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                                          Solving the Puzzle of Stephen Douglas Arnold Bishop

I spent the majority of my personal research time in the year 2003, attempting to solve this puzzle. The ancestors of my great-great-grandfather are now a probability, no longer an unknown mystery. It has been an interesting process and I have learned much.

However, I can not prove that Lemuel Newton Bishop and Elsa Anna Bradford Bishop are the parents of Stephen Douglas Arnold Bishop. I have proof that a man named Stephen Arnold Douglas Bishop is their son and that he was in the same area as our Stephen.  Our Stephen gave his children names that fit into the family pattern of names for the children of Lemuel and Elsa Bishop. Variant names for Stephen are Douglas and S. D.

Disclaimer: I have no documented proof that Stephen Douglas Arnold Bishop is the same man as Stephen Arnold Douglas Bishop.  I firmly feel they are the same man.

Every bit of data on these pages is very well documented. If you have questions please let me know. I researched not only Stephen and his parents, but his siblings through the census, marriage, birth, death and obituaries where ever this material has been available. I have pictures and Bible records.

What I lack is the "Tie That Binds" Our Bishop Family to the family of Lemuel and Elsa Bishop. The one single document that says our Stephen is the son of Lemuel and Elsa Bishop. I do not have a death date for our Stephen or for their Stephen. Their Stephen is last listed in 1906 in the obits of his parents.

Click on the link above to explore the mystery. And if you can solve the puzzle and provide the documentation I need to link this family, I would like to hear from you. If you are related to this family, I would like to exchange data with you.

DNA testing begun in December 2011, with results returned in March 2012 links Our Bishop line to John Bishop, II the ancestor of Lemuel Newton Bishop. Now that we have DNA proof of our relationship to this line, I would like to find when Stephen A. D. Bishop died. None of his siblings name him in their obituaries. He is named in his parents obituaries in 1906. When his sister, Sarah Z. Johnson died 29 August 1929 the only brother listed in her obituary is A. N. [Albert] Bishop. When Albert died 8 March 1934, his obit states he is preceded in death by "five brothers and one sister". So my expectation is Stephen died before Sarah and by 1929. The search continues for his final resting place.

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