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Martha Francisca Anna Teichgräber* (-3G)
direct-line ancestor

one of our paternal great grandmothers (mother of our paternal grandmother)
(click for a chart showing her relationship to us)

Birthday: 26 Nov. 1854 Birthplace: Frankenstein, Silesia, Prussia
Mother: Franziska Etzler* (-4G) Father: Franz Teichgräber* (-4G)
Sex/Fam. Grp.: female / Winge Died: 2 Apr. 1944 in St. Louis

  Baptized on 26 Nov. 1854 in Frankenstein, Silesia, Prussia
  Moved to Urnitz from Frankenstein, Silesia, Prussia before 23 Apr. 1876
  Daughter Adeline Emalia Winge* (-2G) born 23 April 1876 in Urnitz, Silesia, Prussia
  Daughter Hedwig Martha Winge (-2G) born 13 Sept. 1877 at Urnitz, Silesia, Prussia
  Her father died after the birth of Hedwig (after Sept. 1877)

  Married to Wilhelm Winge* (-3G), 22 Oct. 1877 in Wölfelsdorf, Silesia, Prussia
  Martha's mother died after her marriage to Wilhelm
  Daughter Martha Winge (-2G) born 1880 in Silesia?, Prussia

  Immigrated to the U.S., via Baltimore, MD, on 2 Nov. 1880
  Daughter Martha probably died in Nov. 1880 in St. Louis
  Daughter Margaretha Winge (-2G) born 2 Sept. 1881 in St. Louis
  Daughter Margaretha died 28 June 1882 in St. Louis, MO
  Son William Richard Winge (-2G) born 19 May 1883 at St. Louis, MO
  Son Robert Winge (-2G) born 30 May 1885 in St. Louis
  Son Robert died 18 Oct. 1886 in St. Louis
  Daughter Frances Winge (-2G) born 23 October 1886 at St. Louis, MO
  Daughter Emma A. Winge (-2G) born 26 September 1888 at St. Louis, MO
  Son Aloys Joseph Winge (-2G) born 26 November 1890 at St. Louis, MO
  Son Johann Albert Winge (-2G) born 21 November 1892 at St. Louis, MO
  Son Theodore Winge (-2G) born 14 May 1894 at St. Louis, MO
  Husband died 31 Mar. 1928 in St., Louis
  Died 2 April 1944 in St. Louis
  Buried 5 April 1944 at Sunset Burial Park (Sunset Memorial Park), St. Louis

  Cited in Germans to America Jul. 1880 to Nov. 1880
  Included on the Winge Family Group Chart
  Listed on the Bremen and Baltimore pages
  Listed on the Silesia and St. Louis pages
  Cited in St. Louis Public Library Obituary Index - for 1944
  The surname "Teichgräber"
  The given name "Martha"
  The given name "Anna"

*marks direct-line ancestors. The (-3G), etc., after the names indicated the number of generations before Erven Thoma.

Sometimes this surname is seen with an umlaut over (or an "e" following) the "a".

- - - - - - - - - - from her birth (26 Nov. 1854) to her immigration (2 Nov. 1880) - - - - - - - - - -

Her baptism was on 26 Nov. 1854 at St. Anna R. C. Church in Frankenstein, Silesia, Prussia. Her full name is given: Martha Francisca Anna Teichgräber. Her mother and father are named as well as a couple of godparents (witnesses). Her mother's and her middle name are both spelled "Francisca". Anna may come from the name of the church or after the saint Anna, or even after a relative. Her father's occupation is given but I have not been able to read it yet.

Her parents had a wayside inn in Silesia, Prussia. The mother was the cashier.

Martha's daughter Adelheid (Adeline) was born in Urnitz, Silesia where Martha had moved from her birthplace in Frankenstein. A relative named Johanna Maria Stehr appeared before the civil office and made the birth report on the next day, 24 Apr. 1876.

Her next child, Hedwig, was also born before her marriage (13 Sept. 1877), also in Urnitz. Martha's father was the informant. It was registered with the civil office on the 27th.

The civil marriage record in Wölfelsdorf, Silesia (now Wilkanow, Poland) lists her two children, Adelheid and Hedwig, born earlier. The marriage was recorded on the 22nd and they got married on 22 Oct. 1877. The record shows that Wilhelm was born in Schönthal, Silesia on 31 Dec. 1851. It shows also that he was a "Gastwirth" living in Wölfelsdorf and names his parents. Martha was born in Frankenstein and was living in Urnitz, both in Silesia. She was born 26 Nov. 1854 of parents Franz Teichgräber and Franziska Etzler. The two witnesses gave their names, age and residency.

In all she birthed 11 children. The first three were born in Silesia. Her third child, Martha (-2G), was born in Feb. or early Mar. 1880, probably also in Silesia, most likely in Wölfelsdorf, but I need to do the research. This child died in St. Louis before the 1900 Census. Two of the U.S.-born children died as infants (see below).

Martha Teichgraeber (-3G) and her family (from Prussia) took the ship "Hermann" from Bremen, arriving in Baltimore on 2 Nov. 1880. St. Louis was their destination. The family included her husband Wilh. (Wilhelm), a joiner, age 28, Martha, age 26, Adelheid, 4 year old girl, Hedwig, 3 year old boy, and little Martha, a 9 month old baby girl. Since Adelheid is the German for Adeline and the year of birth and destination matches, I (Erven Thoma) believe Adelheid was the same person as Adeline. Their immigration is listed in Germans to America (under Wil. Winge).

- - - - - - - - - - from her immigration (Nov. 1880) to her last child's birth (May 1894) - - - - - - - - - -

Between November 2 and 12 the family traveled from Baltimore to St. Louis and settled in a home.

The 1880 Fed. Census for Missouri (T9_729, FHL 1254729, supv. dist. 71, enum. dist. 134, printed page 332A, hand-entered page 17, Ancestry.Com image 0138, dwelling 18, family 44, lines 20-23, dated 12 Nov.) shows Wilhelm Winge and his family of 3. Wilhelm is a 28-year old cabinetmaker. He and his parents were born in Prussia. His wife Martha is 25 years old and is keeping house. She and her parents were also born in Prussia. Daughter Adelheid is 4 and daughter Hedwig is 3. They and their parents were born in Prussia. They were living at 2110 De Kalb in St. Louis. Notice that little Martha is not listed. Therefore, either she has died between the 2nd and 12th of Nov. or the Census did not record children under the age of 1 year.

The other 8 children were born in America. There was a total of at least 11 children but at least 3 died young.

The 1881 St. Louis Directory lists William Winge, carpenter, living in the rear of 2110 De Kalb. The 1882 Directory has two listings for William Winge. One is a carpenter living at 2110 De Kalb and the other is a fitter living at 609 Rutger. It is possible that "fitter" means "joiner" and that the two are actually one and the same person who just got recorded twice by the Directory because he moved. (See below for the 1883 St. Louis Dir. listing.)

On 28 June 1882 a Margaretha Winge died of cholera infantum (diarrhea) in St. Louis. When she died she was 10 months old and was living at 609 Rutger. She was buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery. (However the cemetery has no record of her.)

The 1883 St. Louis City Directory lists William Winge, cabinet maker, living at 609 Rutger. The 1884 Directory lists William Winge, fitter, living at 1222 S. 9th St. (he is the only Winge). The 1885 Directory lists William Winge, carpenter, living at 1220 S. 9th (he is the only Winge). The 1886 Directory lists William Winge, carpenter, living at 1220 S. 9th.

A Robert Winge died from atrophy on 18 Oct. 1886. He was living at 3811 Texas Ave. in St. Louis. This appears in the St. Louis Death Register, vol. 19, p. 72 (SLGS 320). This is the same address that is in the St. Louis City Directory of 1887 for Wilhelm Winge, therefore I am thinking Robert was a son who died as an infant. He was 1 year, 4 months, and 15 days old at death. He was buried in Ste. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis on the 19th (in section 9S, row 15, lot PG, grave site 21).

The 1887 Directory lists William Winge, cabinet maker, residing at the rear of 3811 Texas Ave.

The 1890 Census was destroyed; only summaries and non-personal information is available. However the 1890 St. Louis Directory shows William Winge, a carpenter, living at 3742 Oregon Ave. The 1891 Directory shows him as a cabinet maker, living at the same address. The 1892 Directory shows him as a cabinet maker, living on the north side of Neosho, near 16th St. The 1893 and 1894 Directories list him as a carpenter living on the north side of Neosho, near 17th St.

- - - - - - - - - - from her last child's birth (1894) to her husband's death (1928) - - - - - - - - - -

The 1895 Directory calls him a cabinet maker, living at the same address. The 1896 Directory also calls him a cabinet maker, but he is living at 4449 S. 17th St. The 1897-99 Directories list William, cabinet maker, living at 4460 S. 17th St.

Here is a picture of the Winge house (either on Neosho or on 17th St.). Grape vines are see on the right porch. On the left porch we see what appears to be William and his wife Martha (older people on the right). The two younger women on the left side of the porch may be their daughters Hedwig and Adeline. The two girls in front of the house may be the younger daughters Frances and Emma. I do not know the man with the cow. Dated ca. 1994-97.

She is listed in the 1900 Missouri Census (district 179, sheet 6, line 49) for St. Louis. Her husband is born in Dec. 1851 in Germany and is 48 years old. His occupation is cabinet maker, he can read and write inc. English. He owns his house at 4460 South 17th St. in St. Louis. He has been in the U.S. for 20 years. She is 42 years old, born in Sept. of 1854 in Germany, her parents also born in Germany. Also listed is their daughter Adelheid, born in Apr. 1880 which disagrees with other sources. Adelheid (later called Adeline) is a dressmaker and her birthplace is Germany. A son Wilhelm (later called William) was born May 1883 in Missouri, is 17 years old, but was not at school. A daughter Francis (sic!, Frances) was born Oct. 1886 in Missouri, is 13 years old, and was at school. A daughter Emma was born Sept. 1888 in Missouri, is 11 years old, and was at school. A son Alois is 9, was born in Missouri in Nov. 1890, and was at school. A son Johann (later called John) was 7, was born in Nov. 1892, and was at school. A son Theodore was 6, born in Missouri in May 1894, but was not at school. Daughter Martha, who came over on the ship, died before 1900. Daughter Hedwig was married, living elsewhere.

At their house at 4460 South 17th St. they had animals and made wines with grapes from a neighbor's vineyards.

When his daughter Adeline got married (20 Dec. 1904), Wilhelm (William) and his family were living at 4460 S. 17th St. in St. Louis. 

Winge Family Complete ca. 1905
Martha is the older woman on our front left, seated. Her husband is the bearded man, seated in the front on our right. Their eight living children are included in this picture. The picture was taken ca. 1905. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

She is listed in the 1910 Missouri Census (district 206, sheet 198) for St. Louis. Her husband is 58 years old and is now called "William". Martha (55), daughter Emma (21), son Aloris (misspelled from Aloys) (19), son Johann (17), and son Theod (Theodore, 16) are also living there. [Son William and daughters Adeline and Hedwig are married and Francis is either married or is living on her own.] Martha and William have been married 33 years; she gave birth 11 times but 8 children are living; little Martha, and two unknown others, died early, probably before 1900. Wilhelm and son Aloys are listed as cabinet makers. Emma is listed as a helper to her mother. Johann (John) is listed as an apprentice (field is not readable) and Theodore is listed as a cabinet maker apprentice. Wilhelm and his wife own the house and it is mortgaged.

The 1910 and 1911 St. Louis Directories list William Winge, cabinet maker, living at 4460 S. 17th St. Her husband and son William are the only Winge people listed in those two years. The 1913 Directory shows William Winge, cabmkr, living at 4460 Olivia Ave. which is probably the new name for S. 17th St.

Sometime between 1913 and 1915 Wilhelm, his wife, and their last child, Ted, (I believe) moved out to Bollinger County in Missouri where they had bought a small farm near Fredrickstown. Wilhelm (William) does not appear in the 1915 St. Louis Directory

She is listed in the 1920 Missouri Census (vol. 8, district 8, sheet 3, line 12), living in Bollinger County, Union Township with her husband. At the time of this census Wilhelm (first name is incorrectly given as "Winge" in the Soundex and Census sheet) is 68 years old and Martha is 64. Their immigration date is given as 1880 which agrees with the ship's passenger list (see above). Martha was born in Germany. Living with them is their son Theodore, 25 years old born in Missouri, and his wife, Nellie who is also 25 and born in Missouri. Wilhelm was also born in Germany.

Winge - Ricklin Families
Martha is the elderly woman with glasses in the front row, on our left. Her husband, Wilhelm, is on our right. Their daughter Hedwig (Hattie) is in the back row on our right and Hedwig's son Severin M. Ricklin is in the back on our left. The baby is Robert Ricklin, the son of Severin. So the picture shows four generations. The picture was taken ca. 1925 but before 1928. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Wilhelm does not appear in the 1922 St. Louis Directory, so he is probably still on the farm. There is a Wm. Winge, cabinet maker, in the 1925 Dir., living at 6433a Alabama Ave., but that one is probably the son. There is no listing for Wilhelm or Martha in the 1926 Dir. The 1927 Dir. has Wm. Winge living at 4403a Virginia; no occupation is given. This directory also shows Martha in a separate listing at the same address, withou occupation. Between 1926 and 1928 she and her husband moved back to St. Louis, taking residence at 4403a Virginia, which was their residence when he died 31 Mar. 1928.  He was cremated but his ashes were buried in the Winge-Ricklin lot in Sunset Memorial Park, St. Louis. Within his obituary (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) he is called an uncle, which means he (or Martha) had at least one sibling.

- - - - - - - - - - from her husband's death (1928) to her own death (1944) - - - - - - - - - -

The 1930 Fed. Census for Missouri (T626_1235, supv. dist. 9, enum. dist 481, sheet 8B, lines 54-56, house #820, family #224, dated April 7) shows Martha living in the household of her daughter, Hedwig Ricklin (her married name). Hedwig is 53 years old, born in Germany of parents also born in Germany. She is not in school but can read, write, and speak English. She immigrated in 1879 [actually in 1880] and has the naturalization status as "Na". As a young child from birth her native tongue was German. She was married at age 25, is widowed, and has no occupation. She owns the house at 4403 Virginia Ave. where she and her family live and it is valued at $15,000. Living with her is her son, Aloys, who is 19 years old, born in Missouri of a father born in Missouri and a mother born in Germany. He is single and is not in school, but can read, write, and speak English. He is an accountant at an A & P office (grocery store). He was not a war veteran. Also living there is Hedwig's mother, Martha Winge [maiden name: Teichgraeber], who is 73 years old, born in Germany of parents born in Germany. She is also widowed and has no occupation. Martha immigrated in 1876 [actually in 1880 on the same ship as Hedwig] and has the naturalization status as "Na". German was her native tongue. There is no radio in the household.

The 1936 City Dir. has Martha Winge (widow of Wm.) residing at 4403 Virginia Ave. The 1937 St. Louis Directory has Martha Winge (wid. of Wm.) living at 4401a Virginia Ave. The 1939 Dir. has the same information. The Directory of 1941 has Martha, widow of William, living at 4401a Virginia. The 1942 City Dir. has Martha (widow of Wm.) Winge residing at 4403a Virginia Ave.

Here is a picture of the buildings at 4401 and 4403 Virginia, Ave. in St. Louis.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
This 4-generation picture was taken on 17 Aug. 1941 at someone's home, probably in St. Louis. From left to right we find who I think is Martha Teichgräber (86 years, 9 months), then Adeline Winge (65 years, 4 months), Emil Otto Thoma (34 years, 8 months) holding who I think is his younger son (5 months), and then his older son, Erven (5 years 2 months). Click thumbnail to enlarge picture.
This picture of Martha was taken on 28 Jun. 1943, about 9
months before she passed away. Location is unknown but
is probably at her or a relative's home in St. Louis, MO

According to the death certificate, her last residence (at her death) was 4403a Virginia in St. Louis (city). She died at home, a widow, on 2 April 1944, at age 89 years, 4 months and 7 days. She died of chronic myocarditis due to nephritis. The obituary was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 3 Apr. She died at her home and funeral arrangements were made by Schumacher Funeral Home at 3013 Meramec in St. Louis. Burial was on the 5th in Sunset Burial Park, St. Louis. Burial permit was listed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 6 Apr. Relatives living at the time included her children Adeline, Hedwig (Hattie), Frances, Emma, John (Johann), William, Aloys, and Theodore. Also living were one sibling, a sister- or brother- in-law, sons- and daughters-in-law, and various grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Final service and burial was at 3 PM on Wed. the 5th.

Click on this thumbnail to enlarge the picture of the Winge-Ricklin grave monument at Sunset Memorial Park in St. Louis,

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