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The name "Gruen" is a spelling variant of the German name "Grün" which is a word meaning the color green.  Some Gruen families migrated from Germany to Russia in the 18th century on invitation from the Russian czar. In the 19th century, after their no-taxation and no-conscription privileges were revoked, German families returned from Russia to Germany.  Some German families with the "Gruen" or "Grün" surname changed it to "Green" after they immigrated to the U.S.

The name "Green" and its language translations is a very common surname throughout the world.  "Green" is found in the British Isles, Barbados, and the U.S., among many other places.

The people in the table below are part of our Other Family Group.

The (-3G) etc. after the names indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma and his siblings. Names in bold face have their own web page.

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Other Gruen families and households in St. Louis

There are no Gruen businesses in the 1863 St. Louis Business Directory. The 1865 and 1866 St. Louis City Directories (Residential & Business) do not list any Gruen households.

There was a G. Gruen, 34 years old, who immigrated to America 28 Oct. 1865. A John Gruen, age 9, arrived 14 May 1866. I do not know where these people settled in the U.S.

In the 1868 City Directory there is an August Gruen, laborer, living at 2209 S. 7th. Also listed in 1868 is John Gruen, a dog catcher, living at 302 Lesperance and Michael Gruen living at 2116 Carondolet.

The 1870 Directory also has a George Gruen, a teamster, living at N. Schaeffer and George M. Gruen living on Trudeau at the NW corner of Columbus. The 1870 Missouri Census Index lists a Joseph Gruen, 35 years old from Baden (ward 11, sub-div 84, roll 821, page 560). The 1871 Directory lists a John Gruen, river man, living at the rear of 201 Kosuisko.

The 1881 St. Louis City Directory lists Henry Gruen.

The 1887 St. Louis City Directory also has the following Gruen: William, R. M., Julius, Henry, George E., Frederick, and Edward.

Edward Gruen - burial notice in St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12 Dec. 1889, p. 10

Lena Gruen (see Kirn) - died in 1896

Lizzie Gruen - obituary in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 23 Dec. 1903. The 1903 Gould's Blue Book lists a Mrs. J. Gruen at 1921 Victor.

Emma Gruen - obituary in the St. Louis post-Dispatch 7 Apr. 1908

George Gruen - burial notice in St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4 May 1911, p. 16

A Gruen Coat of Arms

from the portal of the Memorial of Anastasius Gruen in Leskovec pri Krsken in Slovenia

An external web site with many genealogical references to Gruen families is by Siemens

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