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The Tie That Binds

While doing genealogical research in Sumner Co., TN I discovered a paper that linked Charlotte Young Dugger to a man whom I feel is her father. I had seen speculation that she was the daughter of Daniel Young, however I had not found proof that linked her to a specific Daniel Young. I continue to work to prove that our Charlotte Young is the daughter of Daniel Young who died in 1802 in Lee Co., VA naming a wife Lucy Young and the children who are listed below. I feel Lucy is Daniel's second wife. Daniel names four sons leaving each a dollar and then he states Lucy is to have 'the plantation where on I now live to raise our young children on during her life or widowhood. Later in the will he mentions 'my personal estate may be equally divided between my five youngest children towit:  Elly Young, James Young, Sally Young, Charlotte Young and Martin Young and delivered to them at the day they marry or become of age to be enjoyed by them forever'.  You may see a copy of Daniel's will in the Young Album. Also in the album is a copy of the paper that linked Charlotte Dugger to Daniel Young. So at this point I believe this may be 'Our Young Family'. There are many questions that still need to be answered. If you have documentation to prove that Charlotte Young who married Thomas Dugger and then after his death married Wesley Dugger is the daughter of Daniel Young,  please contact me. I would love to discuss this line with you.

DANIEL YOUNG: [1]     Young Album
son of
Born: LDS's  IGI lists circa 1740 Augusta Co., VA   needs documentation
Died: will recorded 25 September 1802 Lee Co., VA
Married: 1]  LDS's  IGI lists this marriage 1769 Augusta Co., VA  needs documentation
    SARAH nee unknown
    daughter of unknown


    1. Nicholas Young
    2. John Young
    3. Ezekiel Young
    4. Daniel Young

Married: 2] circa 1785
    LUCY nee unknown
    daughter of unknown
    Died: by 27 May 1808 when her will was probated VA


    1. Elly Young + Thomas Knotts
    2. James Young
    3. Sally Young + Paschal Hamblen
    4. Charlotte Young + 1] Thomas Featherstone Dugger
                                 + 2] Wesley Dugger
    5. Martin Young

Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776
County: Augusta County
Date: 1759
Name: Danl. Young
Rank: Captain
Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776 Certificates.
Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000.  Original data: Crozier, William Armstrong. Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776. Richmond, VA, USA: Southern Book Co., 1905.

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800 page 1321

VIRGINIA TAXPAYERS 1782-1787 lists Daniel Young in Washington Co., VA Poll 1; Slaves 4

Washington County, VA Survey records abstracts
1781-1797 Part 4 of 5 (pages 301-400)
Submitted to the USGenWeb archives and copyrighted by
Rhonda Robertson

Page 369 - Daniel Young - 200 ac - Preemption warrant dated March 8, 1783 #2391 - on the waters of
Beaver Creek a branch of Holstein River - corner to his settlement tract of land - April 16, 1788

Page 369 - Daniel Young - 400 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on the waters of Beaver Creek, a branch
of Holstein River - corner to Robert Preston's land - to join the preemption tract - line of Preston's - April 16,
1788...Daniel Young - 400 ac - on the waters of Beaver Creek, includes improvements, actual
settlement made in 1771 - September 1, 1781

Copy of original will of Daniel Young.

Deed Book No. 2, p. 376; Feb. 16, 1811 Pascal Hamblen and Sally, his wife, formerly Sally Young to Charles Noe, all of Lee Co., VA for
$150 for 20 acres in Lee Co., on south side of Glade Creek, Sally's part of a tract of 100 acres known as Sinking Springs, left by will of her
father Daniel Young to be sold for the benefit of his 5 youngest children. Also 2 acres on east side of Sinking Springs which was left
to youngest of Daniel's children by will of his wife, Lucy Young.

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