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a surname on our paternal side

This family originated in Czechoslovakia, then settled in Michigan, then in St. Louis MO. There are none of my direct-line ancestors in this list but Mary was married to our paternal uncle, so the people in the table below are part of our Fridolin Thoma's Second-Family Group. I do not yet know the meaning of the surname.

The (-2G), etc., indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma and his siblings. Bold-faced names have their own web page.

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Other people with the Stuprich surname who may be related to the ones above:

Frank Stuprich - SS# 383-14-4824 - born 18 Feb. 1897 in Hungary. Applied for a S.S. card on 07 Oct. 1940 in Michigan. At that time he was an independent tailor on contract with J. B. Simpson Tailor Shop at 1550 Broadway, Detroit, MI. His last employment ended on 03 Oct. 1940. On the application his parents are listed as Michael Stuprich and Kristina N[?]eff. His address is given as 13123 Hampshire, Detroit, MI and his age as 43 years old. He is married but I do not know his wife's name. The S.S. Death Index report his death date as Aug. 1977 when he was living in Zip Code 48213 of Detroit, MI. Perhaps he is a first cousin of Jacob. He is not a brother because their parents are different.

The 1930 Fed. Census for Michigan (T626_1065, supv. dist. 22, enum. dist. 822, sheet 41B, lines 59-60, dwelling 554, family 14, dated 03 June) shows Frank Stuprich and his wife Theresia living at 13123 Hampshire Ave. in ward 21, block 1568 of Detroit. They own the house which is valued at $9,000 and they have a radio set. Frank is 33 years old, born in Hungary, parents born in Hungary. His native tongue was German. He is not in school, but he reads, writes, and speaks English. He was 24 when married. He immigrated in 1922 and has the "Na" status. He is a tailor in a tailor shop and is presently employed. He was not a war veteran. His wife is also 33, born in Hungary, parents also born in Hungary. German is her mother tongue but she reads, writes and speaks English. She also immigrated in 1922 but her status is "Al" (alien?). She was also married at age 24, has no occupation and is not in school. No children are listed.

Gertrude Stuprich - SS# 489-28-5669 - born 22 Jun. 1902 in ? She applied for a S. S. card in Missouri before 1951. She died on 10 Jun. 1990. No final address is given in the S. S. Death index. I wonder if she was the second wife of Jacob.

Theresia Stuprich - SS# 365-68-3461 - born 05 Apr. 1896 in ?. She applied for a S. S. card in 1973 in Michigan. She died in Sep. 1978 when she was living in Zip Code 48235 Detroit, Wayne County, MI. She was the wife of Frank above.

Elizabeth Stuprich - SS# 498-07-9135 - born 27 Feb. 1918 in ? She applied for a S. S. card in Missouri before 1951. She died on 02 Dec. 1987 when living in Zip Code 91606, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. I do not know who she was related to; she was not the wife of Jacob.

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