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St. Marcus Cemeteries, Old and New, St. Louis, MO

The cemeteries are located in south St. Louis, MO on Gravois Rd.

Old St. Marcus was dedicated on 29 March 1856 in the presence of Pastor G. W. Walls of St. Marcus Parish and Pastor L. Nollau of St. John Parish. The cemetery was divided into an area for family plots and an area for single graves ("commons"). It is located on Gravois, in the city of St. Louis. Since the 1990's it has been a "passive" city park. Many graves (those in perpetual care) were moved to the new cemetery (before 1979), but others (inc. the Grupp graves) were left in the old cemetery. Some grave stones (especially large ones) remain in their original locations, but some were also incorporated into a memorial ring. The St. Louis County Library has film (fiche) devoted to Old St. Marcus Cemetery (SLCEM--45 to 54) (SLGS rolls 136.01-136.04).

New Marcus Cemetery is at 7901 Gravois, at River Des Peres. The Zip Code is 63123-4704 which is in Affton, St. Louis County. The telephone number is 314-352-0227. There are three lots: A-5, 28-2, and 7-41.

These two cemeteries have many graves related to our genealogy. The (-3G), etc., indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma. In most cases we give the relationship to our maternal step-grandmother, Elizabeth Thake (née Grupp) or paternal great-grandfather, Fridolin Thoma.

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