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Gene A. Thoma (-0G)

a grandson of one of the the half-brothers of our grandfather (paternal side)
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Birthday: 23 Apr. 1924 Birthplace:  St. Louis, MO
MotherEdna Huth (-1G) FatherOtto H. Thoma (Jr.) (-1G)
Sex/Fam. Grp.:  male / Fridolin's 1st Family Died:  25 Jan. 2005 in Shreveport, LA

  • Married in St. Louis before 1956
  • Child #1 born
  • Child #2 born
  • Child #3 born
  • Child #4 born
  • Father died in Apr. 1966 in Shreveport, LA
  • Mother died after 1965 in Shreveport, LA
  • Brother Roy Thoma (0G) died on 1991 in Shreveport, LA
  • Moved to Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA after 1964
  • Died on 25 Jan. 2005 in Shreveport, LA
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  • The (-1G), etc., after the names indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma

    Before Gene there might have been a stillborn sibling, born and died ca 12 Oct. 1914 in St. Louis. Before Gene there was definetely a brother, Otto Walter Thoma (0G) born on 30 May 1916 in St. Louis, and a brother, Roy A. Thoma (0G) born on 08 Mar. 1918 in St. Louis. There might have also been a stillborn sibling that was interred on 06 Sept. 1922 in block 7, lot 141 in New Marcus Cemetery in St. Louis County.

    - - - - - - - - - - from his birth (Apr. 1924) until his military service (1943-45) - - - - - - - - - -

    I don't know what Gene's middle initial stands for. Albert or Andrew?

    The house at 2817 Wyoming where Otto Thoma and family lived from ca 1891 to after 1920. The house still stands (in Aug. 2001) but is in very poor condition.
    Click on this thumbnail to enlarge the picture of Otto Jr., Gene's father.

    The 1924 Dir. has Otto H. Thoma Jr. [the father], salesman at Columbia Products Co., residing at 4653a Morgan Ford Rd. In the 1925 Dir. the information is the same.

    Gene A. Thoma (0G), was born on 23 Apr. 1924 in St. Louis(?).

    The father's businesses are mentioned on p. 266 in "Who's Who in North St. Louis", published by the North St. Louis Business Men's Assoc. in 1925. At that time he owned and operated the Columbia Products Company at 2545 West Dodier Street in St. Louis, MO. That company were canners of Columbia and Bavarian malt extracts and dealers in domestic and imported hops, crown, porcelain stoppers and cappers. The article says that Walter and Otto (Jr) assisted in this business too.

    The St. Louis City Directory of 1926 lists Otto H. as a salesman, living at 4653a Morgan Ford Rd. The 1927 Directory has the same information as in 1925.

    The Directory of 1929 shows Otto H. Thoma Jr. as assist. manager at Columbia Products Co. and is living at 4129 Fillmore.

    In the Standard Masonic Directory of St. Louis and St. Louis County (1929) Otto and his father are listed. Otto Jr. is living at 4129 Fillmore and was a member of Lodge No. 2 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and a member of Alhambra Grotto (MOVPER). Erven E. Thake (my grandfather) was also a member of the same Grotto at this time.

    The 1930 Fed. Census for Missouri (T626_1234, enum. dist. 471, supv. dist. 9, sheet 8B, lines 93-97, dated 8 Apr. 1930) show Otto H. Thoma (Jr) [the father] and his family living at 3675 Wilmington in St. Louis (ward 13, block 5865). They are renting at $40/month from Otto's parents who live upstairs; they have a radio set. Otto is 39 years old, is married since age 22, is not attending school, and was not a vetran of a war. He was born in Missouri, his father in Germany and his mother in Missouri. He reads, writes, and speaks English. He is a manager at a malt manufacturing plant. His wife Edna, is 37 years old, is married since age 20, and is not attending school. She was born in Missouri, her father in Hanover Germany and her mother in Missouri. She reads, writes and speaks English, and has no listed occupation. Their one son, Otto W., is 13 and was born in Missouri. He is attending school and reads, writes, and speaks English. Their son Roy A. is 12 and was born in Missouri. He is attending school and reads, writes and speaks English. Their youngest son, Gene, is 5 and was born in Missouri. He is not yet attending school but he speaks English.

    The 1930 St. Louis City Directory lists Otto H. Thoma as employed at Columbia Products Co. He and his family are living at 3675 Wilmington Ave., a house that was built for his parents by Theodore (Ted) Winge (-2G), a brother-in-law of his father's half-brother Emil Thoma (-2G). This listing also gives his wife's name--Edna. The 1930 Directory also lists an Otto A. Thoma (with wife Anna) as a radio mechanic, living at 3960 McRee Ave. The 1931 Directory lists Otto H. Thoma and his wife Edna living at 3675a Wilmington. He is working at Columbia Products Co. The 1932 Directory lists Otto and Edna living at 6511 Leona Ave. He is a malster at Columbia Products Co. The 1936 City Dir. has Otto H. (Edna) Thoma, samesman, with a home at 6511 Leona.

    Otto's (Jr) S. S. number is 487-26-1414 and is dated May 14, 1941. At that time he said he was 50 years old, born 16 Dec. 1890. He was living at Route #1 Eureka, MO. He did own his own business, but is now working for the Ritz Beverage Co., located at 1822-24 S. 12th St. (or 17th?) in St. Louis, MO. His parents' names and his middle initail are given.

    The St. Louis Directory of 1941 shows Otto W. Thoma, with wife Della [?] living at 3675a Wilmington Av. He is a driver. This could be the one son of the Otto of this page.

    Gene enlisted in the military service on 11 Mar. 1943 at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO. At that time his grade was private but no branch assignment was given. Gene had four years of high school and was single, without dependents. His height was 88 inches and his weight 107 lbs. He was born in 1924 in Missouri.

    - - - - - - - - - - from his military service (1943-45) until his death (Jan. 2005) - - - - - - - - - -

    Gene made application for a S.S. card before 1951 while still living in St. Louis.

    The St. Louis Directory of 1955 shows Otto W. Thoma (with wife Edna), salesman at Consumers Glue, and a home at 5543a Grace Ave. The 1956 Dir. has the same information. The 1956 City Directory shows Gene Thoma, supervisor at Wilmes Linen Service, with a home at 3610a Wyoming. The 1958 Dir. has Gene Thoma with the same info as in 1956. The 1960 Directory has Gene E. Thoma, br mgr (manager) at Wilmes Linen Service, residing in St. Louis County.

    In May of 1960 (at the time of the death of Gene's grandmother) his parents were living at 4948 and a half Fyler Ave.

    The St. Louis County Directory of 1965 lists his parents Otto H. Thoma, with wife Edna, a salesman at Consumer Glue in St. Louis, living at 9405 Pancho Dr. in Affton, MO.

    His parents, brothers and his own family moved to Shreveport, LA some time between 1965 and Apr. 1966. Sometime after 1965 there was a fire in the Shreveport home of Otto Jr. which unfortunately destroyed family records and photos.

    The 1966 County Dir. has Otto H. (Edna) Thoma (-1G), retired, with a home at 9405 Pancho Dr. in Affton. The S. S. Death Index reports his father's death as in Apr. 1966. His residence at the time of death was in Zip code 71105 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA.

    His mother Edna died after 1965, I do not know exactly when but I assume that it happened in Shreveport.

    His brother Roy A. Thoma (0G) died on 2 Oct. 1991, perhaps in Shreveport, LA.

    Gene appears in the 1993 and 1994 Phone and Address Directory database on Ancestry.Com. At that time he was living at 2027 Captain Shreve Dr. in Shreveport,Caddo Parish, 71105-3819 LA. He also appears on the 1995-1999 directories with the same information. The 2000 Phone & Address Directory has the same information as in 1994. He also appears in 2001 and 2002. The 2004 Phone & Address Directory has the same information in 1994. Gene also appears in the U.S. Public Records Index Records db on Ancestry.Com. His address and birth is given.

    Gene A. Thoma is listed on the online version of the 2005 Summer Issue of Pathways, a publication for the Outdoor Wilderness Learning Center which is a project of the Louisiana Methodist Children's Home ( A memorial gift was made toward that project in the name of Gene.

    Gene died on 25 Jan. 2005 while he was living in Zip Code 71105 which is in Shreveport, LA. He appears in the S. S. Death Index with his birth and death date and his last residence.


    Gene's wife, and four children outlived him. Brother Otto Walter Thoma (0G) died on 22 Jul. 2005 in Shreveport, LA.

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