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additional information on the surname Thake

The Ancestors of Erven Thake Thoma - (Rootsweb Site)
     Thoma and Thake families in St. Louis and their ancestors in Germany.

The Ancestors of Erven Thake Thoma(AOL Site)
     Thoma and Thake families in St. Louis andtheir ancestors in Germany.  A mirror of the above site.

Internet Domain of Erven Thoma:
     An index page to all sites created by Erven Thoma

Picture Gallery - Ancestors of Erven Thoma
    An index to pictures and web pages

Resources on Hans Thoma, the painter
     Hans Thoma from Baden died in 1924

Links for the Surname Thake
     Thake is the maternal family of Erven Thoma

Thoma Ski School
     A ski school in the Black Forest (Hinterzarten)

Sport Thoma Ski Shop
     A ski shop in New Hampshire

Dieter Thoma
     Olympic ski jumper from Germany (Sports BROnline) 

Dr. James E. Thoma
     Sports Management Program at Mount Union College 

Mark A. Thoma
     Professor of Economics, University of Oregon

George Thoma
     PhD, electrical engineering, Natl. Lab ofMedicine, Bethesda, MD

Thoma Acres Kennel
     Henderson, KY; specializing in airedale terriers 

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Updated 3 May 2002 - another Thoma mirror site added

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