie Thompson, Ernie, was born 12 August 1896. She died 15 September 1966. She married 16 November 1914 to Hiram 'High' Fenton.

Piecing together what we know about Edward's travels, his route to Coleman County was approximately as follows:

Marshal Co.TX--1865
Coleman Co.TX--1867
Wood Co.TX-----1870
Coleman Co.TX--1876
Edward was a farmer until his death. He was well-known in Coleman County and was respected as a hard worker and honest man. His obituary read as transcribed:

Mr. E. Y. Thompson, intimately known as Uncle Ned Thompson, a pioneer citizen of Coleman county died Monday at 1:30 p.m., January 22, 1923, at the family home ten miles west of Coleman. He was seventy-eight years of age. Death was caused by influenza and heart affection.
Mr. Thompson was born May 2, 1844 and had lived nearly a half century in Coleman county. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and five sons. All the children were present for the funeral except one son who missed train connections at Fort Worth.
Rev. C.W. Clark, Baptist minister of Coleman, conducted funeral services at the residence Tuesday. Interment was made in Glen Cove cemetery. His funeral was attended by a large concourse of friends who were deeply grieved over the loss of a dear fried and fellow-citizen.
On 8 October 1920 he recorded a will. It was written for him by T. H. Strong, a family friend. Edward was 72 at that time. His probate inventory revealed the following assets:

200 acres of land of the W. W. Wallingford Survey No. 692
Abstract No. 709. $10,000
3 head of horses 150
1 mule 50
7 head of cows 280
3 calves 20
Household possessions 400

Part of Edward's will:
"Know all men by these presents: that I, E. Y. Thompson, of the County of Coleman, and State of Texas, knowing the certainty of death, and desirous of disposing of all my earthly estate shall be distributed after my death, do by these presents make my last will and testament, hereby revoking and all other wills heretofore made by me.

First: I give and bequeath to my loving wife, Mrs. M. E. Thompson, all property, real and personal and mixed of which I may die seized and possessed, for and during her natural life, with the remainder to my children and their descendants to share and share alike; That is to say: to (1) H. F. Thompson, my son, one seventh interest in the remainder; daughter, (2) Leo Beaver wife of Oscar Beaver, one seventh; the above named children are the children of my first wife: (3) H. G. Thompson, one seventh; to (4) J. N. Thompson, one seventh; to (5) Earnie Fenton, wife of High Fenton, one seventh, the said (3) H. G. Thompson and (4) J. N. Thompson each being my son by my present wife, Mrs. M. E. Thompson; it is my intention by this will to vest in my wife,

M. E. Thompson, my entire interest in all property owned by me at death, both individually and community property, and that she, my said wife, M. E. Thompson, shall treat our estate as fully covered by this will, and that she, my said wife, shall take under this will and not assert any independent right or rights to said estate, but is to have the full use and benefit of all our estate during her lifetime, and the residue or balance of my estate at her death to go to the children above named and their descendants.

I hereby constitute name and appoint my son, H. F. Thompson, my sole executor of this will, and direct that he be not required to give bond, as such executor, and that the county court of Coleman County do not take any action in the administration on my estate except to probate this will and approve and inventory and appraisement of my estate:" ...
(Numbering of children was added by compiler.)
The will left some confusion about the identity of his children. It only mentioned five children, but there were seven children in his family, Mrs. M. E. Thompson (Mary Ett) declared in a probate statement that Edward's children were: (1) H. F. Thompson; (2) S. J. Thompson; (3) J. J. Thompson; (4) Leo Beaver, and were the children of his first wife, Martha A. Smith. Children of Mary Ett Koone were: (5) H. G. Thompson; (6) J. N. Thompson; and (7) Earnie Fenton.

That statement still left confusion, but additional information from censuses 1880 to 1910, birth records, death records, and marriage records identified them as previously stated in this study except to note Leo Beaver and Leo Futrell were the same person of Leo E. Thompson.

Martha A. Thompson died seven days after giving birth to Angie. Martha's parent's are not known at this writing, but neither she, nor her parents, were in Miller County, Arkansas in either 1870 or 1880. She and her family were probably in Texas in both census years living near Arkansas.

Mary Ett Koone first married Graham before 1890. Mary's father was Edward Koone. Her mother was Melsina Salison. She was married to Edward Thompson by W. T. Melugun, M.G. when she was twenty-six. Edward was forty-five. Edward's last child was born when he was fifty-one. Mary's obituary read as follows:

Funeral Held at Glen Cove for Mrs. E. Y. Thompson
Last rites for Mrs. E.Y. Thompson, 76, who resided ten miles west of Coleman, were held at two o'clock Monday afternoon from the graveside in Glen Cove cemetery with the Rev. Pleas Todd officiating. Mrs. Thompson had resided in Coleman since 1885.
Mrs. Mary Ett Thompson was born October 6, 1864, at Van Worth, Ohio. She died at the family residence, ten miles west of Coleman, on February 16, 1941. She came to Coleman County in 1885.
She was a member on the Methodist Church, having united with that church at the age of 12. Survivors include: Four sons, Jim of Big Springs, Seab of New Mexico, Grady of Ashdown, Arkansas, and J. N. Thompson of Coleman; two daughters, Mrs. Leo Beaver of Florence, Texas, and Mrs. Earnie Fenton of Coleman, 38 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.
Her husband, the late E. Y. Thompson (uncle Ned), preceded her in death 18 years ago. He came to this county in 1867. Pallbearers included, Roy Futrell, Ollie Futrell, Edd Futrell, H. F. Fenton, R. C. Farmer, and O. D. Hector. Flower bearers included, Opal Reeves, Agnes Fenton, Louise Pauline Fenton, Juanita Fenton, Marjorie Nell Thompson, Mary Alice Thompson. Funeral arrangements were under the arrangements of J.E. Stevens Company.
The obituary didn't mention the existence of Frank H. Thompson (H. F. Thompson). He was deceased.

Seaborn Jones Thompson

Seaborn was named for his grandfather, Seaborn J. (Jones) Thompson. Seaborn had large bones and a heavy frame. His complexion was fair, and he had light brown hair. His physical strength was impressive.

Seaborn J. and Seaborn Jones Thompson both named a child Edward Young Thompson. Leo THOMPSON Beaver also named a son Edward Young (Beaver). Many early families named children after their grandparents.

Seaborn departed his parent's home in 1903 in Glen Cove. He married Tennessee Blanch Wood 25 October 1903 in Coleman. On 25 December 1904 they had their first child, Neal L. Thompson in Coleman County, Texas. Neal married Alice____. Neal was a veteran of World War II and had a military funeral in San Bernadino, California. Alice Thompson moved moved to Florida because of her allergies.

Seaborn's next child was Monte C. Thompson, nicknamed Maude. Monte was born 27 December 1905 in Glen Cove. Maude was seventy-two when he died in Las Alamos, San Miguel County, New Mexico. He was a veteran of World War II. His wife's name isn't known. Seaborn had other descendants living near him in San Miguel County. Mitchie Givens, Seaborn's granddaughter lived in Las Vegas New Mexico.

Seaborn's third child was born in Lee County, Texas probably in Lexington. He was Edward Young Thompson who was born 30 October 1908. He apparently never married. He worked in a saw-mill in Otero County until 1939. Edward served in World War II. Edward died in March 1975 in Semi, Ventura County, California.

Seaborn's fourth child was Elaine Thompson who was born in Lee County in 20 January 1911. She married Francis Lyons. She died in the 1980's in Redlands, California.

Seaborn's fifth child was Zellah Thompson. She married Bob Pender. She died in a nursing home about 1990 near Concord, California. She was named after her aunt, Zilla Wood.

Seaborn's sixth child was Idelle Thompson who was born about 1916 in Lee County. She married Van Jones. She died in Austin, Texas about 1989.

Seaborn and Tennie's seventh child was Florice Mozelle Thompson. Florice was born in Lexington, Lee County, Texas on 14 September 1918. She married Barak G. T. Barnum 13 June 1934 in Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico. Florice was the only living child of Seaborn and Tennie in 2001.

Seaborn's eighth child was Charles G. Thompson who was born 22 September 1920 in Glen Cove, Texas. Charles served in World War II. 

Charles spent his life in Veteran's Hospitals until he died 2 June 1992 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He was buried in the Otero County Cemetery which is located within the city's cemetery fence. He was married briefly, but he had no children.

Seaborn's ninth child was Claudine Thompson who was born 10 September 1922 in Glen Cove. She married Lewis Carney, and died near Clear Lakes, Shasta County, California in the 1980's.

While in Lee County, Seaborn owned several properties. In the 1910 Federal census, Seaborn was enumerated in two different locations on different days. That's unusual. The information was slightly different as if given by different people. I assume one location was at his farm and one at his home.

The following abstracted Deeds were recorded in Lee County which indicated his length of stay in Lee County.
The State of Texas, County of Coleman: Know all men by these presents: That we S. J. Thompson and wife T. B. Thompson, of the County of Coleman and State of Texas, sold land in consideration of the sum of Sixteen Hundred ($1600.00) Dollars, paid and secured by J. D. Gassiet as follows: ... said J. D. Gassiet to assume an outstanding Vendor's Lien note of $100.00 given by S. J. Thompson, July 24th, 1908 payable to Robert Morrison of Coleman County... containing 100 acres of land... Witness our hands at Valera, Texas, this 12th day of August A.D. 1908: S.J. Thompson; T.B. Thompson Note above: Valera is in Coleman County.

State of Texas, County of Lee: In consideration of the sum of $100.00 paid by Bob Peebles, S.J. Thompson sold land as recorded in Vol. 30, page 185 in Deed records of Lee County. Witness my hand this the 1st day of March, A.D. 1919. S.J. Thompson; Lexington, Texas

State of Texas, County of Lee: We, S.J. Thompson and T.B. Thompson sold for $1200.00 to J.W. Waters all land on the waters of the East Yegua River, two tracts as follows... as recorded Vol. 18, page 287 of the deeds record. Witness our hands at Lexington, Tex. this 3rd day of February, A.D. 1919. S.J. Thompson; T.B. Thompson

Seaborn owned land after 1908 in Lee County and sold his last held property in 1919. His original purchase of land wasn't found in Lee County records. Land records in Coleman County weren't researched.

About 1916, Seaborn was involved in an accident in Lee County. He suffered a nervous and physical breakdown. He was taken to Georgetown by his brother, Frank, for treatment, but he never fully recovered. He moved back to Glen Cove in 1919. Florice remembered they lived in a grand two-story home in Glen Cove. Her grandmother, Sarah Jane Wood, lived upstairs for a short while.

When Seaborn's father died, Florice said Seaborn, Seab, and Tennessee, Tennie, went to the funeral in a covered black buggy pulled by a black horse. Immediately thereafter, Seaborn moved his family to Alamogordo, New Mexico. His children cried, because they loved their grand, two story house in Texas.

Seaborn was a street sweeper in Alamogordo which was a job provided due to his disability. He later made trips to Coleman County to visit his friends and relatives, but his health and wealth declined. He was admitted to the state hospital in Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico on 1 January 1934.

Seaborn sank into deep depression and died on 16 April 1945 after he learned of Tennie's death. The newspaper said Seaborn's children planned to move his remains to Alamogordo for burial; However, he was buried in the NMIA State cemetery on the property of St. Anthony's Hospital of Las Vegas, New Mexico. That hospital is now named North Eastern.

Idelle made funeral arrangements for both Seaborn and his wife, Tennie. No evidence was found that any descendant of Seaborn Jones Thompson now carries the surname of Thompson. Thus, his THOMPSON line is extinguished.

Description of Seaborn Jones Thompson: From the WWI Draft Registration card.
Seaborn Jones Thompson: born November 1,1879
(This conflicts with date of birth of death certificate of 10 Feb 1879. 1900 Coleman TX census states Nov 1879)
natural born citizen
lives RFD-4, Lexington, Lee, TX
next of kin- Mrs. Thompson, same address
medium height, slender build
gray eyes, dark brown hair
registered Sept.12,1918

Tennessee Blanch Wood

Tennessee Wood wasn't born in Tennessee, but her roots were there. Her date of birth according to a family member was 5 May 1878. Her death certificate stated her date of birth as 7 May 1879, as reported by her daughter, Idelle. Her correct date of birth was probably 7 May 1877 in Fannin County, Texas.

Her parents were Allen Wood and Sarah Jane Netherton who were married in Cocke County, Tennessee on 9 July 1864. A brief family group is shown below. The Tennessee children were probably born in Cocke County according to a written statement by W. H. McMillan of Cocke County, dated 27 March 1900.

Allen Wood was born in Cocke County, Tennessee 7 September 1841.
sp-Sarah Jane Netherton was born in Tennessee 28 April 1843.
1-Oscar Wood was born in Tennessee May 1867.
2-Lana Wood was born in Tennessee in 1868.
3-C.C. Wood was born in Texas October 1871.
4-Ella M. Wood was born in Texas November 1873.
5-Tennessee Blanch Wood was born in Fannin Co., Texas on 7 May 1877.
6-Rufus Wood was born in October 1881 in Texas. Fannin or Coleman County.
7-Lucy B. Wood was born in Texas September 1881. Fannin or Coleman County.
8-Gardie Wood was born in Texas in 1884. Fannin or Coleman County.
Before 1887 Sarah moved her family to Coleman. Her husband died 28 February 1887 in Coleman. On the 1910 Coleman County census, Sarah Wood was living with her daughter Gardie as shown:

1910 Coleman Census Justice Precinct 6 Family # 149
Brooks, Hick 26 m.1 6yr MO MY MO Farmer
Gardie 25 m.1 6yr TX TN TN
Sarah 04 TX MO TX
Jarine 2/12 TX MO TX
Wood, Sarah 68 Wd TN TN S.C.
Allen Wood, father of Tennessee, was the son of Ashby Wood and Nancy Kelly of Tennessee. His family is shown below. All children were born in Cocke County, Tennessee, probably in Newport. See family group sheet for the second wife of Ashby and the other children.

Ashby Wood 1838 TN
Nancy Kelly 1838 TN
Allen Wood 07 Sep 1841 TN
Rhoda Wood 03 Sep 1843 TN
Lucy Wood 20 Mar 1847 TN
William Wood 1850 TN
Zilla Wood 1852 TN

Allen volunteered to serve in the Confederate Army in October 1862 at Sweetwater, Cocke County Tennessee. He served until 1865. He was assigned to 'I' Company, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. The following military record was abstracted and or copied from Fiche # 6046966.

Colonels--John H. Crawford
Lieutenant Colonels--Nathan Gregg
Major--James Alex Rhea
Organized 1 October 1862, mustered into service in Vicksburg. Served in East Tennessee and Western Virginia. 'I' Company was enrolled at Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee under Captain William A. Wash. The 60th was assigned to Brigadier General John C. Vaughn. They arrived in Jackson Mississippi in November 1862. On 26 December, the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou and Chickasaw Bluffs ensued at Vicksburg. The 60th held the Federal army. On 17 May 1863, the 60th Regiment surrendered to General S.G. Burbridge's 1st Brigade while defending a bridge on the Big Black River. Company 'I' was also captured. Those solders were later paroled.

On 15 September 1863, The Inspector General stated that those captured at Big Black River were in Northern prisons. Men from the 60th were presumed to be in parole camps at Jonesboro, Tennessee in the spring of 1864.

On 31 December 1863, Major James A. Rhea of the 60th was reported as part of the 2nd East Tennessee Brigade. Forty-eight men were present. On 10 November 1864, the 60th, 61st, and 62nd Regiments were reported as regiments in Vaughn's Brigade. The 60th was then under Colonel Gregg. No further report was found of the 60th Regiment. When the Confederate Army surrendered, Vaughn's Brigade was in Western Virginia. Part of that Brigade crossed into North Carolina and served as part of President Jefferson Davis's escort from Charlotte, North Carolina to Washington, Georgia.

It's this compiler's belief based on the marriage date of Allen that he was captured at Big Black River and paroled in Tennessee in the spring of 1864. Note that both Allen Wood's unit and Edward Thompson's unit saw action at Vicksburg. Thus, the two grandfathers of Florice Thompson came together at Vicksburg although they were from different states. This seems beyond the possibility of chance.

Tennessee's mother, Sarah Jane lived with her son, Oscar, in Coleman County after the death of her husband, Allen. Later she lived with her daughter, Gardie or J. R. Brooks, in Tulia, Texas which is in Swisher County.

On September 10, 1934, Sarah Wood traveled to Lovington, Lea County, New Mexico to visit her son Oscar Wood. Eighteen days later, at the age of 92, Sarah died of Bronchitis. Dyotte known as 'Dot,' her grandson and son of Oscar, was the informant listed on the death certificate. Unfortunately, he answered all of the vital questions about his grandmother's life with, "I don't know."

Sarah's family is reproduced below from the files of the Ancestral File, Copyright; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, all rights reserved, 1987.

1-- Henry NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1740 Prince William, Virginia
sp-Elizabeth Born: [1742]
2-- Henry NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1765 Virginia
2-- Sarah NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1767 Virginia
2-- Elizabeth NETHERTON Born: 1 Feb 1773 Virginia
2-- John NETHERTON Born: 12 Oct 1774 Virginia
2-- William NETHERTON Born: [1780]
2-- Moses NETHERTON Born: 16 Oct 1781 Virginia
2-- Catherine NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1782 Virginia
2-- James NETHERTON Born: 18 Jan 1782 Virginia
2-- Enoch NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1789 North Carolina
sp-Mary Polly LEE Born: [1791]
3-- John NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1812 Tennessee
3-- James NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1813 Tennessee
3-- Moses NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1818 Tennessee
3-- Green Berry NETHERTON Born: 28 Jan 1828 Cocke, Tennessee
sp-Mary Born: [1830] Tennessee
sp-Elizabeth Born: ABOUT 1841 Tennessee
4-- Sarah Jane NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1858 Cocke, Tennessee
4-- Mary Coralee NETHERTON Born: 9 Jan 1859 Cocke, Tennessee
4-- Howard NETHERTON Born: 21 Aug 1861 Tennessee
sp-Hattie PERRY Born: 14 Mar 1867 Tennessee
5-- Infant Daughter NETHERTON Born: 9 Apr 1886 Glen Cove, Texas
5-- Maggie NETHERTON Born: 13 Aug 1887 Glen Cove, Coleman, Texas
5-- Jesse Jerome NETHERTON Born: 12 Jun 1889 Coleman, Texas
5-- Grace NETHERTON Born: 27 Aug 1890 Glen Cove, Coleman, Texas
5-- Mabel NETHERTON Born: 14 Feb 1892 Glen Cove, Coleman, Texas
5-- James Alonzo NETHERTON Born: 12 Jan 1894 Glen Cove, Texas
sp-Cassandra Elizabeth LOWRIE 13 Aug 1899 Henderson, Rusk, TX
4-- Matilda M. NETHERTON Born: 25 Sep 1866 Cocke, Tennessee
4-- Alonzo NETHERTON Born: ABOUT 1876 Texas
sp-Jane Born: 30 Mar 1804 Tennessee
The 1860 Cocke County Census on 24 July, District #8, Township of Faylessburg, Household number 1087 displayed Enoch's family below. Note: The household of Allen Wood was number 1090. Thus, Sarah and Allen played together when they were children.

Enoch Netherton 71 TN
Jane 56 SC Married about 1856
Elizabeth Netherton 40 TN
Mary Brady Netherton 22 TN
Harding Netherton 20 TN
Sarah Jane Netherton 17 TN Grandmother of Florice
Alvie Netherton 04 TN
Caleb Netherton 01 TN

Green Berry Netherton, half brother of Sarah, lived in Coleman, Texas during the same time as Sarah Jane NETHERTON Wood. The Ancestral File listed the following family for Enoch:

Father--Enoch Netherton Born about 1789 North Carolina
Mother--Mary Polly Lee Married about 1812 Cocke, TN
John Netherton Born about 1812 TN
James Netherton Born about 1813 TN
Moses Netherton Born about 1818 TN
Green Berry Netherton Born 28 Jan 1828 Cocke, TN
Died 29 Jan 1915 Glen Cove, Coleman, TX
Married Mary abt 1849 TN
Married Elizabeth 1854 TN (estimate)
Your mind's eye can see that Allen Wood and his wife Sarah Jane Netherton arrived in Coleman the
same time as Green Berry Netherton. They were preceded by Edward Thompson and company. Were it not for that converging, I'd not be sitting here typing this for you. The odds that all of the occurrences in this tiny history occurred by chance are too large to calculate. Thus, I must conclude We are Each here by a Divine Directive.

When Sarah died, Tennie was living in Alamogordo, New Mexico in a nice home with green lawns and a white picket fence. Once a middle class woman, her assets dwindled. After her last son departed to fight in World War II, Tennie traveled to Long Beach, California to live with her daughter, Idelle.

Idelle lived on West Seaside Blvd. Tennie lived with Idelle until 25 January 1945 when she entered the Seaside Memorial Hospital with chest pain. She underwent a heart operation on 2 February 1945. She died 19 February 1945. Tennessee was buried in Westminster Memorial Park in Orange County on 19 February 1945.

Refined and conservative in nature, Tennie left only one possession to her children: a French, cherry-wood chest which contained her last prized possessions, papers, family bible, and diary. Florice Mozelle Thompson took charge of the treasure and placed it in a storage room in Carrizozo, New Mexico. In 1948, the chest burned with all it's contents.

Tennie desired that her secrets be passed to her grandchildren and their grandchildren. Does she weep the loss in her heavenly place? Our only cherished property is our family history. Wealth and youth quickly fade, but family history is forever. Living Fibers of life are passed from father to grandchild and great grandchild endlessly through time.

Florice Mozelle Thompson 
My Mother

Florice remembered that her mother told her that she was part Irish and part French. Her Thompson blood was probably Scottish. I cannot know if her mother, Tennessee, was part French. Florice was the strongest woman I've ever known. Her strength shines in her grandchildren and great grandchildren, and it shall shine in thousands of years to follow. Her physical strength was equal to most men. Her mental vitality will light the way for her descendents.

Florice faced many hardships in life. During this, she remained the kind and gentle mother we envision from reading children's stories. Florice Mozelle Thompson married Barak G. T. Barnum on 13 June 1934 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

11/13/1913 B. G. T. Barnum
09/14/1918 Florice Mozelle Thompson

Another Look
Other Children

CHILDREN: John N. (Nugent) Thompson, Edward Young Hill Thompson, Charles W. (William) Thompson, and Mary Ann Thompson departed Georgia before 1854. They passed through Alabama briefly and landed in Carroll County, Mississippi. A puzzlement exists as to why an established family would suddenly leave their home of twenty-five years.

Child: Frances Louise Thompson married Henry Maier ( Meor on 1850 Troup County Census) on 26 April 1849. Frances was a child from a previous marriage of Seaborn #1 to Frances Louisa Smith Lady. A court record stated she was the granddaughter of George Smith, deceased, 11/3/1834. George Smith probably lived in Morgan County Georgia.

Child: Mary Ann Thompson possibly married William Tranor in Carroll County, Mississippi 10 June 1855.
Child: John N. (Nugent) Thompson possibly married Mary E. Holman 10 September 1857 in Carroll County, Mississippi. John also served in the Civil War. His unit was Company A of the 30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America. John was killed 4 August 1864. He was buried in the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery of LaGrange, Georgia in the same city where he was born. CHILD: William T. Thompson didn't follow the others for he was in Greene County Georgia in 1860 and single. He enlisted in the Confederate Army of Georgia 17 July 1861. He was discharged north of the Georgia state line 3 June 1862 possibly because of wounds received in action.

CHILDREN: Charles, Edward, and John served from the state of Mississippi. The account of the war record was previously mentioned. After the Civil War, Charles and Edward Thompson remained together, but Charles took a shorter route to Coleman than did Edward.

Charles was listed as a pioneer of Coleman County in 1875. Thus, he arrived before 1875 but after 1870. Charles and Edward visited Coleman about 1867, then departed only to return. When Charles arrived in Coleman County, Buffalo were hunted in a place called Buffalo. Wild horses roamed through Santa Anna Gap. Indian raids tormented settlers who were mostly ranchers at that time.

Charles married three times: first, to Sarah A. Parker; next, he married a Coleman County lady, name unknown; third, he married Emma F. Quinn. Charles appeared on a Texas census for the first time in Wood County in 1870, Town of Winnsboro, Wood County, Precinct #4, family # 110:

Thompson, C. W. 25 Farmer Georgia
S. A. 23 Alabama
L. R. 03 LA
Robt. 9/12 Texas, Born October 1879
Charles Bugg 05 LA
Thompson, E.Y. 23 Farmer Georgia
Charles was married in 1866 in Louisiana. A clue to his wife's maiden name lies in the child named Charles Bugg.

In 1880, the Coleman County census, Precinct #8 E.D. 44 is shown below, family # 115.
Thompson, Charles W. 37 Farmer GA
Sarah A. 32 AL
Lana R. 13 LA
Robt W. 11 TX
Ernest, Dau. 09 TX
Charles Bugg was no longer part of this family. Edward Thompson; however, lived up the road on Glen Cove Route. The 1910 census indicated Emma was Edward's third wife and were married in 1897. Charles said his father, Seaborn, was born in North Carolina. Retracing all of the censuses whereby Seaborn J. Thompson was listed, he was said to have been born At Sea, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

In 1900, Charles Thompson had the following family. He lived in Coleman and ran a cotton gin.
Charles W. Thompson Oct 1842 GA NC GA Ginner
Emma F. (Quinn) Feb 1869 KA VR VR His third wife.
Sallie M. Quinn Jan 1887 TX TX KA Step-child of Charles.
John W. Thompson Oct 1892 TX GA TX Son by his second wife.
Sarah F. Quinn Jun 1833 VR VR VR Mother-in-law.
Charles died 4 February 1922 in Coleman. He left a will, but it didn't mention his biological children. It read in part, typed as found with errors:
"In the event of the death of the said Emma F. Thompson, shall pass to and vest in fee simple in Sallie M. Thayer, my stepdaughter and the daughter of my said wife, Emma F. Thompson, to her the said Sallie M. Thayer in fee simpe to own use and dispose of as to her shall seem proper."

Sallie Quinn married Warren L. Thayer in 1900. Warren sold real estate and insurance. It's believed that Sallie had two cousins in Coleman. 1--James W. Quinn, born 1884. 2--Charley Quinn, born 1890. James and Charley were born in Texas; their fathers were born in Kansas; their mothers were born in Texas; and their wives were born in Louisiana. They lived one house apart.

Child: Ella M. Wood married Albert A. Dunn 2 December 1900 in Precinct # 4. They had a child named Thomas Dunn in 1902.

Child: Rufus Wood married Mattie Sewell nee Addison on 3 May 1903 by J. M. Summers, J. P. Precinct # 4. J. M. Summers also performed the marriage for Tennie Wood and Seaborn Thompson.

CHILD: Oscar Wood, son of Allen and Sarah, married Nancy Hamilton 16 September 1890 in Coleman. Their family consisted of these persons in 1900:

Family #233 Coleman
Oscar Wood May 1867 TN TN TN
Nancy Nov 1873 MO MO IL
Dyotte, Son, Jul 1893 TX TN MO James Dyotte Wood
Elmer May 1896 TX TN MO
Willie, Dau, Aug 1898 TX TN MO
C.C., Brother, Oct 1871 TX TN MO
Cais, Hamilton Jul 1882 TX MO IL

In 1900 all of Sarah Jane Wood's children lived in Coleman. Oscar moved his family to Lovington, Lea County, New Mexico after 1900. Gardie moved to Swisher County, Texas. Tennie moved to New Mexico. A 1920 photograph of Nancy HAMILTON Wood revealed a healthy farm girl who was strikingly beautiful.

The 1920 Lea County, New Mexico census showed our Wood families thus:
Precinct # 8, Lovington
# 223 Oscar Wood 51 Tennessee Laborer
Nancy S. Wood 46 Missouri
Albert C. Wood 19 Texas
Mineola Wood 16 Texas
Jonnie M. Wood 12 Texas
# 224 James D. Wood 26 Texas Laborer
Nora M. Wood 19 Texas
Loretta B. Wood 10/12 New Mexico
In March 1940, Oscar Wood died. Thus, he join his beloved mother, Sarah Wood. Oscar had a small farm of 160 acres near Lovington. He wasn't wealthy as he left only $50.00 to each of these persons: His wife, Nancy Wood; James Dyotte Wood; Elmer S. Wood; Willie Belle WOOD Scott; Albert C. Wood, Mineola WOOD Spires; and Jonnie WOOD Rogers. James Dyotte Wood had a great uncle named Dyatt or Dyott Wood. Albert was named for his great uncle. Jonnie Wood married Johnnie Rogers.

At the time Oscar died, James, Elmer, and Willie WOOD Scott, lived in Oscuro, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Mineola WOOD Spires and Jonnie WOOD Rogers lived in Post, Garza County, Texas. A child, Nancy WOOD Newton, died in Lovington in 1993. Her father was Oscar Wood according to a Hamilton relative.

Child: Elmer S. Wood also moved to New Mexico. He was a rancher and a miner. He settled in White Oaks where he died 8 July 1965. He operated a ranch four and a half miles east of White Oaks. He served in the army during World War I, Pvt. Company B, 134 Infantry. Willie Mae Wood was also buried at White Oaks. She was born in 1913 and died in 1965. She was his wife.

Cais Hamilton was the brother of Nancy Hamilton. Cais stood for Caswell Hamilton. He and Nancy came from a family of nine brothers and sisters. Only five lived to adulthood. They were Willie Hamilton, Tom Hamilton, Nancy Hamilton, Lizzie Hamilton, and Caswell. Their father was J. R. Hamilton. Their mother's name isn't known. She died after giving birth to her ninth child.

J. R.'s second wife was Nancy Ann Sanders, married 26 January 1886. She was born 16 September 1864 in Tennessee. J. R. was born 7 July 1849 in Missouri. J. R.'s parents were C.S.A. Captain Aaron Hamilton and Elizabeth Lay. Nancy's parents were James Henry Sanders and Mahalie Evans. J. R. settled near Coleman in the small town of Eola before 1900. Their children are listed next:

Robert H. Hamilton 23 April 1887
Alexander Hamilton 12 October 1888
George Martin Hamilton 18 January 1891
Price Hamilton 16 February 1892
Lue Tishie Hamilton 10 April 1895
Fannie Hamilton 20 August 1897
Annie Hamilton 20 August 1897
Wilbur Walter Hamilton 30 November 1899
Jennie Belle Hamilton 23 March 1902
Martha Bessie Hamilton 30 November 1904
Mollie Elizabeth 31 January 1907
Oscar Hamilton 29 June 1909
Oscar Hamilton was named for his brother-in-law Oscar Wood who married Nancy Hamilton. In January 1905 J. R. and his large family, including grandpa, grandma, Oscar and Nancy Wood, moved to New Mexico in covered wagons. Lue Tishie assumed the role of mother, because Nancy was in poor health. In September 1905, they settled in Knowles which is near Lovington, Lea County, New Mexico.

They encountered hardship in New Mexico from hostile ranchers who threatened the "nesters" to the blizzard of 1918, in which they lost their milk cows and horses. After the blizzard, a peddler and his barefoot son were found frozen to death in a field. Before dying, the child removed his knit cap and placed it on one frozen foot. The Hamilton family would have starved following the blizzard, but the same ranchers who threatened them before, gave them flour, milk cows, and sides of beef.

CHILD: Frank H. Thompson was the executor of Edward's will, reportedly living in Williamson County in 1920. Court documents prove he married Sallie E. Shaw. His brother-in-law was John Shaw who was the trustee of his estate.

He had no children but adopted a child, Sarah Frank Thompson. Frank probably was not illiterate. He signed his name with an X , but Frank wasn't witless, for he was a successful businessman in Georgetown. On many older documents an "X" meant his mark or signature, not meaning a person was illiterate. He owned the Troy Dry Cleaners of Georgetown, 125 acres of land in Coleman County, rental property in Coleman, the mineral rights to previously owned property in Coleman, and a home in Georgetown. It's also known that Frank nursed Seaborn Jones Thompson, his ailing brother, in 1916. Frank died 17 August 1928 in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas. His THOMPSON line is extinguished.

CHILD: James Jerome Thompson married Carrie Lewis 17 January 1904. He married Perney Satterwhite 17 November 1907. James and his bride lived next door to James M. Futrell and family in Coleman in 1910. Later, he moved to Big Springs, Howard County, Texas, until after 1940.

CHILD: Henry W. Grady Thompson married Grace Montgomery 9 April 1912 in Coleman. Henry moved to Strawn, Palo Pinto County, Texas by 1920. Roy Futrell lived with the Henry Thompson Family. Later, Henry moved to Ashdown, Arkansas and lived there for many years. Some of his children were Henry Grady Thompson, Jr. who was born 5 July 1913 in Mexia, Limestone County, Texas; Glennie Edith Thompson who was born 7 August 1916 in Coleman; Nugent Thompson was born in 7 August 1916 in Coleman County. Nugent's full name may have been John Nugent Thompson, after his uncle and great uncle.

CHILD: John Nugent Thompson, son of Edward, was born 30 July 1893 in Coleman. He died 3 March 1954. He married Louisa Davis nee Jameson. He died 11 March 1920. Louisa was born 22 January 1893 and died 3 July 1984. They are buried beside one another in Coleman Cemetery. Louisa's first husband, Harley Davis, was killed by lightning in 1915. John's THOMPSON line is extinguished.

Uncle Nuge was well-liked in Coleman. He served in WW I in the 218th Military Police Co. Florice said he loved to play with children. Nuge died of a stroke while milking early in the morning.

Mary Alice was the first child of Nuge and was born 29 April 1921 in Coleman. She married Richard R. Wiley 28 July 1945 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His second child was Ernie Imogene Thompson. She was born 27 April 1925. She married Ervin 1--McMillon, 2--T. P. Linnney, and 3--Alvin Lichnousky. John's third child was Margerie Nell Thompson. Marge was born 19 September 1931. Marge married George V. Oney 12 August 1955.

CHILD: Leo E. Thompson, daughter of Edward, married James M. Futrell in Coleman in 1899. Next, she married Oscar Marion Beaver 22 May 1913 in Coleman. Oscar was born 19 February 1876 in Weir, Williamson County, Texas. He died 4 July 1963 in Georgetown. After 1920, Oscar later married Mary Elizabeth Finney who was born 16 December 1879 in Burnet, Texas.

The children of Leo E. THOMPSON FUTRELL BEAVER are shown below. She lived in Floresville of Williamson County in 1910 and West Rock in 1920. Later she moved to Florence, Palo Pinto County, Texas.

Roy Alvin Futrell 26 Dec 1899 in Coleman
Ollie Lee Futrell 10 Jan 1904 in Coleman
Mary Futrell 1907 in Coleman
Jim Futrell 1909 in Coleman
Troy Edward Futrell 31 Oct 1910 in Coleman
Edward Young Beaver 19 Jan 1914 in Coleman
Myrtle Beaver 1918 in Williamson County

CHILD: Earnest Mattie Thompson, daughter of Edward, married Henry Montgomery. Recall that Earnest's brother, Henry Grady married Grace Montgomery. Earnest had one daughter, Opal Inez Montgomery on 12 May 1914. Opal died 5 October 1981 and was buried in Oak Grove Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Irvine, Texas. She married Oran Douglas Reeves who was born 12 March 1913.

Earnie married Hiram Fenton 16 November 1914. Hiram was born 13 January 1894 and died 1 April 1963. Both were buried in Coleman Cemetery. Earnie's other children were Maggie Ellen Fenton, born 25 October 1917. Maggie died in 1918. Blanch Agnes Fenton, born 15 July 1920. She married Melvin Armstrong. Their children were Reta Joyce, Mickey Lynn, and Jimmy Wayne.

Child: Hiram Frank Fenton, Jr. was born 29 July 1922. Junior died 4 April 1990. He married 1--Miss Duggins and 2--Loretta Keeny in 1949. Hiram Frank Jr. was the sheriff of Coleman County. Ernest Eugene Fenton, son of Hiram F. Fenton, Jr., was born 7 October 1925 and married Billie White. Her children were Dorothy and Diane. Diane married Bob Graham September 21, 1994. Bob's relation to Mary Ett Koone Graham Thompson isn't known. Oleta Pauline Fenton was born 11 September 1927 and married C. O. Morgan, Jr. Her children were Donnie, Charles, and Becky.

Oleta Fenton married Olin Smith 22 February 1969. Juanita Fenton was born 22 December 1929 and married Lavell Jones and had children Debra Kay and Brenda Sue. Billie Rex Fenton was born 18 September 1936 and married Joann Wolford and had children Karla Ann and Billy Shane.

The Futrell Family: Friends and Relatives

This brief Futrell section concludes this section. They were friends and cousins of the Thompson families of Coleman County. This data doesn't agree with other published genealogical data about these Futrells. Additional Futrell work is needed, but it was beyond the limited scope of this writing.

The Futrell family of Coleman originated in Arkansas. The 1900 Coleman County census Precinct 6, E.D. 23 Page 217 follows:
James M. Futrell Jan 1876 24 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Leo E. (Thompson) Jun 1883 17 TX LA TX
Roy A. Futrell Dec 1899 5/12 TX AR TX
The reader is invited to identify an error reported in that census.
Coleman census continued:
Joseph M. Futrell Apr 1970 30 AR USA USA Farmer
Florence B. Futrell Oct 1878 21 TX MS MO
Myrtle R. Futrell Apr 1898 02 TX AR TX
William W. Futrell Nov 1845 54 MS USA USA Farmer
Louisa E. Futrell Dec 1844 55 AR IL IL
Charles M. Futrell Aug 1882 17 AR TN AR
Arkansas Futrell Sep 1884 15 AR TN AR
Notice the correspondence of names in the Thompson and Futrell children. These families lived in the same vicinity.

1910 Coleman Precinct 6, Family 150, 29 April 1910:
Futrell, Andrew H. 46 AR USA USA FARMER
Georgia 34 TX MS TX
Willie, Son 17 TX AR TX
Evie, Daughter 15 TX AR TX
Frank 13 TX AR TX
Andrew 07 TX AR TX
Ora 06 TX AR TX
Esel, Daughter 03 TX AR TX
Claude 11/12 TX AR TX
In Precinct 18 was a James J. and Perney R. Thompson and next door was the family of James F. Futrell, 12 May 1910.
Futrell, James 34 AR AR AR Farmer
Leo E. 26 TX LA TX
Roy A. 10 TX AR TX
Ollie L. 06 TX AR TX
Mary L. 03 TX AR TX
Futrell, Charles 26 AR AR AR Farmer
Nellie O. 21 MO AR USA
Edith E. 05/12 TX AR MO

Notice the repeating error in Leo's census data. Her father wasn't born in Texas. Her mother wasn't born in Louisiana. In 1920 in Precinct 6, a Lillian Smith, aged 20, lived in Edward's home. Recall his first wife was Martha A. Smith. These Futrell relatives also appeared nearby.

Futrell, F. E. 51 AR TN AR
Georgia 42 TX MS TX
Alsie Lee, Dau 21 TX AR TX
Andrew 17 TX AR TX
Ora 15 TX AR TX
Assel, Dau 13 TX AR TX
Jayet, Son 10 TX AR TX
Annel Lee, Dau 06 TX AR TX
Uesta 04 TX AR TX
Lavory, Dau 02 TX AR TX
Henderson, Nannie 72 TX US USA Mother-in-law
Futrell, J. W. 27 TX AR TX
Gronie 30 TX TN TX
A. Y. Futrell and Andrew H. Futrell were the same person. His actual name was Andrew Jackson Futrell according to the Ancestral File. The casual reader may appreciate the difficulty in Genealogy, because names and dates change from census to census depending on the enumerator and the nickname in use at that time. The 'correct' family of Andrew is presented below.
Andrew Jackson Futrell 1859 AR
Georgia Henderson 1868 TX
James William Futrell 1893 TX
Lottie Evelina Futrell 1895 TX
Frank Edward Futrell 1897 TX
Andrew Futrell 1903 TX
Ora Futrell 1905 TX
Estella Futrell 1907 TX
Claude Futrell 1909 TX
Anna Lee Futrell 1914 TX
Vesta Futrell 1916 TX
Lavina Futrell 1918 TX

Part Two After 
The Joy of Genealogy
Our Duty to Update Records
by Lisa Barnum

This addendum adds information to and corrects errors in the booklet Florice Mozelle Thompson which was written in 1994--six years prior. Note that Seaborn J. Thompson and Seaborn Jones Thompson were different persons. Seaborn J. was the grandfather of Seaborn Jones Thompson. The various persons who were named Charles Thompson mentioned herein include their middle names to set them apart.

The Smith and Thompson Connection

From 1820 to about 1920, the SMITH and THOMPSON families were closely allied. The exact line of the SMITH families of Georgia, and later in Louisiana, has not been satisfactorily determined due to the common name of SMITH. However, from the Troup County Historical Society, Forrest Clark Johnson III, County Historian, discovered this important note:

Seaborn J. Thompson: "11-3-1834 appt. grdn of his minor dau. Frances Louisa Thompson, qv, who has property from the will of her great grandfather George Smith~~~~~, bond $800, sec.s Nathan P. Browning and Daniel Evans all qv."

After receiving that memo, my father, fancied that Seaborn had a daughter by a marriage previous to Jane Briden Moreland’s. He calculated Seaborn J. Thompson married between 1825 and 1827 near Walton, Putman or Morgan County Georgia. Seaborn married Jane B. Moreland in 1832 in Troup County. Seaborn J. and Samuel Thompson moved to Troup County about the same time. (They were not relatives however.)

Who could have been Seaborn's first wife? She must have died near Morgan County under a Thompson name before 1830, being born about 1808. The will of George Smith, mentioned above, in Wilkes County, answered some questions. Some punctuation was added for clarity. George may have lived in Morgan and Wilkes County and others as early as 1770.

The Will of George Smith

Jim Burton, Probate Judge, Wilkes County, 23 East Court Street, Rm 422, Washington, GA: pages 365, 366, 367, 368, and 369.
Georgia} In the name of God Amen
Wilkes Co.} I George Smith of the state and county aforesaid do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following vez.
ITEM 1st: On account of the inconvenience and problems that females and orphans are sometimes exposed to after the death of the husband and father and that injury and waste not infrequently attends their property, it is my particular desire to secure and protect my beloved wife Mary Smith and my young son George Blakey Smith against all and every causality of like nature so far as it can be effected by my own precaution or through the kind agency of friends to this, and therefore, I relinquish unto my beloved wife Mary Smith all the interest which I may be entitled to by virtue of my intermarriage with her in the estate of her Father John Menzies (or Menzur) late of Rockingham County and the state of North Carolina died together with all claims which I may have to a certain yellow boy* named Jerry who was brought unto my possession by the aforesaid intermarriage under the Executor of the above named John Menzies giving a receipt for him to my Executor releasing my estate from responsibility. I further give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Smith out of our estate one Negro girl known in the family by Little Eliza, and one hundred dollars worth of household and kitchen furniture of her own selection at that approximate value and twenty five barrels of cane also the carriage, harness, and pair of horses that march the same, two cows and calves of her own selection and choice of two sows and pigs. I further give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Smith two hundred and seventy two acres of land whereon we now live including the dwelling house and all other outter houses, and the spring that we make use of, to be laid off to the north side of my land being or following vez: to the East--by the Northern part--of Charles Lylasso's land and Elbert Smith's land and to the north by land formerly belonging to the Estate of Cola Praydeco and up the branch that divides the land of Joel T. Smith died and myself--and thence on the line that runs onto the hickory X in the field at the Chaffen place on the said mentioned line so far as to include the above mentioned two hundred and twenty five acres of land and running in such from so as to include the aforesaid lines. Should my wife Mary Smith's relatives or any one of them or any other person or persons after my death produce any accounts or any other claim against her, it is my direction that in the account of their being sustained that there be paid out of the legacy duly bequeathed her and or relating to the land and the land and property given her in the ITEM 1, I desire that the same be delivered over to her by my Executor or Executors immediately after the probate of my wife and my property inventoried in order that she may be exempt from further commission with my Executor or Executors or either of them or others or the Court of Ordinary.

ITEM 2nd. I give and bequeath unto my son George Blakey Smith the balance of the tract of land now in my occupancy and bequeath to my wife Mary Smith in Item 1st also the following Negroes Vez: Lightfoot, Charles, Laura, and her three children Sam Anderson, and Rose and Nancy, a girl, and forty barrels of corn, five sacks of fodder and one of oats, five head of sheep one half of the plantation tools and his clothes, bed, bedstead and farm land, also three cows and calves, one yearling, also one bay mare by the name of Snap and her colt Terry and one other Iron Gray filly by the name of Foly, also the best yoke of oxen, cart, and yoke and reins. It is my desire that the trustees hereafter named would keep the above Negroes on the farm that I leave to my son George Blakey Smith and work the same the property contained in the Item. I wish to be understood as independent by my son George Blakey Smith my debts of just to be paid out of that remainder of my Estate as hereafter denoted.

I constitute and appoint Stephen G. Burnley and Micajah Beddell my true and faithful friends trustees and testamental guardians of my son George Blakey Smith requesting he may be raised in the family of Stephen G. Burnley and Micajah Bedell and trained up to respectfully as they may think best, at any rate to have a good English Education. If Stephen G. Burnley and Micajah Bedell should remove to the new Counties and think it George Blakey Smith's advantage to make sale of his land and purchase him another tract of land in the new counties, they are at liberty to do so.

Item 3. I give and bequeath unto my grandson Daniel Roberts son of my daughter Amelia Roberts formerly Amelia Smith one Negro boy named Cazeheak?

Item 4 I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth J. Smith wife of Joel T. Smith died, one Negro girl named Shelly as her own individual property.

Item 5th. I give to my grandsons as follows vez: to George Smith son of Joel T. Smith, fifty dollars; to Henry R. Smith, twenty five dollars; to George Sanford twenty-five dollars; to the three last named for the purpose of affording them in their education.

Item 6 It is my particular wish that the above specified legacies be punctually paid to the several legacies named by my Executor or Executors hereafter nominated and appointed. The remainder of my personal property, Negroes excepted, I wish sold and out of the proceeds all of my just debts, if any, be equally divided between M. Burnley wife of Stephen G. Burnley, the children of my deceased son Joel T. Smith including my great granddaughter Frances Louisa Thompson and the children of my daughter Frances Sanford wife of James Sanford.

Item 7th I wish my two old Negro women Gady and Jenny to reside, if they wish, with my children and be supported by them without any labor on their part unless voluntary.

Item 8th The remainder of my Negroes not divided it is my wish may be divided into three equal lots as nearly as practical to be drawn for by my daughter Margaret M. Burnley wife of Stephen G. Burnley the children of my deceased son Joel T. Smith including my great granddaughter Frances Louisa Thompson, and the children of my daughter Frances Sanford wife of James Sanford.

Item 9 And lastly I hereby appoint my trusted friend Stephen G. Burnley, Andrew Culing and Micajah Bedell Executor to this my last will and testament hereby annulling all others by me heretofore made and I set forth publicly and declare this testament as my last will and testament.
IN witness hereof--I have here unto set my hand and affix my seal this first day of December 1831.
GEO SMITH seal; Signed Sealed and acknowledged by the testator as his last will and testament in presence: Joseph W. Robinson, Mark. Lane; John C. Dyrin

Georgia, Wilkes County} Personally appeared in open court Joseph W. Robinson, Mark J. Lane and John C Dyrin the subscribing witnesses the written will who being present say that they saw the testator sign and hand him a acknowledge the amended Instrument of writing to be his last will and testament and at the time of his own doing he was of sound and despairing mind and memory and that they served as witnesses is his presence at his request--and in presence of each other.
Sworn to in open Court this 5th day of May 1834
Recorded 5th Sept 1834 Martin A Lane J W Robinson

Note: *High Yaller or Yeller or Yellow referred to a person of mixed race. Yeller was considered a inpolite word in the South. The new counties mentioned in the will may refer to Troup County organized in 1832 from Indian Lands, also to various counties like Morgan and Walton. Seaborn and his family were in Troup County before 1840.

The following Thompson/Smith information was written by my father in an attempt to understand how Frances was a great grandchild of George Smith:
Frances Louise/Louisa Thompson was a great grandchild of George Smith.  She may not be a SMITH in surname if she descended from a daughter of George Smith. Seaborn J. Thompson was made guardian of his daughter, Frances Louise Thompson in Troup County, Georgia in 1834.

George Smith(1st wife) = Frances Burnley
George Smith(2nd wife) = Sarah Blakley
George Smith(3nd wife) = Mary Menzies
in Wilkes County GA before 1820, married after 1824
Mary's father: John Menzies, of Rockingham County NC
1-1 Dau Amelia Smith = John G. Roberts
Married 6 May 1819 Wilkes, Georgia
Born about 1800
1-1-1 Grandson Daniel Roberts
Born after 1820
1-2 Son Joel T. Smith = Elizabeth J. Smith
Deceased before 1833 per his father's will
1-2-1 Great Granddaughter Born 1829 GA
Frances Louisa Thompson = Henry Maier or Meyer
married 26 April 1849 Troup County GA
In Seaborn's household in 1850, Troup County
1-2-2 Grandson George Smith
1-2-3 Grandson Henry R. Smith
1-3 Dau Frances Smith = James Sanford
Married 22 Nov 1820 Wilkes County GA
1-3-1 George Sanford--also spelled Sandford in the will
Born abt 1830 Wilkes County GA
1-4 Dau Margaret Smith = Stephen G. Burnley
Married before 1831
1-5 Son George Blakey Smith, Born 29 January 1824 in Wilkes County GA
My father continued: Seaborn's first wife would need to be about 16 or older in 1828 if he married a
Smith. Therefore, she would have been born about 1810 or earlier. Her parents would have been born about 1790 or earlier. Therefore, George Smith would have been married about 1770 or earlier. George would have been born about 1750 to 1860. His child George Blakey Smith was born in 1824. George would have been about 74 at that time. Seaborn's first wife apparently was younger than Amelia. The grandchild who married Seaborn must have been the daughter of Joel T. Smith. It doesn't seem possible George Smith had great grandchild aged 16 or over in 1828. My data is incomplete."

It's confounding that on the 1840 Troup County Georgia census our Seaborn J. Thompson had one girl aged 5 to 10 years. That is paradoxical since he also had a girl named Mary Ann born in 1833 by his second wife. The census only listed one girl of that age group when it should have listed two young girls, Frances Louisa and Mary Ann. The confusion created by the records appear to complex to unravel.

The 1830 Walton County census apparently listed Charles Thompson with Seaborn J. still in the household. Therefore, Seaborn was already widowed by 1830. The 1820 Morgan County Georgia census showed a George Smith living next door to Charles Thompson. George, apparently was related to the older George Smith. He left property to Frances Louisa Thompson in his will in 1831. He did NOT leave it to her mother or father, because they were deceased. He did not specify the names of the parents of Frances in the will which suggests they were deceased at that time i.e. before 1831. That is why my father also speculated that Seaborn may have actually adopted Frances Louisa from his sister, Louisa Thompson, a reasonable assumption, but invalid.

Charles Thompson was not found enumerated on any 1810 or earlier Georgia census. The 1810 Georgia census was destroyed. The county of Morgan was not created until 1818. Apparently, Charles lived in the Walton/Morgan County area before 1818. The 1820 Morgan County census is shown below with Charles Thompson living next door to George Smith.

Census: males females Negroes slaves and free:
Chas.Thompson 2,3,0,0,0,1 2,0,1,1,0 12,0,0,10,2,3,0,4,3,2
George Smith.. 2,2,0,1,0,1 2,1,0,1,0 7,0,0,06,4,0,0,0,3,0

The above census indicates George Smith had one son aged 16 to 26. Charles Thompson had one daughter aged 16 to 26 (probably Louisa). Their marriage would explain how George Senior's great grandchild--Frances Louisa Thompson was adopted by Seaborn J., and was stated as a daughter of Seaborn according to the court order in Troup County. It would explain why she was living in Seaborn's family in 1850 but not prior to that time.

What appears obvious in genealogy is often false. The George Smith above was not the George Smith who left a will in Wilkes County Georgia. He presumably was a relative, a cousin most likely, by the same first name. However, the SMITH and THOMPSON families possibly associated before 1800 in North Carolina.

The 1830 Walton County Georgia census had these two entries which appeared together:
Smith males females
Joel  2,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0/1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Wm  0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0/1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

William Smith, above, married a lady who fits our Louisa Thompson in age and location, and they had one child who fits our Frances Louisa Smith who was apparently adopted into the Seaborn J. Thompson family. Neighbor's children often married in the rural 1800's.

A faded document dated 1 January 1932 stated a Sarah G. Smith deceased, left money to E. Smith, J. G. Roberts, James Sanford, George Smith, George B. Smith, Elizabeth Smith, and children of Joel Smith and others. Sarah was the wife of George Smith before his marriage to Mary Menzier.

Further, a return (settlement of a will) dated 26 February 1835 of George Smith paid money to E. Smith, Mary Smith, Nancy Smith, E. J. Smith, Henry and Amelia Smith children of Margaret Smith, L. L. Burnley, Micajah Bedell and others, and:

"Cash Pd Seaborn J. Thompson in full of Francis (Sic) L. Thompson Legacy $197.28," dated 7 January 1835.

That entry did not state that Frances L. Thompson was a daughter of Seaborn Thompson. That information was found in the Court of Ordinary. Additional information might be found in the files of other courts--Inferior Court and Superior Court. You may have found the new riddle in the genealogy of Frances Louisa. That riddle was solved with the discovery of the Joel T. Smith Bible.

The Joel Smith Bible

The Joel family Bible was inherited by Margaret Smith. Who passed it to her son, who passed it to his son, thence to his son's wife, and later to the present owner Mrs. C. A. Kendrick of Winters, Texas. It stated in part: (possibly deceased at this writing-2001)

Joel T. Smith born 16 October 1787, married Elizabeth J. Bedell born 24 September 1794. Their children were Francis Smith born 19 April 1811; George Smith born 24 May 1812; Nancy Smith born 13 October 1813; Martha Smith born 15 may 1815; Amelia R. Smith born 26 July 1819; Maria Smith born 6 December 1820; Margaret Smith born 17 September 1822; Frances L. Thompson, daughter of Seaborn and Francis Thompson born 2 March 1828.

The Bible recorded Joel T. Smith died 8 March 1823; Frances Thompson daughter of J. T. and E. J. Smith died 14 May 1828; Elizabeth J. Smith died 26 Dec 1871.

Marriages recorded were: Joel T. Smith married Elisabeth J. Bedell 22 April 1810; Seaborn J. Thompson married Frances Smith 2 November 1826; Andrew Huling married Martha R. Smith 8 July 1830; Micajah Bedell married Nancy Smith 18 October 1831; George Smith married Nancy Wilburn 8 July 1835.

Joel Smith made a will in Wilkes County Georgia two months before his death. His will stated "... proceeds be equally divided among my eight children Frances, George, Nancy, Martha, Henry, Amelia, Maria and Margaret." Frances, fifteen years and seven months old, married Seaborn Thompson two years later. Seaborn was only twenty years old.

The Smith Bible information was provided by Emma Reeves of Nacogdoches, Texas, aged ninety-five in 1994. Other information was taken from her book, "Keahey Clansman". Without her help, the riddle of Frances Louisa Thompson would still torment my father.

Frances Louisa Thompson, daughter of Seaborn, was living in the home of her grandparents with Seaborn in 1830. A widowed man could not raise an infant in 1830 by himself.

We have not found the cemetery of Frances Smith Thompson, nor do we know where she and Seaborn were married, but it was probably in Morgan County or Wilkes County.

Those questions may be answered one day. We suspect George Smith and Charles Thompson Sr. knew one another when they lived in North Carolina. That will get our attention in the coming years.

Troup County Georgia 

A narrative was written in the book Biographical and Historical Memoirs of NW Louisiana, pub. 1890; Southern Publishing Co., 1890, Nashville and Chicago. That passage clarified some family relationships between Samuel Reid (Reed) and Seaborn J. Thompson of Troup County who lived in Georgia from 1832 to about 1851.

Not only were Reid and Thompson business associates in the slave brokerage and mortgage business, but they were in-laws through their Moreland relatives. These families knew each other before moving to Troup County as they lived variously in Greene, Wilkes, Putnam, and Morgan Counties. Following is page 438 typed as found in the above mentioned book.

"Hon. William F. Moreland, planter, Homer, La. No name is justly entitled to a more enviable place in the history of Claiborne Parish than the one that heads this sketch, for it is borne by a gentleman who has been usefully and honorably identified with the interests of this parish and with its advancement in every worthy particular. He was born in Putnam County, GA., September 26, 1816, and although past the age usually allotted to a man, he is in possession of a competency fully sufficient to warrant him in passing the remainder of his days in peace and comfort. He was the seventh in a family of eleven children, who are named as follows: Joseph died in Claiborne Parish in 1852), Ann (married Samuel Reed, of Troup County, Ga. where she died), Elizabeth T. (became the wife of Thomas Hightower, of Claiborne Parish, and is now deceased), Martha (became the wife of Charnold Hightower, of Monroe County Ga. and died about 1828), Sarah (became the wife of Henry West and died in Troup County, Ga., and died in Troup County, GA), Susan (married Thomas Bustin and died in Troup County, Ga.), Isaac (died in Houston, Tex.), Jane B. (married Seburn Thompson and died in Mississippi), Mary B. (married John C. Henderson, of Putnam County, Ga. and died in Macon County, Ala.), and Amelia (married Thomas C. Miller and died in La Grange, Ga.). The father of these children, Isaac Moreland, was born and reared in Dinwiddie County, VA., and was a son of Thomas Moreland, who owned the land where a portion of Petersburg now stands. The Moreland family were originally from England. The mother of the above mentioned children, Nancy (Turner) Moreland, was born in Dinwiddie County, Va., and was a classmate of Gen. Winfield Scott's in his early educational career. Experience has been Mr. Moreland's school, and that he has made the most of it can not be questioned. He was thrown upon his own resources practically, taking care of his own affairs at the age of fourteen, and came to Claiborne Parish in 1853, locating where he now lives. He was first married in 1839 to Miss Susan L. Ferrell, daughter of Bennett Ferrell, of Jackson County, Fla. She died in Macon County, Ala., in 1849. In January, 1852, Mr. Moreland was married to Miss Elizabeth White, daughter of James White of Sumter County, Ga., and unto this union were born six children: Sidney T. (now a resident of Lexington, Va., and professor of physics in Washington and Lee University of that place), Isaac N. (a resident of Claiborne Parish), William W. (married and residing on the old home place), F. Kate (at home), Ida S. (also at home) and Lelia M. (now Mrs. James G. Meadows, of Tennessee). Mr. Moreland has been a conspicuous man in the interests of his parish, and was elected to the Legislature in 1850, serving four years. After the war he was re-elected to the House and served until the reconstruction. He was again elected to that position in 1874 and served one term. In 1879 he was a member of the Constitutional Convention, and since that time he has declined office of any kind. He was for many years an active member of the Masonic fraternity, and has been a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South since 1840. He is progressive in his ideas and tendencies, and has been a representative man in the community."

Several Moreland families moved to Claiborne Parish from Georgia before and after 1850. Seaborn J. Thompson moved to Scottsville, Claiborne Parish about 1851. During the trip, his wife Jane Briden (Moreland) Thompson died in Mississippi, location unknown at this time. He left his daughter, Julia, and possibly his son John in Scottsville, and he returned to Mississippi to build railroads with his sons Charles W. Thompson and Edward Young Hill Thompson. Information from selected censuses that trace Seaborn's family appear below.

1840 Georgia Troup County
Seaborn J. Thompson
males under 5 = two WM and John Thompson
males 20 to 50 = one S.J. Thompson
females 5 to 10 = one Mary Ann Thompson
females 20 to 30 = one J. B. Moreland
Julia C. and Frances Louise were not on this census.
1850 26 August 1850 Georgia Troup County, Lagrange (LaGrange)
Sebron Thompson 44 GA
Jane B. 35 GA
Mary Ann 17 GA
William T. 15 GA
John N. 13 GA John Nugent?
Charles W. 09 GA
Edward Y. 05 GA
Living in the family of Seaborn were:
Henry Maier(Meyer) 38 Germany Cabinet Maker
Frances L. 21 Georgia (Thompson)
1860 27 June 1860 Mississippi Newton County Hickory TWP page 741
Sebron Thompson 55 GA Railroad Contractor $10,000/$39,980
Charles 16 GA
Edward 14 GA
1870 Louisiana Claiborne Scottsville (Lisbon) Ward #1 #226 pg 15
Thompson, S. J. 65 GA $1,600 $600
S. (Sallie) 28 GA (Thornton) (Corry) Thompson
A.N.--female 12 LA Children born before Civil War
S. A.--female 10 LA All were 'Corry' Children
I. Y./J. Y.--male 10 LA
E. Y.--female? 08 LA
#227--may not be related
Ingram?, A. 37 GA female
E.--female 14 AL
L. H.--female 03 LA
1870 Louisiana Claiborne Parish Scottsville Ward #1 #231
Nephew of Seaborn Charles Henry Thompson
Thompson, C. H. 27 GA $400 $3,000
E. J. 22 LA (E. J. Bush) m 24 Dec 1865
1860 Louisiana Claiborne Parish
E. D. Bugg 31 GA
J. C. 19 GA
1870 Claiborne Ward #2 # 231
Moreland, Wm 53 GA brother of Jane Briden MORELAND
Elizabeth 43 GA with six children not shown here
Bugg, Alva 03 LA nephew
1880 21 June Louisiana Ward #2 page 262 #296
Moreland, William 63 GA VA VA and family
Bugg, Charles S. 15 Nephew LA GA GA
Bugg, A. Bean 13 Nephew LA GA GA
1880 17 June Louisiana Ward #7 page 376 #267
Bugg, Eddie female 18 White LA GA GA (Edmond)
Louisiana 1900 Soundex B200 Bossier County LA Ward 5
Alva B. Bugg born age 33 Feb 1867 in Louisiana
Lula M. age 31 Jan 1869 in Mississippi
1910 Soundex B200 Louisiana
Doctor A. B. Bugg age 43 Caddo County LA ED27,Sheet39
wife L.M. age 42 born in Texas 
Doctor Bugg, son of Julia THOMPSON and E.D. BUGG, apparently had no children. Note inconsistent place of birth for Lula.
1870 Texas Wood County Winnsborro #110
Thompson, C. W. 25 GA
S. A. 23 AL
D. R. 03 LA
Robert 9/12 TX born in October
Bugg, Charles 05 LA nephew, son of Julia
Thompson,E.Y. 23 GA
1880 Texas Coleman County Coleman Pct #7 #171
Thompson, C. W. 37 GA GA GA
Sarah A. 32 AL GA AL
Zana 13 LA GA AL
Robert W. 11 TX GA AL
Ernest (female) 09 TX GA AL
1900 4th June Texas Coleman County Coleman #61
Thompson, Chas. W. Oct 1842 57 M3 GA NC GA
Emma F. Feb 1869 31 M3 (2/1)KS VA VA
Sallie M. Jan 1887 13 TX TX KS
Jme--son Oct 1892 7 TX GA TX
Quinn, Sarah F. Jun 1883 67 Wd VA VA VA
1910 Texas Coleman
Thayer, Warren L. 26 M1 MI NY OH
Thayer, Sallie 23 M1 0/0 TX TX KS
1910 Texas Coleman
Austin, Florence 21 Single (Thompson) TX TX LA
Gerald 16 TX TX LA
Harold 14 TX TX LA
Ivan 10 TX TX LA
1900 Texas Coleman
Montgomery, Rufus Jan 1862 38 M14 TX TN MS
Julia B. Jan 1872 28 M14 TX KY GA
Herlie E. Sep 1888 11 TX TX TX
Henry A. Jul 1891 08 TX TX TX
Grace m. (Thompson) Oct 1893 06 TX TX TX
James E. Oct 1896 06 TX TX TX
John A. Brother Nov 1896 30 TX TN MS
1920 Texas from Soundex
Pecos, Reeves, Texas 6th Street
V138 WD176 S5 L23
Robert W. Thompson White 50 born Texas
living with Mancer Wright, Nephew
1920 Texas from Soundex
Dallas, Dallas, Texas South Adams house # 536
V43 ED60 S24 L53
I. W. Thompson White 27 born Texas
Mamie R. wife 22 born TX
1850 26 September Alabama Chambers County 19th Dist #124
William F. Parker 32 GA
Drucilla 31 GA
John H. 10 GA
William M. 07 AL
Auguhus? E. 05 AL Augustus
Sarah A. 04 AL wife of Charles Thompson
Fady A. 03 AL
Joseph 01 AL
1870 Texas Wood County Winnsborro #141
Wm F. Parker 52 GA
Drusilla 52 GA
J. M. 20 AL
Thomas 19 AL
H. M. 19 AL
Emma 16 AL
James 10 AL
1870 Texas 1870 Wood County Winnsborro Pct#4 #104
Parker, J.H. 31 GA son of Wm F.
H. E. 25 AL
Sarah E. 09 LA not the wife of Charles Thompson
Wm H. 07 LA
John W. 05 LA
E. J. 04 LA
1900 5 June Texas Colman County Coleman pg 179 ED21 # 91
Austin, Thr. R. Jly 1857 42 M12 TX VR MO
Zana Jan 1867 33 M12(5/4)LA GA AR
Florence B. Nov 1888 11 TX TX LA
Gerald J. Spt 1893 06 TX TX LA
Harrell S. Dec 1895 04 TX TX LA
Ivan Apr 1899 01 TX TX LA
1870 Texas Wood County Quitman page 63 #21
Warren, James 52 GA
Mary 42 AL
Martha 13 TX
1880 25 June Texas Coleman County Pct # 1 page 520
Thompson, Edward Y. 35 GA SC GA
Martha A. 23 TX GA MS
Frank H. 04 TX GA TX
Jas H. 01 TX GA TX Seaborn Jones
1920 3 February Texas Brown County Brownwood Justice Pct #1 #316
Brown, Marcus L. 51 TX GA GA Physician
Ernest 47 TX GA GA Ernest Thompson
Gladys 20 TX TX TX
Mary 16 TX TX TX
Zana 09 TX TX TX
1880 26 June Texas Coleman County Pct #1
Thompson Edward Y. 35 GA SC GA
Notice SC birthplace for Seaborn J.
Martha A. 23 TX GA MS
Frank H. 04 TX GA TX
Jas H. 01 TX GA TX
1900 Texas Coleman County Page 220 #221
Thompson, Edward Y. H.May 1846 54 m17 GA GA GA marriage of '30' overwritten with a '17'
Mary E. Oct 1862 37 (5/3) OH OH OH
Sebern J. Nov 1879 20 TX GA LA
James J. Nov 1881 18 TX GA LA
Henry W. G. Feb 1887 13 TX GA OH
John N. Jly 1893 06 TX GA OH
Mattie E. Aug 1896 03 TX GA OH
1910 28 April Texas Coleman Justice Pct #6 #129
Thompson, Edward Y. 64 M19 GA GA GA
Mary 49 M19 OH OH OH
Nugent 16 TX GA OH John
Earnest female 13 TX GA OH Mattie
1920 19 January Texas Coleman County Justice Pct #6 #53
Thompson, E.Y. 74 /GA/ Atlantic Ocean Born at Sea Am. Cit./ GA
Mary 54 OH OH OH
J.N. 26 TX GA OH
Smith, Lillian 20 TX TX TX
1860 14 Aug Texas Wood County Springville Pct #6 Page 324 #474
James Warren 42 GA $3,330 $5,095
Mary 33 AL
Thas J. 10 TX
Jas B. 08 TX
Martha 04 TX
Manerva C. 01 TX
Martha Jennings 25 AL
1910 29 April Texas Lee County Justice Pct #4 #128
Thompson, Sebron J. 29 M1 7 TX GA USA
Tennie B. 29 M1 7 (3/3) TX USA USA
Neal L. 05 TX TX TX
Montie C. 03 TX TX TX
Edward Y. 01 TX TX TX
Seaborn was enumerated twice in 1910 above and next.
1910 9 May Texas Lee County Justice Pct #4 #191 West Yegua River
Thompson, Sebe J. 29 M1 6 TX AL AL
Tennie B. 28 M1 6 (3/3) TX TN TN
Neal 05 TX TX TX
Montie 04 TX TX TX
Edward 01 TX TX TX
1920 19 January Texas Coleman County Justice Pct #6 #54
Thompson, S.J. 40 TX GA TX
T. B. 42 TX TN TN
N. L. 15 TX TX TX
M.C. 14 TX TX TX
E.Y. 12 TX TX TX
Elaine 09 TX TX TX
Zella 07 TX TX TX
Idel 04 TX TX TX
Florice 01 TX TX TX
1910 12 May Texas Coleman County Justice Pct #3 #234
Thompson James J. 28 M2 2 TX USA USA
Pernnie K. (child died) 22 M2 2 (1/0) MS MS MS
1920 Texas from Soundex
Gerogetown, Williamson, Texas V171 ED 152 S3 L70
Thompson, James J. 38 White born Texas North Bushey Street
Oincilla 29 Texas--this was Ella Carpenter
Mary L. 3/12 Texas1920 Texas Soundex Georgetown, Williamson, Texas V171 ED162 S2 L32
Thompson, Frank H. 44 White South Bushey Street
House # 913; living with Eldridge Hodges, roomer
1920 18 February Texas Williamson County Justice Pct #4 West? #246
Beaver, Oscar 42 TX VR TX head
Leo (Thompson) 38 TX LA TX wife
Futrell, Roy Alvin 20 TX AR TX step-son
Ollie 17 TX AR TX step-son
Mary 13 TX AR TX step-dau
Lee 13 TX TX TX son
Jim 11 TX TX TX son
Edd (Troy) 09 TX AR TX step-son
E.Y. (Edward Young) 05 TX TX TX son
Myrti (Myrtle?) 02 TX TX TX daughter
1900 Texas Coleman County Pct #6 #48
James M. Futrell Jan 1876 24 M1 AR AR AR
Leo E. Jun 1883 17(1/1) TX LA TX
Roy A. Dec 1899 5/12 TX AR TX
1880 16 June Texas Fannin County page 398 #400
Wood, Allen 33 TN TN TN
S. J. 37(31?) TN TN TN
Osker 13 TN TN TN
Zana 11 TN TN TN
C. male 09 TN TN TN
E. M. female 05 TX TN TN
Tennessee 03 TX TN TN
Rufus 4/12 Oct TX TN TN
1900 13 June Texas
Justice Pct #1 not including Coleman City #105
Wood, Sarah J. Apr 1842 58 Wd 36 (9/8) TN VA SC
Ella M. Nov 1873 26 TX TN TN
Tennessee May 1877 23 TX TN TN
Rufus Oct 1879 20 TX TN TN
Lucy B. Spt 1881 18 TX TN TN
Gordie Jan 1884 16 TX TN TN
Wood Oscar May 1867 33 M10 TN TN TN
Nancy Nov 1873 26 M10 (3/3) MO MO IL
Dyott Jly 1893 06 TX TN MO
Elmer May 1896 04 TX TN MO
Willie Aug 1899 01 TX TN MO
C.C. brother Oct 1871 28 TX TN TN
1920 18 February New Mexico Lea Lovington Pst #8 #233
Wood Oscar 51 TN TN TN
Nancy S. 46 MO MO MO
Albert C. 19 TX TN MO
Mineola 16 TX TN MO
Jonnie M. female 12 NM TN MO Johnnie
Wood, James O.? 26 TX TN MO
Nora? M. 19 NM TX TX
Loretta B. 10/12 NM TX TX
1920 12 February Texas Palo Pinto County V135 ED209 S8 L22
Justice Pct #8 #173
Thompson, Grady H. 33 TX TX TX (Henry Grady)
Grace 23 TX TX TX
H. G. son 06 TX TX TX
Glennie 04 TX TX TX
Nugent son 02 TX TX TX
Futrell, Roy 20 TX TX TX nephew
1920 soundex T512 Texas Kent County, TX
Thompson, Charlie O. 39 TX
Robert H. dau 15 TX
Ida L. dau 12 TX
Blanche T. dau 09 TX
Ruth N. dau 07 TX
Charles O. Jr. son 03 TX
1910 16 February Texas Palo Pinto County Justice Pct #8 #49
Fenton, Hiram 25 NM GA GA
Ernie 22 TX TX TX (Mattie Thompson)
Opal 07 TX NM TX