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a surname on our paternal side

A family name that is seen in several places in the U.S., as well as in Ireland. I do not know the meaning or derivation of this name. Our relatives listed below lived in Missouri, California, Minnesota, Kentucky, Utah, Hawaii, Argentina, etc. John Harland McBroom was the husband of our paternal aunt Alberta. The people in the table below are part of our Fridolin Thoma's Second-Family Group.

The (-1G), etc., indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma and his siblings. Bold-face names have their own page.

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Etna McBroom (-2G) - brother's page    

Early history of the McBroom families in the U.S.

(most likely the direct ancestors of Elmer P. McBroom (-2G))

In the 1820 Census for Kentucky (Monroe County) we see Robert McBroom, a free white male, 45 or older, who is in agriculture. One of the free white females is aged 26 to 44 and is therefore presumed to be his wife. The household include two free white female children under 10 and three free white male children under 10. There is also a free white male aged 26-44 who might be a hired hand on their farm or a brother of either Robert or his wife. Most likely Elizabeth is Robert's wife [see the 1830 and 1840 Census below]. Probably William is one of the male children [see the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Census below].

In the 1830 Census for Kentucky (Monroe County, page 396) shows Elizabeth McBroom, head of household, between 40 and 50 years of age, with her family of 8 (or 9?), all free and white. Probably she is the widow of Robert McBroom [see 1820 Census above]. There is another free white female in this household who is between 40 and 50 years of age; perhaps she is a sister. In this household is

In the 1840 Census for Missouri (Cole County, Harrison Township, page 089) we find William McBrune, free white male, between 20 and 30 years old [presumably ca. 26 years old--see the 1850 Census], with an agricultural occupation. There is also a free male child in the household, under 5 years old [presumably this is James, age ca under 1--see the 1850 Census]. There is also one free white female, presumably William's wife, aged between 20 and 30 [presumably Hannah, ca 21 years old--see the 1850 Census].

In the same 1840 Census as above, but on page 087, we find Elizabeth McBrume

In the 1850 Census for Missouri (page 295, dwelling 304, family 304, dated 22 Oct.) we find the Wm. McBroom (-4G) family living in Alexander Township of Benton County. Wm. McBroom is a 36 year old brick mason, born in Virginia. His wife, Hannah (-4G) is a 31 year old woman born in Kentucky. The value of their real estate is $296. Their children, all born in Missouri, are the following: James H. (-3G) 10, William A. 7, Sarah Jane 5, Andrew W. 4, and Alexander 3. James and William were in school within the same year.

In the 1860 Census for Missouri (T44, range 16, page 623-24, dwelling 114, family 600, 06 June) we find the Wm McBroom (-4G) family living in the California Post Office area of Moniteau County. Wm. McBroom is a 46 year old farmer born in Virginia. His wife, Hanna (née Geist/Gist)(-4G) is a 41 year old woman from Tennessee (note that the 1850 Census said Kentucky). There are nine children, all born in Missouri: J. H. McBroom (most likely the father of Elmer) (-3G) 20, W. A. McBroom 17, Sarah J. McBroom 16, A. W. McBroom 14, Alexander McBroom 12, E. H. McBroom 9, R. H. McBroom 7, Theodore McBroom 4, and Acilles McBroom 2. The gender of the children is not noted. All children above 4 attended school in the year.

See the page for Elmer P. McBroom (-2G) to see the family of his parents in the 1870 Census.

Other McBroom families, perhaps related somehow

The 1870 Census for Missouri (Jefferson County, Big River Township, Hillsboro post office, page 26, dwelling 198, family 201, lines 33-40, dated 01 July) shows the family of Wm. McBroom. William is a 66 year old farmer, born in Tennessee, who is a male citizen over 21 and has a personal estate of $1,000. Ruth, who is probably his wife, is 50 years old, was born in Tennessee, and is keeping house. The rest of the household appear to be their children, all born in Alabama: John, 21, works on farm; Robert, 18, work on farm; Margaret, 16, no occupation; James, 15, works on farm; Emeline, 13, at home; Emily 13-twin, at home.

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