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Andreas Thoma* (-6G)
direct-line ancestor

one of our paternal great-great-great-great-grandfathers
(6 generations in the past)
(click to see a chart showing his relationship to us)

Birthdate 23 May 1723 Birthplace: Altenschwand ?, Baden
Mother:  Katharina Zimmermann (-7G)* Father:  Andreas Thoma (-7G)*
Sex/Fam. Grp.: male / Early Thoma Died18 Nov. 1791

   Sister Maria Thoma (-6G) born 19 Jul. 1725
   Sister Ursula Thoma (-6G) born 9 Sept. 1727
   Mother died sometime after 1727
   Sister Klara Thoma (-6G) died 15 May 1735
   Sister Anna Maria Thoma (-6G) died 4 Oct. 1743

   Married Maria Schlageter* (-6G) in 1751
   Son Josef Thoma (-5G) born 4 Jan. 1752
   Daughter Maria Thoma (-5G) born 8 Jul. 1754
   Daughter Anna Thoma #1 (-5G) born 21 Feb. 1756
   Daughter Magdalena Thoma (-5G) born 29 Apr. 1758
   Daughter Anna #1 died before April 1760
   Daughter Anna Thoma #2 (-5G) born 11 Apr. 1760
   Son Andreas Thoma* (-5G) born 27 Mar. 1762
   Father died on 11 Jul. 1764
   Daughter Katharina Thoma (-5G) born 11 Aug. 1765 in Altenschwand
   Daughter Elisabeth Thoma (-5G) born 25 Oct. 1767 in Altenschwand
   Son Mathias Thoma (-5G) born 23 Sept. 1770 in Altenschwand
   Son Jakob Thoma (-5G) born 21 Mar. 1773 in Altenschwand
   Son Johann Baptist Thoma (-5G) born 31 May 1775 in Altenschwand
   Brother Georg Thoma (-6G) died 9 Mar. 1784
   Brother Philipp Thoma (-6G) died 25 Aug. 1788
   Died on 18 Nov. 1791 in Altenschwand

  Listed on the Altenschwand page
  The surname "Thoma"
  The given name "Andreas"
  Included on the Thoma-Matt Chart

* indicates direct-line ancestors. The (-5G), etc., indicates the number of generations before Erven Thoma.

Siblings born before him were: sister Klara Thoma (-6G) born on 19 Sept. 1706; brother Otmar Thoma (-6G) born on 14 Nov. 1708; sister Anna Maria Thoma (-6G) born 5 Mar. 1710; sister Regina Thoma (-6G) born 14 Oct. 1712; brother Georg Thoma (-6G) born 21 Apr. 1715; brother Peter Thoma (-6G) born 15 Feb. 1717; brother Philipp Thoma (-6G) born 19 Apr. 1719. Siblings born after Andreas are listed above. Otmar, Regina and Peter may have died early.

- - - - - from his birth (May 1723) until his death (Nov. 1791) - - - - -

Andreas Thoma (-6G) was born on 23 May 1723, probably in Altenschwand, Baden.

His sister, Maria Thoma (-6G), was born on 19 Jul. 1725, probably in Altenschwand. His sister Ursula Thoma was born on 09 Sep. 1727, probably in Altenschwand.

His mother's death is unknown but it certainly happened after Sept. 1727, probably in Altenschwand.

His sister Klara Thoma died on 15 May 1735, perhaps in Altenschwand. His sister Anna Maria Thoma died on 04 Oct. 1743, perhaps in Altenschwand.

He married Maria Schlageter in 1751, probably in Altenschwand, Baden.

He was an Einungsmeister in Altenschwand.

His son Josef Thoma (-5G) was born on 4 Jan. 1752. His daughter Maria Thoma (-5G) was born on 8 Jul. 1754. His daughter Anna Thoma #1 (-5G) was born on 21 Feb. 1756. His daughter Magdalena Thoma (-5G) was born on 29 Apr. 1758. His daughter Anna #1 died before April 1760. Daughter Anna Thoma #2 (-5G) was born on 11 Apr. 1760. Son Andreas Thoma* (-5G) was born on 27 Mar. 1762.

His father died on 11 Jul. 1764.

Daughter Katharina Thoma (-5G) was born on 11 Aug. 1765 in Altenschwand. Daughter Elisabeth Thoma (-5G) was born on 25 Oct. 1767 in Altenschwand. Son Mathias Thoma (-5G) was born on 23 Sept. 1770 in Altenschwand. Son Jakob Thoma (-5G) was born on 21 Mar. 1773 in Altenschwand. Son Johann Baptist Thoma (-5G) was born on 31 May 1775 in Altenschwand.

Brother Georg Thoma (-6G) died on 9 Mar. 1784. Brother Philipp Thoma (-6G) died on 25 Aug. 1788.

He died on 18 Nov. 1791, probably in Altenschwand.


There are no individual web pages for the siblings of Andreas. For their marriages and later deaths, refer to the books cited below or the microfilms of the original church records.

His widow died 12 Jan. 1792.

Information on this Andreas is found in the books, Familiengeschichte der Gemeinde Rickenbach, vol. 1 #2184 (p. 323) and #2203 (p 326)

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