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Theodore Winge (-2G)

a paternal grand uncle
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Birthday:  14 May 1894 Birthplace:  St. Louis, MO
MotherMartha Teichgraeber* (-3G) FatherWilhelm Winge* (-3G)
Sex/Fam. Grp.: male / Winge Died:  25 Dec. 1988 in Troy, MO

  • Married Nellie Margaret Gutwald (-2G) on 27 Sept. 1917 in St. Louis
  • Served in the Army, during WW1, from 3 Oct. 1917 to Aug. 1919?
  • Moved to near Fredrickstown in Bollinger Cnty., MO before 1920
  • Moved back to St. Louis ca. 1922
  • A daughter is born ca. 1922 in Missouri
  • Another daughter is born ca. 1928 in Missouri
  • Father died on 31 Mar. 1928 in St. Louis
  • Divorced from first wife, Nellie after 1936 and before 1939
  • ----------------------------------------
  • Married to Hilda Travis (née Jaudes) (-2G) between1936 and 1939
  • Moved to Troy before Oct. 1946
  • Mother died on 2 Apr. 1944 in St. Louis
  • Brother John died sometime after 1944 in Jackson, Miss.
  • Sister Hedwig (Hattie) died 16 May 1967
  • Sister Adeline died 10 May 1970 in St. Louis County
  • Second wife, Hilda, died in Oct. 1971 in Troy, Lincoln County, MO
  • Brother William died on 14 Feb. 1973 in St. Louis
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Married to Sarah Ellen Phelps (-2G) (appears in obituary) (after 1971)
  • Brother Aloys died in Dec. 1975 in St. Louis County
  • First wife (divorced) died in Jul. 1979 in Elkart, Ind.
  • Sister Emma died on 9 July 1980 in St. Louis
  • Sister Frances died on 27 Aug. 1982 in St. Louis
  • Died Sunday 25 December 1988 at Troy, Lincoln County, MO
  • Buried on Wednesday 28 Dec. at Alexandria Cemetery in Troy, MO
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  • Cited in Given Names - Meanings and Derivations - Info on the name "Theodore"
  • The surname "Winge"
  • Listed on the St. Louis page
  • Included in the Winge Family Group Chart

    * marks my direct-line ancestors. The (-2G), etc., after the names represents the number of generations before Erven Thoma

    Theodore was the last child of Martha and Wilhelm Winge.

    His siblings included:  Adelheid (Adeline)* (b. 23 Apr. 1876), Hedwig (Hattie) (b. 13 Sept. 1877), Martha (b. in Jan/Feb. 1880), Margaretha (b. 2 Sept. 1881), William (b. 19 May 1883), Robert (b. 30 May 1885), Frances (b. 23 Oct. 1886), Emma A. (b. 26 Sept. 1888), Aloys J. (b. 26 Nov. 1890), and Johann (John) A. (b. 21 Nov. 1892); all were born before Theodore.

    Siblings Mazrtha, Margaretha, and Robert died before Theodore was born.

    The St. Louis Birth Register (vol. 76-B, no. 4593) lists Theo. Winge born 14 May 1894. This conflicts with the year (1895) given on the S. S. application and the age in the 1920 Census but it agrees with the age on the 1900 and 1910 Census. At this time the family was living at 17th and Neosho Streets in St. Louis. His parents' names are given; both were born in Germany. A Mrs. Schultz was the midwife.

    The St. Louis Directories for 1893 and 1894 lists his father, a carpenter, living on the north side of Neosho near 17th. The Directory of 1895 lists the father as a cabinet maker, at the same address. The Directory of 1896 lists the father as cabinet maker, living at 4449 S. 17th. The Directories of 1897-99 list the father as cabinet maker, living at 4460 S. 17th.

    The 1900 Census for St. Louis (enum. dist. 179, sheet 6, lines 48-56) list Theodore, age 6 years old, living with his parents and siblings at 4460 S. 17th St.

    When his sister Adeline got married (20 Dec. 1904), Theodore, his parents and siblings were living at 4460 S. 17th St. in St. Louis.

    Here is a picture of the Winge house (either on Neosho or on 17th St.). Grape vines are seen on the right porch. On the left porch we see what appears to be William and his wife Martha (older people on the right). The two younger women on the left side of the porch may be their daughters Hedwig and Adeline. The two girls in front of the house may be the younger daughters Frances and Emma. I do not know the man with the cow. Dated ca. 1994-97.
    Winge Family Complete ca. 1905

    Theodore is the boy standing by the window on our far right. His father, Wilhelm is the bearded man, seated in the front on our right. Ted's mother, Martha, is the older woman on our front left, seated. Their eight living children are included in this picture. The picture was taken ca. 1905. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

    In the 1910 Census for St. Louis, MO, Theodore is living with his parents and some siblings (enum. dist. 206, sheet 198). He is 16 years old and is an apprentice (in a building trade). They are still living at 4460 S. 17th St.

    The 1910 and 1911 St. Louis Directories list William Winge, a cabinet maker, living at 4460 S. 17th St.

    Winge and Thoma families. Theodore is standing in the back row, on our right. The picture was taken ca. 1911 at the Winge house in St. Louis. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

    Sometime between 1911 and 1915 Wilhelm, his wife, and their last child, Ted, (I believe) moved out to Bollinger County in Missouri where they had bought a small farm near Fredrickstown. William does not appear in the 1915 St. Louis Directory.

    He registered with the WWI draft board in Bollinger County, MO on 03 June 1917 (roll 1683151, card 17, board 0). At the time he was 23 years old and was born on 14 May 1894 in St. Louis. He was livingin Patton, Bollinger County, MO[with his parents]. He is a self-employed farmer and has not been in military service before. He is single but has two dependents, his parents, because of which he claims exemption from service.

    He married Nellie Gutwald on 27 Sept. 1917 in St. Louis. A Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony. (license #214428; ledger in vol. 87, p. 510). Both were 23 years old at this time.

    Although he was just married, he was inducted into the Army on 3 Oct. 1917 at Marble Hill, MO. At the time he was living in Patton, MO. At induction he was 23-1/2 years old, born in St. Louis. He served in World War 1, serving overseas from 27 Aug. 1918 to 8 Mar. 1919, and was discharged in or after Aug. 1919. He was in Battery B336 FA up until his discharge. He participated in no engagements, received no wounds, and was not disabled. His highest rank was Mess Sgt; his Army serial number was 2.115.445. He received an honorable discharge (Form 724-1 A.G.O.).

    The St. Louis City Directory of 1918 has Theo. Winge (USA) living at 5509a Virginia. I believe that the "(USA)" as an employer means he was working for the federal government, most likely the Army (see the previous paragraph).

    There is a Theodore Winge (25 years old) listed in the 1920 Census for Missouri (vol. 8, enum. dist. 8, sheet 3, line 14). He is living in Bollinger county with his father and mother. Nellie, the wife of Theodore, age 25 is also living there. This farm was located 12 miles outside of Fredricktown MO.

    The 1922 St. Louis City Directory lists Theo. Winge, cabinet maker, living at 5605 Michigan Ave. But his father does not appear in this Directory, so I suppose he is still on the farm in Bollinger County. The Dir. of 1924 has Theo. Winge, cabinetmaker, living at 3969 Burgen Ave. The 1925 Dir. has him as a carpenter, at the same address.

    Ted built the house on Wilmington Ave. in St. Louis for Otto Thoma (-2G) and his family ca. 1926.

    The 1926 St. Louis Directory has Theo. Winge, building contractor at 5242 Robert Ave., residing at 3969 Burgen Ave. The 1927 Dir. has the same information.

    The 1930 Fed. Census for Missouri (roll T626_1240, enum. dist. 143, supv. dist. 8, sheet 27A, lines 35-38, dated 22 Apr.) lists Theodore Winge and his family living at 5242 Robert St. in St. Louis (city ward 24, block 5826). He is 35 years old, born in Missouri, parents born in Germany. He was married at age 23. He is not in school but reads, writes, and speaks English. His occupation is carpenter. He served in World War 1. His wife, Nellie is 35 years old, born in Illinois, parents also born in Illinois. She was also married at age 23. She is not in school but reads, writes, and speaks English. No occupation is given for her. They own the home which is valued at $10,000. Their one daughter is 8 years old, was born in Missouri. She is in school. Their other daughter is 11 months old (or 1 year, 11 months?), born in Missouri. She is not yet in school.

    The 1936 St. Louis Directory has Theo (Nellie) Winge, buildingcontractor at 4336 Holly Hills Blvd., home at same location.

    Emil Otto Thoma (-1G) worked for him around 1936 at Ted's business, 4336 Holly Hills in St. Louis.

    Theodore married Mrs. Hilda Travis (née Jaudes) sometime between 1936 and 1939.
    Here is a picture of the house at 4336 Holly Hills in St. Louis. Although taken in early 2002, it probably looked similar in the 1930's and 1940's. Click thumbnail to enlarge.

    The St. Louis County Directory of 1939 has Theo. Winge, with wife Hilda, as a building contractor, living at 1325 Grant Rd. in Webster Groves, MO. The St. Louis (city) Directory of 1941 has Hilda T. Winge, vp-sec of White Line Laundry Co., Inc. and living at 1325 Grant Rd. in Affton. The 1941 St. Louis County Dir. has Theo (Hilda) Winge, Bldg. Fab. Matl. Co., home at 1325 Grant in Webster Groves. The 1942 St. Louis City Dir. has a separate listing for Hilde T. Winge, v-pres. of White Line Laundry Co., residing at 1325 Grant Rd. in Affton.

    Ted did not have children by his second or third wife; had only two daughters by first wife.

    He was the informant on the death certificate of his mother, 2 Apr. 1944.

    On 10 Oct. 1946 Theodore applies for Social Security. He is living in Troy and is working in the construction business for the Bldg. Fab. & Matl. Co. in St. Louis. His number is 490-32-5303. His date of birth is given as 14 May 1895 and his age as 51. His place of birth is St. Louis. His parents' names agree with other sources.

    Brother John died between 1945 and 1971. Sister Hedwig died on 16 May 1967 in St. Louis. Sister Adeline died on 10 May 1970 in St. Louis County.

    At the time of his second wife's (Hilda) death (Oct. 1971), they were living in Zip Code 63379, which is in Troy, Lincoln County, Missouri.

    After Hilda's death Ted married a third time. His new wife was Sarah Phelps.

    Brother William R. Winge died on 14 Feb. 1973. Brother Aloys died in Dec. 1975.

    No Winge is found in the 1976 County Dir.

    Sister Emma died on 09 Jul. 1980 in St. Louis. Sister Frances died on 27 Aug. 1982 in St. Louis,MO.

    The S.S. Death Index gives his death date as 25 Dec. 1988 and his address as Zip code 63379, Troy in Lincoln County, Missouri. The obituary in the St., Louis Post Dispatch gives the same death date. The funeral was at Kemper Marsh Funeral Home in Troy. Burial was in Alexandria Cemetery in Troy. He was survived by his third wife, Ellen and two daughters.


    There is a listing for T. Winge in the 1994 Phone & Address database on Ancestry.Com. The address is 215 John St. in Troy, MO (Zip Code 63379). The phone number is 314-528-4431. This could be the listing for Sarah, Ted's third wife who did not pass away until 1992.

    An annual scholarship has been established for a student at the Troy B. High School for the purpose of attending college and majoring in business, agribusiness or agriculture. It currently awards ca. $1,000 each year.

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