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The Tie That Binds

Coroner's Inquest

1 March 1859 Term of Circuit Court Hawesville, Hancock Co., KY

Cicero Maxwell Attorney for the Commonwealth was 'called out' by Thomas S. Lowe. Apparently, Mr. Lowe felt he had somehow been insulted by Mr. Maxwell. Notes were exchanged in which Mr. Lowe challenged Mr. Maxwell. Apparently, John Aldridge was a friend of Mr. Lowe's and helped him. In the exchange of fire, John Aldridge was killed. Mr. Lowe was placed in a jail cell in the courthouse. Mr. Lowe was killed while in the jail cell by H. A. Davison and Thomas Withrow. The first row of pages is the coroner's inquest for John Aldridge's death. The second row contains the notes exchanged by Mr. Lowe and Mr. Maxwell; and the inquest into Mr. Lowe's death.



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