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The Tie That Binds

THOMAS D. VOYLES, JR.: [3]                             Voyles Album                  
son of Thomas D. Voyles, Sr. and Sarah Shinn
Born: 1794 NC
Died: April 1860 Ohio Co., KY
Married: 1] 4 March 1815 Washington Co., KY
    daughter of James Thomas Boling and Anne Nancy Ellicock    [parents proven Feb. 2007]
    Born: Abt 1800 Mercer Co., KY ^
    Died: Circa 1846/7


     1. Bluford Voyles + 1] Rhoda Ann Brown
                                + 2] Lucinda Chambers
                                + 3] Margaret E. Sands
     2. Keturah "Kitty" Voyles + Thomas William Rice
     3. Ransom Voyles + Louisa Stinnett
     4. James Vardaman Voyles +1] Martha Jane Smart
                                              +2] Sarah McDaniels
                                              +3] Margaret Ann Corley
     5. Walter Voyles + Mary Jane Phillips
     6. Levi Voyles + Nancy Ann Crow
     7. Nancy Ellen Voyles + 1] Lewis H. Voyles
                                       + 2] William Barnett
                                       + 3] James Monroe
     8. Sarah C. Voyles + Isaac Gibson
     9. Judith Voyles + William Harrington Stites
    10. Elizabeth Jane Voyles + John Barnett
    11. Bashaba Voyles
    12. Martha Voyles + Elliott Davidson
    13. Thomas J. Voyles
          b. 1847 d. after the 1850 census and before 1857

Married: 2] 13 July 1847 Ohio Co., KY
    daughter of Stephen Phillips and Nancy Kelly
    Born: 1827
    Died: before 1880, most likely by 1877 when Samuel Wright
    became Thomas J. Voyles' guardian. Samuel Wright died before
    1880 also, as each of the children is living with various
    family members.


    1. Artimisa Voyles
         b. 1849
    2. John S. Voyles + Kizaire Elizabeth Corley
    3. Jemima F. Voils
         b. 23 February 1853 d. 1 April 1854
    4. Mary E. Voils
         b.21 February 1854
    5. Mary C. Voyles
         b. 19 February 1855
    6. Thomas J. Voyles
         b. 12 May 1857
    7. Malissa Voyles + 1] James Henry Quisenberry
                               + 2] Frank M. Harris

In the year 1811, shows up on the Ohio Co., KY Tax Rolls.
In 1819, shows up on Tax Rolls for 90 acres on Panther Creek.

1820 Nelson Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration data: none noted Page: 169, line 27
Listed as Thomas Vowls data on this page is difficult to evaluate as page is split. This Thomas is listed 26 45 years old; [if born in 1794] our Thomas [son of Thomas and Sarah Shinn Voils] would be around 26 years old for this census.  Is this Thomas Voyles, Jr?

1820 Hartford, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
Page: 11, line 36
Listed as Thomas Viles.
Note this male is too old to be Thomas Voyles, Jr.  This is most likely Thomas D. Voyles, Sr.

1830 Hancock Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: none given Page 103A & B, line 14
Viles, Thomas

1840 Hancock Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: none given Page: 7A & B, line 30
Voils, Thomas
Note: I have been informed Thomas Voiles did not move during these years. The county lines for Daviess, Hancock and Ohio ran close and through his property. As the county lines changed he would be in a different county at times, without ever moving.

This is Louisa Phillips second marriage [according to notes found in files at Hancock Co., KY Archives] She was first married to a Benjamin Carter. In the 1850 Ohio Co., KY Federal Census records her parents have a Theressa Carter age 6 living with them. Terresa A. Carter is 16 and living with her mother in 1860.
After Thomas' death, she next married a Samuel Wright in Hancock Co., KY

1850 District #2, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: 20 September 1850 Page: 636, line 7
Dwelling - Family 636 - 636
Thomas J. age 3 and Artimisa age 1 are the two youngest children in the home.

Ohio County, Kentucky Vital Statistics lists a Thomas J. Voyles born 12 May 1857, this makes me wonder if the son born to Thomas and Betsy in 1847, died and they [Thomas and Louisa] named another son born in 1857 the same name?

Ohio County, Kentucky Vital Statistics lists these other children for Thomas and Louisa:
Jemima F. Voils b. 23 February 1853 d. 1 April 1854
Mary E. Voils b. 21 February 1854
Mary C. Voils b. 19 February 1855
Thomas J. Voyles b. 12 May 1857
Virginia F. Voils d. 1 April 1854

"Microfilm No. 23 Kentucky Vital Statistics Ohio, Oldham, Owen, and Owsley Co." Ohio Co., KY Vital Statistics shows a Jemima F. Voyles born and lists a death for Virginia F. Voyles. She is listed as 14 months old, cause of death consumption.

Dr. John B. Huff's bill for visits and medicine presented as part of the estate of Thomas Voyles.  See image in album.  On April 7th  the doctor refers to her as wife; on April 17th the doctor refers to her as widow. This would set the time frame for Thomas Voyles death.
Mortality Index Sec. XVII, Ch.83, Ohio Co., KY 1860, male, 66, farmer, born in KY, cause of death Dropsy, died April 1860.

1860 Ellis District, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: 8 August 1860
Pages: 548, line 40 & 549, lines 1 - 6
Dwelling _ Family 244 - 244
Luisa Voyles is listed widow & farmer. Children: Artemessa [11], John S. [9], Mary C. [5], Thomas J. [3], Malissa [4/12]. Terresa A. Carter age 16, is living in home.

1860 Hancock Co., KY Census shows the following sisters listed living with, their brother, James Vardeman Voyles:
Sarah C. Voyles 26
Elizabeth Voyles 22
Barsheba Voyles 21

1870 Ellis District, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: 20 July 1870 Page: 443A, line 15
Dwelling - Family 138 - 138
Children living in the home: Wright, Alfred G. [14], Alice H. [6], Hannah G. [2]; Viols, John S. [19], Mary C. [14], Thomas J.
[12], Melissa [10].

*Ohio Co., KY Guardian Bond Book No. 3
p. 93, Mrs. Louisa Wright, for John S. Wright, Mary C. Wright, Thomas J. Wright, and Malissa Wright, with David R. House and and Samuel Wright as sureties. 9 September 1864. Childrens' last name should have said Voyles not Wright.

*Ohio Co., KY Guardian Bond Book No. 4
p. 59, Samuel Wright, for Thomas J. Voyles, orphan of Thomas Voyles, with W. B. Crow and S. A. Crow as sureties. 10 February 1877.

*This information came from book "Ohio County Kentucky Records Vol 2", by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cummings Cook.

"Ohio County Kentucky Records Vol 1" by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cummings Cook
Marriage Addendum:
Marriages and Early Consents 1799 - 1880, Ohio County, Kentucky
from Marriage Bond Book F, 1844 - 1865.
Thomas Voiles + Louisa Phillips 13 July 1847 by Franklin Mitchell, Minister
Thomas Voyles: Will is in Will Book C, page 222 Ohio Co., KY

1880 Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 186, line 6
Enumeration date: 26 June 1880 Page: 645C
Dwelling - Family 355 - 465
Samuel P. and Esery Huff living in the home of their parents

1880 Ellis District, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 187, line 42
Enumeration date: 5 June 1880
Dwelling - Family 33 - 33
Alice Wright is living with her half-brother Wilevon and Elizabeth Wright, Alfred is also living in the home. No Voyles children in this home.

1880 Pellville Dist. #5, Hancock Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 119, line 2
Enumeration date: none noted Page 227A
Dwelling - Family 176
QUISENBERRY, Henry W M 34 Married Merchant KY VA KY
..........., Malissa W F 20 Wife Keeps House KY VA KY
..........., Elmar W M 3/12 Son At Home KY KY KY
WRIGHT, Hannah W F 12 S/L At Home KY VA KY
Page is stamped Recd: July 17, 1880

1880 Hartford, Ohio Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 178, line 6
Enumeration date: 4 June 1880 Page: 481C
Dwelling - Family 2 - 2
John S. Voyles family.

Louisa and Samuel Wright had two daughters:
Alice H. Wright
Hannah J. Wright

Alice Wright married Sam P. Huff @ Henry Queensbury's 22/24 August 1883... with consent of his father and her guardian.
Hanna J. Wright married Ezra Huff at West Point Church, 20 December 1888... with consent of his parents.

1900 Patesville, Hancock Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 45, sheet 10, line 28
Ezra and Hannah Huff have been married 12 years, Hannah has borne 2 children, 2 children living

1910 Yellow Creek, Hancock Co., KY Federal Census
ED: 60, sheet 1, line 26
Ezra and Hannah have been married 21 years, Hannah has borne 4 children, 2 children living

1920 Cedar Twp., Carroll Co., AR Federal Census
ED: 54, sheet 1, line 24
Enumeration date: 5 January 1920 Page: 23A
Dwelling - Family 6 - 8
Frank M. and Malissa Harris, living in the home is a Virginia M. Bayer/Boyer listed as Adopted daughter, aged 13 and Hannah J. Huff is listed in Dwelling - Family 6-9 as head, renting.

1930 Cedar Twp., Carroll Co., AR Federal Census
ED: 5, sheet 1, line 7
Enumeration date: 14 April 1930 Page: 139A
Dwelling - Family 2 - 2
Malissa is aged 70, divorced. Hannah Huff, sister, listed as married, however no Ezra Huff is listed in the home

# indicates LDS info
@ indicates info from Archives at Hancock or Breckinridge Cos., KY
* indicates user contributed database

Another researcher told me, "when Elizabeth's father remarried some of his daughters, Elizabeth particularly were not happy with his choice of a wife and left the home and returned to KY" This is only a bit of family data that can not be proven, yet may be true.

February 2007 received copy of the  Will of James Boling lists Betsy Voyles as daughter.  See the Boling Album for these images.

A marriage record for James Bolin and Anne Ellicock can be found in Mercer Co., KY 29 October 1794.

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