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WELCOME, we are Ron and Kathy and we reside in Louisiana. We have been researching our family genealogy for several years now. As with any family research, it is a work in progress. These are the surnames that we are researching and are connected to our family:

Ron's Family Surnames Kathy's Family Surnames
Tell LaCombe
Perez Broussard
Trochesset Guillotte
Moran Belanger
last updated 01August2004

Our family research is growing and changing constantly, so please check back often. We hope you discover some long-lost family here!

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Errors, Additions & Changes

Errors - You may ask, "Are there errors in the database?" and the answer is an unqualified "YES". Since the data has been assembled from information provided by many people, there are bound to be significant errors. Some people are very conscientious and do good genealogy. Others tend to do sloppy work and simply record hearsay. As a result, you may also ask, "If there are errors in the database and the data is unverified, what value is it to me?" What the database can provide you are many things. One, it can give you clues as to who your ancestors might have been or where they lived. And if you are lucky, the data may be very accurate. There is no substitute, however, for hard work and confirming the data yourself. At least, this database might give you some clues as to where to look and make your work a little easier.
Additions & Changes - If you have some changes to be made to the database, please send an e-mail to Tell & LaCombe Family Research (please remove the space before and after the @) describing the changes you feel need to be made & the source of your information. If appropriate, I will include the change on the next revision of the database.

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