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Andreas Thoma* (-5G)
direct-line ancestor

one of our paternal great-great-great grandfathers (5 generations in the past)
(Click to see a chart showing his relationship to us)

Birthdate:  27 Mar. 1762 Birthplace:  Altenschwand ?, Baden
Mother:  Maria Schlageter* (-6G) Father:  Andreas Thoma * (-6G)
Sex/Fam. Grp.:  male / Early Thoma Died:  8 Oct. 1816 in Altenschwand?

  Sister Katharina Thoma (-5G) born 11 Aug. 1765 in Altenschwand
  Sister Elisabeth Thoma (-5G) born 25 Oct. 1767 in Altenschwand
  Brother Mathias Thoma (-5G) born 23 Sept. 1770 in Altenschwand
  Brother Jakob Thoma (-5G) born 21 Mar. 1773 in Altenschwand
  Brother Johann Baptist Thoma (-5G) born 31 May 1775 in Altenschwand

  Married to Maria Matt* (-5G) on 18 Jan. 1785
  Daughter Eva Thoma (-4G) born 18 Dec. 1785 in Altenschwand
  Son Joseph Thoma (-4G) born 16 Mar. 1789 in Altenschwand
  Daughter Apollonia Thoma (-4G) born 3 Feb. 1791 in Altenschwand
  Father died 18 Nov. 1791
  Mother died 12 Jan. 1792
  Daughter Magdalena Thoma (-4G) born 20 July 1800 in Altenschwand
  Son Andreas Thoma* (-4G) born 30 Sept. 1803
  Son Matthias Thoma (-4G) born 18 Dec. 1806 in Altenschwand
  Sister Maria Thoma (-5G) died 30 Dec. 1808
  Daughter Apollina Thoma (-4G) died 19 Nov. 1809 (an Lungenentzündung)
  Son Matthias Thoma (-4G) died 29 Nov. 1809
  Died 8 Oct. 1816 in Altenschwand

  Listed on the Altenschwand page
  The surname "Thoma"
  Included on the Thoma-Matt Chart
  The given name "Andreas"

*my direct-line ancestors. The (-5G), etc., indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma.

Other siblings, born before Andreas, consist of Josef Thoma (-5G) (b. 4 Jan. 1752), Maria Thoma (-5G) (b. 8 Jul. 1754), Anna Thoma (#1) (-5G) (b. 21 Feb. 1756), Magdalena Thoma (-5G) (b. 29 Apr. 1758), and another Anna Thoma (#2) (-5G) (b. 11 Apr. 1760). Probably the first Anna died in infancy.

Andreas was a farmer, innkeeper (Gastwirt), and "Vogt" in Altenschwand, Waldshut, Baden "Vogt" is a property administrator (or supervisor) for a nobleman.

An Andreas Thoma was the proprietor of the "Hirschen" Landgasthof (Inn/guesthouse) in Altenschwand. It could have been this one because probably his son Andreas and definitely his grandson Fridolin were the proprietors at a later time.

Here are two pictures of the outside of the Hirschen (Stag) Landgasthof . Pictures were taken in August 2004. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge these pictures.

to be added later
Here is a picture of the dining room of the Hirschen Landgasthof of today.  

Information on this Andreas is found in the books, Familiengeschichte der Gemeinde Rickenbach, Vol. 1 #2173 and #2184

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