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Ensign William Spence
(Abt 1594-Abt 1622)


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Sara _____

Ensign William Spence 1

  • Born: Abt 1594, England
  • Marriage: Sara _____
  • Died: Abt 1622, Jamestown Island, Virginia about age 28

bullet   Another name for William was Captain Wiliam Spence.1

bullet  General Notes:

Ensign William Spence came to Jamestown, Virginia with first supply group (January 1608). The original group cam in May 1607, and the second supply group came in the fall of 1608. William Spence's occupation was a Labourer.

William resided in Jamestown in 1623 with his wife and daughter (both named Sara). During the Indian uprising of 1623, Ensign Spence and his wife were killed, but their daughter survived. This William Spence is listed as a Gentleman on the early records of Jamestown. He was a member of the jury for the jury trial of Daniel Franks and George Clark on Tuesday, Aug. 5, 1623. Shortly after this, he and his wife were killed. Susan Bush of Elizabeth City was appointed guardian of Sarah spence, orphan, and her land and goods.


Historic Sign along Colonial Parkway in Jamestown:

ARCHER'S HOPE The Great Indian massacre of March 22, 1622, during which a quarter of the population of Virginia was slain came nearest to Jamestown here in a community known as Archer's Hope. At the house of Ensign William Spence five persons were killed-- John Fowler, William Richmond, Alexander Bale, William Fairfax, and "the Tinker".


John B. Boddie, Colonial Surry (Mountain View, CA 1959), pp. 164-169:



bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Immigration: Aboard the Susan Constant, with Captain Christopher Newport, Jan 1607/08, Jamestown, Virginia.

Census, Feb 16, 1622/23, Jamestown, Virginia. 2

Census, Feb 1623/24, Jamestown Island, Virginia. 3

Land Patent: 300 acres shared with James Fowler, Bef 1626, Archer's Hope, James City Co., Virginia. 4

William married Sara _____. (Sara _____ died about 1622 in Jamestown Island, Virginia.)


1 Linda McCain Stansell.

2 The Living and Dead in Virginia. A List of Names of the Living in Virginia. February the 16th, 1623.


Page 168 Blank

February the 16th, 1623.


Living at James Citie, and with the Corporation thereof.

HANT WYATT, Minister.


At Chaplains Choise.

In James' Island.

Infans SPENCE.


At Warwick Squrake.

3 Jamestown, Virginia, 1624 Census (PRO:CO1/3/2). 1607-1776
List of the names of the living in Virginia
The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-177616 February 1624.
List of the names of the living in Virginia and of those who have died since April 1623: The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776


At James City & with the Corporation thereof Living: Sir Frances Wyatt, governor; Margrett Lady Wyatt; Hant Wyatt, minister; Kathren Spencer; Thomas Hooker; John Gather; John Matheman; Edward Cooke; George Nelson; George Hall; Jane Burtt; Elizabeth Pomell; Mary Woodward; Sir George Yeardley, Knight; Temperance Lady Yeardly; Argall Yeardley; Frances Yeardley; Elizabeth Yeardley; Kilibett Hichcocke; Austen Combes; John Foster; Richard Arrundell; Susan Hall; Ann Grimes; Elizabeth Lyon; (------) Younge; ...


Dead: Mr. Sothey; John Dumpont; Thomas Browne; Henry Sothey; Thomas Sothey; Mary Sothey; Elizabeth Sothey; Thomas Clarke; Margrett Shrawley; Richard Walker; Vallentyn Gentler; Petter Briskitt; Humphry Boyse; John Watton; Arthur Edwards; Thomas Fisher; William Spence, lost; Mrs. Spence, lost;


In James Island Living: John Osbourn; Osbourn's wife; George Pope; Robert Cunstable. William Jones; Jones' wife; John Johnson; Johnson's wife; 2 Johnson infants; John Hall; Hall's wife; William Cooksey; Cooksey's wife; infant Cooksey; Alice Kean. Robert Fitts; Fitts' wife; John Reddish. John Grevett; Grevett's wife; John West; Thomas West; Henry Glover. Goodman Stocks; Stocks' wife; infant Stocks; Mr. Adams; Mr. Leet. William Spence; Spence's wife; infant Spence; James Tooke; James Roberts; Anthony Harlow. Sara Spence; George Shurke; John Booth; Robert Bennett.


At Warwick Squeak Living: John Batt; Henry Pinsse; Wassell Weblin; Anthony Read; Frances Woodson; Henry Phillips; Petter Collins; Christopher Reinolds; Edward Mabin; John Maldman; Thomas Collins; George Rushmore; Thomas Spencer; George Clarke; Richard Bartlett; Francis Banks; John Jenkins; Thomas Jones; William Denham; Peter, Anthony, Francis & Margrett, negroes; John Bennett; Nicholas Skinner; John Atkins; John Pollentin; Rachell Pollentin; Margrett Pollentin; Mary, a maid; Henry Woodward; Thomas Sawyer; Thomas, a boy



4 The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776 (PRO:CO1/4/pp.24-27). The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776
Updated 1626. Lands granted by patent in Virginia
[number of acres shown in parentheses after each name]:
Corporation of Henrico
On the southerly side. John Peterson [100]. Anthony Edwarda [100].
Nathanell Worton [100]. John Procter [100]. Thomas Tracy [100]. John
Billiard [100]. Francis Weston [300]. Phettiplace Closse [100]. John
Price [150]. Petter Neumart [120]. William Perry [100]. John Blower
[100. surrendered for the use of the iron works]. Edward Hudson [100].
Thomas Morgan [150]. Thomas Sheffield [150].

In Coxendale, Henrico, Edward Barkley [12]. Richard Bolton [100].
Robert Ackland [200]. John Griffin [50]. Petter Neimart [40]. Thomas
Tindall [100]. Thomas Reade [100]. John Layden [200].

Corporation of Charles City
George Grimes [30]. William Vincent [100]. Richard Taylor [100].
Robert Partten [50]. Thomas Douse [400]. George Cawcott [100].
Isacke Chapline [50]. Thomas Rosse [100]. John Owlye [50]. Josuah
Charde [100]. John Dodds [50]. William Sharpes [40]. James Ushur
[100]. William Cradouke [100]. John Owly [150]. Theophilus Beriston
[100]. John Harris [200]. Robert Parttin [100]. Nathaneill Causey
[200]. John Cartter [40]. Captain Maddison [250]. Richard Biggs
[150]. Francis Mason [50]. Henry Bagwell [50. Samuell Jarratt [100].
John Dade [100]. Thomas Swinhow [300]. Thomas Hobson [150]. Symon
Fortescue [100]. Thomas Oague [100]. William Baly [100]. John
Writters [100]. Lieutenant Richard Crudge [205]. John Carr [100].
Richard Taylor [100]. Robert Bourne [250].

Claimed by Captain Francis West at Westover 500 acres.
Upon Apmatucke River. William Farrar [100]. Henry Milward [250].
Charles Magnor [650]. Samuell Sharpe [100]. Humphrey Kent [50]. Mr.
Abraham Persey [1150]. Richard Symons [100]. Arthur Antonye [150].
William Sizemore [100]. William Dowglas [250].

Territory of Great Weyonoke. Christopher Harding [100-. William Baily
[50]. Richard Pratt [150]. William Jarret [200]. Captain John
Woodliffe [550]. Temperance Baily [200]. Samuell Jordan [450].
Temperance Baily [200]. Isacke Chaplin [200]. Captain Nathaniell
Powle [600].

John Martin [100], George Harrison [200]. Samuell Each [500].

Corporation of James City
Mr. Richard Bucke [750].

Territory of Tappahanna. John Dodds [150]. John Burrows [150].
Richard Pace [200]. Francis Chapman [100]. Thomas Gates [100]. Mr.
John Rolfe [400]. Captain William Powell [200]. Captain Samuell
Mathews' divided planted. Captain John Hurleston's dividend planted.
John Bainham [200]. Mr. George Sandys [300]. Edward Grindon [150].
William Ewens [1000]. Captain William Powell [550]. Ensign John Utie
[100]. Robert Euers [100].

In Hog Island. Mary Baily [500]. Captain Raphe Hamor [250].

Archers Hope. Captain Roger Smith [100]. Richard Kingsmell [200], Mr.
William Claybourne [250]. Ensign William Spencer & John Fowler [300].
John Johnson [100]. Richard Kingsmell [300]. William Fairfax [200].
Joakin Andrewes [100]. John Grubb [100]. John Jefferson [250].
George Perry [100]. Richard Staples [150]. Richard Brewster [100].

Near Mulberry Island. Nathaniell Huatt [200]. Captain Wiliam Peerce,
Mr. John Rolfe & some others [1700].

Warosquoiacke Plantation. John Carter [100]. Christopher Daniell
[100]. Adam Dixson [100]. John Berry [100]. Thomas Winter [100].
John Pollington [600]. Thomas Poole [100]. Anthony Barham [100].
Captain Nathaniell Basse [300]. Giles Jones [150].

Blunt Point. Mr. William Claybourne [500]. John Bainham [300].
Captain Raphe Hamor [500]. Gilbert Peppett [50]. Francis Gifford
[50]. Captain Samuell Mathews' dividend planted. Thomas Hethersall
[200]. Cornelius May [100]. Richard Craven [150]. Richard Tree [50].
Richard Domelawe [150]. Persivall Ibbison [50]. Edward Watters [100].

Below Blunt Point. Captain John Hurlestone [100]. Robert Hutchins
[100]. John Southerne [40]. Sir Francis Wyatt [500]. Morris Thomson
[150]. John Salford [100]. Pharaoh Flinton [150]. Lieutenant Giles
Arlington [100]. William Bentley [50]. Thomas Godby [100].

Corporation of Elizabeth City
Mr. Keyth [100]. Thomas Taylor [50]. John Powell [150]. Captain
William Tucker [150]. Richard Boulton [50]. John Salford [50].
Robert Salford [100]. Miles Prickett [150]. John Bush [300]. William
Julian [150]. Lieutenant Lupo [350]. Elizabeth Lupo [50]. Thomas
Spilman [50]. Edward Hill [100]. Alexander Mountney [100]. William
Cole [50]. William Brooks [100]. Elizabeth Dunthorne [100]. William
Gany [200]. William Capps' dividend planted. William Landsell [100].
Mr. William Claybourne [150]. John Gunnery [150]. Mary Bouldin [100].
Thomas Bouldin [200]. Mr. Petter Arundell [200]. Bartholomew Hoskins
[100]. Captain Raughly Croshaw [500 between Fox Hill & Pemonkey
River]. Thomas Willowby [200 within the mouth of Pemonkey River].

On the south side of the river. Thomas Willoughbye [100]. Thomas
Chapman [100]. Thomas Brewood [200]. John Downeman [100]. Captain
William Tucker [650]. John Sipsey [250]. Lieutenant John Cheesman[200].

The Eastern Shore over the Bay. John Blower [140]. Ensign Salvadge's
dividend. Sir George Yardley [3700 at Hangers].

Certain others have planted there but no Patents have been granted
them. (PRO:CO1/4/pp.24-27).

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