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son of John J. Stine and Ann Adcock
Born: 31 October 1849 IA
Died: 28 April 1941 Stillwater, Payne Co., OK
Burial: 29 April 1941  Fairlawn Cemetery  Payne Co., OK

1850 West Point, Lee Co., IA Federal Census
Enumeration date: 27 August 1850 Page: 495A, line 36
Dwelling - Family 34 - 34
I found John Stine in the 1850 Lee Co., IA Federal Census living in the household of John and Mary Ann Stine Houtz in West Point Twp., with three of his sons. George W., William, and Jacob Stine are listed with him. In the household of Jacob and Elizabeth Stine for the 1850 Federal Census is listed a Charles Stine age 4 years and a John Stine age 2 years. I believe these to be John and Ann Adcock Stine's two youngest sons and that Charles did not survive childhood. John Houtz and his eldest son William, and John Stine are listed as merchants.

1860 not found

1870 Johnson Twp., Scotland Co., MO Federal Census
Enumeration date: July 1870 Page: 467B
Dwelling - Family 115 - 105
Laura B. Stine birth is listed as May 1870, on the 1870 Federal
Census for Scotland Co., MO.

At the time of his father's death in 1878, the application to administer the estate listed him as living in Pratt Co., KS.

1880 Iuka Twp., Pratt Co., KS Federal Census
Enumeration District: 320, line 22
Enumeration date: 2 - 25th June 1880 Page: 397
Dwelling - Family  141 - 146
STINE, John A. ..W..M..32..single.. Farmer.. IA OH OH

1900 Stillwater Twp., Payne Co., OK Federal Census
ED: 190, sheet 2, line 72
Enumeration date: 5 June 1900 Page: 187B
Dwelling - Family 36 - 39
John is 51, farmer, single IA OH OH

1910 Stillwater Twp., Payne Co., OK Federal Census
ED: 201, sheet 9, line 47
Enumeration date: 3 May 1910 Page: 271A
Dwelling - Family 121 - 123
John is 61, farmer, single IA OH OH

1920 Stillwater Twp., Payne Co., OK Federal Census
ED: 193, sheet 3B, line 85
Enumeration date: 12 January 1920 Page: 191B
Dwelling - Family 65 - 65
John is 71, farmer, single IA OH OH

1930 Stillwater Twp., Payne Co., OK Federal Census
ED: 32, sheet 8, line 85
Enumeration date: Page: 83B
Dwelling - Family 202 - 202
John is 81 years old remains single, listed as a retired farmer.

Payne Co., OK Fairlawn Cemetery:
STINE, JOHN. 9...... 20..... 6... 4/29/1941... STRODE

Strode Funeral Home (405-372-5550) phone call 27 April 2003 obtained information on data in their funeral register. The following data was given:
Born: 31 October 1849 IA
Mother: French (This is an error as Ann Adcock was his mother; Jane Mary French Stine raised him)
Father: Stine
Informant: Blanche Harbaugh
2511 Buford
Corpus Cristi TX

Further research found that Blanche Harbaugh, was John's niece, the daughter of his sister Anna F. Stine Sayers Bebout.  This clue helped me find what had become of Anna Sayers, after the death of her mother Jane Mary French Stine.  Anna had last been listed as a widow living in the home of her mother on the 1880 census.

   The Stillwater Gazette issue Friday,  May 2, 1941

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