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 GEORGE ALEXANDER HINDS: [1]                                        Hinds  Hinkle Album                       
son of  Joseph Hines, Jr.  and Margaret nee unknown
Born: Between 1780 - 1790
Died: Between 1840 - 1850 Breckinridge Co., KY [probably or some say in MO?]
Burial: KY or MO
Married: 28 November 1811 Wayne Co., KY
    daughter of John Hinkle and unknown
    Born: About 1796 in VA
    Died: Before 1 November 1865, when when appraisers were appointed for her estate in Breckinridge Co., KY
    Burial: KY


    1. Charity Hinds + John Aldridge
    2. Joseph Hinds [ Invalid ]
    3. John Hinds + Nancy Wayne Turpin
    4. Benjamin Hinds never married
    5. Hamilton R. Hinds + Marian E. Turpin
    6. Hannah Hinds + Obediah Basham
    7. James Hinds + Mary Elizabeth Carmen
    8. Squire Hinds + 1] Catherine Mattingly
                            + 2] Laura Smith
    9. Lue Hinds no information
   10. Margarete Jane Hinds + 1] John Washington Bond
                                           + 2] Vincent Turpin
   11. Washington Hinds married in MO, died in MO

Copy of Marriage Bond from Wayne Co., KY

1850 District #2, Breckinridge Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: 23 August 1850 Page: 79, line 28
Dwelling - Family 477 - 477
Mary is the head of household. Joseph is listed as pauper.

1860 District #2, Breckinridge Co., KY Federal Census
Enumeration date: 14 July 1860 Page: 579, line 17
Dwelling - Family 349 - 349
Joseph is the only child in the home. Joseph is listed as invalid.

On 2 December 1865, the estate sale was held. Charity Oldridg was listed as one of the purchasers. Also listed was Hanner Basham, Henry Preast, Bet Oldridg, Elizabeth Aldridg, Dr. Carman, Hambleton Hinds, Elexander Turpin, R. Carman.

The inventory sale bill for Mary Hinds estate tells us much about her. There were 23 quilts sold at her estate sale. Also, she most likely was a weaver, as the following items indicate:

1 loom
1 large wheel [walking wheel/spinning wheel]
1 small wheel [flax wheel]
1 flax hackel
1 set of spools
1 reel

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