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Selected Families and Individuals

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, Abigail d.1715 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Abigail -
, Abigail -
, Abigail -
, Abigail -
, Abigail b.1700 -
, Alice b.1515 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
, Alice -
, Alice -
, Alice b.1541 - of Old Heigham, Norfolk, England
, Alice b.1581 - Winston, Suffolk, England
, Amy -
, Ann -
, Anna -
, Anna -
, Anna b.1680 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Anne m.1684 - England
, Anne m.1621 - Ipswich, Suffolk, Massachusetts
, Aquto b.1855 - , Missouri
, Barta - Living
, Benedicta b.1435 - of Boughton, Monchelsea, Kent, England
, Benjamin b.1748 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Bernice - Living
, Bethia -
, Betsey -
, Birdie - Living
, Catharine -
, Chelsea Danielle - Living
, Cherie M. - Living
, Deborah -
, Debra - Living
, Dianysia m.1738 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
, Dorcas -
, Edith -
, Edith M. b.1891 - Nebraska
, Eleanor or Helen m.1640 -
, Electa b.1820 - Vermont
, Elizabeth - Living
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1588 - Elstow, Bedfordshire, England
, Elizabeth b.1500 -
, Elizabeth b.1708 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Elizabeth b.1565 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England
, Elizabeth m.1563 -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1609 - of Dedham, Norfolk, England
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1607 -
, Ellen m.1598 - , Yorks, England
, Emily Nicole - Living
, Emma C. -
, Eunice May -
, Eva - Living
, Francis -
, Hannah d.1741 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Hannah m.1705 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Hannah -
, Hannah b.1710 -
, Hannah b.1691 - Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Hannah - Living
, Hannah -
, Harriet - Living
, Harriet b.1821 - New Hampshire
, Hope b.1668 -
, Isabel b.1518 - , England
, Isabell b.1526 -
, Isabella -
, Isabella b.1789 -
, Isacc m.1681 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
, Jane -
, Jane - Living
, Jane -
, Jemima - Living
, Jennie - Living
, Joan b.1530 - Culworth, Northamptonshire, England
, Joan -
, Joane d.1622 -
, Joanna -
, Joanna b.1523 -
, Juliane b.1463 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England
, Kathanine M. - Living
, Katharine M. -
, Katherine - Living
, Kelley - Living
, Keziah -
, Lial - Living
, Louisa -
, Lucice -
, Lucy m.1704 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Lucy -
, Lucy b.1497 - of Wood Dalling, Norfolk, England
, Margaret -
, Margaret b.1492 - England
, Margaret -
, Margaret m.1701 -
, Margaret b.1574 -
, Margaret b.1514 -
, Margaret b.1540 - Barham, Suffolk, England
, Margaret -
, Margaret -
, Margaret m.1543 - of Helmingham, Suffolk, England
, Margaret -
, Margery - Living
, Marie -
, Martha -
, Martha -
, Martha - Living
, Martha -
, Martha -
, Martha m.1821 -
, Martha -
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary m.1666 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
, Mary b.1796 - Massachusetts
, Mary -
, Mary - Living
, Mary -
, Mary m.1779 -
, Mary -
, Mary m.1844 -
, Mary - Living
, Mary -
, Mary b.1567 - of Cranfield, Bedford, England
, Mary -
, Mary m.1743 - Lincoln, Rutherford, North Carolina
, Mary -
, Mary c.1600 - , Yorks, England
, Mary m.1804 - No. Bradley, Wiltshire, England
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary b.1696 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary b.1739 - of, Abbeville Dist, South Carolina
, Mary m.1763 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
, Mary Ann - Living
, Mary Edna - Living
, Mary or May d.1672 -
, Mary R. -
, Mat - Living
, Matt - Living
, May - Living
, Milcah -
, Mildred - Living
, Patience -
, Patience b.1600 - of Lenham, Kent, England
, Phebe m.1751 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Phebe m.1661 - Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
, Priscilla - Living
, Priscilla -
, Prudence -
, Rebecca m.1732 - Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Rebecca -
, Rebecca b.1705 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Rebecca - Living
, Rebecca b.1708 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
, Rebecca -
, Rebekah -
, Ruth m.1750 -
, Sally -
, Sarah d.1885 -
, Sarah d.1799 -
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah - Living
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1645 -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1806 -
, Sarah - Living
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1580 - of Bray, Berks., England
, Stephanie - Living
, Susan b.1581 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
, Susan b.1654 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
, Susanna -
, unkn m.1545 - Brigstock, Northampstonshire, England
, Unkn d.1797 -
, unknown -
, Verna S. - Living
, Violet - Living


Abbe, Amos -
Abbe, Charles b.1829 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Abbe, Charles Turner b.1800 -
Abbe, Edwin
Abbe, Louis A. b.1832 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Abbe, Miriam b.1834 -
Abbe, Vestia b.1837 - Of Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Abbe, William


Abell, Dorothy b.1677 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts


Ackerman, Laurra Vitoria b.1856 - Pinar Point, Jefferson, New York
Ackerman, Mark Child b.1806 -


Ackers, Elizabeth m.1705 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Acklin, Mary


Adams, Aaron -
Adams, Abigail b.1718 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Amos -
Adams, Casie L. b.1851 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Catherine -
Adams, Charles M. b.1865 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Charles Thompson b.1840 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Christian b.1783 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Christian b.1732 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Cyrus Albert -
Adams, Cyrus B. b.1800 - W.Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Daniel b.1685 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, David b.1716 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Edward b.1681 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Eleazar b.1687 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Eleazer m.1744 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Eli b.1779 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Elisha Ens m.1741 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Elizabeth b.1665 - Medfield, Massachusetts
Adams, Eunice b.1834 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Ezra b.1809 - W.Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Ezra b.1775 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, George d.1870 -
Adams, George b.1702 -
Adams, George -
Adams, George Stephen b.1838 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Hannah b.1655 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Hannah -
Adams, Hannah m.1742 -
Adams, Henry b.1582 -
Adams, Hephzibah b.1735 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, J. Henry m.1879 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Jasper b.1867 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Jemina b.1736 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Jesse b.1727 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Joanna b.1805 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, John -
Adams, John b.1684 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, John b.1658 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, John Mason b.1829 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Jonathan b.1692 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Jonthan b.1614 -
Adams, Jotham b.1778 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Julia b.1804 - Walpole, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Adams, Julia A. b.1832 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Julia F. b.1872 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Laban b.1785 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Leslie S. b.1875 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Lizzie D. b.1860 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Lyman m.1830 -
Adams, Mary b.1781 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Minnie L. b.1867 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Moses b.1798 - West Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Moses b.1731 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Nancy -
Adams, Nathan b.1723 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Nellie F. b.1855 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Obadiah b.1721 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Obadiah b.1688 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Persis m.1802 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Sarah b.1697 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Sarah -
Adams, Sarah b.1773 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Stephen b.1834 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Stephen b.1804 - W.Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Stephen b.1776 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Stephen b.1729 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Thankful b.1748 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Thomas b.1754 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Adams, Thomas m.1748 -


Addington, Rebecca -


Aderton, Jeremiah m.1702 - , Charles, Maryland


Ainsworth, Nathan m.1746 -


Albertson, Elias m.1741 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Albertson, Lydia b.1724 - , of Carteret, North Carolina


Alden, Ichabod


Aldrich, Cyrel m.1850 -
Aldrich, Julia M. b.1850 - Shrewsbury, Vermont


Aldridge, Thomas m.1677 -


Allbritton, Mary -


Allen, -
Allen, Abigail b.1742 - of Dover
Allen, Abigail b.1777 -
Allen, Abigail b.1667 - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Allen, Abigail m.1777 -
Allen, Amy M. m.1857 -
Allen, Augusta b.1847 - New Portland, Cumberland, Maine
Allen, Benjamin m.1668 -
Allen, Benjamin b.1689 -
Allen, Deacon Samuel m.1658 -
Allen, Ebenzer b.1672 -
Allen, Elisha -
Allen, Elizabeth b.1731 - of Dover
Allen, Erastus -
Allen, Hannah b.1733 - of Dover
Allen, Harriet m.1817 -
Allen, Hezekiah b.1724 - of Dover
Allen, Hezekliah m.1722 -
Allen, James b.1674 -
Allen, James d.1714 - Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Allen, John b.1680 -
Allen, John W. b.1836 -
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Joseph b.1685 -
Allen, Loraine P. m.1858 -
Allen, Mary b.1727 - of Dover
Allen, Mary b.1665 - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Allen, Mary m.1859 -
Allen, Mehetable b.1736 - of Dover
Allen, Mehitable b.1753 -
Allen, Noah m.1792 - Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Allen, Phebe - Living
Allen, Ruth b.1670 -
Allen, Samuel b.1678 - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Allen, Sarah b.1687 -
Allen, Thankful b.1761 -
Allen, Timothy b.1729 - of Dover
Allen, William -
Allen, Zoeth m.1859 -


Allin, John b.1669 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Allison, Elizabeth Cornelius m.1871 -
Allison, Isabella -
Allison, Joseph -


Almey, Christopher b.1580 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England
Almey, Joan or Katherine b.1603 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England
Almey, John b.1575 - Dunton-Bassett, Leicestershire, England
Almey, Mary b.1605 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England
Almey, Thomas b.1573 - Dunton-Bassett, Leicestershire, England
Almey, Thomas b.1550 - Dunton-Bassett, Leicestershire, England
Almey, William b.1576 - Dunton-Bassett, Leicestershire, England
Almey, William b.1600 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England


Almy, Anne m.1648 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Almy, Avis b.1601 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England
Almy, Catherine -
Almy, Christopher -
Almy, Job -
Almy, John -


Alsbury, J. O.
Alsbury, Maxine


Alvord, Medad -


Ames, Millicent b.1611 - , England


Amil, m.1606 - South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England


Anders, Linnie Olive - Living


Anderson, -
Anderson, Anthony b.1845 -


Andrews, George
Andrews, Richard C.


Ankers, Joseph m.1755 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ankers, Molly b.1756 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Armstrong, Catherine m.1737 -
Armstrong, Christopher - Living
Armstrong, Mary m.1813 - Butler Co. OH
Armstrong, Paige Marie - Living


Arnold, E. Brown - Living
Arnold, Elizabeth b.1659 - Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Arnold, Mary m.1722 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Aschermann, Maria


Aslet, David


Aslett, Wanda b.1915 - Lava Hot Springs, Bannock, Idaho


Aspinwall, Aaron b.1711 -
Aspinwall, Abigail b.1701 - Woodstock, Connecticut
Aspinwall, Anna -
Aspinwall, Caleb b.1755 -
Aspinwall, Caleb b.1733 -
Aspinwall, Eleazar b.1673 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Elisha b.1726 -
Aspinwall, Elizabeth b.1729 -
Aspinwall, Elizabeth b.1704 - Woodstock, Connecticut
Aspinwall, Elizabeth b.1693 -
Aspinwall, Elizabeth b.1671 - of Salem, Massachusetts
Aspinwall, Huldah -
Aspinwall, Joanna b.1740 -
Aspinwall, Job c.1675 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, John b.1705 -
Aspinwall, Joseph -
Aspinwall, Joseph b.1673 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Katherine b.1745 -
Aspinwall, Lucy b.1748 -
Aspinwall, Mary c.1739 -
Aspinwall, Mary b.1750 -
Aspinwall, Mary -
Aspinwall, Mary b.1700 -
Aspinwall, Mary b.1700 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Mary b.1677 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Mehitable b.1757 -
Aspinwall, Mehitable b.1699 - Woodstock, Connecticut
Aspinwall, Mehitable b.1704 -
Aspinwall, Mehitable b.1669 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Nathaniel c.1759 -
Aspinwall, Nathaniel b.1709 -
Aspinwall, Nathaniel b.1666 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Peter b.1707 -
Aspinwall, Peter b.1664 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Peter b.1612 - Foxteth Park, Liverpool, England
Aspinwall, Samuel b.1728 -
Aspinwall, Samuel b.1731 -
Aspinwall, Samuel b.1662 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Samuel b.1696 -
Aspinwall, Sarah b.1762 -
Aspinwall, Sarah b.1738 -
Aspinwall, Sarah b.1707 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Sarah b.1690 -
Aspinwall, Thomas b.1734 -
Aspinwall, Thomas b.1668 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Thomas b.1698 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, Timothy b.1682 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Aspinwall, William b.1748 - of Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa


Atwell, Hugh m.1848 -
Atwell, Mandy -
Atwell, Susan B. d.1879 -


Audley, Anne b.1644 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Austin, -
Austin, Deborah m.1668 -
Austin, Joseph m.1659 -


Avery, Hannah m.1703 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Avery, Sarah b.1676 - probably Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Ayer, Sarah B. -


Babcock, Anna b.1791 - Dublin, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Babcock, Ebenezer -
Babcock, Ichabod Jr. -


Baber, Mary Elizabeth
Baber, Nancy Matilda


Bacon, Abigail b.1667 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Agnes -
Bacon, Alice b.1669 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Alice d.1648 -
Bacon, Alice b.1619 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Anne -
Bacon, Annie -
Bacon, Benjamin b.1683 - Billerica, Middlesex, Massachuetts
Bacon, Daniel b.1665 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Daniel b.1620 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Daniel b.1661 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Daniel Jr. b.1641 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Edmund -
Bacon, Edmund b.1420 - of Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Elizabeth -
Bacon, Elizabeth b.1642 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Elizabeth b.1584 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Elizabeth b.1613 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Francis -
Bacon, Francis -
Bacon, George -
Bacon, Henry -
Bacon, Henry -
Bacon, Isaac b.1650 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Isaac b.1641 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Jacob b.1654 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Joan -
Bacon, Joanna b.1567 - Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John -
Bacon, John -
Bacon, John -
Bacon, John b.1681 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, John b.1647 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, John b.1225 - of Bradfield, Suffolk, Wngland
Bacon, John b.1235 - Herset, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John b.1566 - Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John b.1656 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, John b.1518 - of Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John b.1617 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John III b.1330 - of Bradfield, Suffolk, Wngland
Bacon, John IV b.1360 - of Bradfield, York, England
Bacon, John V b.1390 - of Drinkstone, Suffolk, England
Bacon, John VI d.1500 - Helmingham, England
Bacon, Jonathan b.1672 - Billerica, Middlesex, Massachuetts
Bacon, Joseph b.1685 - Bedford, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Joseph Warren m.1883 -
Bacon, Josiah b.1678 - Billerica, Middlesex, Massachuetts
Bacon, Lydia b.1679 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Lydia b.1656 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Lydia b.1637 - probably England
Bacon, Mary -
Bacon, MARY -
Bacon, Mary b.1673 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Mary b.1661 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Mary b.1635 -
Bacon, Mary m.1727 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Mary b.1569 - Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Mary b.1654 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Michael b.1676 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Michael b.1639 - Winston, Suffex, England
Bacon, Michael b.1608 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Michael b.1544 - of Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Michael c.1579 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Nathaniel b.1675 - Billerica, Middlesex, Massachuetts
Bacon, Rachel b.1652 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Rebecca b.1658 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Robert -
Bacon, Robert -
Bacon, Robert -
Bacon, Robert Kimber b.1214 - of Thorpe, Norfolk, England
Bacon, Ruth b.1681 - Billerica, Middlesex, Massachuetts
Bacon, Samuel b.1665 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Sarah b.1663 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Sarah b.1644 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Sarah b.1575 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Sarah b.1622 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Sarah b.1663 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Stephen b.1677 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Susanna b.1670 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Bacon, Susanna b.1668 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Thomas -
Bacon, Thomas b.1645 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Bacon, Thomas b.1572 - Helmingham, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Thomas b.1609 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, Thomas b.1667 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bacon, Thomas b.1480 - of Helmingham, Norfolk, England
Bacon, William -
Bacon, William -
Bacon, William -
Bacon, William b.1577 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Bacon, William b.1611 - Winston, Suffolk, England


Badcock, Dorthy m.1709 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Bailey, Alfred Lindley
Bailey, Alma
Bailey, Alva C. b.1880 -
Bailey, Anna M. b.1876 -
Bailey, Clara b.1878 -
Bailey, Edwin M. b.1872 -
Bailey, Elizabeth b.1792 -
Bailey, Herbert J.
Bailey, Jesse S. b.1884 -
Bailey, John
Bailey, Joseph -
Bailey, Lindley P. b.1850 -
Bailey, Lydia -
Bailey, Mary b.1848 -
Bailey, Oscar J. b.1874 -


Baker, Abigail -
Baker, Alma Sarah b.1858 -
Baker, Anna Wright b.1866 -
Baker, Daniel b.1744 -
Baker, Daniel b.1717 -
Baker, Edward Lloyd - Living
Baker, Edward Lloyd Jr. - Living
Baker, Elizabeth b.1749 -
Baker, Elizabeth b.1749 -
Baker, Isaac b.1709 -
Baker, Joanne - Living
Baker, John -
Baker, Joseph m.1736 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Baker, Joshua b.1744 - Marshall Co, WV
Baker, June Caroline - Living
Baker, Luther b.1797 -
Baker, Luther m.1830 -
Baker, Mary -
Baker, Mary -
Baker, Mary b.1728 - Montgomery Co. Maryland
Baker, Mary b.1752 -
Baker, Mary b.1715 -
Baker, Mary b.1711 -
Baker, Roy F. - Living
Baker, Samuel b.1752 -
Baker, Samuel b.1752 -
Baker, Samuel b.1712 -
Baker, Samuel b.1673 - Dedham, Massachusetts, Usa
Baker, Sarah b.1742 -


Balch, Ann -


Balcom, Dale - Living


Baldock, John b.1674 - , of Kent, England


Baldwin, David Cranes b.1834 -


Ball, Sarah m.1699 - Concord, Massachusetts


Bancroft, Betsey -
Bancroft, Ebenzer b.1667 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Elizabeth b.1696 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Elizabeth b.1653 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Elizabeth b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bancroft, John b.1656 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, John b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Jonatham b.1681 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Jonathan b.1675 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Judith b.1688 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Mary b.1670 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Mehitabel b.1678 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Rahum b.1684 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Rahum b.1662 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Ralph b.1660 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Samuel b.1693 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Samuel b.1691 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Sarah b.1676 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Sarah b.1665 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Sarah b.1658 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Thomas b.1673 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Thomas b.1649 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bancroft, Thomas b.1622 - Derbyshire, England
Bancroft, Thomas Jr. b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Bangs, Edmund m.1804 - Barre, Massachusetts
Bangs, Mercy b.1651 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts


Banks, Willard Murray - Living


Barber, Abigail b.1732 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Barber, Anna m.1747 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Barber, Bathsheba m.1744 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Barber, George - Living
Barber, Jonathan m.1771 -
Barber, Joseph m.1758 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Barbour, Elizabeth b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Barbour, George Capt. b.1615 - England
Barbour, Mary d.1700 -
Barbour, Zechariah -


Barbur, Joseph -


Bardwell, -
Bardwell, Weltha A. m.1866 -


Baret, Marie m.1745 -


Barker, Isaac m.1665 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Barker, Mary -


Barkley, Jane b.1744 -
Barkley, JOHN d.1785 - Fayette Co. PA


Barlowe, Audrey b.1602 - Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England


Barnaby, James -


Barnard, Almira -
Barnard, Benjamin -
Barnard, Eunice m.1832 - , Union Co, In
Barnard, Judith - Living
Barnard, Mary m.1666 -
Barnard, Nathaniel m.1666 -
Barnard, Robert m.1641 -
Barnard, Thomas m.1640 -
Barnard, Timothy - Living


Barnes, Elizabeth F. m.1864 -
Barnes, Sarah m.1839 - , Ri


Barnett, Brandon - Living
Barnett, Brian - Living
Barnett, Rita - Living
Barnett, Vince - Living


Barrett, - Living
Barrett, Anna b.1768 -
Barrett, Danile b.1742 -
Barrett, Dsanile -
Barrett, Smith b.1766 -
Barrett, Wesley m.1852 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Barrientos, Anne Sophia - Living
Barrientos, Carlos Juan - Living


Barron, Ellis Jr. b.1633 - England


Barthell, Victoria d.1930 -


Bartley, James b.1817 - Pickaway Co. Ohio


Barton, Anna Marie Eliza b.1839 - Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts


Basil, Elizabeth -


Bass, Emma Jane m.1901 - Merrill, Lincoln, Wisconsin
Bass, Mary b.1801 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Bass, Peter - Living


Bassett, Sarah m.1815 -


Bateman, Eleazar m.1717 -
Bateman, Elizabeth b.1717 -
Bateman, Mary -


Bates, - Living
Bates, Edward -
Bates, Luther M. m.1869 -
Bates, Sherman -
Bates, Winifred -


Batsell, Bridget -


Battle, Ella B. m.1872 - Benton Harbor, Maine


Baumgaet, Kay Rose - Living


Baumgardner, Colton - Living
Baumgardner, Kelly - Living
Baumgardner, Tom - Living
Baumgardner, Wayne - Living


Baur, Anna b.1840 - Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Anna b.1743 -
Baur, Anna Dorothea b.1828 -
Baur, Anna Dorthea b.1839 - , Switzerland
Baur, Anna Dorthea b.1837 - , Switzerland
Baur, Anna Katharina b.1834 - , Switzerland
Baur, Anna Marie b.1842 -
Baur, Edward b.1853 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Edward Theodore b.1879 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Elisabeth b.1848 - Stallikon, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Emma b.1863 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Fannie Emma b.1882 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Hans Jakob b.1800 - Stallikon, Switzerland
Baur, Hans Konrad b.1808 - Stallikon, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Henriette b.1845 - Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Jakob b.1850 - Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Jakob Christoph b.1812 - Stallikon, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Johan Kaspar b.1831 -
Baur, Johann Konrad b.1846 - Stallikon, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Johannes b.1775 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Johannes b.1890 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Johannes (Johnes) b.1826 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, John - Living
Baur, Johnes b.1859 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Johnes b.1855 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Katharina b.1851 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Baur, Lydia - Living
Baur, Melvin - Living
Baur, Ownes - Living
Baur, Rodger - Living
Baur, Stans -
Baur, Stans Jakob -
Baur, Stans Jakob b.1730 -


Baxter, Joseph b.1733 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Baxter, Lucinda b.1773 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Baxter, Mary b.1767 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Baxter, Rebecca b.1763 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Baxter, Stephen b.1761 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Beall, Mary -


Beard, Andrew m.1818 -


Beatty, Ellen Judith - Living


Bechner, Emaline b.1849 - , Indiana
Bechner, John B. m.1845 - , La Porte, Indiana
Bechner, Phebe -


Beckner, Jonathan b.1816 -


Beckwith, Richard -


Bedinger, Sarah m.1787 - , Berkley, Virginia


Beeson, Jesse b.1768 -


Behringer, Amy - Living


Belcher, Elizabeth b.1743 - of Westerly, Rhode Island


Belden, Ella Francis m.1890 -


Bell, Elizabeth - Living
Bell, Martha -
Bell, Zacharia m.1815 - Shelby Co. KY


Bellville, Joshua Scott - Living
Bellville, Marshall - Living
Bellville, Marshall Jr. - Living


Belshaw, Mary b.1819 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana


Bemm, Frank
Bemm, Ida Louise


Benbow, Fay
Benbow, William -


Bennett, Sarah Jane b.1767 -
Bennett, William b.1737 - , of Chester, Pennsylvania


Benslye, Elizabeth b.1570 - Heigham, Norfolk, England


Benson, A. F.


Benton, Horatio m.1841 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts


Benward, Margaret m.1834 -


Bergen, Virginia b.1832 - Brooklyn, New York


Berry, Phebe Emerson m.1838 - Westbrook, Maine


Best, Edith Margarette b.1900 - Newark, New Jersey


Bickel, Elisabetha m.1823 -


Bidoc, Elise Madeleine m.1876 -


Bigelow, Augustus -
Bigelow, Caroline Stearns b.1846 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bigelow, Henry Partridge b.1841 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bigelow, James b.1813 -
Bigelow, James Francis b.1843 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bigelow, James Russell b.1849 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bigelow, John b.1783 -
Bigelow, Polly m.1819 - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Bigelow, Sarah -
Bigelow, Solomon -
Bigelow, Tamazine m.1760 -
Bigelow, Thomas m.1809 -
Bigelow, William Henry b.1839 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Biggerstaff, Aaron -
Biggerstaff, Aaron -
Biggerstaff, Aaron b.1780 -
Biggerstaff, Benjamin -
Biggerstaff, Benjamin -
Biggerstaff, Benjamin m.1764 - Anson, North Carolina
Biggerstaff, Elizabeth -
Biggerstaff, Elizabeth b.1766 - , North Carolina
Biggerstaff, Isabella -
Biggerstaff, James b.1771 -
Biggerstaff, Jane -
Biggerstaff, John -
Biggerstaff, Joseph -
Biggerstaff, Kincheon -
Biggerstaff, Leviney -
Biggerstaff, Luranah -
Biggerstaff, Mary -
Biggerstaff, Moses -
Biggerstaff, Nancy -
Biggerstaff, Noah -
Biggerstaff, Rebecca b.1769 -
Biggerstaff, Samuel -
Biggerstaff, Samuel b.1774 -
Biggerstaff, Samuel
Biggerstaff, Samuel P. -
Biggerstaff, Sarah -
Biggerstaff, Susana -
Biggerstaff, Susana b.1777 -




Bignette, Grace b.1562 - Barham, Suffolk, England


Billings, Elizabeth m.1836 - Sharon, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Billings, John Dexter m.1861 - Paris, Oxford, Maine


Bird, Dorothy b.1589 - , England


Bisco, Daniel (Leonard) -


Bishop, Anne - Living
Bishop, Barclay Isaac b.1883 - S. Williamsom, Annapolis, Nova Scotia
Bishop, Betty Joyce - Living
Bishop, Elizabeth m.1778 - Core Sound Meetg, Carteret Co, Nc
Bishop, George -
Bishop, Harry Thomas Jr. - Living
Bishop, Harry Thomas Sr. b.1892 -
Bishop, Isaac - Living
Bishop, Lelia Genevieve b.1916 -
Bishop, Neta Iona - Living
Bishop, William Albert m.1882 -
Bishop, William Vernon - Living


Bivens, Bill -


Blackburn, Alta F. - Living
Blackburn, Benjamin d.1791 -
Blackburn, Catherine m.1830 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Blackburn, David b.1815 -
Blackburn, David b.1772 - , Hanover, Virginia, U.S.a.
Blackburn, Eliza b.1806 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Blackburn, Elizabeth - Living
Blackburn, Elizabeth -
Blackburn, Hannah b.1780 - , Rutherford, North Caroline
Blackburn, Isaac b.1802 -
Blackburn, Jacob -
Blackburn, James -
Blackburn, James b.1745 - , Augusta Co., Virginia
Blackburn, James R. b.1791 - , Harrison, Kentucky, U.S.a.
Blackburn, Jane b.1813 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Blackburn, Jane b.1788 - of Rutherford, North Carolina
Blackburn, Jane M. b.1801 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Blackburn, John -
Blackburn, John b.1716 - , Scotland
Blackburn, John -
Blackburn, John b.1784 - , Rutherford, North Caroline
Blackburn, John J. b.1865 - , Grant, Kentucky
Blackburn, John Jackson b.1823 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Blackburn, Joseph b.1820 -
Blackburn, Lucretia - Living
Blackburn, Martha C. - Living
Blackburn, Mary - Living
Blackburn, Mary B. -
Blackburn, Mathilda m.1832 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Blackburn, Nancy Jane - Living
Blackburn, Perry m.1847 - , Vermillion, Illinois
Blackburn, Polly -
Blackburn, Polly Lucretia b.1777 - , Virginia
Blackburn, Rachel - Living
Blackburn, Rankin - Living
Blackburn, Rankin b.1786 - , Rutherford, North Caroline
Blackburn, Robert R. b.1774 - , Virginia
Blackburn, Robert V. m.1837 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Blackburn, Samuel m.1748 - Chester, Pennsylvania
Blackburn, Samuel b.1800 - , Rutherford, North Caroline
Blackburn, Samuel b.1771 - , Virginia, U.S.a.
Blackburn, Sarah H. b.1789 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Blackburn, Thomas b.1800 -
Blackburn, Thomas R. b.1782 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Blackburn, William -
Blackburn, William b.1825 - , Illinois
Blackburn, William b.1776 - , Virginia


Blackstone, Margaret Jo Ann - Living


Bladen, Nathaniel -
Bladen, William b.1673 - , Yorkshire, England


Blake, Caleb m.1835 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Blanchard, Stephen m.1743 -


Blanched, Sarah b.1740 - Dunstable, Massachusetts


Blanden, Ann m.1711 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland
Blanden, Thomas b.1698 -


Blaney, Mary b.1679 -


Blickenstorfer, Anna b.1814 - Affoltern, Zurich, Switzerland


Bliss, Zervial b.1780 -


Blomosale, Grace m.1607 - Winston, Suffex, England


Blood, Mary m.1736 -
Blood, Samuel b.1671 -


Blosser, Matilda m.1833 -


Blount, Eli b.1790 -


Boarman, Francis Ignatius - Living


Boatright, Abraham Lincoln b.1865 - Lawrence, Kansas
Boatright, Bessie Buenta b.1903 - Clay Center, Kansas
Boatright, Letitia Beatrice b.1900 - Lewistown, Montana
Boatright, Living - Living
Boatright, Newton - Living


Bogman, Charles - Living
Bogman, Cynthia Sue - Living


Bolling, Mary b.1729 - of, Maryland


Bolster, Isaac m.1717 -


Bond, Charlotte b.1807 - , Nc
Bond, Elizabeth m.1803 - Fredrick Co. VA
Bond, Julia m.1890 - Appanoose Co., Iowa
Bond, Sam - Living


Boord, Anna d.1837 -
Boord, Drusilla m.1830 -


Booth, -


Borchers, A. - Living
Borchers, Elizabeth Jane - Living


Borden, Hope m.1750 - Core Sound Mm, Carteret Co, Nc


Boren, Martha m.1855 - , Lane Co, Or


Boswell, Brandon Lee - Living
Boswell, Donna Paige - Living
Boswell, Sanford Little "Sandy" - Living


Boteler, Arthur m.1797 - Frederick Co. Maryland


Bowen, Abigail b.1739 -
Bowen, Abigail c.1670 -
Bowen, Henry Lt. -


Bower, Mary m.1689 -


Bowers, Elisha b.1715 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, Hannah b.1708 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, James b.1718 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, John -
Bowers, John b.1713 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, John b.1703 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, John -
Bowers, John b.1675 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, Mary b.1646 -
Bowers, Mary b.1720 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, Sarah b.1663 -
Bowers, Sarah b.1711 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Bowers, Seth b.1707 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Bowles, Mary -


Bowman, Joseph m.1822 -
Bowman, Lydia -
Bowman, Maria m.1829 -
Bowman, Mary b.1796 - VA
Bowman, Rosenea C.W. m.1872 -


Bowyer, Martha Ann b.1811 - , Va


Boyden, Charlotte b.1802 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Boyden, Jonathan b.1652 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Boyden, Joserph m.1705 -


Boydon, Micah - Living


Bracken, Mary Anna b.1876 -


Bracket, Sarah m.1728 -


Brackett, Elizabeth m.1690 - of Dedham, Massachuetts, Usa


Bradhurst, Dorothy b.1680 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Bradley, Elizabeth b.1525 - Twiste, England
Bradley, John b.1499 - Twiste, England
Bradley, Lucinda


Brady, Jane - Living
Brady, Mary Ann m.1836 - Adams Co. Ohio
Brady, Sam - Living


Brandt, Carol - Living
Brandt, Helmuth - Living
Brandt, Lewis - Living
Brandt, Meda -
Brandt, Winfield - Living


Brashears, Benjamin -
Brashears, Benjamin b.1698 - Queen Anne Par, Leeland, Prince George, Maryland
Brashears, John m.1723 - Queen Anne Par, Leeland, Prince George, Maryland


Brattain, Jonathan -
Brattain, Mary b.1808 -


Brazelton, Daniel -


Breed, Elizabeth b.1634 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Breed, Sarah -


Breedwell, Washington m.1839 - McMinn Co., Tennessee


Breen, Walter - Living


Breisacher, Magdalena b.1811 - Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland


Brendle, Henry - Living


Brent, Elizabeth b.1777 -
Brent, George b.1744 -
Brent, Thomas C. b.1772 -


Brewer, Nathaniel m.1660 -
Brewer, Sarah b.1732 - of Concord, Massachusetts


Brewster, Benjamin b.1685 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, Joseph b.1692 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, Joshua b.1698 -
Brewster, Lidia b.1679 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, Love -
Brewster, Mary m.1700 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, Nathaniel b.1676 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, Patience b.1600 - Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England
Brewster, Sarah b.1674 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, William b.1683 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Brewster, William b.1646 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts


Bridges, Elisha m.1844 - , Franklin, Tennessee
Bridges, Ephraim m.1816 -
Bridges, Jennifer Ruth - Living
Bridges, John Arthur III - Living
Bridges, John Mark - Living
Bridges, Thomas Paytrick - Living


Brignall, William -
Brignall, William m.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Briscoe, Mable m.1895 -
Briscoe, Mary m.1795 -
Briscoe, Mary m.1795 -


Britton, Chet - Living


Broad, Chloe b.1817 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Broad, Horatio b.1815 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Broad, John P. b.1807 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Broad, Joseph b.1811 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Broad, Joseph b.1765 -
Broad, Lucretia b.1813 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Broad, William b.1818 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts


Broman, Otilla - Living


Brooks, - Living
Brooks, Ebenezer b.1691 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Brooks, Mary m.1669 -


Brown, -
Brown, b.1850 - Silverton, Marion, Oregon
Brown, Aaron m.1799 - Core Sound Meetg, Carteret Co, Nc
Brown, Agnes -
Brown, Alvin b.1855 - Silverton, Marion, Oregon
Brown, Anna -
Brown, Arlenia b.1852 - Silverton, Marion, Oregon
Brown, Asa -
Brown, Benjamin S. Dr (Md) -
Brown, Carly Michelle - Living
Brown, David -
Brown, Eliza b.1847 - Missouri
Brown, Elma -
Brown, Ezra -
Brown, Frank - Living
Brown, Frank M. b.1870 - Chetopa, Ks
Brown, Frank W. - Living
Brown, Harriet Alice -
Brown, Horton -
Brown, Ira -
Brown, James b.1813 - Allen, Floyd, Kentucky
Brown, James -
Brown, Jane b.1807 - Westmoreland, PA
Brown, Jane Margaret b.1655 -
Brown, John -
Brown, Jonathan -
Brown, Keith b.1906 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Brown, Lucille - Living
Brown, Lynn - Living
Brown, Martha -
Brown, Mary b.1854 - Silverton, Marion, Oregon
Brown, Mary -
Brown, Mary Anne - Living
Brown, Pamela - Living
Brown, Peter m.1792 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Brown, Rachel -
Brown, Rebecca b.1843 - Missouri
Brown, Rebecca - Living
Brown, Sarah b.1805 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Brown, Sharon - Living
Brown, Zacheus -


Browne, Anna Smith -
Browne, Aquilla Arrell b.1770 -
Browne, Aquilla Arrell b.1770 -
Browne, Charles Cresap -
Browne, James Cresap -
Browne, John Aquilla -
Browne, Louise -
Browne, Mary Arrell -
Browne, Melissa Letty -
Browne, Priscilla Coats -
Browne, Sarah Ruth -
Browne, Susannah Cresap -
Browne, William -


Bruce, -
Bruce, David b.1767 -
Bruce, Elmira b.1831 - Pomfret, Windsor, Vermont
Bruce, Harvey -
Bruce, Margaret -
Bruce, Phoebe Cresap m.1816 -


Bruff, Hannah - Living


Bruner, Mable - Living


Bryant, Abraham Jr. b.1671 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bryant, Mary -


Bryn, Eleanor -


Buck, Deborah - Living


Buckley, Emma b.1881 -


Budd, William H. m.1864 -
Budd, William H. m.1864 -


Bugbee, Sybil -


Bullard, Abiel b.1681 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Abigail b.1764 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Abigail c.1704 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Abigail b.1693 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Abigail -
Bullard, Abigal b.1641 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Ann b.1624 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Anna b.1756 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Benjamin b.1772 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Benjamin c.1712 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Benjamin b.1630 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Benjamin -
Bullard, Catharine b.1780 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Comfort b.1721 -
Bullard, Derick S. -
Bullard, Ebenezer -
Bullard, Ebenezer b.1685 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Eleazar Lt. b.1676 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Eleazer m.1793 - Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bullard, Elijah b.1781 -
Bullard, Elizabeth c.1710 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Elizabeth b.1750 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Ellen b.1591 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Experience c.1706 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, George b.1608 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Grace b.1588 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Hannah b.1681 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Hannah b.1645 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Hasupha b.1778 -
Bullard, Hezekiah b.1770 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Hezekiah b.1730 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Isaac b.1757 -
Bullard, Isaac -
Bullard, Jemina b.1698 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joane b.1605 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Job b.1743 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Johannah b.1695 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, John -
Bullard, John b.1758 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, John b.1711 -
Bullard, John b.1669 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, John b.1637 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, John b.1632 - Barham, St. Martin, Suffolk, England
Bullard, John b.1601 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Jonathan c.1703 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joseph b.1774 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joseph b.1706 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joseph b.1718 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joseph b.1665 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joseph b.1642 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Joshua b.1758 -
Bullard, Joshua b.1716 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Josiah c.1711 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Judith b.1749 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Katherine b.1598 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Kezia - Living
Bullard, Keziah b.1766 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Keziah b.1730 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Keziah b.1755 -
Bullard, Keziah b.1711 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Magdalen b.1635 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Malachi -
Bullard, Margaret b.1700 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Margaret b.1609 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Mary b.1776 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Mary c.1702 - Dover, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Mary b.1598 -
Bullard, Maudalin b.1619 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Michael b.1647 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Nathan b.1754 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Nathan m.1769 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bullard, Nathan b.1725 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Nathaniel b.1677 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Olive b.1782 -
Bullard, Olive b.1761 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Paul b.1784 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Peter b.1760 -
Bullard, Rachel b.1732 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Rachel b.1674 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Rhoda b.1745 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Rhoda -
Bullard, Robert b.1600 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Samuel b.1672 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Sanford b.1780 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Sarah b.1728 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Sarah b.1719 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Sarah b.1667 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Seth -
Bullard, Silas b.1782 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Silas b.1755 -
Bullard, Silas b.1746 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Solomon b.1702 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Solomon b.1679 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Submit b.1711 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Susanna b.1722 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Susannah b.1691 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, Thankful b.1784 -
Bullard, Tryall b.1709 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, William b.1786 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullard, William c.1626 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, William b.1595 - Barham, Suffolk, England
Bullard, Zillah b.1770 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Bullen, Bethia m.1686 -
Bullen, Elisha m.1683 -
Bullen, Judith b.1716 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Bullen, Judith -


Buller, b.1570 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Buller, Ellen b.1569 -
Buller, Henry c.1574 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Buller, Henry b.1535 - England
Buller, John b.1537 - Idle, Yorkshire, England
Buller, John b.1485 -
Buller, John b.1510 -
Buller, Katherine c.1567 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Buller, Margaret c.1563 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Buller, William b.1562 - Church Warden Barnham, Suffolk, England


Bundy, Anna - Living
Bundy, Caleb L. b.1862 -
Bundy, Charity -
Bundy, Clara b.1871 -
Bundy, Deborah H. b.1839 -
Bundy, Ella - Living
Bundy, Frederick R. b.1873 -
Bundy, Henry - Living
Bundy, Jeptha b.1850 -
Bundy, Joseph S. b.1860 -
Bundy, Joseph Stanton - Living
Bundy, Mary M. b.1864 -
Bundy, Mary P. b.1837 -
Bundy, Nathan b.1837 -
Bundy, Nathan W. b.1848 -
Bundy, Rebecca b.1853 -
Bundy, Willard L. - Living
Bundy, William C. - Living


Bunker, Mary - Living


Bunting, Missouri -
Bunting, William Gillett b.1813 - , Accomack Co, Va


Buoy, Adelia B. b.1875 - , Oregon
Buoy, Allison - Living
Buoy, Amanda b.1835 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Amanda Jane b.1859 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, Ana Eva - Living
Buoy, Andrew James - Living
Buoy, Angela Renee - Living
Buoy, Anne -
Buoy, Austin Jesse b.1908 - Horse Heaven Hil, Klickitat, Washington
Buoy, Avilda b.1835 - , Vermilion, Illinois
Buoy, Barbara Joyce - Living
Buoy, Beatrice - Living
Buoy, Benjamin L. b.1864 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Bertha M. b.1882 - , Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Beulah Pearl b.1908 - Ames, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Burton Henry b.1885 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Carol - Living
Buoy, Charles b.1911 - Horse Heaven Hil, Klickitat, Washington
Buoy, Charles Harmon b.1872 - Gresham, Multnomah, Oregon
Buoy, Charles L. b.1855 - , Oregon
Buoy, Clarinda b.1823 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Claude M. b.1883 - Gresham, Multnomah, Oregon
Buoy, Clyde b.1883 - Clyde, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Darla - Living
Buoy, Darrell - Living
Buoy, Delbert - Living
Buoy, Delora Alene - Living
Buoy, Dolly - Living
Buoy, Doyle - Living
Buoy, Edna Pearl b.1881 - Bogue, Graham, Kansas
Buoy, Eliza Jane b.1854 - , Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Elizabeth b.1852 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, Elizabeth b.1833 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Elizabeth b.1787 -
Buoy, Elizabeth b.1861 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Emily J. b.1864 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Estella Adellia b.1878 - , Oregon
Buoy, Evan -
Buoy, Evenline b.1825 - , Bourbon, Kentucky
Buoy, Flora Love b.1894 - Clyde, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Florence b.1878 - Mt. Pulaski, Logan, Illinois
Buoy, Florence Lucricia b.1885 - Clyde, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Flossie Marguerite b.1910 - Ames, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Floyd Alton b.1915 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Franklin b.1835 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Frederick O. b.1873 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Gary Everett b.1885 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, George Clarence b.1896 - , Oregon
Buoy, George Laban b.1877 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Gerald -
Buoy, Gertrude - Living
Buoy, Glenn Clark b.1899 - Ames, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Gloria - Living
Buoy, Hanniah Noah b.1828 - Rising Sun, Dearborn, Indiana
Buoy, Hardland b.1921 - Prescott, Washington
Buoy, Harl Andrew b.1892 -
Buoy, Harlan James - Living
Buoy, Harmon b.1838 - , Vermilion, Illinois
Buoy, Hattie b.1886 - Gresham, Multnomah, Oregon
Buoy, Herbert Even b.1893 - , Oregon
Buoy, Ida -
Buoy, James - Living
Buoy, James -
Buoy, James b.1800 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, James -
Buoy, James Austin b.1859 - Coast Fork, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, James E. b.1828 - , Dearborn, Indiana
Buoy, James Franklin b.1879 - Hastings, Adams, Nebraska
Buoy, James Hollinger - Living
Buoy, James R. b.1846 - Columbia Co., Wisconsin
Buoy, Jane b.1821 -
Buoy, Jane E. b.1870 - , Oregon
Buoy, Jane M. b.1845 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Jared March - Living
Buoy, Jean c.1759 - Kincardine, Perth, Scotland
Buoy, Jennie b.1856 -
Buoy, John F. b.1866 - , Lane, Oregon
Buoy, John L. b.1865 - Coast Fork, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, John L. b.1831 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, John Stillwell b.1859 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, John Stillwell b.1838 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, John Thomas b.1792 - , Virginia
Buoy, John W. b.1867 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Joseph b.1850 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, Joseph George b.1868 - Coast Fork, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Josephine - Living
Buoy, Judith - Living
Buoy, Katherine b.1843 - , Vermilion, Illinois
Buoy, Keenan Scott - Living
Buoy, Kimberly Ann - Living
Buoy, Kitty - Living
Buoy, Laban b.1869 - , Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Laban C. b.1802 - , Bourbon, Kentucky
Buoy, Laban L. - Living
Buoy, Laura Bell -
Buoy, Lauretta b.1868 - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Buoy, Leonard M. b.1891 - Oregon
Buoy, Les Gordon -
Buoy, Levi b.1828 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Linda - Living
Buoy, Lizzie b.1874 - Oregon
Buoy, Loyd L. - Living
Buoy, Lucile Elizabeth - Living
Buoy, Lyon R. b.1836 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Mable b.1870 - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Buoy, Maggie Dell b.1873 -
Buoy, Major Kenneth - Living
Buoy, Marcus Lafayette b.1894 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Margaret b.1830 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Marguerite - Living
Buoy, Marjorie Louise b.1937 -
Buoy, Martha Florence b.1861 - Coast Fork, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Mary -
Buoy, Mary b.1848 -
Buoy, Mary b.1825 - , Kentucky
Buoy, Mary b.1800 - , Kentucky
Buoy, Mary A. b.1849 - , Illinois
Buoy, Mary Alice b.1857 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Mary E. b.1863 - Coast Fork, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Mattie May b.1897 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Mina - Living
Buoy, Miranda b.1830 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Myrna - Living
Buoy, Nancy b.1790 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Nellie Helen b.1872 - , Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Noah b.1837 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Nora Dell b.1891 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Ora Belle b.1891 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Polly m.1845 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Rachael - Living
Buoy, Rachel b.1793 - , Kentucky
Buoy, Rachel Jane b.1840 - , Vermilion, Illinois
Buoy, Rebecca m.1816 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Robert -
Buoy, Robert b.1825 -
Buoy, Robert b.1928 -
Buoy, Robert b.1826 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Buoy, Robert -
Buoy, Robert b.1756 - , Scotland
Buoy, Robert A. - Living
Buoy, Roy Laban b.1892 -
Buoy, Samuel F. b.1880 - Orient, Oregon
Buoy, Sarah b.1848 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, Shane - Living
Buoy, Shirley b.1931 -
Buoy, Sofrana b.1833 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, Sophronia Helen b.1895 - Clyde, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Sophronia Jane b.1859 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Thelma True b.1905 - Ames, Cloud, Kansas
Buoy, Thomas Charles b.1899 - Oregon
Buoy, Thomas Dale - Living
Buoy, Thomas Pasher b.1833 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Tommy - Living
Buoy, Victoria - Living
Buoy, Violet May - Living
Buoy, Walter Adelbert b.1888 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, Warren O. b.1857 - , Oregon
Buoy, Warren Star - Living
Buoy, Wayland - Living
Buoy, Wendell b.1902 -
Buoy, Wesley b.1909 - Horse Heaven Hil, Klickitat, Washington
Buoy, Wilbur b.1923 - Eugene, Lane, Oregon
Buoy, William -
Buoy, William Andrew b.1854 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Buoy, William Austin b.1817 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Buoy, William Warren b.1840 - Danville, Vermillion, Illinois
Buoy, Zebulon b.1831 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky


Burcham, John SR. b.1740 - Frederick Co., Virginia


Burdick, John W. m.1862 -


Burgate, Alice - Living


Burges, James b.1529 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England
Burges, Mrs. b.1537 -
Burges, Sarah b.1559 - Goudhurst, Kent, England


Burke, Alfred - Living
Burke, Arlene Marice - Living
Burke, Arnold Merritt - Living
Burke, Belva Anne - Living
Burke, Beverly Jean - Living
Burke, Claude Shipley - Living
Burke, Connie Gwen - Living
Burke, Cynthia Darlene - Living
Burke, Diane Klare - Living
Burke, Etta Malissa d.1990 - Cloverdale, Tillamook, Oregon
Burke, Evelyn Ann - Living
Burke, Hazel Ava - Living
Burke, Henry - Living
Burke, Henry Newton - Living
Burke, James Lewis m.1900 - Cloverdale, Tillamook, Oregon
Burke, Orrin Earl - Living
Burke, Orrin Maurice - Living
Burke, Phebe Nells - Living
Burke, Renee' Tara - Living
Burke, Richard Keith b.1945 - Susanville, Lassen, California
Burke, Roberta - Living
Burke, Ross Eril b.1916 - Cloverdale, Tillamook, Oregon
Burke, Sharon Jeanette - Living
Burke, Stephen Claude - Living


Burkes, Linnie - Living
Burkes, Malcolm - Living
Burkes, Walter Quiggly b.1876 - Drakesville, Davis, Iowa
Burkes, Wilhelm -


Burkey, Marcy -


Burley, Raymond Paul - Living


Burnap, Ann or Annah b.1674 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Bethiah b.1677 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Bethiah b.1669 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Ebenezer b.1666 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Esther b.1680 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Mary b.1668 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Sarah b.1672 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Thomas b.1664 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Burnap, Thomas d.1690 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Burns, - Living
Burns, Thomas Malcolm - Living


Bursch, Lauren H. - Living
Bursch, Melanie - Living
Bursch, Melinda - Living


Burton, Ann -
Burton, Robert Jacob m.1790 - Frederick Co. Maryland


Bushnell, - Living


Buss, John -


Butler, Emily m.1847 - , Vermillion, Illinois
Butler, Huldah m.1797 -
Butler, Richard -
Butler, Richard -
Butler, Sarah b.1778 -


Butt, Samuel b.1712 - Prince Georges Co, MD


Butterfield, -
Butterfield, John Page b.1806 -
Butterfield, Mary m.1742 -


Butterworth, Esther b.1762 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Butterworth, Ezuba b.1770 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Butterworth, Nathaniel m.1761 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Butterworth, Niles b.1773 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Butterworth, Ottes b.1768 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Butterworth, Sarah b.1764 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Byars, Judith - Living


Cadwallader, Edith - Living


Caldwell, Sallie - Living


Callahan, America Beulah b.1882 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Dora Yancy-
Callahan, Elizabeth m.1813 -
Callahan, Eugie Lee b.1884 -
Callahan, Eurastus M. m.1846 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Francis J.S. b.1858 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Garrett b.1821 -
Callahan, Garrett Lee b.1865 - Metcalf Co., Kentucky
Callahan, George William b.1860 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Gertude Pearl b.1879 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Henry M. b.1852 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, James T. b.1864 - Metcalf Co., Kentucky
Callahan, John A. m.1821 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, John Nelson b.1856 - Metcalf Co., Kentucky
Callahan, John William b.1895 - Hiseville, Barren, Kentucky
Callahan, Margaret Elizabeth b.1848 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Margaret Elizabeth b.1826 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Martha b.1880 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Mary b.1824 -
Callahan, Mary J. b.1845 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Mary Mabel - Living
Callahan, Murray Bernard -
Callahan, NewPhanny m.1839 - McMinn Co., Tennessee
Callahan, Permelia Ann b.1848 - Adair Co., Kentucky
Callahan, Tommie Terry b.1887 -


Calvert, Elizabeth b.1661 - St. Marys, St. Marys, Maryland
Calvert, John m.1690 - , St. Mary's, Maryland
Calvert, Leonard -
Calvert, William b.1620 - Baltimore, Maryland


Calvin, Jacob -


Cameron, Leland B. - Living


Campbell, Charles -
Campbell, Elizabeth m.1849 -
Campbell, John P. -
Campbell, Samuel Stewart -


Capen, Mary Fales m.1848 - Dorchester, Massachusetts


Caraway, Charles -
Caraway, Martha Jane b.1832 - , Illinois


Carlson, Ashley Suzanne - Living
Carlson, Bjorn Alan - Living
Carlson, Dana Victoria - Living
Carlson, Eric John - Living
Carlson, John Maurice - Living
Carlson, John Michael - Living
Carlson, Richard Alan - Living
Carlson, Richard Eric - Living
Carlson, Suzanna Lee - Living
Carlson, Terry Ann - Living


Carner, Dorothy Louise - Living


Caroline, Jane -


Carothers, William m.1846 - , Montgomery, Indiana


Carpenter, David C. - Living
Carpenter, Elijah b.1779 -
Carpenter, Elijah Preston b.1831 -
Carpenter, Elizabeth G. b.1825 -
Carpenter, George b.1828 -
Carpenter, Greenwood -
Carpenter, Harriet Ross b.1819 -
Carpenter, John - Living
Carpenter, John H. m.1853 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Carpenter, Julia Ann b.1823 -
Carpenter, Julia Ann b.1821 -
Carpenter, Renewed b.1746 - of S Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island
Carpenter, Thankful b.1817 -


Carr, Caleb b.1616 - London, London, England
Carr, Caleb b.1650 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Carr, Edward b.1666 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Carr, Penelope -


Carroll, James King m.1713 -
Carroll, Mary -
Carroll, Thomas King -


Carter, Elizabeth b.1690 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Carter, Jane m.1800 -
Carter, Jody - Living


Cartwright, Anne m.1560 - Wrothem, Kent, England


Carver, Elizabeth m.1768 - , Pasquotank Co, Nc


Case, Amanda -


Casey, John m.1726 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Casey, Mae Helen b.1901 - Hilgard, Union Co, Or


Casno, Mary b.1701 - probity Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Castello, Barbara Ellen b.1851 -


Casto, Phoebe m.1834 -


Castro, Andrew James - Living
Castro, Genaro - Living


Catterton, Diler m.1832 - , MacOupin, Illinois


Ceeker, Thomas -


Chadwick, Helen -


Chamberlain, Elizabeth b.1705 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Chamberlin, Mary b.1723 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Chamberlin, Moses b.1695 - Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Chamberlin, Thomas -


Chambers, Anne b.1865 - , MacOn, Illinios
Chambers, Effie Jane b.1862 -
Chambers, Elizabeth b.1864 -
Chambers, Emma b.1868 - Cerro Gordo, Platt, Illinois
Chambers, Guy - Living
Chambers, Isaac -
Chambers, James R. b.1825 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, James Thomas m.1818 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, Joan b.1439 - Bray, Berkshire, England
Chambers, Joan b.1490 - of Bray, Berks., England
Chambers, John F. b.1860 -
Chambers, Laban b.1823 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, Lucinda Jane b.1856 -
Chambers, Mable - Living
Chambers, Margaret b.1863 -
Chambers, Margaret b.1831 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, Margaret Ellen b.1859 - , Illinois
Chambers, Martha E. -
Chambers, Mary - Living
Chambers, Mary - Living
Chambers, Mary b.1829 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, Mary Ann b.1855 - , Illinois
Chambers, Nancy b.1851 -
Chambers, Richard b.1398 - Bray, Berkshire, England
Chambers, Robert b.1461 - Bray, Berkshire, England
Chambers, Thomas b.1827 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Chambers, Thomas D. R. b.1900 -
Chambers, William -
Chambers, William b.1435 - Bray, Berkshire, England
Chambers, William Reed b.1873 - , Macon, Illinois


Champlin, Mary b.1722 -


Chancelor, Ritha R. - Living


Chandler, Hepsibah b.1690 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Chaney, Joseph b.1709 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Chang, Anthony W. M. - Living


Chaplin, Elizabeth -


Chappell, Agnes m.1802 - , Prince George Co, Va


Chase, Abigail b.1770 -
Chase, Juda -


Chatham, Cecelia m.1845 - DeWitt Co., Illinois


Chayney, Jane m.1605 - Fulbeck, Linconshire


Chenery, Thaddeus -
Chenery, William Dodds b.1796 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts


Cheney, Ebenezer b.1723 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Eliphalet b.1736 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Joseph -
Cheney, Josiah b.1723 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Josiah b.1685 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Margaret b.1670 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Rhoda b.1733 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Samuel b.1729 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Silence b.1736 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Simon b.1729 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cheney, Timoth b.1726 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Cherry, Aaron b.1808 -
Cherry, Cecil d.1967 -
Cherry, Charley b.1882 -
Cherry, Edward b.1776 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Cherry, Eleanor b.1805 -
Cherry, Hilda - Living
Cherry, John -
Cherry, John m.1935 -
Cherry, Lucille - Living
Cherry, Maria b.1810 -
Cherry, Mary -
Cherry, Nancy b.1806 -
Cherry, Rachel b.1814 -
Cherry, Rebecca b.1812 -
Cherry, Sarah b.1817 -
Cherry, Thomas -
Cherry, William b.1803 -
Cherry, William "Bill" - Living


Chery, Anna m.1798 -


Chesley, Nicholas -


Chestnut, Christopher - Living
Chestnut, Cosby - Living
Chestnut, Jennifer Michelle - Living


Chickering, Ann b.1635 - St. James, Norfolk, England
Chickering, Mary m.1647 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Child, Abigail b.1728 -
Child, Abijah b.1726 -
Child, Benaiah b.1740 -
Child, Dorothy b.1722 -
Child, Hannah b.1742 -
Child, John b.1733 -
Child, John -
Child, John b.1698 - Roxbury, Massachusetts
Child, Sarah b.1724 -
Child, Shubael b.1735 -


Childs, Davis m.1763 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England


Chowins, -


Chrasta, Michael James - Living


Churchill, - Living


Clamson, Catherine m.1857 - , Polk Co, Or


Clapp, Abigail P. b.1774 - Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Clapp, Ebenzer b.1779 - Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Clapp, Elizabeth b.1771 - Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Clapp, Elkenah b.1740 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clapp, Joshua -
Clapp, Mary -
Clapp, Mary b.1788 - Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Clapp, Otis b.1769 - Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts
Clapp, Sewall m.1784 -

Clare or Claire

Clare or Claire, James m.1799 - Washington Co. Maryland


Clare, Susan M. m.1867 -


Clark, Abigail b.1712 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Abigail b.1736 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Benjamin -
Clark, Benjamin b.1696 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Benjamin -
Clark, Bray b.1610 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Caleb b.1705 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Carew b.1605 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Cynthia b.1818 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana
Clark, Daniel b.1647 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Deborah b.1701 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Deborah b.1739 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Dorcas b.1706 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Ebenezer b.1699 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Elizabeth b.1617 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Ephraim b.1781 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Ephraim b.1775 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Ephraim m.1726 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Ephraim -
Clark, Ephraim m.1726 -
Clark, Flora -
Clark, Gilbert Dr. b.1822 -
Clark, Hannah b.1666 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Hannah -
Clark, Helen Louise - Living
Clark, Ichabod b.1743 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Jabaz b.1776 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, James b.1693 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Jemina m.1741 -
Clark, Jennie -
Clark, Joe - Living
Clark, John -
Clark, John m.1820 - , Wayne Co, In
Clark, John b.1600 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Joseph -
Clark, Joseph b.1597 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Keziah b.1764 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Leander H. m.1866 -
Clark, Martha b.1792 -
Clark, Mary b.1710 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Mary -
Clark, Mary b.1615 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Clark, Mary Latham b.1641 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Clark, Mehitable b.1754 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Milletiah -
Clark, Miriam b.1738 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Moses -
Clark, Nathaniel -
Clark, Oliver b.1728 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Priscilla b.1613 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Rachel b.1730 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Rachell b.1692 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Rebecca b.1694 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Rebecca b.1601 - England
Clark, Rebecka b.1733 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Rowland b.1570 - of Bedfordshire, England
Clark, Samme b.1766 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Sarah -
Clark, Sarah -
Clark, Sarai b.1731 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Seth b.1767 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Silence b.1756 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clark, Susanna b.1759 -
Clark, Theophilus b.1698 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Theophilus b.1670 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Clark, Thomas b.1593 - , Bedford, England
Clark, Zibiah b.1703 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts


Clarke, b.1582 - or near Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England
Clarke, Abigail b.1674 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Amey b.1684 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Ann b.1682 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Elizabeth b.1680 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Jeremiah b.1670 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Joseph - Living
Clarke, Latham b.1668 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Latham b.1645 - Portsmouth, Ri
Clarke, Mary b.1678 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Samuel b.1686 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clarke, Samuel -
Clarke, Samuel m.1761 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island


Clayson, Muriel A. - Living


Clements, Lydia -


Clerke, Alice b.1449 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Anna b.1574 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, Barbara b.1579 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, Edward b.1570 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, Elizabeth b.1545 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Elizabeth b.1568 - Wrothem, Kent, England
Clerke, Essex d.1648 -
Clerke, George b.1542 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, George -
Clerke, George b.1510 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Grace b.1575 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, Henry b.1512 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Isodia b.1445 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, James m.1630 - Addgate Ward, London, England
Clerke, James b.1649 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Clerke, James b.1480 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, James b.1540 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Jeremiah b.1643 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Clerke, Jeremy b.1605 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, John b.1517 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, John -
Clerke, John b.1420 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, John -
Clerke, John Gent. b.1448 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Mary -
Clerke, Peter b.1572 - East Farleigh, Kent, England
Clerke, Regmild b.1550 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Richard b.1554 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Richard d.1647 -
Clerke, Robert b.1552 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Sarah b.1651 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Clerke, Thomas b.1547 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Walter b.1566 - Wrothem, Kent, England
Clerke, Walter b.1515 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, Walter b.1637 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Clerke, Weston m.1621 - St. Michaels, Queenhille, London
Clerke, Weston b.1648 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Clerke, William b.1536 - Forde, Wrotham, Kent, England
Clerke, William d.1626 -
Clerke, William b.1570 - East Farleigh, Kent, England


Clift, Emma Lilly - Living


Clodfelter, David Allan - Living
Clodfelter, Julie Ann - Living
Clodfelter, Krista Sue - Living
Clodfelter, Melvin Ray - Living
Clodfelter, Vance - Living


Cloudman, Esther -
Cloudman, John -
Cloudman, Louise B. b.1829 -
Cloudman, Timothy b.1737 - Presumscot, Maine


Cobb, Amos b.1768 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cobb, Hannah b.1763 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cobb, Japheth b.1766 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cobb, Luther b.1772 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cobb, Samuel b.1737 -
Cobb, Sarah -


Cobble, Alexander m.1902 - , Lincoln, Tennessee


Cockfield, Agnes -
Cockfield, Thomas Sir - Living


Coffey, Rosalie - Living


Coffin, Abigail - Living
Coffin, Anna m.1824 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Coffin, Benjamin m.1821 - Union Co., Indiana
Coffin, Elizabeth b.1800 - , North Carolina
Coffin, Francis m.1824 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Coffin, Jemime m.1822 - Richmond, Wayne Co, In.
Coffin, John Lt m.1668 -
Coffin, Peter b.1580 - Brixton, England
Coffin, Samuel -
Coffin, Sarah b.1715 - Nantucket, Ma
Coffin, Tristram -


Coffyn, Nicholas b.1560 - , England
Coffyn, Peter b.1535 -


Coggeshall, John b.1668 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Coggeshall, Mercy -


Colburn, Abiel b.1694 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Benjamin b.1659 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Deborah b.1656 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Ephraim b.1687 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Hannah b.1652 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, John b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Joseph Lt. b.1662 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Mary b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Mary b.1691 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Mercy b.1686 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Nathaniel b.1644 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Nathaniel b.1615 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Priscilla b.1646 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Rebecca b.1642 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Samuel b.1685 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Samuel b.1654 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Sarah c.1640 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, Sarah b.1684 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Colburn, William -


Colby, Louisa - Living


Cole, - Living
Cole, John b.1644 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Cole, Mary -
Cole, Maxina Walker - Living


Coleman, Adelbert John - Living
Coleman, Andree Marguerite - Living
Coleman, Ann C m.1827 - Henry Co. KY
Coleman, Dorothy Aleen - Living
Coleman, Lorraine - Living
Coleman, Marion - Living
Coleman, Marion Elton - Living
Coleman, Penelope - Living
Coleman, Sabyl Edric - Living


Coley, Phoebe H. m.1855 - , De Witt, Illinois


Colin, Green -


Collier, Mary d.1648 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Collier, Mary m.1635 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Collier, Sarah -


Collins, Anne b.1652 - London. London, England
Collins, Cassandra -
Collins, Charity -
Collins, Daniel -
Collins, Jane -
Collins, John L. -
Collins, Joseohus -
Collins, Mary -
Collins, Micheal C. -
Collins, Ruth -
Collins, Sally b.1764 -
Collins, Thomas b.1748 -
Collins, Thomas Cresap -


Colpitts, Clifford B. b.1890 -
Colpitts, John b.1851 -


Colthrin, David -


Colvin, Elma - Living
Colvin, Flossie - Living


Combs, Drue Ester - Living


Comings, Maryb.1758 -


Conant, Anne m.1781 -
Conant, Mary b.1749 - Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine
Conant, Nancy -


Condell, Catherine b.1736 - of, Montgomery, Maryland


Congdon, Daniel -


Connally, Elias m.1849 -
Connally, Robert Edward Lee b.1867 -


Connell, Samuel m.1797 -


Conner, Franlin E. m.1904 -


Connolly, Samuel b.1880 -
Connolly, Uriah m.1853 -


Converse, Laura b.1815 - , Ny


Cook, Anne b.1756 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cook, Anne m.1724 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cook, Cornelius m.1755 - Cumberland, Rhode Island
Cook, Polly m.1806 - Adair Co., Kentucky


Cooley, Martha -


Cooper, Christina Marie - Living
Cooper, Gary - Living
Cooper, Mary m.1663 - Concord, Middlesex, Mass.
Cooper, Mary Alice - Living
Cooper, Tony - Living


Cope, Edith M. b.1888 -


Cordillo, Katherine Jane - Living


Cornell, -


Cornwell, Mary Eliza b.1805 - New York, New York


Cosset, Susannah -


Cothrell, Smith -


Courtney, Lucille Ann - Living


Covert, David Clellan b.1902 - Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska
Covert, Edith Bernice b.1898 - Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska
Covert, Flora Lauretta b.1900 - Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska
Covert, James Mededith b.1903 - Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska
Covert, James Montgomery m.1897 - Ewing, Holt, Nebraska
Covert, Kenneth Buoy b.1909 - Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska


Covey, Simon - Living


Cowan, Isabella Virginia Henderson b.1809 -


Cowgill, Sarah - Living


Cowles, Harriet Newel m.1849 -


Cox, Isaac m.1808 -
Cox, Mary m.1790 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorest, England


Crabtree, Elizabeth c.1791 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorest, England
Crabtree, Mary b.1792 - Dorchester, Dorest, England
Crabtree, Thomas m.1790 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorest, England


Craddock, Rebecca -


Craft, Ann c.1767 -
Craft, Bernice - Living
Craft, Caleb b.1783 -
Craft, Caleb m.1766 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Craft, Ebenezer c.1773 -
Craft, Elizabeth b.1747 -
Craft, Elizabeth b.1730 -
Craft, Hannah b.1732 -
Craft, Mehitable b.1734 -
Craft, Mosher -
Craft, Samuel b.1726 -
Craft, Samuel -
Craft, Samuel b.1701 - of Roxbury, Massachusetts, Usa
Craft, Sarah b.1728 -


Craig, Floyd R. - Living
Craig, Harry -
Craig, Irene - Living
Craig, Leo - Living


Cramer, William Otto - Living


Crane, Caroline Chamblain -


Cranston, John b.1626 -


Crawford, Benjamin Perry b.1819 - Mason Co, Kentucky
Crawford, Martha P. b.1832 - Franklin, Ohio
Crawford, Seth -
Crawford, Seth S. b.1833 - New York


Crawley, Mary m.1827 - St John, Nb, Canada


Craycroft, Charles - Living


Creek, Charlie - Living


Cresap, Abigail m.1799 -
Cresap, Ann Farrell b.1781 -
Cresap, Charity b.1754 -
Cresap, Charles Swearingen b.1800 -
Cresap, Daniel -
Cresap, Daniel -
Cresap, Daniel Hanson-
Cresap, Daniel Jr. b.1753 -
Cresap, Daniel Sr. b.1728 - Haure de Grace, Maryland
Cresap, Drusilla b.1804 -
Cresap, Edward Otho b.1782 - Cresaptown, Maryland
Cresap, Elizabeth -
Cresap, Elizabeth -
Cresap, Elizabeth b.1789 - of Rawlings, Maryland
Cresap, Elizabeth Spring b.1752 -
Cresap, Ellen Ann -
Cresap, Emily -
Cresap, Eusebius b.1807 -
Cresap, Gustavus b.1806 -
Cresap, Hannah -
Cresap, Hannah b.1803 -
Cresap, Harriet b.1798 -
Cresap, James Bond -
Cresap, James Daniel b.1770 -
Cresap, James William b.1814 -
Cresap, John Mercer b.1792 -
Cresap, John van Swearingen b.1800 -
Cresap, Joseph -
Cresap, Joseph b.1755 - Maryland
Cresap, Julianna b.1791 -
Cresap, Lenox Martin b.1809 -
Cresap, Livinia -
Cresap, Maria -
Cresap, Mary -
Cresap, Mary b.1760 -
Cresap, Mary Ellen -
Cresap, Matilda Ann -
Cresap, Matilda Ann -
Cresap, Michael - Living
Cresap, Michael Sprigg -
Cresap, Otho -
Cresap, Patrick -
Cresap, Rebecca Ruth b.1794 -
Cresap, Robert b.1767 -
Cresap, Roger Nelson -
Cresap, Ruth -
Cresap, Ruth b.1797 -
Cresap, Sarah -
Cresap, Sarah Ruth b.1777 -
Cresap, Susannah Swearingen b.1811 -
Cresap, Thomas b.1772 -
Cresap, Thomas b.1751 -
Cresap, Thomas Jr. b.1733 - , Pennsylvania
Cresap, Thomas Jr. Capt. b.1733 - , Pennsylvania
Cresap, Thomas Sr. b.1694 - , Yorkshire, England
Cresap, Van Swearingen b.1760 -
Cresap, William Brisco -


Crockett, Alvin David - Living
Crockett, Annie Claire - Living
Crockett, Clarence Royal (Duard) b.1927 - Glenns Ferry, Elmore, Idaho
Crockett, Gregory Lynn - Living
Crockett, Jamie - Living
Crockett, John Bradley - Living
Crockett, Kelsey Lynn - Living
Crockett, Larry Duard - Living
Crockett, Matthew - Living
Crockett, Timmy - Living


Crofts, Elizabeth -


Crosby, John S. -


Cross, Anne m.1788 - Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island


Crossman, Robert m.1652 -


Crouch, Mary Ellen - Living


Crowford, Esther Lee - Living
Crowford, Seth Sherman b.1877 - Strongsville, Cuyahoga, Ohio


Crum, Eliza Ann m.1846 - DeWitt Co., Illinois


Crump, Nicholas -


Cully, Isaac Houser m.1854 - , De Witt, Illinois


Cummings, Martha A. m.1870 - , Lane, Oregon


Cunningham, Lela Lelth b.1905 -


Curtis, Bert b.1880 -
Curtis, Brenda - Living
Curtis, Dale b.1907 - Thornton, Washington
Curtis, Mary M. m.1830 - Liverpool, Ohio
Curtis, Obadiah m.1750 -


Cushman, - Living


Cutaia, Judy Lynn - Living
Cutaia, Kathryn Irene - Living
Cutaia, Matthew Vincent - Living
Cutaia, Richard Anthony - Living
Cutaia, Thomas Joseph b.1937 - Chicago, Cook Co, Il
Cutaia, Vincent Joseph - Living


Cutler, Hannah b.1744 -
Cutler, John -


Czekauer, Adelheit m.1890 -


Daily, Amelia m.1799 - Washington Co. Maryland


Dale, Kathleen Marie - Living


Damon, Richard -


Dan, George b.1604 - , of Kent, England


Dana, Richard m.1647 - Cambridge, Middlsex, Massachusetts


Daniel, Abraham C. b.1853 -
Daniel, Belle Theda b.1857 -
Daniel, Calaway m.1851 - , Franklin, Tennessee
Daniel, Ebenezer b.1711 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Daniel, Ebenezer b.1677 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Daniel, Elizabeth b.1702 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Daniel, Elizabeth m.1705 -
Daniel, Hannah -
Daniel, Jeremiah b.1684 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Daniel, Jeremiah b.1715 - 
Daniel, Joseph b.1658 - 
Daniel, Joseph -
Daniel, Mary b.1706 - 
Daniel, Mehitable b.1709 - 
Daniel, Moses b.1717 - 
Daniel, Phebe b.1709 - 
Daniel, Rachel b.1714 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Daniel, Sena b.1855 -
Daniel, Thankful b.1713 - 
Daniel, Tryphesa b.1704 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachuetts


Daniels, Japheth m.1763 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Daniels, Japheth -
Daniels, Joseph m.1771 -
Daniels, Joseph m.1808 -
Daniels, Nathan b.1748 -
Daniels, Peggy Johnson b.1807 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Daniels, Polly -


Davenport, Abigail b.1704 - of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Davenport, Abigail b.1731 - Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Davenport, Anna b.1732 - Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Davenport, Azuba b.1744 -
Davenport, Callie Vandora -
Davenport, Eleazer b.1632 - of Boston, Massachusetts
Davenport, Elizabeth c.1652 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Davenport, Elizabeth b.1705 - of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Davenport, Elizabeth b.1735 - Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Davenport, Experience c.1637 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Davenport, John b.1672 -
Davenport, John c.1641 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Davenport, Lucy -
Davenport, Mary b.1749 - Douglas, Worchester, Massachusetts
Davenport, Melleson b.1742 - Rutland, Worchester, Massachusetts
Davenport, Nathaniel b.1630 - of Boston, Massachusetts
Davenport, Nathaniel b.1702 - of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Davenport, Richard -
Davenport, Richard b.1606 - , England
Davenport, Richard b.1698 - of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Davenport, Richard b.1670 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Davenport, Samuel b.1646 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Davenport, Sarah c.1649 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Davenport, Sarah b.1739 - Shrewsbury, Worchester, Massachusetts
Davenport, Truecross b.1634 - of Boston, Massachusetts
Davenport, William b.1737 - Shreswbury, Massachusetts
Davenport, William b.1656 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Davenport, William b.1700 - Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Daves, Annamarie Lee - Living
Daves, Erin Leanne - Living
Daves, James Lorn - Living
Daves, Nadine Rae - Living


Davies, Isaac b.1864 - , Wales
Davies, Susanna b.1662 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Davila, Sharon Marie - Living


Davis, Abel b.1794 -
Davis, Abigail b.1777 -
Davis, Albert b.1828 -
Davis, Brigham -
Davis, Carlos B. b.1826 -
Davis, Catherine m.1872 -
Davis, Charles b.1725 - Frederick Co, Maryland
Davis, Cynthia Ann b.1822 -
Davis, Eliza - Living
Davis, F. Edgar b.1871 -
Davis, H. Clinton b.1884 -
Davis, Hannah b.1671 -
Davis, Jacob b.1784 - Core Sound Area, Carteret Co, Nc
Davis, Jacob - Living
Davis, Jane S. b.1846 -
Davis, John F. b.1842 -
Davis, Joshua -
Davis, Leander b.1826 -
Davis, Lucinda b.1813 - Ohio
Davis, Lucy b.1742 -
Davis, Maria b.1786 - Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut
Davis, Mary E. m.1846 -
Davis, Melvina b.1865 -
Davis, Philander b.1830 -
Davis, Ruth d.1812 -
Davis, Sarah -
Davis, Sarah b.1790 - , Nc
Davis, Stephen b.1686 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Davis, William m.1807 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Dawson, Anna b.1852 -
Dawson, Clara - Living
Dawson, Elvira - Living
Dawson, George b.1716 - Brooke Co., Virginia
Dawson, Henry b.1847 -
Dawson, Joel b.1814 -
Dawson, Joel - Living
Dawson, John b.1645 - England
Dawson, Myra b.1854 -
Dawson, Nicholas b.1675 - Maryland
Dawson, Nicholas b.1675 - Maryland
Dawson, Rebecca b.1758 - Frederick Co., Maryland
Dawson, Sarah Irene b.1844 -


Day, Della - Living
Day, Mary b.1649 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Day, Ralph m.1647 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Day, Thomas -

De Amicia

De Amicia, Theodora - Living

De Bacon

De Bacon, Ralph Reynolds b.1190 - of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England
De Bacon, Ranauf or Ralph or Randulph b.1160 -

de Barrette

de Barrette, Barbarah b.1640 - Vallenciennes, France
de Barrette, Isaac b.1613 -

de Bruhl

de Bruhl, George W. - Living
de Bruhl, George Wesley Jr - Living


Deacon, Thomas m.1837 - , Clark, Illinois
Deacon, William m.1722 - , Charles, Maryland


Dean, Ester -


Deane, Christopher - Living
Deane, Hannah m.1700 - , New York, Usa
Deane, Susannah b.1633 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts


Dellar, Richard -


Demport, Abigail -


Denney, Mary A. b.1817 - Ohio


Dennis, Isaac m.1821 -
Dennis, Isaac -


Dennison, Marcia m.1864 - Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut


Denton, Elizabeth - Living
Denton, Marilla - Living


Derr, Delmar Duane - Living
Derr, Marcia - Living
Derr, Michael - Living
Derr, Ruth Wilma b.1918 - Cerro Gordo, Macon, Illinois
Derr, William A. - Living


Despres, Renee - Living


Devans, Eva m.1906 - , Tennessee


Devine, Martha m.1697 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland


Deviney, John m.1858 -


Devisser, Chelsea - Living
Devisser, Emily Nicole - Living
Devisser, Erin Nichelle - Living
Devisser, Henry Lawrence - Living
Devisser, Lawrie Ann - Living
Devisser, Mark David - Living
Devisser, Mathew Scott - Living


Devorsoza, Sophia - Living


Dewey, Mary Ann m.1838 -


Dewing, Jonathan m.1692 -
Dewing, Lydia b.1660 -


Dexter, Gregory - Living


Dickenan, Ellen Mrs. m.1661 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Dickerman, Thomas - Living


Dickerson, Sarah m.1870 -


Dickey, Daniel m.1844 - , MacOn, Illinios
Dickey, Elizabeth m.1849 - , MacOn, Illinios
Dickey, John - Living


Dickinson, Helen Stanley m.1900 -

Dickson or Dixon

Dickson or Dixon, Robert m.1722 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Diker, Thomas b.1567 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England


Dillingham, Micajah - Living


Disbrow, Noah Jr m.1829 -


Doane, Emmett -


Dodds, Polly -


Doig, Carolyn - Living
Doig, Priscilla - Living
Doig, Stephen G. - Living


Dolan, Katherine - Living


Dole, Daniel b.1757 - Newbury, Maine


Dossett, Sarah b.1714 -

Doty (Doten)

Doty (Doten), Betsey -


Doty, Frank b.1836 -
Doty, Helen M. b.1833 -
Doty, Juliana A. -


Doudna, Lillian b.1874 -


Dougherty, Nancy -


Douglas, Kathy Annette - Living
Douglas, Mary b.1845 -


Douglass, Fidelia Power b.1843 - , Indiana
Douglass, John -


Dow, Harry E. - Living
Dow, Ira B. -
Dow, J. Edward - Living


Doyne, b.1595 - Carnichfergus, Ireland
Doyne, Dennis b.1678 - Wexford, Ireland
Doyne, Edward Aloysius b.1702 - Wexford, Ireland
Doyne, Elizabeth b.1670 - of Stafford, Virginia
Doyne, Elizabeth b.1672 - , St. Mary's, Maryland
Doyne, Ellinor b.1686 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Doyne, Ethelbert b.1684 - of St. Marys, Maryland
Doyne, Ignatius b.1700 - Wexford, Ireland
Doyne, Jane b.1704 - Wexford, Ireland
Doyne, Jane b.1660 - , Somerset, Maryland
Doyne, Jesse b.1680 - St Marys, Somerset, Maryland
Doyne, John b.1644 - Ireland
Doyne, Joshua b.1698 - of St. Marys, Maryland
Doyne, Joshua b.1634 - , of Somerset, Maryland
Doyne, Mary b.1675 - of Stafford, Virginia
Doyne, Mary b.1684 - Fendall Delight, Maryland
Doyne, Rebecca b.1650 - Ireland
Doyne, Robert b.1649 - Charles co., Maryland
Doyne, Sarah b.1675 - of Charles, Maryland
Doyne, Verlinda b.1676 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Doyne, Wharton b.1684 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Doyne, Wharton b.1676 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Doyne, William b.1682 - of St. Marys, Maryland
Doyne, William b.1678 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Doyne, William b.1610 - Carnichfergus, Ireland


Drain, Dewell Don - Living
Drain, Glen - Living
Drain, Joyce - Living
Drain, Leon - Living
Drain, Nancy - Living


Drake, Clara Susan b.1882 - Budds Lake, New Jersey
Drake, Daniel D. -


Draper, Abigail b.1735 -
Draper, Catherine b.1751 -
Draper, Daniel b.1730 -
Draper, Daniel b.1707 -
Draper, Daniel b.1695 -
Draper, Daniel b.1665 - Dedham, Massachusetts, Usa
Draper, Eliphalet b.1742 -
Draper, Eliphalet b.1735 -
Draper, Elizabeth b.1747 -
Draper, Elizabeth d.1728 -
Draper, James -
Draper, Joseph b.1740 -
Draper, Mary b.1744 -
Draper, Mary b.1732 -
Draper, Mary b.1698 -
Draper, Mehitable b.1705 -
Draper, Miriam b.1701 -
Draper, Susanna d.1678 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Draper, Timothy b.1711 -


Dresser, Ephraim m.1804 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts


Drew, Emma Angelina m.1863 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine


Driskell, Benjamin Robert - Living
Driskell, Ginger Chryee - Living
Driskell, Robert Douglas - Living
Driskell, Rosie Lee - Living


Dryden, Artemas -
Dryden, Susanna b.1793 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts


Dudley, Mary b.1665 - of Concord, Massachusetts


Dunaway, Wilma - Living


Dungan, Barbara d.1682 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Dungan, Elizabeth d.1636 - St. Martin, in-the-fields, Westminster, London,Egland
Dungan, Frances d.1692 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Dungan, Thomas d.1687 - Cold Springs, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Dungan, William b.1600 - St. Martin, in-the-fields, Westminster, London,Egland
Dungan, William d.1682 -


Dunklee, - Living


Dunlap, Mary m.1856 -


Dunster, Mary m.1652 - Massachusetts


Dunton, J.H. b.1833 -


Dutcher, Thomas b.1787 - New York


Dutton, Arthur S. - Living
Dutton, Ephraim -
Dutton, Sophrania b.1808 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Dutton, Thomas b.1583 - of Hadlow, Kent, England
Dutton, Thomas -


Duvall, Susanna -


Dyal, James Leonard b.1929 - Vinton, Tama Co, Ia


Dyke, Paula - Living
Dyke, Russell Halton - Living
Dyke, Sherryl - Living


E., Ida -


Eakins, Joseph - Living
Eakins, Sarah m.1805 -


Earl, Richard - Living
Earl, Richard b.1923 - Passaic, New Jersey


Earle, Jane Elizabeth b.1847 -


Early, Hester m.1809 -


Earnest, Alexandria Rene'e - Living
Earnest, Darly Lee - Living
Earnest, Jeffrey Raynond Lee - Living


Eastman, Agnes Anna - Living
Eastman, Dona Clarice - Living
Eastman, Harvey Albert - Living
Eastman, Harvey I. - Living
Eastman, Harvey M. b.1882 -
Eastman, Judy - Living
Eastman, Linda Beth - Living
Eastman, Mary Rebecca - Living
Eastman, Robert Healy - Living
Eastman, Thomas Edwin - Living
Eastman, Thyra Joan - Living
Eastman, Walter Smith - Living
Eastman, William Holt - Living
Eastman, William Tabor - Living


Easton, Mary b.1648 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Easton, Peleg b.1727 - Dartmounth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Easton, Samuel Giles b.1684 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Eaton, b.1579 -
Eaton, Abigail b.1677 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Eaton, Abigail b.1688 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Eaton, Abigail b.1640 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Eaton, Annys b.1600 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Barbara b.1577 -
Eaton, Barbara b.1569 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Clifford Sidney - Living
Eaton, Ebenezer Ansel b.1787 - 
Eaton, Edith Mytra b.1875 - 
Eaton, Edward Eugene - Living
Eaton, Eldred Lloyd b.1876 - 
Eaton, Elizabeth b.1662 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Eaton, Elizabeth b.1603 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Elizabeth b.1597 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Elizabeth F. - Living
Eaton, Elmer Eugene b.1876 -
Eaton, Eugene E. b.1851 -
Eaton, George Clifford -
Eaton, George K. b.1841 -
Eaton, Glenn Forrest b.1882 - 
Eaton, Gussie Eugenia b.1879 - 
Eaton, Herbert S. - Living
Eaton, Jacob b.1642 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Eaton, James Elmer - Living
Eaton, Jane b.1606 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, John -
Eaton, John c.1600 - Stratford, Warwick, England
Eaton, John b.1571 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, John c.1599 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, John c.1636 - Waterton, Litchfield, Connecticut
Eaton, John c.1633 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, John b.1611 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Jonas Augustus b.1841 - 
Eaton, Joyce b.1575 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Joyce b.1566 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Julia b.1838 - 
Eaton, Katherine b.1614 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Laura Margaret - Living
Eaton, Lillian Estelle - Living
Eaton, Mary b.1631 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Nicholas b.1612 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Nicholas b.1573 - of Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Norris Ralph - Living
Eaton, Ophelia Elvira b.1840 - 
Eaton, Paul Harrold b.1889 - 
Eaton, Peter b.1520 - of Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Peter b.1572 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, Ralph Clennard b.1881 -
Eaton, Sarah Elizabeth b.1848 - 
Eaton, Thomas b.1679 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Eaton, Thomas b.1707 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Eaton, Thomas b.1613 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, Thomas c.1633 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, William b.1665 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Eaton, William b.1849 - 
Eaton, William b.1570 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, William -
Eaton, William b.1602 - Dover, Kent, England
Eaton, William b.1594 - Dover, Kent, Eng.
Eaton, William Dickison - Living
Eaton, William Dorman b.1885 - 


Ebrew, Grace -


Eckert, Joseph b.1802 -
Eckert, Marie Rine b.1828 - Delsberg, Bern, Switzerland


Edmondson, Esther - Living


Edson, Carroll Andrew - Living
Edson, Lucile Elizabeth - Living
Edson, Stuart Partridge - Living
Edson, Virginia Crane - Living


Edwards, Abigail b.1707 - Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Edwards, Robert E. b.1859 -


Egerton, Charles m.1702 - , Prince George, Maryland


Ehle, John - Living


Elden, Francis - Living
Elden, Gibson -
Elden, Lida - Living


Elder, Margaret - Living


Eliot, Asaph -


Elithorpe, Abigail c.1725 -
Elithorpe, Elizabeth b.1736 -
Elithorpe, Henry m.1744 -
Elithorpe, Henry Lt. m.1718 -
Elithorpe, Huldah b.1739 -
Elithorpe, John c.1728 -
Elithorpe, Martha b.1734 -
Elithorpe, Mary m.1744 -
Elithorpe, Nathaniel c.1722 -


Ellen, Mary b.1857 -
Ellen, Philinda b.1844 -


Ellery, Ellerine Burr - Living
Ellery, John Stevens -


Elliott, Nettie - Living


Ellis, Abigail b.1728 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Abigail m.1725 - 
Ellis, Abigail m.1695 -
Ellis, Abner m.1747 -
Ellis, Alexander b.1787 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Amos m.1767 -
Ellis, Anna b.1795 - 
Ellis, Caroline b.1830 -
Ellis, Charlotte b.1785 - 
Ellis, David b.1701 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, David b.1701 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Eleazar b.1664 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Eliza b.1789 - 
Ellis, Ferdinand b.1783 - 
Ellis, Ferdinard Rev. b.1780 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Fern - Living
Ellis, Henry -
Ellis, Ichaboh b.1735 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Irene b.1784 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, James b.1697 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, James b.1799 - 
Ellis, John -
Ellis, John b.1728 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, John m.1686 -
Ellis, John b.1657 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, John Capt. b.1754 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Jonathan -
Ellis, Joseph m.1717 -
Ellis, Joseph -
Ellis, Joseph m.1740 -
Ellis, Joseph W. b.1797 - 
Ellis, Luther m.1798 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Ellis, Lydia b.1787 - 
Ellis, Martha Ann b.1838 -
Ellis, Mary b.1731 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Meletiah b.1745 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Moses b.1815 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Moses b.1782 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Oliver b.1726 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Orion b.1789 - 
Ellis, Perrin b.1833 -
Ellis, Phinehas b.1732 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Reuben b.1727 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Rhoda b.1793 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Rhoda b.1793 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Ellis, Richard -
Ellis, Samuel b.1697 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Sarah b.1725 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ellis, Sarah b.1791 - 


Ellsworth, Carrie - Living
Ellsworth, Hugh - Living
Ellsworth, Shelly - Living


Elmeston, Judith m.1616 - Hucking, Kent, England


Elsberg, Herman Joseph Van - Living


Elwyn, Drue c.1605 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Drue b.1602 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Elizabeth c.1563 - Old Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Elizabeth c.1601 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Margery c.1603 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Peter b.1493 - of Wood Dalling, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Sarah b.1593 - Hingham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Thomas b.1596 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, Thomas b.1566 - Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, William b.1537 - Old Heigham, Norfolk, England
Elwyn, William b.1594 - Heigham, Norfolk, England


Elzy, Martha E. m.1867 - , De Witt, Illinois


Emerson, Nancy m.1830 -


Emmons, Joseph - Living


England, Eugene A. b.1870 -
England, Mary C. - Living
England, William b.1829 - Mt Pulaski, Illinois


Enloe, Dorothy b.1915 - Rosalie, Nebraska


Enochs, Dora m.1891 - , Moore, Tennessee
Enochs, James Edward Mathew m.1871 - , Lincoln, Tennessee


Enright, John F. m.1903 -


Erdley, Agnes b.1565 - of Great Yarmout, Norfolk, England


Erickson, - Living
Erickson, Dale Eugene b.1923 -


Eshelman, Faye - Living


Estes, Ellen m.1860 -


Estey, Stewart m.1752 -


Estudillo, Virginia -


Eubanks, Delphine Lee - Living
Eubanks, Malcolm Hyde - Living
Eubanks, Manly - Living
Eubanks, Mark Quentin - Living
Eubanks, Mary Jewel - Living


Evan, Hugh b.1743 - Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland


Evans, Anthony -
Evans, C. R. - Living
Evans, Clarence b.1886 -
Evans, John d.1700 -
Evans, Mary -
Evans, Nancy b.1769 - Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland
Evans, Philip b.1687 -


Fail, Jane b.1816 - Monongalia Co, West Virginia
Fail, Phebe b.1815 - , Monongalia Co, West Virginia
Fail, Phillip b.1789 - <, Monongalia Co, West Virginia>


Fairbanke, Gilbert b.1505 -
Fairbanke, John b.1547 - Thornton, York, England
Fairbanke, John b.1480 -
Fairbanke, William b.1455 - of Halifax, Yorks, England


Fairbanks, c.1602 - , Yorks, England
Fairbanks, Abigail -
Fairbanks, Deborah -
Fairbanks, Elizabeth m.1798 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fairbanks, Experience b.1755 -
Fairbanks, Jabez b.1671 - Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Fairbanks, Jonas b.1633 - England
Fairbanks, Jonas -
Fairbanks, Jonatham Jr. b.1633 - England
Fairbanks, Jonathan b.1594 - of Sowerby Bridg, Yorkshire, England
Fairbanks, Lydia b.1619 - Boston, Lincoln, England
Fairbanks, Mary -
Fairbanks, Mary b.1622 - Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Fairbanks, Mary Stedman m.1829 -
Fairbanks, Susan b.1627 - Thornton-in-Craven, Yorkshire, England


Fairfax, Isabella -


Fales, Joel b.1782 -
Fales, Unity b.1793 -


Fallis, Molly - Living


Farlow, Isaac -
Farlow, Patricia "Paddy" - Living
Farlow, Sarah b.1812 -


Farmer, Eliza b.1698 - of St Barnabas C, Queen Annes Pari, Prince George, Maryland
Farmer, Mary - Living


Farnham, Hannah b.1834 -


Farnsworth, G.P. -
Farnsworth, George W. b.1855 -


Farr, Ann b.1811 - Christ Church, Southwark, Surry, England
Farr, Mary Ann c.1834 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Farr, William -


Farrar, Daniel b.1696 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Farrar, George -


Farrington, Daniel m.1691 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Farrington, Milcah -


Farrow, David James - Living


Fawcett, Esther S. b.1882 -
Fawcett, John (or Jehu) - Living


Fay, Jesse - Living


Felch, Franklin Jr. - Living


Felton, Gay - Living
Felton, Ila - Living
Felton, Inez Gaynell - Living
Felton, John Henry b.1893 -
Felton, John Hudson - Living
Felton, Sue - Living


Ferrers, Elizabeth b.1488 - Baddesley


Ferriozzi, Angela Marie - Living
Ferriozzi, John Andrew Michael - Living
Ferriozzi, Samantha Elizabeth - Living


Finch, Mr. -


Fischer, Lisa - Living


Fish, Phebe b.1733 - Portsmount, Newport, Rhode Island
Fish, Thomas b.1703 - Portsmount, Newport, Rhode Island


Fisher, Abigail b.1692 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Abigail -
Fisher, Abigail b.1674 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Abigail m.1753 -
Fisher, Asa m.1759 -
Fisher, Bethia -
Fisher, Comelius m.1702 - Wrentham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Constance b.1632 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Corndius - Living
Fisher, Cornelius m.1725 -
Fisher, David b.1690 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Edward - Living
Fisher, Eleazer b.1670 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Elihu b.1775 -
Fisher, Eliphalet b.1773 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Eliphalet b.1747 - Massachusetts
Fisher, Eliza -
Fisher, Elizabeth b.1662 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Hannah b.1674 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Hannah b.1672 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Hannah b.1665 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, James b.1686 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, John -
Fisher, John -
Fisher, Judith b.1775 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Lidiah b.1679 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Lydia -
Fisher, Mary m.1806 -
Fisher, Melatiah m.1711 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Melatiah b.1667 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Melitiah b.1667 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Nabby b.1787 -
Fisher, Obed b.1784 -
Fisher, Olive b.1777 -
Fisher, Oliver m.1793 -
Fisher, Rebecka b.1687 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Sally b.1788 -
Fisher, Samuel b.1681 - Dedham, Massachusetts
Fisher, Samuel b.1660 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Samuel b.1634 - of Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fisher, Simon -
Fisher, Thomas b.1641 - Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fisher, Thomas b.1607 - of Winston, Suffolk, England
Fisher, Vigelence b.1647 - 
Fisher, Willis m.1859 -


Fiske, Comfort b.1756 - Upton, Massachusetts
Fiske, Daniel -
Fiske, Samuel b.1758 -
Fiske, Samuel B. b.1727 - Wenham, Maine
Fiske, Sarah b.1761 - Upton, Massachusetts


Fitch, Sarah -


Flag, Mary E. m.1846 -


Flagg, Sophronia Antoinette b.1813 - Massachusetts


Fletcher, - Living
Fletcher, b.1766 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, b.1764 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, b.1762 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, b.1754 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, -
Fletcher, -
Fletcher, -
Fletcher, Abel b.1765 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Abigail b.1720 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Abigail b.1708 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Abraham b.1706 -
Fletcher, Albert Gordon b.1863 - Brooklyn, New York
Fletcher, Almina Eliza b.1866 - Howell Prairie, Marion, Oregon
Fletcher, Amos b.1808 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Amos b.1770 - Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Anna b.1781 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ariel K. b.1820 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Asaph b.1746 -
Fletcher, Asena b.1788 - 
Fletcher, Aurilla b.1807 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Aurilla F. b.1856 - , Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Aurilla Parmela b.1862 -
Fletcher, Aurora W. -
Fletcher, Austin C. b.1813 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Bathsheba b.1798 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Bela J. b.1811 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Benjamin b.1691 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Benjamin b.1677 -
Fletcher, Benjamin b.1703 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Benjamin b.1738 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Benjamin b.1788 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Benjamin Franklin b.1823 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Betsey b.1758 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Caleb b.1735 -
Fletcher, Carey b.1624 -
Fletcher, Charity b.1796 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Charles b.1716 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Charles Bradford b.1844 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Cyrus Kingsbury b.1812 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Daniel b.1775 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Daniel b.1714 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, David m.1742 -
Fletcher, David b.1726 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Delia b.1791 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Doris b.1920 -
Fletcher, Ebenezer b.1760 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ebenezer b.1761 - New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Ebenezer b.1694 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Edward Selwyn b.1842 -
Fletcher, Electa M. b.1809 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Elijah b.1718 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1737 -
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1735 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1712 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1720 -
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1663 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1688 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1726 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ellsworth Benjamin b.1863 - Preemption, Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Ellsworth Richmond - Living
Fletcher, Emeline b.1853 - , Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Emily b.1816 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ephraim b.1767 - Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ephraim b.1740 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Erastus b.1802 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Esther b.1664 -
Fletcher, Esther b.1835 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Evaline A. -
Fletcher, Flora Eliza - Living
Fletcher, Francis b.1698 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Francis b.1636 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, George b.1801 - Brooklyn, New York
Fletcher, George B. b.1814 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, George Gordon b.1833 - Brooklyn, New York
Fletcher, George Milton b.1853 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Hannah b.1762 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Hannah b.1733 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Hannah b.1666 -
Fletcher, Hannah b.1674 -
Fletcher, Hannah b.1694 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Henry Clay b.1849 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, Henry Wyman b.1846 - , New Hampshire
Fletcher, Hepsibah -
Fletcher, Hezekiah -
Fletcher, Hezekiah b.1672 -
Fletcher, Hiram D. b.1826 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, James b.1759 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, James b.1734 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Jane b.1700 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Jane Elizabeth - Living
Fletcher, Jerusha b.1712 -
Fletcher, Joanna b.1764 -
Fletcher, Joel b.1742 -
Fletcher, Joel b.1784 - 
Fletcher, Joel b.1800 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joel b.1763 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joel b.1743 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joel b.1783 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John b.1763 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John b.1718 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John b.1665 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John b.1692 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John b.1732 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, John Scott - Living
Fletcher, Jonathan b.1764 -
Fletcher, Jonathan b.1734 -
Fletcher, Joseph b.1763 - of New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Joseph b.1689 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joseph b.1661 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joseph b.1686 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joseph b.1736 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Joshua b.1648 -
Fletcher, Laura b.1804 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Laura b.1851 - , Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Laura E. b.1869 -
Fletcher, Lois Columbia b.1854 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, Lois Lorraine - Living
Fletcher, Louisa b.1806 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lucy b.1756 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lucy b.1706 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lucy Caroline b.1836 - Beardstown, Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Luke b.1620 - of Chelmsford, Essex, England
Fletcher, Lydia b.1741 -
Fletcher, Lydia b.1818 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lydia b.1710 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lydia b.1669 -
Fletcher, Lydia b.1647 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lydia b.1740 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lydia b.1774 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Lyman M. b.1819 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Mahela b.1804 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Malvina Lucy b.1850 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Martha b.1716 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Mary b.1731 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Mary b.1708 -
Fletcher, Mary b.1695 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Mary b.1658 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Mary Ann b.1858 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, Mary Spicer b.1841 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Melita b.1824 - of Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Melvin -
Fletcher, Melvina b.1850 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, Miriam Lois b.1848 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Nancy b.1815 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Nathan b.1810 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Olive b.1749 -
Fletcher, Oliver b.1795 - of Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Orpha b.1797 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Paul b.1658 - of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Phebe -
Fletcher, Polly b.1806 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Polly b.1771 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Quartus b.1799 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Rebecca -
Fletcher, Rebecca b.1729 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Rebecca b.1717 -
Fletcher, Rebecca b.1699 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Robert b.1762 - Dunstable, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Robert b.1727 - Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Robert b.1689 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Robert b.1592 - , Yorkshire, England
Fletcher, Russell Stanford b.1892 - New York, New York
Fletcher, Ruth b.1760 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ruth b.1696 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Ruth b.1848 - , Cass, Illinois
Fletcher, Sally b.1758 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel -
Fletcher, Samuel b.1692 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel -
Fletcher, Samuel b.1664 -
Fletcher, Samuel b.1632 -
Fletcher, Samuel b.1701 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel b.1683 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel b.1747 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel b.1657 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Samuel Metcalf b.1810 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Sarah -
Fletcher, Sarah b.1739 -
Fletcher, Sarah b.1762 -
Fletcher, Sarah b.1737 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah b.1715 -
Fletcher, Sarah b.1658 - of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah b.1668 - of Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah b.1690 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah b.1730 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah b.1763 - Grafton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Sarah Chapin -
Fletcher, Seth b.1744 -
Fletcher, Silas J. -
Fletcher, Silas Metcalf b.1846 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, Stillman Timothy b.1817 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Fletcher, Timothy b.1779 - Acton, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Timothy b.1728 - Concord, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Timothy b.1704 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Fletcher, Timothy b.1778 - Brimfield, Massachusetts
Fletcher, William b.1731 -
Fletcher, William b.1702 -
Fletcher, William b.1710 -
Fletcher, William b.1671 -
Fletcher, William b.1657 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Fletcher, William b.1801 - of Newport, New Hampshire
Fletcher, William b.1622 - Harrewood, Yorkshire, England
Fletcher, William S. b.1852 - Preemption, Mercer, Illinois
Fletcher, William Stillman b.1855 - <, New Hampshire>
Fletcher, Zebina b.1804 - of Grafton, Massachusetts


Fligg, Etta Charity b.1853 - 


Folger, Benjamin - Living
Folger, John - Living
Folger, Mary -
Folger, Shubael - Living


Follet, Albert E. -


Follett, Lavonia m.1871 -


Folrath, Davis B. -
Folrath, Thomas - Living


Fooks, Sarah m.1792 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England


Fopps, Elizabeth m.1838 -


Ford, Daniel E. m.1874 - Paekersville, Marion, Oregon
Ford, Monica m.1739 -
Ford, Robert d.1753 -


Foreman, James -
Foreman, Nancy -


Forkner, Thomas - Living


Forman, Anna Hamilton d.1786 -


Forrester, Elizabeth Ann m.1846 - , Nb
Forrester, Mary b.1759 - Newport, Ri


Forsythe, Elizabeth F. m.1880 -


Fosdick, Albert C. Dr -
Fosdick, Anslam B. -
Fosdick, Benejiah S. -
Fosdick, Benjamin F. m.1821 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Fosdick, John m.1652 -
Fosdick, John - Living
Fosdick, Jonathan m.1692 -
Fosdick, Jonathan -
Fosdick, Louise m.1837 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Fosdick, Lydia b.1786 - Nantucket, Massachusetts
Fosdick, Stephen d.1617 - Semer, Suffolk, England
Fosdick, Stephen b.1583 -
Fosdick, Timothy m.1843 -
Fosdick, William b.1798 -
Fosdick, William -
Fosdick, William -


Fosher, Ann b.1803 - , Bedford Co, Va


Foster, Elizabeth m.1759 -
Foster, Hubert Aaron - Living
Foster, John -
Foster, Oren F. - Living


Foulger, John - Living
Foulger, Peter - Living


Fowler, Benoni m.1738 - Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's Co., Maryland
Fowler, Jeremiah -
Fowler, Kenneth Wilson - Living


Foy, Robert C. - Living


Francis, Anne b.1563 - , Suffolk, England
Francis, Elizabeth m.1824 - Jennings, Indiana


Frazier, George m.1805 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Freeman, Alice b.1658 - Dartmounth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Freeman, Carrie Viola b.1891 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Freeman, Edmund b.1620 - Billingshurst, Susseex, England
Freeman, Forest Everland b.1878 - Dunlapsville, Union Co, In
Freeman, James Monroe b.1853 - , Union Co, In
Freeman, John b.1627 - England
Freeman, Karl Lester b.1884 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Freeman, Nellie Elizabeth b.1888 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Freeman, Sarah E. b.1828 - , Hamilton Co, Oh


Freer, Mariette b.1836 -


Frence, Elizabeth -


French, Erasmus b.1843 -
French, Harry C. b.1867 -
French, Nancy -


Freuler, Chris - Living
Freuler, Lloyd - Living
Freuler, Scott - Living


Frimann, Susanna Cleorhea b.1737 -


Frison, John - Living


Fry, Joseph m.1700 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Fry, Mary Heaton -


Fuhrman, -


Fulcher, Connie Stanton - Living
Fulcher, Tamar - Living
Fulcher, Virginia Dare - Living


Fulford, A. D. - Living
Fulford, Jerry - Living


Fuller, Almira Hayen b.1833 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Fuller, Artemas Dryden b.1831 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Fuller, Elizabeth m.1666 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Fuller, Elizabeth m.1666 -
Fuller, Joseph D. m.1830 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Fuller, Sarah -
Fuller, Simeon H. b.1824 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Fullerton, Inez -
Fullerton, Walter S. m.1882 - Salem, Marion Co, Or


Gage, Nabby -


Gagliano, Rosa - Living
Gagliano, Stefano Steve Sr - Living
Gagliano, Steve Jr - Living


Gagon, Patricia Jean - Living


Gajewski, Anna -


Galbreath, Ashley Patricia - Living
Galbreath, Donald S. - Living
Galbreath, Dorothy - Living
Galbreath, Evan - Living
Galbreath, Garrett - Living
Galbreath, John Alan - Living
Galbreath, Nyda Marie - Living


Gallant, Amy Lee - Living


Gallup, Benadam - Living
Gallup, Ester m.1705 -


Gansher, Bell - Living


Garber, Paula - Living


Gardener, Eliah b.1758 - Nantucket, Ma


Gardiner, m.1752 - Westerly, Rhode Island
Gardiner, Henry - Living


Gardner, Aaron b.1819 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Aaron b.1772 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Aaron b.1740 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Aaron m.1819 -
Gardner, Addington b.1696 -
Gardner, Agzine Minerva b.1843 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Anna b.1784 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Benjamin c.1758 -
Gardner, Benjamin b.1697 -
Gardner, Caleb b.1682 -
Gardner, Delia Ann b.1812 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Dinah -
Gardner, Elisha c.1766 -
Gardner, Elizabeth d.1761 -
Gardner, Elizabeth b.1800 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Elizabeth b.1814 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Hepachah b.1717 - , Lynchburg, Virginia
Gardner, Horatio b.1780 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Horatio W. b.1821 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, I. W. -
Gardner, Isaac -
Gardner, James m.1674 -
Gardner, James Allen b.1774 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Joanna b.1712 -
Gardner, John c.1770 -
Gardner, Jonathan b.1780 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Judith - Living
Gardner, Lydia b.1782 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Mary b.1787 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Mary Grace -
Gardner, Miriam -
Gardner, Miriam b.1789 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Nathaniel -
Gardner, Nathaniel - Living
Gardner, Oliver b.1756 -
Gardner, Pamelia Ware b.1814 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Patty b.1816 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Peter -
Gardner, Phebe b.1780 - Deep River, Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Richard b.1795 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Gardner, Richard - Living
Gardner, Samuel -
Gardner, Sarah b.1769 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Stephen b.1806 -
Gardner, Stephen Partridge b.1766 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gardner, Thomas b.1645 -
Gardner, Thomas - Living
Gardner, William b.1792 - , Guilford Co, Nc


Garmon, James Black -


Gascha, - Living


Gates, Mary -
Gates, Robert - Living


Gause, Martha P. - Living


Gay, Joann m.1679 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gay, Joanna b.1688 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Gay, John JR. b.1651 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Gaynor, George William -
Gaynor, James Edward -
Gaynor, Joseph -
Gaynor, Mary Ann -
Gaynor, William James b.1793 -
Gaynor, William Joseph b.1822 - St John, Nb, Canada


Gebhart, Richard John - Living


Gedding, Helena b.1333 - of Hessett, Suffolk, England


George, Judith -
George, Magdalene b.1607 - Barnham, Suffolk, England


Gibbens, Margaret m.1828 - Lewis Co, KY


Gibbon, Elizabeth -


Gid, Thomas m.1778 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England


Gifford, Helen D. - Living
Gifford, Lucy A. b.1815 -


Gilbert, Albert G. b.1874 - Avebury, Witshire, England
Gilbert, Alma b.1880 - Avebury, Witshire, England
Gilbert, David -
Gilbert, Edwin b.1851 - Avebury, Witshire, England
Gilbert, Emma Frances b.1854 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Frank Newton b.1856 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Henry b.1867 - Kinton Langley, Wiltshire, England
Gilbert, Isaac Newton b.1818 - Rushville, Yates Co, New York
Gilbert, Luella "Lulu" b.1864 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Martha Ellen "Mattie" b.1852 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Mary Etta b.1858 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Nellie Eugenia b.1868 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Gilbert, Sarah A. b.1877 - Avebury, Witshire, England
Gilbert, Sidney S. b.1873 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England


Giles, Elizabeth b.1671 -


Gilgeese, Eliphey m.1824 -


Gilkin, Terry - Living


Gill, Ann -
Gill, Edna - Living


Gillette, Adda (or Adah) b.1864 - , Mn


Gillispi, Rebecca b.1780 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania


Gilson, Abigail b.1600 - Faversham, Kent, England


Given, Thomas m.1838 - Lewis, Kentucky


Glancy, Christopher Michael - Living
Glancy, George Lawrence - Living
Glancy, Lawrence Michael - Living
Glancy, Lucinda Lee - Living
Glancy, Patrick Michael - Living
Glancy, Sharon Rose (Twin) - Living


Glasscock, Lemuel m.1825 - Adams Co. OH
Glasscock, Lemuel -


Gloor, Anna Maria c.1760 - Seon, Aargau, Switzerland
Gloor, Hans Jacob -


Glore, Robin - Living


Glover, Edith Laurena - Living


Goddard, John Dr. -


Godden, Thomas m.1545 - Leybourne, Kent, Egland


Goforth, Jane - Living


Gold, Margaret - Living


Golden, Brian Robert - Living
Golden, Bruce - Living
Golden, Kyle Anthony - Living


Goldenstein, Geraldine - Living


Goldsbury, Elizabeth b.1766 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Goldsbury, Priscilla b.1767 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Goldsbury, Samuel m.1764 -
Goldsbury, Sarah b.1770 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Goldstone, Elizabeth b.1606 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Goldstone, Frances b.1608 - , of Kent, England
Goldstone, Jane b.1602 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Goldstone, John b.1574 - Tonbridge, Kent, England
Goldstone, Robert b.1598 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Goldstone, Sarah b.1602 - of Tudeley, Kent, England


Gonzalez, Mary Jane b.1844 -


Goodale, Theodosia d.1832 -


Goodrich, John - Living
Goodrich, Mary Evelyn - Living


Goodwin, Gracie Cynthia b.1885 - Bigstone Township, Bigstone, Minnesota
Goodwin, Samuel Nelson b.1831 - New York


Gordon, Temperance b.1766 - Dunstable, Massachusetts


Gore, Frank - Living
Gore, Jean Eloise - Living


Gorman, Dianne Marie - Living
Gorman, Scott Edward - Living
Gorman, Thomas Connor - Living


Gossar, Anna b.1890 -


Goulet, Phillip Peter m.1873 - , Or


Graham, Edmund -
Graham, James m.1786 - Berkeyley Co. VA
Graham, Mable m.1906 -


Grange, Franklin Charles - Living
Grange, Mary - Living


Grant, Benjamin - Living
Grant, Joseph m.1741 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Grason, - Living


Grass, Elizabeth m.1821 -


Graves, Kelsey (or Kersey) - Living
Graves, Verlinda -
Graves, William -


Grayson, Joseph m.1807 - , Rutherford, North Carolina


Greathouse, Amanda -
Greathouse, Amanda - Living
Greathouse, Amanda -
Greathouse, Amanda Margaret Elizabeth -
Greathouse, Amelia - Living
Greathouse, America -
Greathouse, America - Living
Greathouse, Ann Elizabeth -
Greathouse, Ben - Living
Greathouse, Cecilla -
Greathouse, Daniel -
Greathouse, David - Living
Greathouse, Dolly - Living
Greathouse, Eliza - Living
Greathouse, Eliza Jane -
Greathouse, Elizabeth -
Greathouse, Elizabeth -
Greathouse, Fletcher -
Greathouse, George - Living
Greathouse, Harmon -
Greathouse, Harmon -
Greathouse, Isaac -
Greathouse, Isaac -
Greathouse, Isaac - Living
Greathouse, Isaac -
Greathouse, Isaac N. b.1792 -
Greathouse, James -
Greathouse, James -
Greathouse, James Harmon - Living
Greathouse, Jemimah -
Greathouse, John -
Greathouse, John B. b.1797 -
Greathouse, John Joseph -
Greathouse, Jonathan -
Greathouse, Joseph -
Greathouse, Joseph -
Greathouse, Julia -
Greathouse, Louisa -
Greathouse, Luther m.1822 -
Greathouse, Marcy (Mercy) -
Greathouse, Margaret -
Greathouse, Martha - Living
Greathouse, Martha -
Greathouse, Mary (Polly) -
Greathouse, Mary Adaline - Living
Greathouse, Mary Ann Elizabeth - Living
Greathouse, Nancy Stull m.1808 -
Greathouse, Nannie - Living
Greathouse, Rebecca -
Greathouse, Rechel -
Greathouse, Ridgle -
Greathouse, Roldolphus Bukey b.1801 -
Greathouse, Sallie Jane - Living
Greathouse, Sarah -
Greathouse, Sarah Jane -
Greathouse, Stull -
Greathouse, Susan -
Greathouse, Susannah b.1758 - of Hagerstown, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Greathouse, Thomas - Living
Greathouse, Wesley -
Greathouse, William -
Greathouse, William -
Greathouse, William -
Greathouse, William -
Greathouse, William b.1793 -
Greathouse, Wilson -


Greathouuse, Betsy b.1805 -
Greathouuse, Daniel Dale b.1891 -
Greathouuse, Edgar Emerson b.1889 -
Greathouuse, Edward b.1807 -
Greathouuse, Edward M. b.1838 -
Greathouuse, Eleanor Jane b.1850 -
Greathouuse, Henry b.1836 -
Greathouuse, Irvin Lee - Living
Greathouuse, Isabell b.1835 - Roane Co., West Virginia
Greathouuse, James b.1820 -
Greathouuse, John b.1774 -
Greathouuse, John Jr. b.1810 -
Greathouuse, Leonidas b.1896 - Roane Co., West Virginia
Greathouuse, Leonidas Lee -
Greathouuse, Mary b.1843 -
Greathouuse, Matilda b.1845 -
Greathouuse, Matilda b.1833 - Jackson Co., West Virginia
Greathouuse, Melinda b.1829 -
Greathouuse, Nancy b.1827 -
Greathouuse, Nathaniel b.1817 -
Greathouuse, Obin Ohse b.1898 -
Greathouuse, Rebecca b.1847 -
Greathouuse, Samuel William -
Greathouuse, Sarah b.1849 -
Greathouuse, Sarah b.1824 -
Greathouuse, Segil Shirley b.1898 -
Greathouuse, Soloman b.1815 -
Greathouuse, William H. b.1803 -
Greathouuse, Wyley B. b.1840 -
Greathouuse, Zirkle Zane b.1903 -


Greeman, Content b.1636 - Taunton, Massachusetts


Green, Luther m.1795 - Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Green, William m.1769 - No. Bradley, Wiltshire, England


Greene, Anne b.1662 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Audrey b.1667 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Catherine b.1665 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Deborah b.1649 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Job b.1656 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, John b.1651 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, John m.1648 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Greene, John -
Greene, Pernell b.1547 - Navestock, Essex, England
Greene, Peter b.1654 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Phillippa b.1658 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Richard b.1660 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, Samuel b.1670 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Greene, William b.1652 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island


Greenwood, Betty -


Grewell, Nancy m.1827 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Griffen, Etta m.1867 - Ptairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin


Griffin, Arvel Lloyd - Living
Griffin, Brenda - Living
Griffin, Brent - Living
Griffin, Brian - Living
Griffin, Claudia - Living
Griffin, Deidre - Living
Griffin, James - Living
Griffin, Mary m.1831 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Griffith, Isaac - Living
Griffith, Larina - Living


Griggs, Albergence m.1793 -


Grimbaldus, -


Grirdler, Isabelle b.1553 - Carr Parish, England


Griswold, Francis -
Griswold, Mary Mrs. -


Groesbeck, Theodora - Living


Groethausen, Christina b.1730 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Daniel b.1750 -
Groethausen, Gabriel b.1761 -
Groethausen, Harmon b.1720 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Harmon Jr. b.1762 -
Groethausen, Henry b.1695 - Heidelberg, Germany
Groethausen, Herman b.1676 - Heidelberg, Germany
Groethausen, Isaac Stull b.1763 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Groethausen, Jacob b.1724 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, John b.1738 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, John -
Groethausen, John Adolph b.1698 - Heidelberg, Germany
Groethausen, Jonathan b.1766 -
Groethausen, Katherine b.1732 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Magdaleana b.1722 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Mary b.1728 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Mary b.1758 -
Groethausen, Peter b.1726 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Rachel b.1747 -
Groethausen, Susanna b.1736 - Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Groethausen, Wilhelm -
Groethausen, William d.1799 -


Grondy, Anne E. m.1874 -


Grotoues, Clementine b.1856 -


Groves, Celia b.1777 - Monson, Massachusetts
Groves, Genette -


Guindon, Albert - Living
Guindon, William Raymond - Living


Gunn, Thankful -


Gurnsey, Elizabeth b.1705 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Guthrie, Jerry - Living


Hablett, Alice b.1513 - Hadlowe, Kent, England


Hafliger, - Living


Hagan, - Living
Hagan, Phillip Rea - Living
Hagan, Rea Lynn - Living


Hager, Lucy C. m.1834 - Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire


Hahm, Crystal Arabel - Living
Hahm, Herman -
Hahm, Perry - Living


Haigh, Alice Hannah -


Hailston, Margaret m.1659 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts


Haines, Mary -


Halcomb, Esther b.1890 -


Haley, Jack - Living


Hall, Beatrice b.1607 -
Hall, Bertha R. - Living
Hall, Caroline Kendall b.1833 - Andover. Oxford, Maine
Hall, Dorothy L. - Living
Hall, Eliza D. b.1853 -
Hall, Eva b.1891 -
Hall, George E. -
Hall, Gertrude M. - Living
Hall, Helen - Living
Hall, Howard S. - Living
Hall, Jane -
Hall, John - Living
Hall, Liberty b.1805 -
Hall, Rebecca b.1632 - Winston, Suffolk, England
Hall, Thomas m.1839 - , Montgomery, Indiana
Hall, Wilford T. b.1869 -
Hall, William m.1658 -
Hall, Wilmer -


Haller, Hana Heinrich m.1817 -


Hamant, Daniels b.1777 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Hamilton, - Living
Hamilton, Jacob m.1831 -
Hamilton, Leonard William b.1923 - Oakland, Alameda Co, Ca
Hamilton, Leonard William II d.1954 - San Rafael, Marin Co, Ca
Hamilton, Marilyn - Living

Hammon or Hamant

Hammon or Hamant, Mary m.1674 -


Hammond, Susan -


Hanagan, Patrick - Living


Hancock, Elizabeth b.1677 - Cambridge, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Hand, Mehitable m.1668 -


Handy, Mable Elizabeth m.1878 - Centerville, Hickman, Tennessee


Haney, Charles - Living


Hankins, Becky - Living
Hankins, Beverly - Living
Hankins, Bobbie Nolan - Living
Hankins, Brenda - Living
Hankins, Richard - Living
Hankins, Rodger - Living


Hanna, Gerald - Living


Hansen, Linda Marie - Living


Hardesty, Cornelia b.1810 -


Hardin, Elizabeth m.1863 - , Bracken, Kentucky


Harding, Abraham b.1691 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Abraham -
Harding, Abraham b.1655 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Elizabeth m.1787 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Elizabeth b.1688 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Ellen Louisa b.1840 -
Harding, Gardner b.1837 -
Harding, John b.1694 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, John b.1817 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Harding, John m.1809 - St John, Nb, Canada
Harding, Keziah b.1745 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Lysander b.1836 -
Harding, Martha Elizabeth b.1844 -
Harding, Mary m.1760 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Mary b.1687 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Mary -
Harding, Mehitable b.1684 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Moses b.1788 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Olive b.1722 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Harding, Oliver m.1832 -
Harding, Sally -
Harding, Sarah b.1732 - 
Harding, Thomas b.1692 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Harding, William Mason b.1821 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Hardy, Elizabeth b.1726 -


Hargreaves, Betty - Living


Harlow, Augustus -
Harlow, Ellen b.1845 - Vermont
Harlow, Thomas b.1772 -


Harold, Patsy Ruth - Living


Harper, Henry Black b.1800 -
Harper, Joseph m.1817 - Butler Co. OH


Harpole, Lafayette -


Harrington, Abigail m.1753 - Weston, Massachusetts


Harris, Abigail Roberson -
Harris, Anna Stanton -
Harris, Carol - Living
Harris, Caroline -
Harris, Catherine Marie - Living
Harris, Charles Michael m.1973 -
Harris, Clinton - Living
Harris, Clinton m.1928 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Harris, Daniel -
Harris, David - Living
Harris, Elijah b.1798 - Attamuskeet, Hyde Co, Nc
Harris, Eliza Ann - Living
Harris, Elizabeth -
Harris, Hannah -
Harris, James Phillip b.1931 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Harris, James Starch - Living
Harris, John m.1849 - Wayne Co., Indiana
Harris, Leslie Carol - Living
Harris, Penine -
Harris, Phillip James - Living
Harris, Sarah - Living
Harris, Timothy Joseph - Living


Harrison, Alice Elizabeth m.1902 - Exira, Iowa


Harrold, Amy m.1843 -


Hart, Karen Kay - Living


Hartman, Henrietta -


Hartness, Elizabeth -


Hartshorn, Calle b.1755 -
Hartshorn, Ebenzer -
Hartshorn, Sarah Greenwood b.1811 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts


Hartwell, Sarah b.1595 - Yorkshire or Shrophire, England


Harvey, David -
Harvey, Gordon Crenshaw b.1894 - Arkansas
Harvey, Joanna m.1641 -
Harvey, John - Living
Harvey, John - Living
Harvey, Salley -
Harvey, Sarah m.1630 - Addgate Ward, London, England
Harvey, William - Living


Harwood, Fred James b.1859 -
Harwood, Leander m.1858 -
Harwood, Susanna m.1820 -


Harwoods, Elizabeth b.1535 - Stepney, Middlesex, England


Haskell, George -
Haskell, Solomon Jr. - Living


Hastings, Denning J. -
Hastings, Harriet Lucy b.1840 - West Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hastings, John m.1791 -
Hastings, Keziah m.1756 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts


Hatcher, Mollie b.1886 - Barren Co., Kentucky


Hathorne, Alice b.1528 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Ann b.1608 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Anne b.1582 - of Bray, Berks, Engl
Hathorne, Christopher b.1548 - of Bray, Berks., Engl
Hathorne, Edmund b.1628 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Elizabeth m.1650 - of Binfield, Berks, Eng
Hathorne, Elizabeth b.1536 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Elizabeth b.1578 - of Bray, Berks, Engl
Hathorne, Gilbert b.1626 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Henry b.1534 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, James b.1522 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Jane b.1524 - of Bray, Berk, Eng
Hathorne, Jane b.1551 - of Bray, Berks, Eng
Hathorne, Joane c.1572 - Binfield, Berk, Eng
Hathorne, Joane c.1611 - Bray, Berk, Eng
Hathorne, John b.1530 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, John b.1554 - Binfield, Berks., Engl
Hathorne, John b.1621 - Binfield, Berks., England
Hathorne, Marie Marie -
Hathorne, Mary b.1580 - of Bray, Berks, Engl
Hathorne, Nathaniel b.1576 - of Bray, Berks, Engl
Hathorne, Nathaniel b.1623 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Robert b.1464 -
Hathorne, Robert b.1524 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Robert b.1618 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, Thomas b.1490 - of Bray, Berks., England
Hathorne, Thomas b.1551 - of Bray, Berks., Engl
Hathorne, Thomas b.1520 - of Bray, Berks., England
Hathorne, William b.1532 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, William b.1545 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hathorne, William b.1607 - Bray, Berks., Engl.


Haven, Abiel m.1754 -
Haven, Hannah m.1751 -


Hawes, - Living
Hawes, Daniel -
Hawes, Fanny -
Hawes, Jason -
Hawes, Johnathan b.1742 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hawes, Jonathan b.1773 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hawes, Keziah b.1735 - Wrenthan, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hawes, Meletiah -
Hawes, Nathan -
Hawes, Nathan -
Hawes, Nathaniel -
Hawes, Nathaniel -
Hawes, Nathaniel -
Hawes, Sally -
Hawes, Susanna -
Hawes, Suzanna -


Hawkes, Robert - Living
Hawkes, Roberta Lois - Living
Hawkes, Sarah P. m.1853 -


Hawkins, Benjamin -
Hawkins, Gerald Raymond - Living
Hawkins, Heidi Lynn - Living
Hawkins, Henry b.1657 - England
Hawkins, Herbert Clifton - Living
Hawkins, Herbert Lee - Living
Hawkins, Herbert Webber - Living
Hawkins, Jeanna Rae - Living
Hawkins, Jeffrey Todd - Living
Hawkins, Jesse - Living
Hawkins, Jilene Rene - Living
Hawkins, Joyce Marie - Living
Hawkins, Larry Dwight - Living
Hawkins, Lisa Jane - Living
Hawkins, Margaret Marie - Living
Hawkins, Mary b.1680 - Charles co., Maryland


Hawthorne, Elizabeth b.1614 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Hawthorne, William b.1575 - of Bray, Berks, England


Hay, Perry B. m.1867 -


Hayden, Elizabeth b.1824 - Lewis Co, KY
Hayden, Elizabeth m.1844 - , Champaign, Illinois
Hayden, Rebecca b.1822 - Lewis Co. KY


Hays, James - Living


Hayward, Elizabeth b.1735 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Ezekiel -
Hayward, Julia b.1764 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Melatiah b.1745 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Metilda b.1769 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Nabee b.1749 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Nathan b.1744 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Phebe b.1747 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Priscilla b.1766 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Ruben b.1740 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Samuel b.1734 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hayward, Samuel m.1733 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Hayward, Sarah m.1774 - Mendon, Massachuetts
Hayward, William m.1828 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England


Hazard, Wilbur m.1804 -


Healy, Rebecca m.1744 -


Heath, Abigail m.1684 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Heath, Cora Lorena b.1888 -
Heath, Edward Emory b.1883 -
Heath, George Calaway b.1875 -
Heath, Horace Handley b.1879 -
Heath, J. W. T. m.1877 - , Lincoln, Tennessee
Heath, Mary Ethel - Living
Heath, Myrtle Pearle b.1885 -
Heath, Verlinie Blanche b.1881 - , Lincoln, Tennessee
Heath, William Butler b.1877 -


Heaton, Mary -


Hedley, John m.1670 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Hedrick, Dan Arthur b.1925 -
Hedrick, Hubert - Living
Hedrick, Lyle Phillip - Living


Helton, Alfred b.1831 - , Tennessee
Helton, Cornelius b.1846 - , Tennessee
Helton, John Daniel b.1842 - , Hardin, Tennessee
Helton, John Richard m.1825 - , Tennessee
Helton, Margaret b.1834 - , Tennessee
Helton, Mary Ann b.1826 - , Tennessee
Helton, Sarah b.1839 - , Tennessee


Henchman, Thomas -


Henderson, Andrew -
Henderson, Harriet b.1804 - , Kentucky


Henry, b.1849 -
Henry, Elizabeth b.1847 - Montague, Massachusetts
Henry, Nathan F. m.1846 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Henry, William -


Hernandez, Alex - Living
Hernandez, Biance - Living
Hernandez, Jack - Living
Hernandez, Marvin - Living
Hernandez, Nicole - Living


Herren, George m.1886 - Salem, Marion Co, Or


Herrick, Amos m.1821 -


Herwig, Craig Allen - Living
Herwig, Kim Allison - Living
Herwig, Linda Ann - Living
Herwig, Robert N. - Living


Hess, Harry Charles b.1883 - Somonauk, Illinois


Hester, Bill - Living


Hewitt, James - Living
Hewitt, Marvin - Living
Hewitt, Richard - Living


Hickman, Jacob -
Hickman, James R. b.1848 - , Vermillion, Illinois
Hickman, Richard Collins b.1825 - , Brown, Ohio


Hicks, Nancy Jane m.1853 -
Hicks, Zechariah m.1759 -


Higgenson, James -


Higginbotham, Benjamin Isaac m.1832 - , Franklin, Tennessee


Higgins, Stephen - Living


Higley, Susan - Living


Hill, -
Hill, Bathsheba b.1744 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Hill, Charles F. - Living
Hill, Edward - Living
Hill, Ephraim b.1731 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Fisher m.1818 -
Hill, Hannah -
Hill, Huldah b.1748 -
Hill, Ichabod b.1760 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Joel b.1763 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Joseph -
Hill, Joseph b.1701 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Kezia b.1767 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Levi b.1759 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Lona b.1761 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Molly m.1768 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Phebe b.1765 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hill, Samuel m.1791 - Sherborn, Massachusetts
Hill, Samuel -
Hill, Samuel m.1795 -
Hill, Sarah m.1844 -


Hilliard, Elizabeth - Living


Hills, Jabez m.1726 -


Hinkle, Janet Aileen - Living


Hiser, -
Hiser, Barbara - Living
Hiser, Carol Ann - Living
Hiser, Cora May b.1889 - Cerro Gordo, MacOn, Illinois
Hiser, Cyril d.1915 - Macon, Illinois
Hiser, Earl A. b.1891 - Cerro Gordo, Illinois
Hiser, Earl Cedric b.1915 - Cerro Gordo, Platt, Illinois
Hiser, Ethel E. b.1893 - Cerro Gordo, Macon, Illinois
Hiser, Harold Eugene - Living
Hiser, Harold Russell b.1906 -
Hiser, Harold Russell Jr. - Living
Hiser, Kenneth D. b.1932 -
Hiser, Mary Hellen - Living
Hiser, Melvin Jenks b.1897 - Cerro Gordo, Macon, Illinois
Hiser, Ralph Thomas b.1901 - Cerro Gordo, Platt, Illinois
Hiser, Samuel m.1888 - Decatur, Macon, Illinois
Hiser, Solomon - Living
Hiser, William Ralph - Living


Hitchcock, Adaline Demontauk b.1808 - New Marlboro, Massachusetts


Hitt, James Arthur - Living
Hitt, Jearl - Living
Hitt, Jonathan David - Living
Hitt, Joseph Michael - Living


Hixon, Abraham -
Hixon, Alfred b.1815 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Amos Turner b.1792 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Asa -
Hixon, Asa b.1768 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Egbert b.1803 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Elias -
Hixon, Elihu b.1796 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Elihue H. -
Hixon, Elizabeth b.1812 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Ira b.1817 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Isaac b.1799 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Isaac b.1762 -
Hixon, Isarma E. -
Hixon, Jacob b.1804 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Jocham b.1761 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Julia A. b.1830 - Hamden, Maine
Hixon, Mary -
Hixon, Oswald b.1824 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Reuben b.1765 -
Hixon, Seth b.1799 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hixon, Seth b.1759 -
Hixon, Seth b.1734 - Stoughton, Massachusetts
Hixon, Willard -


Hobart, -
Hobart, Amanda -
Hobart, Arthur -
Hobart, Daisy -
Hobart, Edgar -
Hobart, Esther -
Hobart, Ira -
Hobart, Mary b.1574 - of Barnham, Norfolk, England
Hobart, Scott T. b.1845 -


Hobbs, Dan - Living


Hodge, Sorothy - Living


Hodgeman, Aloah B. m.1906 -


Hodgin, Eli - Living
Hodgin, Mary b.1810 -
Hodgin, Sina b.1883 -


Hodson, Henry m.1818 - , Union Co, In


Hofies, Theodore - Living


Hoge, Lydia M. b.1883 -


Hogg, Francis -


Hogge, Jane b.1600 - Beddenshall, England


Hogue, Nimrod - Living


Hoiland, Elizabeth b.1660 - Charles co., Maryland
Hoiland, Henry b.1630 -


Holady, Mary -


Holbrook, Aaron m.1762 - Mendon, Massachusetts
Holbrook, Bethiah m.1763 -
Holbrook, Catherine m.1774 - Mendon, Massachusetts
Holbrook, Elizabeth m.1782 -
Holbrook, Margaret b.1633 -
Holbrook, Mary -
Holbrook, Melitiah m.1790 -
Holbrook, Ruth d.1789 -


Holden, b.1811 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Aaron b.1804 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Caroline b.1812 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Cyrene b.1806 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, David b.1826 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Joshua A. m.1829 -
Holden, Rufus b.1774 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Rufus Bradley b.1819 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Thankful b.1816 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Holden, Willard -


Hollenbeck, Minerva D. - Living


Hollinger, Harvey - Living
Hollinger, Iva Meredith - Living


Hollingsworth, Mary -
Hollingsworth, Rachel m.1814 - Silver Creek, Indiana


Holloway, Amos b.1759 - Burlington Co., Nj
Holloway, Harold L. - Living
Holloway, Isaac -
Holloway, Katharine m.1788 - , Stafford, Virginia, Virginia
Holloway, Mary b.1770 -
Holloway, Paul W. - Living
Holloway, Stephen -


Holman, Elizabeth b.1644 -


Holmes, Elizabeth m.1735 - Walpole, Massachusetts


Hoo, Cicily m.1280 -


Hoobler, Horace - Living


Hooker, Betsey Belcher b.1768 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Danny Perkins b.1787 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Francis S. b.1771 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Henry - Living
Hooker, John b.1773 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, John m.1740 -
Hooker, John Frank b.1777 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, John Jr. m.1769 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Nancy -
Hooker, Polly b.1775 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Sally b.1780 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Samuel b.1774 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hooker, Thomas Tuttle b.1783 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts


Hopkins, -
Hopkins, Aaron James - Living
Hopkins, Caroline Ann - Living
Hopkins, Constance m.1626 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Hopkins, Jon Stewart - Living
Hopkins, Laura Beth - Living
Hopkins, Mary Lincoln m.1895 -
Hopkins, Perry -
Hopkins, Perry -
Hopkins, Rhoda m.1793 -


Horndale, John b.1610 - England
Horndale, Mary b.1646 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Horndale, Mary b.1647 - Portsmounth, Newport, Ri


Horner, Ephraim m.1844 -


Hosmer, Anna b.1727 -
Hosmer, Elizabeth b.1738 -
Hosmer, James b.1749 -
Hosmer, James m.1726 -


House, Brent Allen - Living
House, Denise Kay - Living
House, Jack Clifford - Living
House, Jared Ray - Living
House, Kevin Dean - Living


Houseman, Andrew - Living
Houseman, Christina Lee Olympia - Living
Houseman, Christopher - Living
Houseman, Joseph Sylvester - Living
Houseman, Rebecca Jane - Living
Houseman, Sian Lorraine Athena - Living


Houser, J. C. m.1853 - , De Witt, Illinois


Houston, Robert -


Howard, -
Howard, Ashbury m.1823 -
Howard, Ellen Amanda b.1839 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Howard, Elmira -
Howard, Jeptha Jr. b.1810 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Howard, Levi m.1816 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Howard, Lewis Strong b.1812 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Howard, Lucinda Elmira b.1833 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Howard, Mary Angelia b.1849 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont


Howe, David B. -
Howe, Evelyn -
Howe, Mary Jane b.1822 - Berlin, Vermont
Howe, Thomas b.1585 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Howe, Thomas b.1598 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Howe, Thomas m.1612 -


Howes, Aaron James - Living
Howes, Andre Mathew - Living
Howes, Byron Douglas - Living
Howes, Donald John - Living
Howes, Elaina Louise - Living
Howes, Eric Jay - Living
Howes, Eva Ann - Living
Howes, James Burr - Living
Howes, Jeremiah b.1637 - Norfolk, England
Howes, John Steven - Living
Howes, Justin Burr - Living
Howes, Leon Charles - Living
Howes, Marion Roe - Living
Howes, Norma Elizabeth - Living
Howes, Steven Douglas - Living


Howland, Arthur m.1667 - Marshfield, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Howland, J. B. Dr. - Living


Hoyle, Sarah b.1821 - , Ohio


Hoyt, Mary Stevens -


Hubbard, Abigail m.1721 - Concord, Massachusetts
Hubbard, Anthony m.1648 -
Hubbard, Dennis m.1843 -
Hubbard, Jonathan -
Hubbard, Jonathan - Living
Hubbard, Thomas -


Hubbert, Bessie Hayes b.1911 - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, Ca


Huddleston, William -


Huddlestone, Jonathan -


Huffman, Nellie - Living


Hughes, - Living
Hughes, Alvin -
Hughes, Daisy b.1880 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Hughes, Frank b.1881 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Hughes, George E. b.1878 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Hughes, John A. m.1877 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Hughes, John Orbed - Living
Hughes, Millie - Living
Hughes, Myrtle b.1885 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Hughes, Susan Mary b.1848 - , Missouri


Hughey, Leota - Living


Hughs, William I. - Living


Hulet, Sally -
Hulet, Tryphence b.1797 -


Hull, Cynthia Oregon - Living
Hull, Mary b.1685 - of Jamestown, Rhode Island
Hull, Matthew R. -


Hundred, Martha b.1746 -


Hungerford, Anne b.1574 -


Hunsaker, John b.1796 - Fayette Co. PA


Hunt, Caroline b.1824 - West Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Hunt, Hannah m.1690 -
Hunt, Luther Metcalf b.1809 - Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts


Hunter, Janice Kay - Living


Hunting, Elizabeth m.1671 -


Hurl, Annie - Living


Huss, Patricia - Living


Hussey, Jane b.1547 - of Dover, Kent, England


Hutchins, John - Living


Hutchinson, Charles Rufus b.1853 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Hutchinson, Ellen -
Hutchinson, Margaret - Living
Hutchinson, Rufus Jr. b.1823 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont


Hyde, Beriah W. m.1842 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Hyde, Lucy b.1810 - PA


Ide, Martha m.1681 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts


Illsley, Buoy Russell b.1862 -
Illsley, Carol Ann - Living
Illsley, Charles Samuel - Living
Illsley, Charles Thomas b.1867 - Canada
Illsley, Haddon Bartlet - Living
Illsley, Loran Thomas - Living
Illsley, Mary Elizabeth b.1854 -
Illsley, Mary Elizabeth - Living
Illsley, Owen Staddon - Living
Illsley, Perry Selvester b.1857 -
Illsley, Ruth b.1946 -
Illsley, Thomas Randal -
Illsley, Thomas Randall Sr. - Living


Inebrie, Margaret Elizabeth b.1854 -


Ingram, Catherine A. b.1866 - Llandudno, Wales


Inman, Karl - Living


Irish, Ellen -


Isaac, Joseph d.1688 - Calvert Co., Maryland


Isaacke, Agnes b.1574 -
Isaacke, Barthalomew b.1624 -
Isaacke, Edward b.1611 -
Isaacke, Edward b.1585 - Lincolnshire, England
Isaacke, Elizabeth b.1622 -
Isaacke, Ellin b.1616 -
Isaacke, Henry b.1619 -
Isaacke, Jane b.1609 -
Isaacke, Jane b.1580 -
Isaacke, John b.1614 -
Isaacke, Luke b.1620 -
Isaacke, Margaret b.1570 -
Isaacke, Margori b.1572 -
Isaacke, Marie b.1577 -
Isaacke, Mary b.1607 -
Isaacke, Richard b.1543 -
Isaacke, William -


Isaacs, Mary Margaret m.1809 - of North Carolin


Isacke, Benjamin d.1652 - Great Gonerby. Lincolnshire, England
Isacke, Cheiny Sharpe d.1652 - Great Gonerby. Lincolnshire, England
Isacke, Danniella b.1723 -
Isacke, Dorcas -
Isacke, Edward d.1691 -
Isacke, Eliza -
Isacke, Elizabeth b.1677 -
Isacke, Jemima b.1727 - Maryland
Isacke, Joseph b.1681 -
Isacke, Joseph b.1715 -
Isacke, Joseph d.1757 -
Isacke, Joseph b.1642 - , England
Isacke, Keziah m.1738 - Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's Co., Maryland
Isacke, Mary -
Isacke, Mary b.1712 - Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's Co., Maryland
Isacke, Naomi b.1655 -
Isacke, Rachel b.1716 -
Isacke, Rebecca b.1645 -
Isacke, Rebecca b.1680 - , Charles, Maryland
Isacke, Richard -
Isacke, Richard b.1606 - Fulbeck, Linconshire
Isacke, Richard b.1721 - Maryland
Isacke, Richard b.1679 - Calvert Co., Maryland
Isacke, Sarah b.1714 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Isacke, Sutton -


Isreal, Isaac - Living


J., Martha d.1875 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine


Jackson, Beulah -
Jackson, Caryl Anne - Living
Jackson, Columbus - Living
Jackson, Daniel Loren - Living
Jackson, Eugene Douglas - Living
Jackson, Glenn Francis - Living
Jackson, Hattie d.1900 - , Lane Co, Or
Jackson, Helen Isabel - Living
Jackson, Kenneth - Living
Jackson, Lawrence Donald - Living
Jackson, Lawrence Whitman - Living
Jackson, Lucy Dana m.1812 -
Jackson, Mary b.1781 - Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Jackson, Oliver -
Jackson, Seth - Living
Jackson, Timothy - Living
Jackson, William Eugene - Living


Jacob, Mordecai m.1745 - Prince George Co. Maryland


Jacobs, Rachel S. m.1835 -


Jacobson, Lillian - Living


Jared, Betsy m.1837 - , Vanderburg, Indiana


Jaynes, Martie - Living


Jeanes, Rechel m.1759 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England


Jefferie, Edward b.1583 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
Jefferie, John b.1572 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
Jefferie, Margaret b.1579 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
Jefferie, Nicholas b.1585 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
Jefferie, Thomas b.1581 - of Pemburie, Kent, England
Jefferie, William b.1577 - of Pemburie, Kent, England


Jeffrie, Frances b.1572 - of Pemburie, England
Jeffrie, John b.1552 -


Jensen, Emma Christine - Living
Jensen, Greg - Living
Jensen, Ryan Keith - Living


Jepharson, Thomas m.1714 -


Jewell, Grisell m.1668 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Jewell, Thomas -


Jobo, Mary m.1634 -


Johnson, - Living
Johnson, Aaron - Living
Johnson, Abigail m.1750 -
Johnson, Abigail m.1758 - Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Johnson, Abigail -
Johnson, Benjamin b.1598 - of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Johnson, Calvin - Living
Johnson, Craig - Living
Johnson, Daniel -
Johnson, David - Living
Johnson, David S.m.1870 -
Johnson, Elizabeth -
Johnson, George F. - Living
Johnson, Hannah b.1705 - of Haure de Grac, Maryland
Johnson, Helen Marlene - Living
Johnson, Isaac - Living
Johnson, Karen - Living
Johnson, Mary m.1848 -
Johnson, Mary E. b.1803 - Medina, New York
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth b.1867 - Industry, Kansas
Johnson, Shirlene - Living
Johnson, Stanley - Living
Johnson, Usiah - Living


Jolley, Cordelia Collier m.1887 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Jolly, Elizabeth Ann - Living


Jones, - Living
Jones, Aaron b.1790 -
Jones, Anna m.1676 -
Jones, Arthur Lee b.1869 -
Jones, Augustus Appleton b.1797 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Jones, Betsey m.1823 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Jones, Betsy b.1813 - Washington, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Jones, Betty -
Jones, Charles Emmons b.1848 -
Jones, Ed -
Jones, Edward Lloyd b.1839 -
Jones, Florence -
Jones, George -
Jones, Hannah - Living
Jones, Helen Aurora b.1874 -
Jones, Herbert Randall b.1869 -
Jones, James Aus m.1882 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Jones, James Lloyd b.1834 -
Jones, Julius Appleton b.1843 -
Jones, Laura -
Jones, Leonard Augustus b.1832 -
Jones, Martha b.1701 -
Jones, Mary -
Jones, Maude -
Jones, Nellie -
Jones, Norma -
Jones, Ocea -
Jones, Richard -
Jones, Richard m.1717 - Queen Anne Co., Maryland
Jones, Shelia Mae - Living
Jones, Ted - Living
Jones, Whaley -
Jones, William -


Jordan, Louise - Living


Joy, Lewis - Living


Joyner, Eva - Living


Judson, Esther m.1676 -


Justice, Priscilla - Living


Karjola, - Living


Karr, J. W. m.1852 - , De Witt, Illinois


Keeney, Rebecca - Living


Keilkucki, Kathleen Marie - Living


Keith, Hannah b.1798 -
Keith, Israel -


Kelley, John W. m.1874 - , Marion Co, Or
Kelley, Karin Elizabeth - Living
Kelley, Stanton b.1875 -


Kelly, Janet Lois - Living
Kelly, Sarah Mariah m.1895 -


Kelso, Abigail Lavina b.1850 -
Kelso, Alexander -
Kelso, Elizabeth Easter b.1842 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Kelso, George -
Kelso, George M. m.1838 - , Washington, Pennsylvania
Kelso, Jesse R. b.1848 -
Kelso, Margaret A. b.1854 -
Kelso, Mark -
Kelso, Mark b.1845 -
Kelso, Mary Elsie b.1883 -
Kelso, Mary Jane b.1840 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Kelso, William F. - Living
Kelso, William James b.1852 -


Kelson, Craig James - Living
Kelson, Erika Astrid - Living


Kemp, - Living
Kemp, Patience -
Kemp, William m.1637 -


Kempton, Mary Carolyn b.1855 - Sidney, Maine


Kendall, Caroline b.1832 -
Kendall, Ezra m.1837 -
Kendall, Frances b.1753 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kendall, Harriet b.1844 -
Kendall, Isaac P. b.1801 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Kendall, Jonas -
Kendall, Louise b.1836 - Jamaica, Vermont
Kendall, Marcus -
Kendall, Martin -
Kendall, Ruth b.1703 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Kendall, Solon b.1831 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Kendall, Solon m.1857 -


Kendrick, Hannah b.1652 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Kendrick, Sarah -


Keneda, Anna Grace - Living
Keneda, Scott - Living
Keneda, Thomas Walter - Living


Kenton, Edward - Living


Kern, Barbara m.1818 - Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Kern, Nancy Louise - Living


Keyes, Asa -
Keyes, Mary b.1803 - Sterling, Worcester, Massachusetts
Keyes, Ruth b.1770 - Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Keyes, Simeon -


Kibbey, Austin L. b.1805 - Newport, New Hampshire
Kibbey, Lois b.1837 -
Kibbey, Orren C. b.1834 - , New Hampshire
Kibbey, Sara A. b.1842 -
Kibbey, William B. b.1832 -


Kidder, Willard m.1860 -


Kimball, Carrie O. - Living
Kimball, Charlotte Flint b.1808 - Mt. Vernon, Kennebec, Maine


Kimble, Phyllis M. b.1926 - Colfax, Whitman, Washington


Kincaid, Jeanne - Living


King, Rachelle m.1817 - , Harrison, Kentucky
King, Richard m.1845 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Kingsbury, Aaron b.1743 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Abigail b.1749 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Daniel b.1715 -
Kingsbury, Daniel b.1688 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Eleazer b.1645 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Elizabeth m.1672 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Elizabeth b.1718 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Elizabeth b.1638 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, James m.1584 - , England
Kingsbury, James b.1678 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, John m.1666 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, John b.1643 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, John b.1686 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Joseph b.1640 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Joseph b.1746 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Joseph b.1609 - , Suffolk, England
Kingsbury, Lois b.1745 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Mary -
Kingsbury, Mary b.1637 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Millicent b.1693 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Moses b.1743 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Nathaniel b.1674 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Nathaniel b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Olive b.1751 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Sarah b.1635 -
Kingsbury, Silas (Cyrees) m.1789 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Stephen b.1754 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Stephen b.1717 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Timothy b.1680 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Kinney, Isaac m.1841 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Kinsman, Olive -


Kinyon, Peleg -


Kirk, James -
Kirk, Joseph -
Kirk, Martin d.1709 - St. Mary's Co., Maryland


Kirshaw, James -


Knapp, Jeri Rae - Living


Knight, Benjamin -
Knight, Daniel -
Knight, Elizabeth b.1656 - possibly Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Knight, Polly b.1771 - Phillipston, Massachusetts


Knights, Zebina -


Knowles, William m.1791 -


Knowlton, Charles Walbridge b.1829 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Knowlton, Ellen Adeline b.1838 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Knowlton, George William b.1830 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Knowlton, Jason m.1827 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Knowlton, Marion Maria b.1840 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Knowlton, Mary Elisabeth b.1843 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts


Knox, Baker -
Knox, Estelle Jane b.1862 - , Lane, Oregon
Knox, Horace G. -
Knox, Ross m.1861 - , Lane, Oregon
Knox, Samuel Laban -
Knox, Walter -


Kohler, Emma b.1884 -


Komonchak, Alice - Living
Komonchak, Andrew Robert - Living
Komonchak, Ann - Living
Komonchak, Bernadette - Living
Komonchak, Estello - Living
Komonchak, Irene - Living
Komonchak, James - Living
Komonchak, Joan - Living
Komonchak, Joseph Andrew - Living
Komonchak, Joseph Bernard - Living
Komonchak, Mary Ann - Living
Komonchak, Patricia - Living
Komonchak, Roberta - Living
Komonchak, Virginia - Living


Koomis, Margaret Mary - Living


Kovalsky, Vera - Living


Kownacki, Helen - Living


Krautter, Karolina Sophie - Living


Krebs, Abigail - Living
Krebs, Adam - Living
Krebs, Andy - Living
Krebs, Cath Ann - Living
Krebs, Curtis - Living
Krebs, Edward Lawrence - Living
Krebs, John Albert - Living


Krutsingen, Mark Wesley - Living


Kutter, Carl - Living


Kuykendall, Abigail b.1818 - , Tennessee
Kuykendall, Abraham Jr. m.1790 - Lincoln, Rutherford, North Carolina
Kuykendall, Catherine b.1792 - , North Carolina
Kuykendall, Charles b.1820 - , Tennessee
Kuykendall, Eleanor b.1809 - , Tennessee
Kuykendall, Esther b.1803 - , Tennessee
Kuykendall, Isaac b.1800 -
Kuykendall, Jacob b.1798 - , North Carolina
Kuykendall, Mary b.1795 - , North Carolina


Kuykendell, Abram m.1829 -


L., Delia b.1840 -


Lackland, Elisha m.1785 -


Ladd, Abigail b.1794 -


Lafayette, - Living
Lafayette, Ed - Living
Lafayette, Edgar - Living
Lafayette, George - Living
Lafayette, Irman - Living
Lafayette, Karen - Living
Lafayette, Kenneth - Living
Lafayette, Laura - Living


Lafuze, Adelina m.1858 - , Union Co, In
Lafuze, Alida -


Lake, Jane -
Lake, John -
Lake, Thomas -


Lakin, Abigail b.1671 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Abigail b.1667 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Benjamin b.1672 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Elizabeth m.1706 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, John b.1628 - Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, England
Lakin, John Jr. b.1660 - probably Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Joseph b.1670 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Josiah b.1675 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Lydia b.1677 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Mary b.1658 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, Sarah b.1662 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lakin, William b.1664 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Lamb, Edgar A. -


Lambert, Sarah b.1661 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts


Lamoreaux, Hugh - Living


Lamphere, Susanna b.1715 -


Lampson, Suzette - Living


Lamson, John b.1686 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Lamson, Sarah b.1689 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Lancaster, Aaron b.1784 - , Wayne Co, Nc
Lancaster, Arcada -
Lancaster, Elizabeth Ann b.1812 -
Lancaster, Huldah -
Lancaster, John d.1760 -
Lancaster, Judith -
Lancaster, Mary -
Lancaster, Rachel -
Lancaster, William -
Lancaster, William Owen b.1810 -


Lanckton, Sarah -


Landingham, Everett Dale b.1879 - Amity, Yamhill, Oregon
Landingham, George Earl - Living
Landingham, George Madison m.1876 - Creswell, Lane, Oregon
Landingham, Grace - Living
Landingham, Ina Dell b.1878 - Amity, Oregon
Landingham, Lester b.1883 - Amity, Yamhill, Oregon
Landingham, Lulu Alma b.1899 - Cloverdale, Tillamook, Oregon
Landingham, Ruby Alma - Living
Landingham, Ruth Emma - Living
Landingham, William - Living


Landrum, Rufus Sydney - Living


Lane, Ebenezer Jr. - Living
Lane, Elizabeth Betty -


Lang, Margaret - Living


Lannon, Sybil Rafter - Living
Lannon, Sybil Rafter - Living


Larrabee, Eben - Living
Larrabee, Mary Roberts m.1865 - Vassalboro, Maine


Larsen, Charles - Living
Larsen, Fredrick Wesley - Living
Larsen, Jan - Living


Larsh, Alice -
Larsh, Charles m.1781 -
Larsh, John R. -
Larsh, Paul b.1782 -


Lashing, Thomas m.1593 - St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England


Latham, -
Latham, -
Latham, -
Latham, Elizabeth -
Latham, Elizabeth -
Latham, Elizabeth -
Latham, Ellen or Helene -
Latham, Frances c.1609 - Kempston, Bedford, England
Latham, Henry -
Latham, John -
Latham, John b.1522 - Culworth, Northamptonshire, England
Latham, John b.1555 - Brigstock, Northampstonshire, England
Latham, Katherine -
Latham, Lewis Sgt b.1584 -
Latham, Maria -
Latham, Marrice -
Latham, Nicholas -
Latham, Sarah -
Latham, Simon -
Latham, Thomas -
Latham, Thomas -
Latham, Ursula -
Latham, William -


Lavill, Mehitable d.1712 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Lawrence, Alice -
Lawrence, Ebenezer b.1679 -
Lawrence, Hannah b.1719 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Lawrence, Joanna -
Lawrence, John Laurence -
Lawrence, Joseph - Living


Lawton, Almy J. -


Learned, Elizabeth b.1696 - Framingham, Massachusetts
Learned, Isaac -


Learning, Elmira b.1814 - , New York


Leavett, Opal - Living


Ledford, Geraldine - Living


Lee, A. H. b.1816 -
Lee, Albert Henry b.1845 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Bridget b.1600 - Leiden, S. Holland, Holland
Lee, Charles O. b.1848 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Claude Charlemayne b.1884 - Lancastor, Lane, Oregon
Lee, Edna Verian b.1883 - Lancaster, Lane, Oregon
Lee, FitzHugh Gerald b.1880 - Lancastor, Lane, Oregon
Lee, Frederic b.1812 - Streatham, Surry, England
Lee, Harriet b.1852 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Ira b.1879 - , Oregon
Lee, James b.1814 -
Lee, James Ellison b.1857 - , Lynn, Kansas
Lee, John b.1841 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Joos b.1570 - , England
Lee, Josephine Harding b.1840 -
Lee, Kenneth Gail b.1906 - Lancaster, Lane, Oregon
Lee, Mable Berney - Living
Lee, Martha Jane b.1857 - , Linn, Kansas
Lee, Maxine Veloa - Living
Lee, Myrtle b.1881 -
Lee, Phillip -
Lee, Raex Albion - Living
Lee, Robert b.1810 - Streatham, Surry, England
Lee, Ruth Dorthy Virginia - Living
Lee, Samuel b.1598 - Leiden, S. Holland, Holland
Lee, Sarah Elizabeth b.1837 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, T. J. m.1876 -
Lee, Thomas b.1850 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Tryphosa b.1599 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Lee, William b.1606 - Amsterdam, N. Holland, Holland
Lee, William b.1784 -
Lee, William Carter c.1811 - Streatham, Surry, England
Lee, William S. b.1843 - , Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lee, Winnefred b.1879 -


Leech, William H. -


Leedom, Asa -


Lefevre, Elizabeth -


Legg, Hannah -


Leighton, Susannah b.1779 -


Leland, Alfred A. m.1842 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Asaph m.1799 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Daniel Jr. - Living
Leland, Electa Ann m.1842 - Medfield, Massachusetts
Leland, Experience -
Leland, Experience m.1674 -
Leland, Hannah b.1778 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Hannah b.1776 -
Leland, Henry - Living
Leland, James b.1780 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, James Holbrook b.1824 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Joshua m.1767 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Leland, Loravia D. b.1831 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Mary b.1826 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Mary b.1784 - Sherburne, Massachusetts
Leland, Mary m.1776 -
Leland, Rachel b.1737 - Sherborn, Massachusetts
Leland, Samuel b.1786 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Samuel b.1751 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Leland, Simon m.1750 -
Leland, Sylvia A. b.1836 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Leonard, Phoebe m.1833 - Rush Co., Indiana


Lerwill, Ada Aurilla b.1877 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Brent Lee - Living
Lerwill, Byron b.1864 - , Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Clarence Leon b.1871 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Danny Phillip - Living
Lerwill, David Harold - Living
Lerwill, Doris Ada b.1906 - Junction City, Lane, Oregon
Lerwill, Emaline Frances b.1905 - Days Creek, Douglas Co, Or
Lerwill, Emily Rose b.1845 - Coolspring, La Porte, Indiana
Lerwill, Gary Lynn - Living
Lerwill, Georgia Helen - Living
Lerwill, Harold James b.1920 - Lamont, Fremont, Idaho
Lerwill, Herbert b.1875 - , Marion Co, Or
Lerwill, Herbert Fletcher b.1874 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Homer b.1866 - , Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Horace Verne b.1897 -
Lerwill, Hubert Lynn b.1904 - Junction City, Lane, Oregon
Lerwill, Ivan d.1904 -
Lerwill, Jeff - Living
Lerwill, Leonard Leston b.1900 -
Lerwill, Linnie Edna b.1886 - Brownsville, Linn, Oregon
Lerwill, Lisa - Living
Lerwill, Lois Lee b.1902 - Junction City, Lane, Oregon
Lerwill, Lydia b.1856 - Parkersville, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Marlyn Kay - Living
Lerwill, Olive Emeline b.1884 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Orpha Emily b.1875 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Phillip Bernard b.1881 - Brooks, Salem, Oregon
Lerwill, Reatha Clara - Living
Lerwill, Ryan - Living
Lerwill, S. G. A. b.1860 -
Lerwill, Shirley Ann - Living
Lerwill, Stacy James - Living
Lerwill, Verne - Living
Lerwill, Walter b.1879 - , Marion Co, Or
Lerwill, Walter Benjamin b.1878 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Lerwill, Walter James b.1848 - Coolspring, La Porte, Indiana
Lerwill, Walter Jr. - Living
Lerwill, William b.1811 - Barnstable, Denvon, England
Lerwill, Williard b.1862 - , Oregon
Lerwill, Willis William b.1872 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon


Leutert, Jacob b.1802 -
Leutert, Susanna b.1828 - Ottenback, Switzerland


Levens, Elizabeth m.1699 - Woodstock, Connecticut, Usa
Levens, John - Living


Lewis, Abram - Living
Lewis, Andrew J. m.1865 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
Lewis, David -
Lewis, Elizabeth m.1818 -
Lewis, Ellen b.1909 - Weir City, Kansas
Lewis, Emma Cora b.1858 -
Lewis, Essie -
Lewis, Ethan Allen b.1852 -
Lewis, Ethan Nichols b.1825 - Concord, Vermont
Lewis, Flora Etelle b.1854 -
Lewis, James Henry -
Lewis, Jonathan -
Lewis, Joseph -
Lewis, Lenora - Living
Lewis, Lucinda -
Lewis, Lucinda Susannah -
Lewis, Mary Anne -
Lewis, Morris -
Lewis, Susannah m.1825 -
Lewis, Susannah -
Lewis, William -
Lewis, William Owen - Living


Lieuallen, Lucy - Living


Limbaugh, Sarah E. m.1838 - , Franklin, Tennessee


Lin, Cindy - Living


Linfield, Isaac W. m.1862 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont


Linicome, Arthur - Living


Linklater, Violet - Living


Linsley, - Living


Lipscomb, Frances Cook m.1833 - , Franklin, Tennessee


Lisenring, Maurice -


Littlefield, Ebenezer -
Littlefield, Mary m.1773 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Livers, Alvin Sylvester - Living
Livers, Alvina Marie - Living
Livers, Mary Louise - Living
Livers, Mikael Eugene - Living
Livers, Patricia Grace - Living
Livers, Priscilla Sue - Living
Livers, Theresa Ann - Living
Livers, Tim - Living


Livzey, Albert J. - Living
Livzey, Charles b.1861 -
Livzey, Jesse K. - Living
Livzey, Robert S. b.1894 -
Livzey, Walter C. - Living
Livzey, William E. - Living


Lockney, Sally -


Logan, Ann -
Logan, David - Living


Loggins, Anne -


Loker, Mary m.1704 -


Long, Margaret m.1856 - Vermillion Co. Illinios
Long, Robert m.1822 -
Long, Willard - Living


Longenecher, Mike - Living


Lord, Ann b.1621 - , England
Lord, Aymic b.1629 - , England
Lord, Dorothy b.1630 - , England
Lord, Hannah -
Lord, John b.1624 - , England
Lord, Richard b.1611 - , England
Lord, Thomas b.1585 - , England
Lord, Thomas Jr. b.1611 - , England
Lord, William b.1623 - , England


Louis, Lou - Living


Lovelace, Sherryl Kay - Living
Lovelace, Tolly Jay - Living


Loveland, Mary Ann b.1818 -


Lovell, Joseph -
Lovell, Joseph m.1817 -


Lovet, Abigail m.1749 -


Lowe, Eleanore Ann b.1715 - Brooke Co., Virginia
Lowe, Elizabeth b.1802 -
Lowe, John b.1616 - Derby, England
Lowe, John b.1689 - St Marys, Somerset, Maryland
Lowe, Robert m.1791 - Washington Co. Maryland


Lowman, Joseph - Living
Lowman, Rachel m.1842 - , Vermilion, Illinois


Lowther, Deborah - Living


Lucas, John m.1827 - , Montgomery, Indiana
Lucas, John Jr. b.1793 - Nelson Co. KY


Ludwig, Grace - Living
Ludwig, Harry - Living
Ludwig, Mable b.1893 - Payette, Idaho
Ludwig, Robert -


Luellen, Nancy m.1824 -


Lund, Edwin A. b.1839 -


Lusby, - Living
Lusby, Paul Allen - Living


Lyle, Nancy m.1819 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania


Lyon, Josiah m.1752 -


M., Augusta -
M., Harriet m.1857 -


Mabry, - Living


Maccane, Daniel -
Maccane, Mary b.1710 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


MacE, Benjamin m.1828 - Core Sound Mm, Carteret Co, Nc
MacE, Thomas Elwood -


Macomber, Wison -


MacY, Abigail b.1753 - Nantucket, Ma


Macy, David -


MacY, John - Living
MacY, Phebe b.1740 - Nantucket, Lynchburg, Campbell, Virginia
MacY, Richard -
MacY, Stephen -
MacY, Thomas - Living
MacY, William m.1822 - Henry, Union, Indiana
MacY, Zacheus b.1713 - , Lynchburg, Virginia


Madson, Linda - Living


Mailman, Kathleen - Living


Makiness, William - Living


Maldeis, Kathryn Elizabeth - Living
Maldeis, Kristen Lee - Living
Maldeis, Neil Stuart - Living


Malley, Joseph T. - Living


Malone, -
Malone, Henrietta Viola m.1887 - Larmar, Barton, Missouri


Mamet, Jan Charleen - Living


Mann, Elisha Jr. m.1841 -
Mann, Emily Rozella -
Mann, Noyes m.1825 -
Mann, Susan E. -


Manning, John m.1719 -


Manson, Ella Jane -


Maplehead, Mary Mrs. b.1607 -


Mares, Linda - Living


Margaretha, Anna Henrika m.1896 -


Marks, Isabelle m.1899 -


Marmon, Hannah - Living
Marmon, Susannah - Living


Marsh, - Living
Marsh, Alice Jean - Living
Marsh, Benjamin m.1765 -
Marsh, Elizabeth m.1749 -
Marsh, John - Living


Marshall, Hadassah Melissa -
Marshall, Hephsibah m.1777 - , Guilford Co, North Carolina
Marshall, John -
Marshall, John m.1631 -
Marshall, Mary m.1772 -
Marshall, Robert -


Marshallsay, Alexander Edwin b.1861 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Alma b.1855 - , Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Ann c.1776 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Ellen Elizabeth b.1850 - Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Henry Graham Wellman c.1859 - Holy Trinity, Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, James William b.1848 - Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, John c.1732 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, John c.1792 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, John c.1767 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, John James b.1856 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Julia b.1845 - Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Mary Eliza b.1840 - Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Mathew James Jeanes b.1811 - Hamworthy, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, Sarah Ann b.1843 - Weymounth, Dorest, England
Marshallsay, William c.1769 - Wyke Regis, Dorest, England


Marshallsey, Thomas -


Marten, Ursuley m.1599 - of Bray, Berks, Eng


Martin, Audra Allene - Living
Martin, Brian - Living
Martin, Charles Purvis b.1886 - , Ks
Martin, Delora Eudora b.1865 - , Oregon
Martin, Donna Mae - Living
Martin, Edwin - Living
Martin, Elizabeth m.1685 -
Martin, Haley Jean - Living
Martin, Hannah b.1811 - VA

Martin, John -
Martin, Karen Ann - Living
Martin, Lawrence - Living
Martin, Marcia E. m.1870 - , Lane, Oregon
Martin, Marion C. -
Martin, Martha A. m.1863 - Qunicy, Adams, Illinois
Martin, Mary m.1867 -
Martin, Mary -
Martin, Mary Lea - Living
Martin, Tracy Lawren - Living
Martin, Walter - Living
Martin, Walter Pinky - Living
Martin, Wendy - Living


Martindale, Alta - Living
Martindale, Edwin James - Living


Martinez, Benito Victor - Living
Martinez, Maria Cordillia - Living


Martyn, Ann b.1604 - Barham, Suffolk, England


Mary, Mary Ann m.1839 - , MacOupin, Illinois


Marymount, Rodney - Living


Mash, Charles - Living
Mash, Gladys - Living


Mason, Abigail b.1660 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Donna Roberts - Living
Mason, Dorcas b.1695 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Ebenezer b.1669 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Ebenzer b.1701 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Eliphalet b.1706 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Elizabeth m.1851 - Potsdam, St. Lawrence, New York
Mason, Eunice -
Mason, Hannah b.1692 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Hannah b.1676 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Jemima b.1707 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Joan Marion - Living
Mason, John b.1655 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, John b.1666 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, John b.1627 - England
Mason, Joseph b.1711 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Joseph b.1669 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Judith b.1671 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Keziah b.1707 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Margery b.1704 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mary b.1702 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mary b.1657 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mary b.1674 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mary b.1661 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mehilable b.1693 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Mehitable b.1664 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Robert b.1604 - of Dedham, Norfolk, England
Mason, Robert b.1631 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Tabitha b.1697 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Thomas b.1699 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Thomas b.1625 - England
Mason, Thomas b.1660 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Zachariah b.1702 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Mason, Zachariah b.1662 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Master, Katherine b.1577 - of Dover, Kent, England


Masterson, Catherine A. b.1851 - New York


Matterson, Lydia A. -


Mattox, Daniel Tevis b.1858 - , Bracken, Kentucky
Mattox, David Ashley b.1861 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, Edmond Ashley m.1845 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, Edmund Joshua b.1854 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, Elijah Robert b.1848 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, John Wesley b.1850 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, Polly Ann b.1856 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Mattox, William Asbery b.1852 - Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky


Mau, Jake Kalani - Living
Mau, Michael Kimo - Living


Maun, Hepzibah m.1741 -


Mauney, Mary - Living


Maxfield, Josiah b.1773 - Windham, Maine
Maxfield, Lydia b.1822 -
Maxfield, William -


May, Margueritte Lawrence West - Living


Maynard, Polly b.1776 -


Mayo, Nathaniel b.1625 - England

Mc Cabe

Mc Cabe, Atlee Ernest b.1906 -

Mc Intosh

Mc Intosh, John m.1659 -

Mc Mullen

Mc Mullen, Anna b.1886 -


Mcafee, Thomas Clark m.1808 -


McCartney, Aileen Percival - Living
McCartney, Charles Willard - Living
McCartney, John Warren - Living
McCartney, Lawrence H. m.1899 - Hoxie, Kansas


McCarty, Nathaniel m.1831 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


McCay, Donald Ellsworth - Living
McCay, Edwin Henry - Living
McCay, Harold Benjamin - Living
McCay, Harry J. b.1882 -
McCay, Marian Olive b.1090 -
McCay, Roger Nelson - Living


McClanahan, Elizabeth -


McConahey, Jane -


McConnell, Rebecca m.1829 - Montgomery Co. IN


McCorkle, Elizabeth -


McCormick, Jennet -


McCreary, Elizabeth -


McCullock, Ella Augusta m.1870 -


McDade, Sarah -


McDaniel, -


McDaniels, Margaret -


McElroy, Frank -


McGaughey, b.1823 -
McGaughey, b.1819 -
McGaughey, b.1817 -
McGaughey, Alexander - Living
McGaughey, Benjamin b.1790 -
McGaughey, Daniel b.1818 -
McGaughey, Daniel -
McGaughey, Elizabeth b.1834 -
McGaughey, James b.1834 -
McGaughey, James Withrow b.1793 - , North Carolina
McGaughey, Jane b.1831 -
McGaughey, John m.1786 -
McGaughey, Martha b.1826 -
McGaughey, Mary b.1820 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
McGaughey, Mary b.1788 -
McGaughey, Nancy b.1823 -
McGaughey, Rebecca b.1830 -


McGeahey, Elizabeth O. m.1816 - , Rutherford, North Carolina


McGeehon, -


McGhee, Timminda b.1826 -


McIntrye, Benj. D. m.1903 - St. Michael's, Boise, Ada, Idaho


McKenney, Braxton R. b.1828 -
McKenney, Cushonbury m.1830 - , Harrison, Kentucky
McKenney, G. Francis Jr. m.1825 - of Kentucky
McKenney, Nancy Ann b.1826 -
McKenney, Sarah T. b.1830 -


McKinley, Jane - Living


McMahan, Barnabas m.1826 - , MacOupin, Illinois


McMillon, Matthew m.1844 -


McPeeters, Mary - Living


McWilliams, Isabel -


Mead, Hannah m.1673 - Stonington, Connecticut
Mead, Sophronia -
Mead, William - Living


Meehan, Alice - Living
Meehan, Hazel Irene - Living
Meehan, Rita - Living
Meehan, Robert Aloysius - Living
Meehan, Robert Aloysius b.1876 - Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Meehan, Vera - Living
Meehan, Vivian - Living


Melrose, Leora b.1883 -


Melton, James H. - Living


Meriam, b.1636 -
Meriam, Alexander b.1459 - of Boughton, Monchelsea, Kent, England
Meriam, Catherine b.1523 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Deonys b.1521 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Hanna b.1647 -
Meriam, Henry b.1461 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Henry b.1513 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Joan b.1487 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Joane b.1564 - Gondhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Johane b.1519 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, John b.1517 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, John b.1561 - Gondhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Joseph b.1600 - of Tudeley, Kent, England
Meriam, Mrs. Richard b.1489 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Richard b.1485 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Sarah b.1589 - Hadlowe, Kent, England
Meriam, Sarah b.1626 - , England
Meriam, Stephen b.1464 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, Stephen b.1515 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, William b.1431 - of Boughton, Monchelsea, Kent, England
Meriam, William b.1506 - Goudhurst, Kent, England
Meriam, William b.1564 - of Tudeley, Kent, England


Merriam, b.1612 - of Concord, Middlesex, Mass.
Merriam, b.1598 - Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, b.1590 - of Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, Agnes b.1537 - Boughton Quarrie, Kent, England
Merriam, Charles b.1843 -
Merriam, Elizabeth b.1644 - Concord, Middlesex, Ma
Merriam, Elizabeth b.1633 - of Tudeley, Kent, England
Merriam, Eveline m.1845 - Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts
Merriam, George b.1602 - of Tudeley, Kent, England
Merriam, Hannah b.1665 -
Merriam, Hannah b.1636 - of Tudeley, Kent, England
Merriam, Joane b.1604 - Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, Joane b.1583 - Hadlow, Kent, Eng
Merriam, John b.1641 - Concord Midd., Massachusetts
Merriam, Joseph b.1629 - , England
Merriam, Levi Benjamin m.1842 -
Merriam, Margaret b.1596 - Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, Margaret b.1585 - Hadlow, Kent, Eng
Merriam, Mary m.1650 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Merriam, Robert b.1603 - of Tudeley Kent, England
Merriam, Sarah b.1606 - Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, Sarah b.1633 - Concord, Middlesex, Ma
Merriam, Sarah b.1628 - Concord, Middlesex, Mass.
Merriam, Susan b.1594 - Hadlow, Kent, England
Merriam, Susan b.1586 - Hadlow, Kent, Eng
Merriam, Thomas b.1642 - Concord, Middlesex, Ma
Merriam, Thomas b.1632 - of Tudeley Kent, England
Merriam, William b.1581 - Goudhurst, Kent, Eng
Merriam, William b.1634 - of Lexington, Middlesex, Ma
Merriam, William b.1628 - of Tudeley, Kent, England


Merrick, Stephen b.1646 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Merrick, William b.1601 - St. David, Pembrokeshire, Wales


Merriman, Mary -


Merritt, Florence Emily b.1883 - , Wi
Merritt, Uriah m.1824 -


Merrow, Roxanne - Living


Meryham, Robert b.1405 -


Metcalf, b.1715 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Abiel b.1733 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Abiel b.1765 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Barnabas b.1719 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Brian b.1519 -
Metcalf, Ebenezer b.1691 - Rutland, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Ebenezer b.1727 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Ebenzer b.1680 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Eleazer b.1700 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Eleazer b.1685 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Eleazer b.1653 - Wrentham/Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Elizabeth b.1652 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Elizabeth b.1625 - of St. Benedicts, Norwich, England
Metcalf, Esther b.1735 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Experience b.1661 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Hannah b.1687 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Hannah b.1664 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Hiram F. m.1871 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, James b.1729 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Joanne b.1631 - St. Edmond, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, John b.1675 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, John b.1678 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, John b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, John b.1583 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, John b.1622 - St. Benendicts, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, John b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, John b.1725 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Jonathan b.1675 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Jonathan b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Jonathan b.1693 - Medway, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Joseph b.1658 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Joseph b.1723 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Judith b.1677 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Leonard b.1545 - of Tallesford, Norf., Eng.
Metcalf, Leonardus b.1586 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Lois b.1779 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Marie b.1601 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Martha b.1628 - of St. Benedicts, Norwich, England
Metcalf, Martha b.1699 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mary b.1690 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mary b.1652 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mary b.1619 - Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Mary b.1646 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mary b.1699 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mary Jane b.1633 - St. Edmond, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Matthew b.1594 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Mehitable b.1716 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Melatiah b.1721 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Meletiah -
Metcalf, Meletiah b.1695 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Mercy b.1730 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Michael b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Michael b.1617 - Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Michael b.1645 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Michael b.1718 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Michael b.1587 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Michael b.1620 - St. Benedicts, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Michael b.1687 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Nicholas -
Metcalf, Nichus b.1587 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Nynian b.1596 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Pelatiah b.1714 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Priscilla -
Metcalf, Priscilla -
Metcalf, Rebecca b.1635 - St. Edmond, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Richard d.1657 - Tatterford, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Sabrina b.1767 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Samuel b.1661 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Samuel b.1689 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Samuel b.1739 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Sarah b.1658 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Sarah b.1624 - of St. Benedicts, Norwich, England
Metcalf, Sarah b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Sarah b.1686 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Thomas b.1671 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Thomas b.1665 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Metcalf, Thomas b.1629 - Norwich, Norfolk, England
Metcalf, Timothy b.1697 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Meyer, Susan - Living


Meyeraan, Vicki Jo - Living


Michaels, Jessie B. - Living


Michener, Benjamin -
Michener, David -
Michener, Edwin -
Michener, Elma -
Michener, Henry -
Michener, Isaac -
Michener, John -
Michener, Levi -
Michener, Lydia -
Michener, Martha -
Michener, Susannah b.1810 - Short Creek Mm, Jefferson, Ohio


Miller, - Living
Miller, Amelia b.1700 -
Miller, Frederick Edward -
Miller, Josephine - Living
Miller, Mark - Living
Miller, William Thomas - Living


Millican, Delma Lorraine - Living


Minerva, Mary -


Minninger, Louise -


Minor, Mercy -


Minot, Stephen m.1654 -


Mischo, Christine Nichole - Living
Mischo, Danielle Elizabeth - Living
Mischo, Michael Edward - Living
Mischo, Michael Virgil - Living


Mitchell, Courtney Maria - Living
Mitchell, Levin -
Mitchell, Scott Christopher - Living


Mittermaier, Maria Katharina b.1838 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany


Moak, Carol Dianne - Living
Moak, Clyde M. b.1904 - Gresham, Oregon
Moak, Denise Marcell - Living
Moak, Evan William - Living
Moak, Gary Clyde - Living
Moak, Katheen Maria - Living
Moak, Lillian Burnell b.1908 - Morrow Station, Clackamas, Oregon
Moak, Lyle R. b.1906 - , Oregon
Moak, Philip R. b.1877 -
Moak, Philip Verne b.1914 - , Oregon
Moak, Sharon - Living
Moak, Todd William - Living
Moak, Traci Deann - Living
Moak, Vera Iola b.1901 - Lents, Multnomah, Oregon
Moak, William Clyde - Living
Moak, Wilmer -
Moak, Wilmer Clark b.1903 - , Oregon


Moffat, David William - Living


Mohler, Cynthia Jean - Living


Moilanen, Sylvia b.1928 -


Moncrief, Caleb m.1812 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Monroe, Eliza J. -


Montgomery, - Living
Montgomery, Barry - Living
Montgomery, Elizabeth b.1809 - Pennsylvania
Montgomery, Gary - Living
Montgomery, Harrison Clyde - Living
Montgomery, Jane -
Montgomery, Kesiah m.1836 - , McLean, Illinois
Montgomery, Monica - Living
Montgomery, Sharon F. m.1984 -
Montgomery, Tracey - Living
Montgomery, William m.1838 - , McLean, Illinois


Moor, Adam Christopher - Living
Moor, David Thomas - Living
Moor, Deborah Sue - Living
Moor, Jason Robert - Living
Moor, Jeremy Samuel - Living
Moor, John Robert - Living
Moor, Robert - Living
Moor, Robert Thomas - Living


Moore, Achsah b.1774 -
Moore, Catherine -
Moore, Charlotte m.1849 - , Champaign, Illinois
Moore, Elizabeth - Living
Moore, Fred m.1894 -
Moore, L. -
Moore, Mary b.1816 -
Moore, Tamar m.1764 -
Moore, Uriah B. m.1831 -


Morales, Crisann Michelle - Living
Morales, Devin Jamison - Living
Morales, Frank - Living


Moreland, Laura - Living


Mores, Jael b.1775 - of Grafton, Massachusetts


Morey, Anna b.1787 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Morey, George -
Morey, Mary b.1792 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Morgan, Abel - Living
Morgan, Benson - Living
Morgan, Cleland - Living
Morgan, Etha Catherine m.1899 - Ames, Cloud, Kansas
Morgan, Isaac - Living
Morgan, Jacob - Living
Morgan, Martha Ann b.1846 -
Morgan, Mary -
Morgan, Olive - Living
Morgan, Richard - Living
Morgan, Richard - Living
Morgan, Sarah - Living
Morgan, William - Living
Morgan, William d.1788 -


Morrel, Samuel m.1823 -


Morris, Brian - Living
Morris, Jack - Living
Morris, Jack A. - Living
Morris, Pam - Living


Morrison, Allen Harvey - Living
Morrison, Clarence - Living
Morrison, Gavin - Living
Morrison, Mary Gwyneth - Living


Morse, Abial b.1704 -
Morse, Asa m.1770 -
Morse, Benoni m.1701 -
Morse, Betsey m.1803 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Morse, Doras -
Morse, Dorothy m.1725 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Morse, Eunice b.1706 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Morse, Hannah m.1755 -
Morse, Henry -
Morse, James b.1742 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Morse, Joseph m.1668 -
Morse, Lewis b.1775 -
Morse, Peggy m.1787 -
Morse, Priscilla m.1748 -
Morse, Rachel b.1702 -
Morse, Sarah Abigail b.1807 - Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Morse, Timothy b.1716 - Dedham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Morse, Timothy b.1741 -


Morss, Benjamin -
Morss, Rosalia b.1840 - , Indiana


Morten, Cornelius -


Mouche, Brian - Living


Mountz, Hannah -


Moyle, Lucia b.1450 - Canterbury, London, England
Moyle, William Barnes b.1882 - Hillsboro, Henry, Iowa
Moyle, Yetive Ophelia - Living


Muire, William m.1865 - Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois


Mullin, Susan Irene m.1800 - , Union Co, In


Mullins, Lisa Sue - Living


Mundo, Marc Patrick - Living
Mundo, Nicholas Francis Alexander - Living
Mundo, Victoria Margret Eliza - Living


Murphy, Charles Alford b.1868 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Murphy, Christine Ellen - Living

Murphy, Delphine Emma - Living
Murphy, Dolores Joann - Living
Murphy, Eloise - Living
Murphy, Elsie - Living
Murphy, Emma b.1877 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Murphy, Garth Melvin - Living
Murphy, Garth Wellington b.1908 - San Jacinto, Riverside Co, Ca
Murphy, Irene Elizabeth - Living
Murphy, Kathleen Nell - Living
Murphy, Lenore Ellen - Living
Murphy, Marilyn Lee - Living
Murphy, Myra Eugenia b.1873 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Murphy, Ross Wellington b.1882 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Murphy, William - Living
Murphy, William Preston b.1830 - , Ky or Il


Musser, Name Wells - Living


Myers, Elizabeth m.1805 -


Nason, John -
Nason, Uriah b.1742 -


Neal, Anne Jane b.1770 -
Neal, Joseph -


Neale, Henry b.1702 - Charles, Maryland
Neale, James -
Neale, James b.1660 - , Charles, Maryland
Neale, Mary b.1682 - , Charles, Maryland


Neese, Elsie Mae - Living


Neff, William - Living
Neff, William Donald b.1931 - Los Angeles, California


Nelson, Edward Robert - Living
Nelson, Joseph W. m.1884 -
Nelson, Thomas - Living


Newall, Ebenezer -


Newby, James m.1769 -


Newcomb, Henry b.1841 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Newcomb, James -
Newcomb, James b.1810 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Newcomb, James b.1782 - Norton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Newcomb, Louisa b.1806 -
Newcomb, Minnie Baird b.1864 -
Newcomb, Pascha Partridge b.1838 -


Newell, Edna - Living


Newington, Jane b.1554 -


Newland, Elizabeth m.1780 - Washington, Maryland


Newton, - Living
Newton, Catista A. -
Newton, Margaret - Living


Nichols, Amos b.1793 - Gardner, Massachusetts
Nichols, Asaph b.1797 - Gardner, Massachusetts
Nichols, David -
Nichols, F.D. -
Nichols, Joy -
Nichols, Kendall b.1768 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts


Nickels, Reed -


Nickerson, Elizabeth - Living
Nickerson, William m.1690 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Nicks, Denise Evangeline - Living
Nicks, Lora Alene - Living
Nicks, Patrick Eugene - Living
Nicks, Terry Eugene - Living


Niles, Roma - Living


Nimetz, - Living


Noble, Ann Alexander m.1798 - Fredrick Co. MD
Noble, Sylvia Turner b.1825 -


Noe, Helen Milmine - Living


Nolan, Helen -


Nordquist, John - Living
Nordquist, Katherine Elaine - Living


Norman, Lucy -


Norris, James - Living


North, Polly m.1807 -


Norton, Avis -
Norton, Benjamin b.1705 -
Norton, Benjamin b.1680 - of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Norton, Elizabeth b.1707 -
Norton, Phebe m.1794 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Nourse, Thankful -


Nuzum, Sarah b.1793 - <, Monongalia Co, West Virginia>


Oakwood, Sarah -


Oathout, Angela Raye - Living
Oathout, Jeffey Lewis - Living
Oathout, Mary Renee - Living
Oathout, Patrick Lowell - Living
Oathout, Sarah Hanna - Living
Oathout, Walter - Living
Oathout, Walter Clyde - Living


Oefinger, Karen L. - Living


Ogle, Benjamin -
Ogle, Daniel -
Ogle, Enoch -
Ogle, Hannah -
Ogle, James - Living
Ogle, James Cresap -
Ogle, Joseph -
Ogle, Julianne -
Ogle, Mary -
Ogle, Rebecca -
Ogle, Robert -
Ogle, Samuel m.1741 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland
Ogle, Thomas -
Ogle, Van Swearingen -
Ogle, William -
Ogle, William b.1751 - , Frederick, Maryland


Oglesby, Catherine - Living


Oliver, Forbes -


Olsen, Frederick -


Onion, Hannah b.1696 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Onion, Robert b.1609 - England
Onion, Sarah b.1647 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Ord, James b.1786 -


Oredson, Greg - Living


Ormsbee, Rebecca m.1744 -


Orr, Kate m.1885 -


Ortega, Amado Aurelio -
Ortega, Lucinda Reducinda Neguila b.1886 - Hemet, San Bernardino C, Ca


Osborn, Daniel - Living


Osgood, Edwin b.1845 -
Osgood, Harlan Mead b.1851 -
Osgood, Lucian Elmer b.1862 -
Osgood, Mannassar -
Osgood, Minnie Jane b.1859 -
Osgood, Reuben b.1819 - Westford, Vermont


Ostheimer, Emma - Living


Outland, Ann -
Outland, John - Living


Owen, - Living
Owen, Evan - Living
Owen, Robert - Living


Packard, Zechariah m.1724 -


Paddock, Benjamine -
Paddock, Benjamine -
Paddock, David -
Paddock, Elizabeth -
Paddock, Francis -
Paddock, Joseph -
Paddock, Latham -
Paddock, Peter -
Paddock, Phoebe -
Paddock, William -


Pagan, Sarah b.1812 - , Preble Co, Ohio


Page, Arthur B. - Living
Page, Caroline A. m.1856 -
Page, Connie - Living
Page, Mary - Living


Pagitt, Meneme -


Pahle, Kris E. - Living


Paige, Sarah b.1638 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Paine, John b.1646 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Paine, Rachel b.1789 - Foxboro, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Paine, Thomas b.1610 - Kent, England


Palfrey, Peter d.1663 -
Palfrey, Remember c.1638 - of Reading, Massachusetts


Palmer, Charles W. b.1879 -
Palmer, Eva Stanton - Living
Palmer, Mary Anna - Living
Palmer, W. D. -


Parke, John -


Parker, David b.1686 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Parker, Douglas b.1846 -
Parker, George b.1856 - Parkersville, Marion, Oregon
Parker, Ida J. m.1877 -
Parker, James Freeman b.1851 - Parkersville, Marion, Oregon
Parker, Jonathan b.1681 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Parker, Lucinda b.1854 - Parkersville, Marion, Oregon
Parker, Martha m.1793 - Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Parker, Mary m.1849 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Parker, Mary Elizabeth b.1848 - Silver Spring Cheek, Marion, Oregon Territory
Parker, Samuel b.1650 - Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Parker, Thomas m.1678 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Parker, William b.1844 -
Parker, William b.1813 - England


Parkhurst, Clara P. b.1809 -


Parmelia, -


Parrish, Benjamin -
Parrish, Jon - Living
Parrish, Lynn Lee - Living


Parson, Teddy Elaine - Living


Parsons, Phineas m.1772 -


Partelow, George C. - Living


Parties, Anna - Living


Partridge, b.1869 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, b.1861 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, d.1842 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, b.1811 -
Partridge, b.1799 -
Partridge, b.1816 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, -
Partridge, Abbie -
Partridge, Abby b.1847 - Ohio
Partridge, Abby Apphia b.1835 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Abby Maria b.1843 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abel -
Partridge, Abiel b.1667 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail -
Partridge, Abigail b.1698 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail b.1777 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail b.1806 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Abigail b.1802 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail b.1768 - Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail -
Partridge, Abigail -
Partridge, Abigail b.1745 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail b.1707 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail Harding b.1806 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail Lovet b.1754 - Barre, Massachusetts
Partridge, Abigail Nabbie b.1775 -
Partridge, Abigal b.1744 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Adam b.1817 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Adam b.1799 - South Carolina
Partridge, Adam b.1778 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Adam b.1773 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Addie b.1848 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Addison Bliss b.1807 - Vermont
Partridge, Adelaide Louise b.1855 -
Partridge, Adeline b.1808 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Adeline b.1803 - Boylston, Massachusetts
Partridge, Adex b.1845 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Adin b.1780 - Oakham, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Agnes E. b.1864 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Albert b.1832 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Albert b.1811 - Vermont
Partridge, Albion K. b.1821 - Maine
Partridge, Alfred b.1807 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Alfred W. b.1817 - New Hampshire
Partridge, Alice Jane b.1849 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Allen b.1804 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Allen b.1842 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Allen P. b.1806 - Brimfield, Massachusetts
Partridge, Alma Louise b.1854 -
Partridge, Alvin Adams b.1801 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Amanda -
Partridge, Amanda b.1811 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Amariah b.1756 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ame G. -
Partridge, Amoret Amelia b.1842 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Amos -
Partridge, Amos b.1768 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Amos b.1777 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Amos b.1777 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Amos b.1742 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Amos Coolidge b.1799 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Amos Dennison b.1811 -
Partridge, Amos Dewey b.1848 - Vermont
Partridge, Amy B. - Living
Partridge, Andrew Jackson b.1829 - Saccarappa, Cumberland, Maine
Partridge, Angela E. - Living
Partridge, Angelina -
Partridge, Angeline b.1819 -
Partridge, Anna b.1810 -
Partridge, Anna b.1814 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna b.1809 -
Partridge, Anna b.1794 -
Partridge, Anna -
Partridge, Anna b.1783 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna b.1789 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna b.1770 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna b.1781 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna b.1704 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna Elizabeth b.1844 - Vermont
Partridge, Anna Louise b.1846 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Anna Maria b.1823 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Anna Sarah -
Partridge, Anne - Living
Partridge, Anne b.1732 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachustees
Partridge, Anne b.1731 - Wrentham, Massachustees
Partridge, Appollos b.1781 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Arathusa b.1790 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Artemas -
Partridge, Arthur Herbert b.1893 - Owego, New York
Partridge, Asa b.1736 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1820 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1773 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1761 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1734 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1800 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1740 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Asa b.1782 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Asahel b.1766 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Aubrey - Living
Partridge, Austin b.1799 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Azuba b.1742 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Azuba -
Partridge, Barbara - Living
Partridge, Bartholomew -
Partridge, Bathsheba b.1740 - Holliston. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Benjamin b.1713 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Benjamin b.1777 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Benjamin b.1813 - Falmounth, Maine
Partridge, Benjamin b.1700 -
Partridge, Benjamin b.1708 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Benoni b.1725 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachustees
Partridge, Benoni b.1687 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Bertha L. -
Partridge, Bertha Marie b.1875 -
Partridge, Bethia b.1738 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Betsey b.1802 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Beulah -
Partridge, Bradford Chase b.1803 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Caleb b.1716 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Calvin b.1739 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Calvina b.1770 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Carl H. M. - Living
Partridge, Carolin Elmira b.1895 - Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Caroline b.1815 -
Partridge, Caroline b.1808 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Caroline b.1816 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Caroline b.1808 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Caroline Agnes b.1846 -
Partridge, Caroline Elizabeth b.1844 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Carolyn P. b.1817 -
Partridge, Carrie Louise b.1852 -
Partridge, Catharine b.1801 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Catharine -
Partridge, Catharine b.1783 -
Partridge, Catharine Cushing b.1808 - Boylston, Massachusetts
Partridge, Catherine b.1804 -
Partridge, Catherine b.1744 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Catherine -
Partridge, Celia Dr. -
Partridge, Charles b.1875 - New York
Partridge, Charles b.1812 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charles -
Partridge, Charles Addison b.1843 - Westford, Vermont
Partridge, Charles Albert b.1848 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Charles Augustus b.1831 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charles E. b.1839 -
Partridge, Charles Edward b.1851 - Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charles F. - Living
Partridge, Charles F. - Living
Partridge, Charles F. b.1854 -
Partridge, Charles Francis b.1852 -
Partridge, Charles Henry b.1850 - Maine
Partridge, Charles Kimball b.1836 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Charles Lafayette b.1824 - Saccarappa, Cumberland, Maine
Partridge, Charles Merriam b.1848 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charles W. b.1848 - New Hampshire
Partridge, Charles Wheeler b.1861 -
Partridge, Charlott M. b.1841 - Vermont
Partridge, Charlotte b.1817 -
Partridge, Charlotte -
Partridge, Charlotte b.1826 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charlotte -
Partridge, Charlotte b.1814 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Charlotte Louise b.1877 -
Partridge, Charlotte S. b.1838 - Ohio
Partridge, Cheryl - Living
Partridge, Chioe b.1756 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Chloe b.1779 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Chloe b.1795 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Clara Amanda b.1846 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Clarence b.1883 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Clarissa -
Partridge, Clarissa b.1791 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Clarissa Prentiss b.1819 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Clinton - Living
Partridge, Clinton T. - Living
Partridge, Curtis b.1789 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Cutler b.1797 - Brimfield, Massachuetts
Partridge, Cynthia b.1797 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Cynthia -
Partridge, Cynthia b.1785 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Cyrus b.1805 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Cyrus W. b.1817 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Daniel -
Partridge, Darius b.1766 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, David - Living
Partridge, David b.1707 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, David -
Partridge, David b.1765 - Medway, Massachusetts
Partridge, David b.1746 - Holliston. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, David -
Partridge, David b.1718 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, David -
Partridge, David b.1780 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, David b.1782 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, David b.1750 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, David b.1775 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, David Allen b.1833 -
Partridge, David Dr. -
Partridge, Deborah b.1775 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Deborah b.1773 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Deborah b.1697 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Deborah - Living
Partridge, Deborah b.1662 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Dennis - Living
Partridge, Dolly b.1776 - Uxbridge, Massachusetts
Partridge, Donald G. - Living
Partridge, Dorothy - Living
Partridge, Eben -
Partridge, Ebenezer b.1706 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ede -
Partridge, Ede b.1727 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Edith b.1879 - Westford, Chittenden, Vermont
Partridge, Edith Kimball b.1880 -
Partridge, Edward Bruce b.1855 - Pomfret, Windsor, Vermont
Partridge, Edward Coolidge b.1836 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Edward Jr. -
Partridge, Edward Martin b.1842 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Edward Miller - Living
Partridge, Edwin Clayton d.1942 -
Partridge, Edwin Curtis b.1837 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Edwin F. b.1833 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Edwin M. b.1857 -
Partridge, Edwin Orlando -
Partridge, Edwin Walter b.1868 -
Partridge, Edwina Curtis -
Partridge, Eleasor b.1655 -
Partridge, Eleazar b.1740 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1783 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1783 -
Partridge, Eleazer b.1755 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1717 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1692 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1782 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1771 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eleazer b.1664 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Electa b.1801 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Eli -
Partridge, Eli b.1729 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elias b.1766 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elias Anson b.1818 -
Partridge, Elias Chase b.1795 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Elijah -
Partridge, Elisha b.1715 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elisha b.1664 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eliza Ann b.1829 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eliza Jane b.1831 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eliza Phipps b.1811 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1820 -
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1721 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1696 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth d.1818 -
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1774 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1711 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1720 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1679 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1784 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1752 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1741 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1776 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1746 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1743 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1621 - of Sutton, Kent, England
Partridge, Elizabeth b.1645 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elizabeth Betty b.1731 -
Partridge, Elizabeth Chase b.1850 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Elizabeth Learned b.1768 -
Partridge, Ella M. b.1878 -
Partridge, Ella Y. b.1850 - New Hampshire
Partridge, Ellen b.1832 -
Partridge, Ellen -
Partridge, Ellen C. -
Partridge, Ellen Cornelia b.1839 -
Partridge, Ellen Louise b.1850 - Alstead Twp, New Hampshire
Partridge, Ellen Sophronia b.1842 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elmira b.1808 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Elmira Diantha b.1816 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Elsie M. b.1872 - Barnard, Windsor, Vermont
Partridge, Emily b.1811 - Franklin. Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Emma -
Partridge, Emma Josephine b.1839 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Emmeline M. b.1833 - Vermont
Partridge, Emmons b.1799 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Erastus b.1820 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Erastus b.1794 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Ernest b.1878 - Vermont
Partridge, Estella Agnes b.1880 - New York, Manhattan, New York
Partridge, Ester b.1716 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ester b.1776 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ester Elizabeth -
Partridge, Ethel Margaret b.1879 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Etta E. -
Partridge, Eunice b.1749 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Eunice -
Partridge, Eunice -
Partridge, Eva A. b.1863 -
Partridge, Experience b.1667 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ezekiel b.1786 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ezekiel b.1758 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ezra b.1734 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ezra b.1747 - Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ezra b.1812 -
Partridge, Fanny b.1787 -
Partridge, Fay E. - Living
Partridge, Frances - Living
Partridge, Frances b.1840 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Frances Fanny b.1776 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Francis Arbury b.1842 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Francis Augustus b.1838 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Frank b.1855 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Frank C. -
Partridge, Frank Joseph b.1856 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Frank Joseph Jr. - Living
Partridge, Frank Reuben b.1843 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Frank Seymour -
Partridge, Frank Seymour b.1866 - Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Partridge, Fred Adelbert b.1863 -
Partridge, Fred E. -
Partridge, Fred W. b.1866 -
Partridge, Frederick b.1840 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Frederick J. - Living
Partridge, Frederick O. - Living
Partridge, Freelove -
Partridge, Freeman Truman b.1808 - Holland, Massachusetts
Partridge, Gabriel -
Partridge, Genevenve C. - Living
Partridge, George - Living
Partridge, George b.1809 -
Partridge, George b.1690 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Partridge, George b.1619 - of Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, George A. b.1814 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, George Adam b.1849 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, George Brown b.1828 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, George Dana b.1835 - Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, George H. b.1845 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, George Homer b.1843 - Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, George Ithamar b.1822 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, George V. b.1842 - Harrington, Connecticut
Partridge, George W. - Living
Partridge, George Warren b.1847 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, George Washington b.1815 - Westbrook, Maine
Partridge, Gerad Stanley - Living
Partridge, Gerad Stanley - Living
Partridge, Grata b.1795 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Guy Warner b.1884 -
Partridge, Hannah b.1733 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1793 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1745 - Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1784 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1753 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah -
Partridge, Hannah -
Partridge, Hannah b.1792 -
Partridge, Hannah b.1780 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah -
Partridge, Hannah b.1728 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1696 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1702 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1677 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah -
Partridge, Hannah b.1741 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1780 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah b.1702 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hannah F. b.1824 - Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harding -
Partridge, Hariet Salome b.1815 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harold Curtis b.1881 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Harriet b.1801 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harriet m.1831 - Sherborn, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harriet b.1827 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Harriet b.1831 -
Partridge, Harriet B. b.1830 - Westford, Chittenden, Vermont
Partridge, Harriet Estella b.1848 - New York
Partridge, Harriet Keith b.1831 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harriet Maria b.1824 -
Partridge, Harriet Warren b.1832 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Harry C - Living
Partridge, Harry C. - Living
Partridge, Harvey Pratt -
Partridge, Hazel Howard - Living
Partridge, Henry b.1803 - Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry d.1821 - Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry b.1779 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry b.1747 -
Partridge, Henry b.1724 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry b.1819 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry b.1791 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Henry Dwyer b.1841 - New York
Partridge, Henry Dyer b.1877 -
Partridge, Henry Herbert -
Partridge, Henry Martin b.1832 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Herbert Eugene b.1857 - Pomfret, Windsor, Vermont
Partridge, Herman b.1791 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Herman M. -
Partridge, Hermon G. - Living
Partridge, Hervey b.1791 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Hezekiah Lovet -
Partridge, Hittie Elmina b.1881 -
Partridge, Horace -
Partridge, Horace b.1801 - Boylston, Massachusetts
Partridge, Horace b.1799 - Boylston, Massachusetts
Partridge, Horace b.1847 - Illinois
Partridge, Horace Kershaw b.1888 -
Partridge, Horace P. - Living
Partridge, Huldah b.1722 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ichabod b.1749 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ichabod Alden -
Partridge, Idell Melissa b.1859 -
Partridge, Isaac b.1770 - Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Isaac b.1704 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Isabella Ruth b.1833 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Ithamar b.1782 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jabez b.1748 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jabez b.1741 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jacob b.1759 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, James b.1770 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, James b.1730 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, James -
Partridge, James b.1700 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, James b.1662 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, James A. - Living
Partridge, James Bigelow b.1825 -
Partridge, James Binney b.1846 - Princeton, Worchester, Massachusetts
Partridge, James Chandler b.1822 -
Partridge, James Henry b.1808 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, James Luther b.1844 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, James Madison b.1809 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, James Otis -
Partridge, James Sumner b.1819 - Alstead Twp, New Hampshire
Partridge, Jane b.1624 - Navestock, Essex, England
Partridge, Jane b.1805 -
Partridge, Jane Amelia b.1835 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jane M. b.1883 -
Partridge, Jane Rice b.1816 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jane Thane b.1863 -
Partridge, Jasper -
Partridge, Jasper b.1732 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jennie Amelia -
Partridge, Jesse b.1742 - Holliston. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joan - Living
Partridge, Joanna Lewis b.1810 -
Partridge, Job b.1730 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Job b.1698 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Job -
Partridge, Joel -
Partridge, Johathan b.1693 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, John - Living
Partridge, John - Living
Partridge, John b.1770 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, John -
Partridge, John -
Partridge, John b.1732 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1782 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1777 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1767 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1715 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1746 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1683 - Millis, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1620 - Navestock, Essex, England
Partridge, John b.1661 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, John m.1610 - St. Geogory, London, England
Partridge, John b.1697 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1656 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1656 - Millis, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, John b.1630 - of Navestock, Essex, England
Partridge, John Cloudman b.1866 -
Partridge, John Culter b.1820 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, John Evans b.1902 -
Partridge, John Franklin b.1857 -
Partridge, John Franklin b.1820 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, John W. b.1835 - Ohio
Partridge, John Warren b.1844 - Massachusetts
Partridge, John Westey b.1831 - Saccarappa, Cumberland, Maine
Partridge, John Wheeler b.1822 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, John William b.1834 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jonas -
Partridge, Jonas Rice b.1798 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jonathan -
Partridge, Jonathan b.1757 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jonathan b.1724 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Jonathan Kendall b.1785 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1826 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Joseph b.1743 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1695 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1811 - Westbrook, Maine
Partridge, Joseph b.1785 - Gorham, Maine
Partridge, Joseph -
Partridge, Joseph b.1742 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1715 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1699 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1666 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joseph b.1768 -
Partridge, Joseph Howard b.1867 - Westbrook, Maine
Partridge, Joseph Rockwood b.1805 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Joshua b.1809 -
Partridge, Joshua b.1745 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joshua b.1713 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Joshua Wood -
Partridge, Josiah b.1827 -
Partridge, Josiah b.1679 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Josiah Henry b.1885 - New York, New York, New York
Partridge, Jotham -
Partridge, Jotham Jr. - Living
Partridge, Judith - Living
Partridge, Julia b.1830 -
Partridge, Julia b.1809 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Julia b.1775 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Julia m.1847 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Julia d.1845 -
Partridge, Julia Ann b.1826 -
Partridge, Julia Maria b.1833 - Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Juliette Richardson b.1815 -
Partridge, Katherine - Living
Partridge, Katherine -
Partridge, Keziah b.1729 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah b.1780 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah b.1733 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah b.1776 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah b.1761 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah b.1759 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Keziah m.1739 -
Partridge, Keziah b.1768 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Laura E. b.1867 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Lawrence Frederick - Living
Partridge, Learned b.1763 - Sutton, Massachusetts
Partridge, Learned b.1734 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Leon Rice b.1869 -
Partridge, Leonara Allen -
Partridge, Leonard b.1774 - Vermont
Partridge, Leonza b.1814 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lester Allen b.1876 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Lester Earle b.1869 - Ivanhoe, Lake, Illinois
Partridge, Levi b.1739 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachustees
Partridge, Levi b.1796 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lewis -
Partridge, Lewis b.1771 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lewis b.1798 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lewis Emmons b.1834 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Lilliam - Living
Partridge, Lloyd Alvin b.1859 -
Partridge, Lois b.1810 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Lois b.1768 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lois b.1736 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lois b.1768 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lois Hannah -
Partridge, Lois Rockwood b.1810 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lorenzo W. b.1872 -
Partridge, L'Orient b.1807 -
Partridge, Louisa b.1822 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Louisa T. b.1835 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Louise Elmira b.1816 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Lovet b.1750 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lowell Warren b.1850 -
Partridge, Lucia Maria b.1835 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Lucian E. b.1859 - Pomfret, Windsor, Vermont
Partridge, Lucile Upham b.1890 - Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lucina b.1814 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Lucina b.1773 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lucretia b.1775 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lucretia b.1734 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lucy b.1803 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lucy Amelia b.1855 - 
Partridge, Lucy Ann b.1813 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lurinda b.1814 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lydia -
Partridge, Lydia -
Partridge, Lydia b.1764 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lydia b.1802 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Lydia b.1650 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Lydia Ann b.1842 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Lydia Ellen b.1834 - Maine
Partridge, Malachi b.1711 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mamie A. -
Partridge, Marcelle M. - Living
Partridge, Marcy b.1760 - Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Margaret b.1628 - Navestock, Essex, England
Partridge, Margaret M. - Living
Partridge, Margaret Prescott b.1872 -
Partridge, Maria b.1839 - Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Maria Eliza b.1872 -
Partridge, Maria Jane b.1836 - Westford, Chittenden, Vermont
Partridge, Maria Morey b.1813 -
Partridge, Marian Amanda - Living
Partridge, Marie - Living
Partridge, Marie N. b.1883 -
Partridge, Marinda b.1814 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Martha b.1807 -
Partridge, Martha -
Partridge, Martha b.1717 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Martha Ann b.1830 -
Partridge, Mary b.1699 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary - Living
Partridge, Mary b.1804 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1773 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1750 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1738 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary b.1819 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary b.1767 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary b.1726 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1680 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1709 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary -
Partridge, Mary b.1745 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1693 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1617 - of Sutton, Kent, England
Partridge, Mary b.1649 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary b.1660 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary Ann b.1821 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Mary Ann b.1835 -
Partridge, Mary Ann b.1808 -
Partridge, Mary Bassett b.1819 -
Partridge, Mary Cathian b.1827 - Saccarappa, Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine
Partridge, Mary Clark b.1810 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary E. b.1862 -
Partridge, Mary Eleanor b.1853 -
Partridge, Mary Elizabeth -
Partridge, Mary Ella b.1860 - Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Partridge, Mary Ellen b.1840 - Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary Hall b.1807 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary K. b.1839 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary L. b.1810 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary Louise b.1839 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mary M. b.1846 -
Partridge, Mary Rebecca b.1812 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Mary S. b.1882 -
Partridge, Mary Sibley b.1827 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Matilda b.1778 -
Partridge, Matthew b.1717 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Maynard b.1807 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Medhitabel b.1788 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Mehetable -
Partridge, Mehetable b.1720 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mehitable b.1779 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mehitable b.1710 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Melatiah b.1766 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Meletiah b.1765 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Melviner Amanda b.1836 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Mercy b.1773 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Mercy b.1660 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Merton R. -
Partridge, Micah b.1746 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Micajah Reed b.1818 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Michael - Living
Partridge, Milo b.1804 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Minervin b.1831 - Vermont
Partridge, Minnie M. - Living
Partridge, Mira Rozella - Living
Partridge, Miranda b.1820 -
Partridge, Miranda -
Partridge, Miriam b.1787 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Miriam b.1785 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Miriam Maria b.1855 -
Partridge, Moses b.1811 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Moses b.1776 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Moses b.1733 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nancy b.1781 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nancy b.1808 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nancy b.1781 -
Partridge, Nancy b.1805 -
Partridge, Nancy Ann b.1809 - Westbrook, Maine
Partridge, Nancy Jane b.1794 -
Partridge, Nathan b.1786 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nathan -
Partridge, Nathan b.1819 - Maine
Partridge, Nathan -
Partridge, Nathan b.1738 - Medway, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nathaniel -
Partridge, Nathaniel b.1803 -
Partridge, Nathaniel - Living
Partridge, Nathaniel -
Partridge, Nathaniel b.1781 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Nathaniel -
Partridge, Nathaniel Gilbert b.1830 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Nathaniel Smith - Living
Partridge, Nellie -
Partridge, Nellie May - Living
Partridge, Olive C. -
Partridge, Oran b.1806 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Orlando Brown -
Partridge, Oscar Moore b.1830 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Oscar S. -
Partridge, Oscar Selby -
Partridge, Otis b.1790 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Otis b.1764 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ozias b.1763 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ozias Jr. m.1808 - Ashburnham, Massachusetts
Partridge, Parana -
Partridge, Parnel -
Partridge, Parney Elizabeth b.1828 -
Partridge, Patricia L. - Living
Partridge, Patty b.1787 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Patty b.1779 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Paul - Living
Partridge, Pearl b.1779 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Peggy b.1790 -
Partridge, Perron Hallowell b.1804 - Holland, Massachusetts
Partridge, Peter b.1745 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Peter b.1722 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Peter b.1716 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Peter H. - Living
Partridge, Phebe b.1741 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Phebe b.1709 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Phebe Violetta b.1852 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Phineas b.1777 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Phylette b.1765 - Wrenthan, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Polly b.1810 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Polly b.1800 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Polly -
Partridge, Polly b.1788 - Barre.Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Polly b.1784 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Preserved b.1708 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Priah b.1774 - Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Priscilla -
Partridge, Priscilla b.1774 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Propperty b.1803 - Holland, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rachel b.1739 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rachel b.1743 - Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rachel b.1701 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rachel - Living
Partridge, Rachel -
Partridge, Rachel b.1669 - Medfield, Norfield, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rachel Melinda b.1818 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Ralph -
Partridge, Ralph b.1591 - of Sutton, Kent, England
Partridge, Rebecca b.1838 - Paris, Oxford, Maine
Partridge, Rebecca -
Partridge, Rebecca b.1651 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rebekah b.1825 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Regina C. - Living
Partridge, Reuben b.1801 - Sidney, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Reuben b.1741 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Reuben b.1744 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Reuben Henry b.1848 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Rhoda b.1748 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1734 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachustees
Partridge, Rhoda b.1760 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda -
Partridge, Rhoda b.1776 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1743 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1788 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1748 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1780 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Rhoda b.1759 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Richard - Living
Partridge, Richard Whitman - Living
Partridge, Robert - Living
Partridge, Robert C. - Living
Partridge, Robert Frank b.1882 -
Partridge, Ronald L. - Living
Partridge, Rosina m.1779 -
Partridge, Roswell b.1825 -
Partridge, Ruth b.1788 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ruth b.1760 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ruth b.1889 -
Partridge, Ruth -
Partridge, Ruth b.1729 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ruth b.1647 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ruth Elizabeth - Living
Partridge, Sabra b.1783 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sabra Sibley b.1846 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sally b.1791 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sally -
Partridge, Salmon b.1792 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Salome b.1768 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Samantha -
Partridge, Samuel -
Partridge, Samuel -
Partridge, Samuel b.1749 - Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel b.1744 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel -
Partridge, Samuel b.1722 -
Partridge, Samuel b.1815 - Westford, Chittenden, Vermont
Partridge, Samuel b.1791 -
Partridge, Samuel -
Partridge, Samuel b.1741 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel b.1791 -
Partridge, Samuel b.1752 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel b.1687 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel b.1704 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel b.1671 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Samuel Smith b.1813 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sandra E. - Living
Partridge, Sarah b.1821 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Sarah b.1719 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1741 - Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1771 - Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1769 - Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1724 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1725 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1701 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah -
Partridge, Sarah b.1796 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Sarah b.1685 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah b.1639 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah Adeline b.1845 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah G. -
Partridge, Sarah Nourse b.1805 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah Putman b.1823 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sarah Taylor b.1855 -
Partridge, Sarah Thurston b.1832 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Seneca b.1802 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Seth b.1735 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachustees
Partridge, Seth -
Partridge, Seth b.1712 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Seth -
Partridge, Sheffield -
Partridge, Silas b.1829 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silas b.1774 - Barre, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silas b.1772 -
Partridge, Silas -
Partridge, Silas b.1737 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silence b.1704 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silence b.1767 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silence b.1746 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Silence b.1708 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silence b.1719 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Silence Juliet b.1824 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Simeon b.1799 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Simeon -
Partridge, Sophronia A. b.1835 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, Stephen -
Partridge, Stephen b.1744 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Stephen b.1752 - Sherborn, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Stephen b.1706 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Stephen G. - Living
Partridge, Stephen J. b.1798 -
Partridge, Sukey b.1794 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Susan - Living
Partridge, Susan b.1854 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Susan Abigail b.1846 - Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Susan Cally b.1858 - Biddeford, Maine
Partridge, Susan M. -
Partridge, Susan Tryphosia b.1820 - Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
Partridge, Susannah Perry b.1818 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sybil Ann - Living
Partridge, Sylvander b.1807 -
Partridge, Sylvester b.1798 - Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Sylvester b.1766 - Wrenthan, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Sylvia Pond b.1816 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Tabitha -
Partridge, Thaddeus b.1784 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thaddeus b.1739 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thankful b.1795 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thankful b.1775 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thankful b.1752 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thankful b.1774 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thankful b.1703 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Theron b.1788 - Massachusetts
Partridge, Thomas - Living
Partridge, Thomas -
Partridge, Thomas b.1758 - Guilford. Windham, Vermont
Partridge, Thomas b.1711 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Thomas Jefferson b.1803 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Timothy b.1726 - West Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Timothy Augustus Warren b.1813 - Franklin. Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Timothy E. b.1764 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Triphea b.1786 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partridge, Tryphena b.1770 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Tryphosa b.1642 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Partridge, Unity b.1814 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, Urania -
Partridge, Vernon David Barron b.1812 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
Partridge, Vesta b.1782 -
Partridge, Walter Barton b.1864 - Owego, New York
Partridge, Walter P. b.1871 -
Partridge, Warren b.1797 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Warren b.1810 - Munson, Massachusetts
Partridge, Warren J. b.1839 - Harrington, Connecticut
Partridge, Wilfred D. -
Partridge, Willard b.1792 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Willard Cleveland b.1824 -
Partridge, William b.1801 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, William b.1788 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, William b.1783 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Partridge, William -
Partridge, William b.1695 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, William b.1668 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, William b.1825 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachuetts
Partridge, William b.1622 - Navestock, Essex, England
Partridge, William Graham b.1822 - Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
Partridge, William Henry b.1841 - Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partridge, William Jefferson -
Partridge, William Joshua b.1807 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, William L. - Living
Partridge, William S. b.1841 - Harrington, Connecticut
Partridge, William Thane b.1858 -
Partridge, Willis Rice b.1874 - Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
Partridge, Winifred b.1870 -
Partridge, Zachariah b.1718 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Zachariah b.1674 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Zervial Williams b.1822 -
Partridge, Ziba b.1761 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Ziliah b.1764 - Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Partridge, Zipporah b.1757 -


Partrydge, Bartholemew b.1545 - Navestock, Essex, England


Patten, Bertha E. - Living
Patten, Beulah L. - Living
Patten, Clarence b.1881 -
Patten, Oscar M. - Living


Patterson, Clara "Clary" b.1788 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Patterson, Elizabeth Elizabeth m.1603 - St. Mary Virgin, Dover, Kent, England
Patterson, Franlin - Living
Patterson, John K. b.1810 - Mason Co. OH
Patterson, Margaret b.1780 - , South Carolina
Patterson, Martha m.1876 - Mt. Pulaski, Logan, Illinois


Payne, Katy -


Payson, Daniel m.1805 -


Peach, Joseph m.1726 -


Pearle, Mary -


Pearson, Betheah b.1645 - Reading, Massachusetts
Pearson, Elva -
Pearson, James b.1652 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Pearson, John b.1650 - Reading, Massachusetts
Pearson, John b.1637 - Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Pearson, John b.1615 - Yorkshire, England
Pearson, Mary b.1643 - Reading, Massachusetts
Pearson, Sarah b.1647 - Reading, Massachusetts


Peck, b.1881 -
Peck, Charles - Living
Peck, George - Living
Peck, Hobart W. b.1897 -
Peck, James C. -
Peck, James K. -
Peck, Josie Belle - Living
Peck, Laban - Living
Peck, Mary G. b.1828 -
Peck, Robert Eugene b.1873 -
Peck, William - Living


Peckham, Samuel -
Peckham, Winifred m.1572 - Wrothem, Kent, England


Pedersen, Clifford - Living
Pedersen, Keith Clifford - Living
Pedersen, Lillie - Living
Pedersen, Nels - Living
Pedersen, Valera Lorraine b.1927 - Puyallup, Pierce, Washington


Peele, Willis b.1763 -


Pence, Elijah m.1816 - Adams Co. Ohio
Pence, Robert - Living
Pence, Sarah m.1822 - Adams Co. Ohio


Pendleton, Abel -
Pendleton, Joseph m.1794 - of New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut


Pennell, S. Howard b.1891 -


Penniman, Nathan m.1744 -
Penniman, Silas b.1745 -


Pepper, Alice m.1640 -


Percival, Agnes Elizabeth b.1882 - Hillsboro, Henry, Iowa
Percival, Clyde Selfridge b.1871 -
Percival, Eva Maude b.1878 -
Percival, Julia Ruby b.1877 -
Percival, Leo Clyde b.1875 -
Percival, Matthew Newell b.1832 - Campton, Grafton, New Hampshire
Percival, Warren Orlando m.1871 -


Pereyra, Gina G. - Living


Perkins, - Living
Perkins, Agnes or Anne b.1549 - of Bray, Berks., Engl.
Perkins, Anna -
Perkins, Isom m.1903 -
Perkins, Mark -
Perkins, Thomas James - Living


Perley, Adam b.1827 -
Perley, Allen -
Perley, Anna b.1811 -
Perley, Asa b.1825 -
Perley, Caroline -
Perley, David b.1819 -
Perley, David b.1786 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Perley, Elmina b.1809 -
Perley, Hanna B. b.1816 -
Perley, Henry P. -
Perley, Hiram b.1827 -
Perley, Mary Ann b.1821 -
Perley, Thuseba b.1813 -


Perretin, Tammy - Living


Perrin, Abraham b.1647 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Perrin, Nancy Anne m.1785 - Smith Township, Washington, Pennsylvania
Perrin, Rebecca m.1802 -


Perry, Abner -
Perry, Amey Tripp -
Perry, Edward -
Perry, John -
Perry, John Stanton -
Perry, Joseph -
Perry, Joseph b.1752 - Portsmount, Newport, Rhode Island
Perry, Joshua -
Perry, Mary -
Perry, Mary b.1745 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Perry, Rebecca -
Perry, Sarah -
Perry, Sophronia b.1804 - Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts
Perry, Susanna -
Perry, Susanna -
Perry, William -


Peters, Joseph m.1844 - , Clark, Illinois
Peters, Lydia b.1776 -


Peterson, b.1917 -
Peterson, Benjamin - Living
Peterson, Charles - Living
Peterson, Clyde - Living
Peterson, Frank M. - Living
Peterson, Fred -
Peterson, Jacob - Living
Peterson, James - Living
Peterson, Robert b.1914 -


Pezzella, Alveria - Living


Pfister, Anna Barbara b.1776 - Wettswil, Zurich, Switzerland


Pfleiger, Frank B. - Living

Phillips or Phipps

Phillips or Phipps, Aaron -


Phillips, Abiel -
Phillips, Charles Hudson - Living
Phillips, Levy m.1791 - Frederick Co. Maryland


Phills, Anne m.1738 - Mendon, Massachusetts
Phills, John - Living


Phinney, Elizabeth - Living


Phipps, William m.1837 -


Pickens, John Jr. b.1740 - PA
Pickens, Sarah Drucilla b.1762 - of Abbeville Dis, South Carolina


Pickeys, Samantha -


Pidd, Michael Joseph - Living
Pidd, William Stanton - Living

Pierce or Price

Pierce or Price, Sarah b.1633 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Pierce, Abigail b.1690 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Pierce, Amos b.1804 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, Deborah b.1809 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, Elisha b.1806 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, Elisha b.1772 -
Pierce, Franklin W. b.1849 -
Pierce, Franklin W. b.1845 -
Pierce, Hannah b.1812 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, John -
Pierce, Leonard W. b.1836 -
Pierce, Mary b.1812 -
Pierce, Mary b.1834 -
Pierce, Mary -
Pierce, Nancy b.1798 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, Nelson J. b.1839 -
Pierce, Roxana b.1809 - Westminster, Massachusetts
Pierce, Samuel b.1656 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Pierce, Sarah b.1692 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Pierce, Sarah A. b.1810 -
Pierce, Thomas III b.1645 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Pigman, Levi m.1777 - Maryland


Pike, Janie Lou - Living


Ping, Jeannie - Living


Pinisch, Christa Anneliese - Living


Pinkham, James m.1744 - Nantucket, Ri
Pinkham, Richard - Living


Pinner, John d.1674 -


Piper, Robert m.1800 - Columbiana Co. OH


Pixley, Eldon - Living
Pixley, Scott - Living


Platt, Lavina R. m.1843 -


Plaza, Alexandra Danielle - Living
Plaza, Daniel - Living
Plaza, Daniel Lloyd - Living
Plaza, Derek - Living
Plaza, Sidney Elizabeth - Living


Plimpton, Hannah -
Plimpton, Wales m.1806 -


Plummer, Anne -
Plummer, Elizabeth b.1850 -


Poff, Susan Lynne - Living


Polier, Margarelha -


Pollard, Celicia m.1837 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Pollard, David -


Pond, Anna b.1689 - Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Pond, Benjamin b.1730 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Pond, Dinah -
Pond, Ichabod b.1762 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Pond, Ichabod -
Pond, Milcah b.1778 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Pond, Rachel b.1710 -
Pond, Robert -


Poole, Sarah b.1656 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Pope, Elizabeth m.1790 - Prince Georges Co. MD
Pope, Nathan - Living
Pope, Nathan m.1846 -


Porter, Elizabeth - Living
Porter, Hannah -
Porter, Isabella m.1848 -
Porter, John - Living
Porter, Nancy m.1839 -


Poter, Eli - Living


Pottenger, Eleanor -
Pottenger, Elizabeth -
Pottenger, Jemima d.1824 - , Nelson, Kentucky
Pottenger, John -
Pottenger, Nancy b.1771 -
Pottenger, Samuel b.1693 - Queen Anne Par., Prince George, Maryland
Pottenger, Samuel b.1718 -
Pottenger, Samuel S. -
Pottenger, Sarah b.1688 - Calvert Co., Maryland
Pottenger, Sarah b.1764 -


Potter, Alvie Augusta m.1862 -
Potter, Amorette b.1807 - New Hampshire
Potter, Rebecca d.1655 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts


Power, Hopestill b.1650 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Powers, Betsey b.1804 -
Powers, Gideon - Living
Powers, Sarah m.1833 -


Powney, Jane b.1524 - of East Ockley, Bray, England


Prado, Alba - Living


Prather, Aaron m.1757 - Montgomery Co, Maryland
Prather, Basil Pitts b.1745 -
Prather, Thomas - Living


Pratt, Hannah -
Pratt, Jeremiah -
Pratt, John b.1692 - Reading, Middelsex, Massachusetts
Pratt, John m.1664 -
Pratt, Rebecca -


Prence, Elizabeth b.1645 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Hannah b.1629 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Jane b.1637 - Duxbury, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Judith b.1647 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Mary Jane b.1640 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Mercy b.1631 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Rebecca b.1625 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Sarah b.1643 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Thomas b.1560 - Lechlade, Gloucestershire, England
Prence, Thomas b.1633 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Prence, Thomas b.1600 - Lechlade, Gloucestershire, England


Prentice, -
Prentice, Almira b.1811 -
Prentice, Hester - Living


Prescott, Lydia b.1641 - Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Preston, Calita T. b.1824 - , Virginia
Preston, Enoch L. b.1827 - , Union Co, Indiana
Preston, Harriet - Living
Preston, Zenas b.1775 - , Virginia


Price, Letita - Living


Priest, Cora May m.1889 -


Pritchard, -
Pritchard, John b.1798 - Great Barrington, Massachusetts


Proctor, Elizabeth m.1705 - Concord, Massachusetts
Proctor, Sarah m.1754 -


Province, Eleanor m.1748 - Chester, Pennsylvania
Province, Hannah -
Province, James S. b.1809 - Greene Co. PA
Province, Thomas - Living


Pruess, Ruth - Living


Puffer, Chloe c.1765 - 2nd Congregation, Medway, Suffolk, Massachustees
Puffer, Richard -


Pugh, Ella Finley m.1882 -


Pullich, Jewel - Living


Putman, Hannah -


Putney, Mary A. -


Quick, Keturah Templeton -


Quicke, Apphia b.1615 - London, London, England


Quimby, -
Quimby, Abel -
Quimby, Anna b.1778 - Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine
Quimby, Archelaus b.1776 - Saccarappa, Maine
Quimby, Benjamin -
Quimby, Eunice b.1780 - Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine
Quimby, Hiram -
Quimby, John b.1782 - Saccarappa, Maine
Quimby, Joseph b.1791 - Westbrook, Maine
Quimby, Joseph b.1750 -
Quimby, Levi -
Quimby, Lydia b.1787 - Somersworth, New Hampshire
Quimby, Martha b.1787 -
Quimby, Mary b.1794 -
Quimby, Nathan m.1779 -
Quimby, Rebecca b.1785 -
Quimby, Sarah -
Quimby, Simeon -
Quimby, Tamsen -


Quinby, Aaron -
Quinby, Adaline Maria b.1834 - Saccarappa, Cumberland, Maine


Raines, Sarah -


Rais, Marie Anna -


Ramey, - Living


Ramsdell, Vashti -


Ramsey, Sarah m.1830 -


Rand, Sarah m.1720 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Randall, Aurora Lucy m.1867 -
Randall, Robert W. m.1829 - , Alexander, Illinois


Ranger, Edward m.1632 - St. Mary Virgin, Dover, Kent, England


Rankin, b.1851 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Abagail b.1766 -
Rankin, Abigail b.1808 -
Rankin, Abigail b.1805 -
Rankin, Abigail b.1786 - Smith Township, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Albert M. b.1884 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Alice Alma b.1852 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Alice Bell b.1866 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Alvin - Living
Rankin, Anna Della b.1877 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Anna M. b.1856 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Barbara -
Rankin, Clarence b.1898 -
Rankin, Clement L. b.1866 -
Rankin, David b.1879 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, David b.1800 -
Rankin, David b.1789 -
Rankin, David -
Rankin, David -
Rankin, David b.1740 - , Virginia
Rankin, David Allie b.1853 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, David S. b.1829 -
Rankin, David Sr. b.1691 - , Northern Ireland
Rankin, Edward b.1881 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Eldon Lee b.1881 -
Rankin, Elgie A. b.1865 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Elizabeth m.1846 - , Champaign, Illinois
Rankin, Elizabeth b.1835 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Elizabeth b.1821 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Elizabeth m.1846 - , Champaign, Illinois
Rankin, Elizabeth A. b.1869 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Elleanor Jane b.1856 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Ernest b.1889 -
Rankin, George Taylor b.1836 - Hickory, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Hadassah b.1870 -
Rankin, Hadassah J. b.1836 -
Rankin, Hannah -
Rankin, Hiram m.1820 - Lewis Co, KY
Rankin, Hugh -
Rankin, Ida May b.1861 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Isaac b.1798 -
Rankin, Israel b.1830 -
Rankin, J. F. -
Rankin, James b.1836 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, James b.1811 -
Rankin, James b.1792 -
Rankin, James b.1784 - , Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, James b.1774 -
Rankin, James -
Rankin, James Edgar b.1867 -
Rankin, James Edgar b.1838 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, James T. b.1871 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Jane b.1831 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Jane b.1834 -
Rankin, Jane -
Rankin, Jane b.1817 -
Rankin, Jane b.1807 -
Rankin, Jane b.1751 -
Rankin, Jane Elizabeth b.1842 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Jane Elizabeth b.1852 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Jesse b.1814 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Jesse b.1763 - , Brazil
Rankin, Jesse Martin b.1828 -
Rankin, John b.1798 -
Rankin, John d.1788 - Smith, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, John A. b.1859 -
Rankin, John G. b.1865 -
Rankin, John J. b.1852 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, John L. b.1826 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, John Milton b.1840 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Joseph M. b.1843 -
Rankin, Joseph Vance b.1848 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Leslie b.1887 -
Rankin, Letty -
Rankin, Margaret -
Rankin, Margaret -
Rankin, Margaret L. b.1872 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Maria b.1812 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Martha Ann b.1838 -
Rankin, Martha E. - Living
Rankin, Mary b.1774 -
Rankin, Mary -
Rankin, Mary -
Rankin, Mary Ann b.1833 -
Rankin, Mary Elizabeth b.1858 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Mary Hannah b.1829 -
Rankin, Mary J. b.1875 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Mary Jane b.1866 -
Rankin, Mary L. b.1863 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Mary M. b.1854 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Mary Sibella b.1866 -
Rankin, Matilda -
Rankin, Matilda b.1804 -
Rankin, Matthew b.1802 -
Rankin, Matthew b.1795 - , Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Matthew b.1760 -
Rankin, Montgomery m.1832 - , Harrison, Kentucky
Rankin, Nancy -
Rankin, Nancy b.1795 -
Rankin, Nancy Cornelia b.1854 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Rezin b.1841 -
Rankin, Riddile Samuel b.1866 -
Rankin, Rubie b.1877 -
Rankin, Samuel b.1823 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Samuel b.1806 -
Rankin, Samuel b.1769 - , Winchester, Virginia
Rankin, Samuel Dallas b.1848 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Samuel J. b.1837 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Samuel R. b.1833 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Sarah -
Rankin, Sarah -
Rankin, Sarah M. - Living
Rankin, Stephen b.1813 -
Rankin, Thomas b.1815 -
Rankin, Thomas b.1760 - , Virginia
Rankin, Thomas b.1766 -
Rankin, Thomas Marshall b.1868 -
Rankin, Warren Perry b.1842 -
Rankin, William b.1896 -
Rankin, William b.1832 - Hickory, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, William b.1822 - Athens, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, William b.1796 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, William b.1801 -
Rankin, William b.1789 -
Rankin, William -
Rankin, William b.1720 - , Ireland
Rankin, William -
Rankin, William Clark b.1900 -
Rankin, William D. b.1852 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, William Elroy b.1862 -
Rankin, William F. b.1865 -
Rankin, William J. b.1854 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, William Milton b.1873 -
Rankin, William Rea b.1844 - Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Pennsylvania
Rankin, Zachariah b.1750 -


Rankins, Jane b.1795 -


Raven, Susan m.1627 - Tonbridge, Kent, England
Raven, Theresa - Living


Rawlings, Jean - Living
Rawlings, Martha A. m.1859 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Rawlings, Nathan Sr. - Living


Rawson, Abigail m.1762 - Holliston, Massachusetts


Ray, George K. m.1852 -
Ray, Mary b.1698 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Ray, William b.1660 - Manchester, Chester, England


Rea, Rebecca - Living


Read, Cynthia b.1813 -
Read, Mary m.1640 - Bridgewater, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Read, Nancy Ann - Living


Reader, Marietta -


Reardon, Laura Virginia b.1894 - Boston, Suffolk Co, Ma


Reasoner, Celia - Living


Rehmann, Allen Robert - Living
Rehmann, Jacob - Living
Rehmann, Jennifer Lynn - Living
Rehmann, Lorelei Nicole - Living


Reid, Drusilla -
Reid, Fannie d.1836 -
Reid, John m.1785 -
Reid, Sophia -
Reid, William b.1788 -


Releford, Bill - Living
Releford, Eliza - Living
Releford, Martha - Living


Remington, Elizabeth -
Remington, Jonathan m.1730 -


Reynolds, Sarah - Living


Rhinerson, Harriet - Living


Ricco, Dorothy - Living


Rice, Alonzo or J.M. -
Rice, Amanda b.1832 -
Rice, Amory b.1815 -
Rice, Artemas Lee b.1822 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, Arthur E. b.1869 -
Rice, Cecilia Augusta b.1829 -
Rice, Celesta A. b.1846 -
Rice, Charles B. - Living
Rice, Chester Gray b.1907 -
Rice, David b.1827 -
Rice, Dorthy M. - Living
Rice, Easter b.1827 -
Rice, Edith - Living
Rice, Edna Ann - Living
Rice, Edward Josiah b.1869 -
Rice, Elizabeth Selfridge b.1791 - Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, Ellen - Living
Rice, Esther I. - Living
Rice, Evaline G. b.1848 -
Rice, Frank Morgan b.1866 -
Rice, George A. b.1854 -
Rice, George Edgar b.1871 -
Rice, Hannah b.1778 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, Hannah - Living
Rice, Harriet Amanda b.1854 -
Rice, John Guy b.1865 -
Rice, Jonas b.1823 - Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, Jonas b.1791 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, Jonas -
Rice, Jonas -
Rice, Julia Ann b.1825 -
Rice, Lucy Ida b.1859 -
Rice, Mary b.1737 - Barre, Massachusetts
Rice, Oscar Haigh - Living
Rice, Oscar J. b.1850 -
Rice, Pearl b.1882 -
Rice, Phoebe Lillian b.1856 -
Rice, Rusha W. b.1831 -
Rice, Ruth - Living
Rice, Ruth Elizabeth - Living
Rice, Sarah Gates b.1809 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rice, William -
Rice, William O. b.1838 -
Rice, William P. b.1820 -
Rice, Winifred - Living


Rich, Mary -
Rich, Sarah m.1733 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Richards, - Living
Richards, Catherine m.1819 - Lewis Co. Kentucky
Richards, James b.1683 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richards, James b.1680 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richards, James b.1704 -
Richards, John m.1672 -
Richards, Joseph b.1701 - Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richards, Joseph b.1676 - Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richards, Lovana m.1775 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
Richards, Sarah b.1679 -
Richards, Sarah b.1710 - Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richards, Susanna b.1677 -
Richards, Susanna b.1702 -


Richardson, Betsey m.1793 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachetts
Richardson, Charles m.1832 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Richardson, Ira m.1766 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Richardson, Israel Putnam b.1831 -
Richardson, John b.1639 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Richardson, John Jr. b.1661 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Richardson, Joseph b.1667 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Richardson, Lydia Bacon -
Richardson, Oliver m.1829 -
Richardson, Oliver -
Richardson, Oliver b.1778 -
Richardson, Polly b.1772 -
Richardson, Samuel m.1793 -
Richardson, Sarah b.1640 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Richardson, Sarah m.1805 -
Richardson, Sarah b.1659 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Richardson, Thankful m.1763 -


Richmond, Elizabeth b.1872 -


Rickard, Ann m.1882 - Junction City, Lane, Oregon


Rickey, Bliss Dorman b.1853 - Salem, Marion Co, Oregon
Rickey, Claire Anne - Living
Rickey, Helen Marie - Living
Rickey, Jo Ellen - Living
Rickey, Laura Ashley - Living
Rickey, Malia Helen - Living
Rickey, Mary Catherine - Living
Rickey, Michael Anthony - Living
Rickey, Michele Leilani - Living
Rickey, Minnie Belle b.1859 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Rickey, Ruth Margaret b.1924 - San Francisco, San Francisco Co, Ca
Rickey, Stanton Michael - Living
Rickey, Thomas Benton b.1831 - , Morgan Co, Ohio
Rickey, Thomas Boyd b.1892 - San Francisco, San Francisco Co, Ca
Rickey, Thomas Boyd II - Living
Rickey, Ulysses Grant b.1865 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Rickey, Virginia Mae "Gigi" - Living
Rickey, William Bliss b.1918 - San Francisco, San Francisco Co, Ca


Riddile, Martha S. m.1858 - , Wells, Indiana


Ridge, Hannah m.1829 - , Montgomery, Indiana


Ridgely, Alice -
Ridgely, Drucilla -
Ridgely, Isaac -
Ridgely, Jacob b.1740 -
Ridgely, Jane -
Ridgely, Jane b.1750 -
Ridgely, Jemima b.1755 - Frederick Co., Maryland
Ridgely, Martha -
Ridgely, Martha -
Ridgely, Richard d.1800 - Frederick Co., Maryland
Ridgely, Sarah -
Ridgely, Sarah -
Ridgely, Sophia -
Ridgely, Urith -
Ridgely, Westhall b.1742 - Frederick Co., Maryland
Ridgely, Westhall -
Ridgely, William d.1776 - Frederick Co., Maryland


Ridgley, Ella Elizabeth -


Riford, Polly b.1784 -


Riley, Hugh -
Riley, Jane Lydia b.1691 - , of Prince George, Maryland
Riley, John Kevin - Living
Riley, John Kim - Living
Riley, Kathrandra Marie - Living
Riley, Rebekah Ann - Living


Risinger, Samuel m.1849 - Champaign Co. IL


Ritchie, Amanda Judith b.1840 - Jacksonville, Morgan Co, Il


Rizek, Karen Lynn - Living
Rizek, Robert L. - Living
Rizek, Tamera Maries - Living


Roberts, Mahala - Living
Roberts, Rebecca Jane -
Roberts, Thomas - Living


Robertson, Diana m.1830 - Adams Co, Ohio


Robinson, Amelia m.1847 - , MacOupin, Illinois
Robinson, Elizabeth -
Robinson, Margaret m.1851 - Monroe, Adams, Indiana
Robinson, Mattie E. m.1877 -


Robnett, Anthony Charles - Living
Robnett, Bruce James - Living
Robnett, Cassandra - Living
Robnett, Catherine Ann - Living
Robnett, Celia - Living
Robnett, Charles Alfred b.1911 -
Robnett, Christopher Casey b.1979 - Coos Bay, Coos Co, Or
Robnett, David Douglas - Living
Robnett, Dorothy Emma - Living
Robnett, Douglas Clark - Living
Robnett, Elmo Eugene b.1902 - Ione, Morrow Co, Or
Robnett, James Herbert Dr (Md) b.1871 - Nr Halsey, Linn Co, Or
Robnett, James John - Living
Robnett, Jared Park - Living
Robnett, Lois Cecelia b.1924 - Joseph, Wallowa Co, Or
Robnett, Lora - Living
Robnett, Marion Jean - Living
Robnett, Melissa Mae - Living
Robnett, Patricia Dorothy b.1927 - Albany, Linn Co, Or
Robnett, Rebecca Ann b.1976 - Corvallis, Benton Co, Or
Robnett, Ronald Herbert b.1905 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Robnett, Susan Margaret - Living
Robnett, William E. -


Rockett, Joseph -


Rockwell, Albert J. b.1831 - Ashtabula, Ohio
Rockwell, Alfred H. -
Rockwell, Alma E. -
Rockwell, Clara A. -
Rockwell, Clarissa -
Rockwell, Edward W. b.1840 -
Rockwell, Frank D. -
Rockwell, J. Lovett -
Rockwell, Joshua b.1775 - Connecticut
Rockwell, Lovett P. b.1798 - Connecticut
Rockwell, Maria L. -
Rockwell, Mary E. -
Rockwell, Mary E. -
Rockwell, Nancy -
Rockwell, Sarah A. -
Rockwell, William Elmer -


Rockwood, Benjamin b.1791 -
Rockwood, Benjamin b.1750 -
Rockwood, Benjamin -
Rockwood, Brittney Dianne - Living
Rockwood, Charles b.1806 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Clarissa b.1803 -
Rockwood, Cletus Todd - Living
Rockwood, Elisha m.1800 -
Rockwood, Elizabeth b.1657 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Elizabeth Ann b.1814 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Hannah b.1770 - Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Hannah m.1709 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Hannah Adams b.1817 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Jerusha b.1794 -
Rockwood, John b.1801 -
Rockwood, Joseph b.1809 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Lois b.1744 -
Rockwood, Mary b.1809 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Mehitable b.1789 -
Rockwood, Nicholas b.1631 -
Rockwood, Olive b.1787 - Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Ruth b.1777 - Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Samuel b.1797 -
Rockwood, Samuel Leland b.1810 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Rockwood, Seth b.1797 -


Rodges, Caroline -


Rodynbridge, Catherine b.1519 - of Goudhurst, Kent, England


Roebuck, -


Roff, Joseph - Living
Roff, Minerva - Living


Rogers, Delia b.1762 - 
Rogers, Elizabeth -
Rogers, Martha -
Rogers, Thomas b.1638 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts


Rohr, Mary Ann m.1835 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Rolfe, Samuel Jr. m.1801 -


Rollins, Eliza -


Rondeau, Emily Rosie b.1880 - Days Creek, Douglas, Oregon
Rondeau, Jean Baptiste Thomas b.1842 -


Root, George - Living
Root, Vesta Ruth m.1865 - Appanoose Co., Iowa


Rose, Orin b.1790 -


Rosenberger, Anna b.1758 -
Rosenberger, Elisabeth b.1708 -
Rosenberger, Heinrich -


Ross, John Wilder b.1812 -
Ross, Mary -


Rounds, Patience m.1800 -


Rowe, Eliza A. m.1837 -
Rowe, Frank b.1875 - Boise, Ada, Idaho
Rowe, Frank Jr. b.1920 - Glenns Ferry, Elmore, Idaho


Rowley, Zina Pearl - Living


Rowlles, Elizabeth b.1580 - Stepney, Middlesex, England


Ruddick, Mae Augusta Nanna Mae b.1870 - Stockton, San Joaquin Co, California


Russell, George Allen -
Russell, George Helen b.1886 -
Russell, John III - Living
Russell, John Jr - Living
Russell, John Sr -
Russell, Mary -
Russell, Mary Lela b.1882 -
Russell, Richard -


Rutherford, Hannah b.1752 -
Rutherford, Hannah -
Rutherford, Thomas b.1729 -


Sabin, Hannah - Living


Sabiston, Barbara Ann - Living
Sabiston, Bessie Dean - Living
Sabiston, Donna Effie - Living
Sabiston, Geneva Roberts - Living
Sabiston, Jo Lynn - Living
Sabiston, John Fletcher b.1868 -
Sabiston, John Stanton "Jeff" - Living
Sabiston, Malcolm Mason - Living
Sabiston, Mary Belle - Living
Sabiston, Maxton Glenn b.1907 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Sabiston, Mildred Vance - Living
Sabiston, North Mason - Living
Sabiston, Patsy Ann - Living
Sabiston, Ruby Merlin b.1895 - Core Creek, Carteret Co, Nc


Samples, - Living
Samples, Jeffrey - Living


Samson, Mary -


Samuels, Mary m.1822 -


Sanders, Jane b.1638 - , of Somerset, Maryland
Sanders, Mary Ann b.1847 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Sanders, Rachel b.1685 -


Sands, Hannah - Living


Sanford, Christian m.1716 - Mendon, Massachusetts
Sanford, Sarah -
Sanford, Sidney -


Sanger, Benjamin m.1803 -
Sanger, Evalina b.1802 -
Sanger, John Lieut. b.1746 - Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Sanger, Joseph m.1828 -
Sanger, Louisa b.1800 -
Sanger, Zebediah b.1805 -


Sant, Richard Clifford b.1899 - Treasureton, Franklin, Idaho


Sargent, Winthrop m.1842 -


Saulsbury, John m.1821 - Lewis Co, KY


Saunders, Martha -


Savil, Bethia b.1681 - Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Savil, John m.1668 -
Savil, Mehitable b.1683 - Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Saxby, Mary b.1548 - London, London, England


Say, Agatha b.1743 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Alma Cassandra b.1867 - Berkley, Somerset, England
Say, Andrea - Living
Say, Ann b.1799 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Ann Rebecca Cassandria b.1849 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Arthur Leonard b.1903 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Arthur Percival b.1872 - North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska
Say, Arthur Richard - Living
Say, Arthur Richard Jr. - Living
Say, Augustine b.1744 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Augustine c.1745 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Daniel Avery b.1902 - Boise, Ada, Idaho
Say, Deborah Lynn - Living
Say, Delacy Graham b.1868 - Berkley, Somerset, England
Say, Donna Claire b.1928 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Douglas Allen - Living
Say, Edward Percival b.1904 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Frances -
Say, George b.1777 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, George Walter b.1881 - Boise, Ada, Idaho
Say, George William c.1842 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, George William b.1915 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Georgina Sabina b.1870 - High Street, Weymounth, Dorest, England
Say, James b.1782 - No. Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Jennifer - Living
Say, Julia Christina b.1879 - Boise, Ada, Idaho
Say, Kathleen - Living
Say, Kennth Edward - Living
Say, Kristine - Living
Say, Living - Living
Say, Living - Living
Say, Margaret Geneva - Living
Say, Marilyn Elaine - Living
Say, Mary b.1773 - No. Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Mary m.1769 - No. Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Mary Jane - Living
Say, Mary Patricia - Living
Say, Merle Francis - Living
Say, Mike - Living
Say, Richard b.1804 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Richard m.1738 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Richard c.1770 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Richard Avery - Living
Say, Robin Kathleen - Living
Say, Ronald Lee - Living
Say, Rosa V. b.1874 - North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska
Say, Russell Keith - Living
Say, Sarah Ann c.1845 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Say, Sarah Francis b.1906 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Sherrie Lynn - Living
Say, Sherry Lynn - Living
Say, Steven Bruce - Living
Say, Susan - Living
Say, Vera Ramona b.1911 - Pebble, Bannock, Idaho
Say, Violet C. b.1877 - , Idaho
Say, W. Leonard b.1885 - , Idaho
Say, William Briant - Living
Say, William Delacy b.1921 - Boise, Ada, Idaho


Sayles, Eleanor m.1692 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island
Sayles, Mary b.1652 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Sayles, Phoebe b.1665 - Providence, Providence, Rhode Island


Sayre, Agnes -
Sayre, Alice b.1529 - of Odell, Hinwick, Bedfordshire, England
Sayre, Rebecca b.1572 - Odell, England
Sayre, Thomas b.1474 - England
Sayre, Thomas -
Sayre, William b.1500 - Hinwick, Bedfordshire, England
Sayre, William Jr. -


Scammell, Bethiah -
Scammell, Mary -


Scammon, John -
Scammon, John Jr. b.1778 -


Schaufelberger, Jacob b.1844 - Stallikon, Zurich, Switzerland


Schenkkan, Christopher - Living
Schenkkan, Roman - Living


Schmidt, Carol Elizabeth - Living


Schmier, Gertrude - Living
Schmier, John - Living


Scholze, Ingrid Elise - Living
Scholze, Vincent - Living
Scholze, Zachary Jerome - Living


Schonert, Rozella - Living


Schurman, Elmma Drake - Living


Scofield, Rachel -


Scott, -
Scott, Anna -
Scott, Benjamin S. -
Scott, Elizabeth W. -
Scott, Enoch M. -
Scott, Esther - Living
Scott, Hannah -
Scott, Jesse -
Scott, Job -
Scott, Joshua m.1794 - Core Sound Meetg, Carteret Co, Nc
Scott, Joshua -
Scott, Rebecca -
Scott, Stanton -
Scott, Thomas b.1783 - , Pendleton, Kentucky


Scovel, Aaron Jason - Living
Scovel, Amber N. - Living
Scovel, Andrea - Living
Scovel, Crystal - Living
Scovel, Jack - Living
Scovel, Jackie - Living
Scovel, Jason J. b.1971 - Tillamook, Tillamook, Oregon
Scovel, Nikki Lynn - Living
Scovel, Randall A. - Living
Scovel, Rick L. - Living


Seabury, Hannah b.1663 - Duxbury, Massachusetts
Seabury, Samuel -


Sears, Phebe m.1773 - Barre, Massachusetts
Sears, Silas - Living


Seaver, Nathaniel - Living
Seaver, Sarah -


See, Gordon E. - Living


Seekel, Susan J. m.1835 -


Seffens, George -
Seffens, Mary Jane b.1841 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana


Seiler, Maria b.1796 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland


Seitz, - Living
Seitz, Darrin Robert - Living
Seitz, Dustin Ray - Living
Seitz, Harold - Living
Seitz, Robert Merle - Living
Seitz, Scott Vernon - Living


Selby, Thomas -


Senter, Alice May b.1875 - Windham, Maine


Serjent, Tabitha m.1769 - Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts


Sewall, Arvey - Living
Sewall, Monnie - Living


Sewell, Ed Reverend - Living


Shackley, Aaron -


Shafer, Margaret -


Shalls, Sybil b.1830 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Shanklin, Elizabeth b.1739 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Shanklin, Thomas b.1738 - of Abbeville Dis, South Carolina


Shapleigh, Ann m.1652 -


Sharp, Elizabeth -


Sharpe, Elizabeth b.1612 - Great Gonerby. Lincolnshire, England


Shasteen, Henry m.1899 -


Shaughessy, Mary Ellen b.1867 - New York, New York
Shaughessy, Patrick -


Shaw, Abigail b.1678 - of Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Shaw, Angus N. m.1871 -
Shaw, Brethiah - Living
Shaw, Lydia m.1689 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Shaw, Rebecca - Living


Sheafe, Mary b.1607 - of Tudeley Kent, England


Sheehy, Helen Patricia b.1920 - San Francisco, San Francisco Co, Ca


Sheffield, Hannah b.1663 - Sherborn, Massachusetts
Sheffield, Mary m.1746 -
Sheffield, Nathaniel -
Sheffield, Nathaniel - Living
Sheffield, Rachel b.1662 - 
Sheffield, Rachel b.1732 -
Sheffield, William -


Sheldon, Frances E. m.1881 -


Shepard, Deborah b.1633 - England


Shepherd, Abraham b.1754 - , Berkely, West Virginia


Sherman, Sarah b.1774 - S Kingston, Washington Co, Ri


Shipley, Amy b.1871 - Brooks, Marion, Oregon
Shipley, Belva Viola - Living
Shipley, George b.1846 - , Vermillion, Illinois
Shipley, John III b.1676 -


Shives, Crit -


Show, Eloise - Living


Shultz, Katie - Living


Shumway, Abigail b.1820 - West Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Shumway, Louisa Maria b.1836 - , Oh


Silvey, Margaret m.1826 - Lewis Co, KY


Simmons, Biron b.1864 - , Clackamas Co, Or
Simmons, Daniel b.1836 - , Indiana
Simmons, Flora M. b.1861 -
Simmons, Jonathan b.1700 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland


Simonds, Alpheus -
Simonds, Cabeb b.1649 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Simonds, Caroline b.1823 - Wilmington, Vermont
Simonds, James b.1684 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Simonds, Samuel b.1678 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Simonds, Sarah b.1687 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Simpson, Jo Ann - Living
Simpson, Levinia b.1747 - Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland
Simpson, Linda Carol - Living
Simpson, William Gaston "Billy" Jr - Living
Simpson, William Gaston Sr - Living


Singson, Juan - Living
Singson, Myrna Lynn - Living
Singson, Ronald Marion - Living
Singson, Valerie Joy - Living


Sinnard, Sarah b.1797 - , Harrison, Kentucky


Skiff, b.1681 -
Skiff, Abigail -
Skiff, Beulah -
Skiff, Hannah b.1688 -
Skiff, John -
Skiff, Nathan -
Skiff, Nathaniel -
Skiff, Sarah -
Skiff, Stephen -


Skiffs, Nathaniel b.1645 - Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Skinner, Ada Emily - Living


Sladden, Sidney C. b.1864 - Salem, Marion Co, Or


Slocum, Joanna b.1725 - , Ri


Slye, Ann - Living
Slye, Gerard d.1733 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland
Slye, Mary m.1733 - St. Marys, St. Marys, Maryland
Slye, Susannah - Living


Small, Miriam b.1734 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Small, Susan b.1779 - Louisville, Kentucky


Smalley, Mary b.1647 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Smith, -
Smith, Alma Cynthia b.1891 -
Smith, Amy - Living
Smith, Andus Hollis - Living
Smith, Ann b.1628 - of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Smith, Arthur Burnell b.1880 -
Smith, Benjamin b.1646 - Dedham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Benjamin b.1611 - Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Smith, Charles H. b.1809 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Smith, Daniel m.1728 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Dorcas m.1621 - St. Michaels, Queenhille, London
Smith, Earl E. - Living
Smith, Edmund S. b.1861 -
Smith, Electa Morrill b.1839 -
Smith, Eliza Anne - Living
Smith, Elizabeth m.1669 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Smith, Elizabeth - Living
Smith, Elizabeth b.1672 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Elizabeth W. b.1863 -
Smith, Fannie Adelia - Living
Smith, Florence A. b.1876 - , Macon, Illinois
Smith, G. E. - Living
Smith, Gary - Living
Smith, George b.1726 - Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Gerald - Living
Smith, Geri Kay - Living
Smith, Gladys - Living
Smith, Grace b.1600 - Yorkshire, England
Smith, Hannah b.1767 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Hannah - Living
Smith, Hannah C. m.1840 -
Smith, Hannibal b.1811 -
Smith, Hannibal Barnell b.1882 -
Smith, Harriet E. -
Smith, Helen - Living
Smith, Hugh b.1604 - Bray, Berks., Engl.
Smith, Josephine -
Smith, Larry - Living
Smith, Louise b.1869 -
Smith, Margaret b.1761 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Smith, Mary b.1642 - Dedham, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Smith, Mary m.1802 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Smith, Mary m.1676 - St. Marys, St. Marys, Maryland
Smith, Mary Anne Elizabeth - Living
Smith, Mary Avice - Living
Smith, Mary Rebecca b.1885 -
Smith, Miriam Priscilla - Living
Smith, Olive Knight b.1887 -
Smith, Pat - Living
Smith, Robert b.1848 -
Smith, Rose Berger m.1899 -
Smith, Russell - Living
Smith, Sarah -
Smith, Susan Geralyn - Living
Smith, Sydney - Living
Smith, T. A. b.1851 - , Oregon
Smith, Thomas Edwin b.1854 -
Smith, Thomas Halcomb - Living
Smith, Thyra - Living
Smith, Walter Baker b.1889 -
Smith, Walter Waldo - Living
Smith, Winnis b.1874 -


Smithson, Adeline Bennett - Living


Smits, Jill Davis - Living
Smits, William - Living


Smoke, Anton -
Smoke, Frank b.1897 -
Smoke, Frank Robert b.1934 -
Smoke, Joseph b.1901 - Gilman, King, Washington
Smoke, Ronald Alan b.1927 - Enumclaw, King, Washington
Smoke, Ronald Alan Jr. b.1948 -
Smoke, Shirley Lorraine b.1935 - Enumclaw, King, Washington


Snavely, Charles b.1917 -
Snavely, Donald - Living
Snavely, Emma Eudora - Living
Snavely, Guy Everett b.1914 -
Snavely, Guy Hey - Living
Snavely, Jacob Lester b.1920 -
Snavely, Margaret May b.1918 -
Snavely, Ora Melinda - Living
Snavely, Vera - Living


Snell, Amos - Living
Snell, Susanna -


Snodgrass, m.1884 -


Snow, Anne b.1656 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Elizabeth b.1640 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Elizabeth b.1676 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Elizabeth b.1666 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Hannah b.1679 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Harriet Newell b.1832 - Waterville, Kennebec, Maine
Snow, Jabez b.1642 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, John b.1638 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Joseph b.1634 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Macy b.1630 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Mark b.1628 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Mary b.1661 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Melitiah b.1638 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Snow, Nicholas b.1530 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
Snow, Nicholas m.1626 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Nicholas b.1663 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Nicholsa b.1578 - Rowe, Middesex, England
Snow, Prence b.1674 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Ruth b.1644 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Samuel -
Snow, Samuel c.1649 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Snow, Sarah b.1632 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Sarah b.1671 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Steven b.1636 - Plymounth, Plymounth, Massachusetts
Snow, Thomas b.1668 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Snow, Thomas d.1668 -


Snyder, Kate b.1870 -
Snyder, Mary -


Sothy, Mary Mary m.1645 - Dedham, Suffolk Co., Ma


Spalding, Ephraim -
Spalding, Mary -


Spaulding, Sarah m.1761 -


Spence, Mark - Living
Spence, Samantha Joanne - Living
Spence, Sandra - Living


Spencer, Georgia Leora b.1884 - Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas
Spencer, John m.1845 -
Spencer, Pleg Cross -
Spencer, Susanna b.1643 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts


Spicer, Abigail m.1707 -
Spicer, Pamela b.1819 - <, New Hampshire>


Spiker, Ashten Elizabeth - Living
Spiker, John Lawrence - Living
Spiker, John William - Living
Spiker, Loretta Jean - Living
Spiker, Rot - Living


Spinney, Mary - Living


Spofford, Ainsworth Rand b.1825 - Gilmanton, Belknap, New Hamshire


Spooner, John -
Spooner, Louisa b.1814 -


Sprague, Edward - Living
Sprague, John - Living
Sprague, Ralph - Living
Sprague, Sarah m.1692 -


Springer, Charles Ross -
Springer, David R. P. m.1878 -
Springer, George T. - Living


Spurlin, Virginia May - Living


Squire, Alice b.1505 - Hinwick, Bedfordshire, England
Squire, Edith b.1587 -
Squire, Henry -
Squire, John b.1490 - England
Squire, Thomas -


Staddon, Carrie Bartlet m.1899 -


Stafner, Elisabeth -


Stahl, Floyd Fuller - Living
Stahl, Gary Allen - Living
Stahl, Michelle Kay - Living
Stahl, Robert Kent - Living


Stancliffe, Isabella b.1556 - , York, England
Stancliffe, Thomas b.1535 - , of York, England


Stanford, Carrie Elizabeth b.1864 - Buffalo, New York


Stanley, Beverly - Living
Stanley, Charles - Living
Stanley, Daniel - Living
Stanley, Joseph - Living
Stanley, Joseph - Living
Stanley, Maragaret m.1789 - , Hanover, Virginia


Stansfield, Miriam -


Stanton, Aaron b.1832 - , In
Stanton, Aaron b.1784 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Stanton, Abby Jessie Jane b.1811 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, Abigail b.1775 -
Stanton, Abigail b.1786 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Abraham -
Stanton, Alabama - Living
Stanton, Alabama Rebecca b.1873 -
Stanton, Albert G. b.1836 -
Stanton, Alex -
Stanton, Alfred b.1847 - , In
Stanton, Alfred b.1862 - , Or
Stanton, Alfred b.1808 - , Stark, Ohio
Stanton, Alfred H. - Living
Stanton, Alice b.1848 - , Indiana
Stanton, Alice b.1709 -
Stanton, Alpheus b.1844 -
Stanton, Ambrose -
Stanton, Amos b.1810 - Columbiana Co., Ohio
Stanton, Amos b.1800 - Hartland Twp, Windsor, Vermont
Stanton, Anderson -
Stanton, Ann b.1728 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Ann b.1751 - Newport, Ri
Stanton, Anna -
Stanton, Anna b.1782 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Anna - Living
Stanton, Anna b.1837 -
Stanton, Anna -
Stanton, Anna b.1782 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Anna b.1794 - Campbell, Campbell Co, Virginia
Stanton, Anna Clara b.1883 -
Stanton, Anna Malvina b.1872 - Yakima, Yakima Co, Wa
Stanton, Anna Texas b.1859 - , Indiana
Stanton, Anne b.1797 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Anne Eliza b.1824 - of Richmond, Wayne Co. in.
Stanton, Aquila b.1840 -
Stanton, Arthur E. b.1891 -
Stanton, Avis -
Stanton, Avis m.1791 -
Stanton, Avis b.1711 - of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Avis b.1750 - of Core Sound, Carteret, North Carolina
Stanton, Avis b.1779 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Avis b.1679 - Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Barclay - Living
Stanton, Barkley b.1846 -
Stanton, Benejah b.1816 - , Union Co, Indiana
Stanton, Benjamin b.1690 -
Stanton, Benjamin b.1755 - Newport, Ri
Stanton, Benjamin m.1750 - , Rhode Island
Stanton, Benjamin -
Stanton, Benjamin b.1833 - , In
Stanton, Benjamin b.1773 -
Stanton, Benjamin - Living
Stanton, Benjamin b.1849 - , Oh
Stanton, Benjamin b.1746 - Core Sound Area, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Benjamin b.1740 - Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Benjamin b.1805 - Salem, Union, Indiana
Stanton, Benjamin Dr (Md) b.1793 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Benjamin Dr (Md) b.1684 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Benjamin F. b.1817 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, Benjamin F. b.1782 - Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut
Stanton, Benjamin Forrester Capt b.1783 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, Benjamin Franklin - Living
Stanton, Benjamin Lundy b.1839 -
Stanton, Borden H. - Living
Stanton, Byron b.1834 -
Stanton, California Elizabeth b.1856 - , Indiana
Stanton, Caroline b.1826 -
Stanton, Caroline b.1816 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Stanton, Carrie b.1859 -
Stanton, Carrie C. b.1859 -
Stanton, Cassie -
Stanton, Catherine b.1713 - of Jamestown, Rhode Island
Stanton, Catherine b.1836 - , In
Stanton, Catherine b.1777 - , Lynchburg, Virginia
Stanton, Charles b.1780 -
Stanton, Charles b.1858 - Salem, Marion Co, Or
Stanton, Charles E. -
Stanton, Charles Edward d.1934 -
Stanton, Christopher b.1766 -
Stanton, Christopher Carson b.1861 -
Stanton, Clara Esther b.1890 - , Wa
Stanton, Content b.1675 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Cornelia J. - Living
Stanton, Cortney b.1859 - , Or
Stanton, Cynthia b.1824 -
Stanton, Daisy b.1871 -
Stanton, Dalton b.1834 -
Stanton, Danie -
Stanton, Daniel b.1682 - of Portsmounth, Rhode Island
Stanton, Daniel b.1834 - , La Porte Co, In
Stanton, Daniel b.1768 -
Stanton, Daniel b.1850 -
Stanton, Daniel b.1805 - , Campbell Co, Va
Stanton, Daniel b.1648 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Daniel b.1710 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Daniel Davis b.1815 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, David b.1793 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, David b.1774 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, David - Living
Stanton, David b.1788 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, David b.1829 -
Stanton, David b.1805 - Cambell, Campbell Co, Virginia
Stanton, David b.1721 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, David Emmet b.1862 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Debora Harriet - Living
Stanton, Deborah b.1775 - New Garden, Guilford Co, North Caroline, Virginia
Stanton, Delilah Ann m.1849 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Delwin -
Stanton, Drusilla b.1839 - , In
Stanton, Dustin Patrick - Living
Stanton, Edgar b.1870 -
Stanton, Edith - Living
Stanton, Edith R. - Living
Stanton, Edith Rebecca - Living
Stanton, Edmund b.1816 -
Stanton, Edmund C. b.1877 -
Stanton, Edna - Living
Stanton, Edna b.1818 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Edna Martha MacY b.1886 -
Stanton, Edny b.1803 -
Stanton, Edwin b.1838 - , In
Stanton, Edwin b.1823 -
Stanton, Edwin b.1870 - , Or
Stanton, Edwin Mc Masters b.1814 -
Stanton, Effie Geneva b.1874 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Eli b.1810 - , Ohio
Stanton, Eli b.1835 -
Stanton, Elijah b.1802 - , Orange Co, Nc
Stanton, Eliza b.1840 - , Indiana
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1732 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1769 -
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1742 - Newport, Newport Co, Ri
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1739 - Newport, Newport Co, Ri
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1676 - of Portsmounth, Rhode Island
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1795 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1846 -
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1775 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1789 - , Campbell, Virginia
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1743 - Charlestown, Washington Co, Rhode Island
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1714 - Newport, Ri
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1737 -
Stanton, Elizabeth b.1809 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Elizabeth Ellen b.1870 - , La Porte, Indiana
Stanton, Elizabeth H. b.1800 -
Stanton, Ellen b.1840 - , Indiana
Stanton, Ellen Deborah Davis b.1886 -
Stanton, Elnora d.1912 -
Stanton, Elwood Clark b.1838 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana
Stanton, Elwood Dean b.1880 -
Stanton, Emily m.1849 - Wayne Co., Indiana
Stanton, Emma - Living
Stanton, Emma Ann b.1813 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, Emma Clara b.1864 -
Stanton, Emma Corella - Living
Stanton, Erasmus Darwin b.1816 -
Stanton, Erastus b.1834 -
Stanton, Ester b.1741 - Westerly, Rhode Island
Stanton, Esther b.1822 -
Stanton, Eunice b.1858 - , Shelby Co, In
Stanton, Eunice b.1843 -
Stanton, Eva L. - Living
Stanton, Fanny b.1822 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, Flora b.1887 - , Or
Stanton, Florida May b.1864 -
Stanton, Francil - Living
Stanton, Francis Marion b.1837 - Niles, Mi
Stanton, Frank -
Stanton, Freeman Kirkwood -
Stanton, George F. b.1804 - , Campbell Co, Va
Stanton, George Forrester b.1787 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, George W. b.1831 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, Giles b.1734 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Glen -
Stanton, Grace Louise - Living
Stanton, Gulielma b.1803 -
Stanton, Hannah b.1773 - of Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Hannah b.1741 - Newport, Newport Co, Ri
Stanton, Hannah b.1776 - of S. Kingston, Washington Co. R
Stanton, Hannah b.1804 - of Liberty, Union Co, In.
Stanton, Hannah b.1794 - Lynchburg, Campbell Co, Va
Stanton, Hannah b.1716 - , Ri
Stanton, Hannah b.1783 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Hannah b.1670 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Hannah b.1759 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Hannah b.1742 - Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Hannah b.1698 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Hannah b.1813 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Harlan b.1855 -
Stanton, Harlan b.1889 -
Stanton, Harry Lee b.1864 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana
Stanton, Henry b.1779 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Henry b.1847 - , Ohio
Stanton, Henry -
Stanton, Henry b.1784 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Henry b.1688 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Henry E. - Living
Stanton, Henry Jr b.1719 - , Ri
Stanton, Hepzebah b.1798 -
Stanton, Hepzibah b.1770 - New Garden, North Caroline, Virginia
Stanton, Howard A. b.1876 -
Stanton, Huldah b.1829 - Liberty, Union Co, Indiana
Stanton, Huldah b.1828 -
Stanton, Hunnicutt b.1800 -
Stanton, Ida J. b.1881 -
Stanton, Indiana - Living
Stanton, Isaac Perry -
Stanton, Isabella b.1833 - of St. John. Nb
Stanton, James b.1770 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, James b.1811 -
Stanton, James b.1767 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia
Stanton, James Gould b.1798 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, Jane b.1843 - , In
Stanton, Jane Davis - Living
Stanton, Jessie Estella b.1873 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Job b.1760 - Nantucket, Ma
Stanton, Job b.1737 - Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joel b.1844 - , In
Stanton, John b.1730 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, John b.1727 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, John -
Stanton, John b.1752 - of Core Sound Ar, Carterel Co, Nc
Stanton, John b.1798 - , Campbell Co, Va
Stanton, John -
Stanton, John b.1645 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, John b.1748 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, John b.1700 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, John Davis b.1809 - Stonington, New London Co, Ct
Stanton, John Jr b.1674 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, John Lindley - Living
Stanton, John Milton b.1826 - Center Twp, Union Co, In
Stanton, John Thomas b.1821 - St John, Nb
Stanton, Jonathan b.1805 -
Stanton, Jonathan b.1793 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Jonathan b.1719 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Jonathan W. b.1846 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Jordan -
Stanton, Joseph b.1717 - Westerly, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph b.1674 - Stonington, Connecticut
Stanton, Joseph b.1724 - , Ri
Stanton, Joseph b.1812 -
Stanton, Joseph b.1797 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Joseph b.1824 -
Stanton, Joseph b.1677 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph b.1646 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph b.1808 - Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Virginia
Stanton, Joseph b.1757 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph b.1717 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph b.1705 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Joseph Davis b.1839 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Joseph Eli - Living
Stanton, Joseph L. b.1846 - , In
Stanton, Joseph L. Jr -
Stanton, Joseph L. Sr - Living
Stanton, Josephine - Living
Stanton, Josephus b.1832 - , In
Stanton, Judal b.1841 -
Stanton, Julia b.1836 - of Campbell Co., Va
Stanton, Katherine MacY - Living
Stanton, Latham b.1714 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Latham b.1758 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Stanton, Latham [Twin] b.1777 - , Lynchburg, Campbell, Virginia
Stanton, Laura b.1820 -
Stanton, Leander b.1827 -
Stanton, Lena Christine b.1880 - , Wa
Stanton, Lindley W. - Living
Stanton, Lonial -
Stanton, Lot b.1819 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Louisa E. b.1841 - , In
Stanton, Lucille -
Stanton, Lucretia b.1818 -
Stanton, Lucy b.1820 -
Stanton, Lulu b.1888 - , Walla Walla Co, Wa
Stanton, Luzena -
Stanton, Luzena b.1820 -
Stanton, Lydia b.1837 - , Wi
Stanton, Lydia -
Stanton, Lydia b.1844 - , La Porte Co, Indiana
Stanton, Lydia - Living
Stanton, Lydia b.1790 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Lydia Ann b.1820 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Mahala b.1821 -
Stanton, Mahlon b.1797 - , Cambell, Virginia
Stanton, Mamie -
Stanton, Margaret b.1828 - , Indiana
Stanton, Margaret Jane b.1830 - St John, Nb
Stanton, Maria b.1819 - Fishers Island, Ny
Stanton, Marie F. b.1840 -
Stanton, Marietta b.1835 - , La Porte Co, Indiana
Stanton, Martha b.1678 - of Portsmounth, Rhode Island
Stanton, Martha d.1759 - Newport, Ri
Stanton, Martha b.1712 - of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Martha -
Stanton, Martha b.1816 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Stanton, Marthan -
Stanton, Martitia -
Stanton, Mary b.1754 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary b.1853 -
Stanton, Mary -
Stanton, Mary b.1837 -
Stanton, Mary -
Stanton, Mary b.1786 -
Stanton, Mary b.1712 - , Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary b.1790 - Core Sound Area, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Mary - Living
Stanton, Mary b.1812 -
Stanton, Mary b.1810 - , Campbell Co, Va
Stanton, Mary b.1642 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary b.1668 - Rural Home, Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary b.1754 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary Alice b.1708 - , Ri
Stanton, Mary Ann b.1824 - St John, Nb
Stanton, Mary Ann b.1790 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, Mary Ann b.1816 -
Stanton, Mary Athalene b.1863 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Mary E. d.1866 -
Stanton, Mary F. b.1835 - , In
Stanton, Mary F. - Living
Stanton, Mary F. b.1803 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Mary Joan - Living
Stanton, Mary Lizzie D. - Living
Stanton, Mary Lydia - Living
Stanton, Mary or Mercy b.1703 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Mary P. b.1821 -
Stanton, Mason Manning b.1826 - Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut
Stanton, Matthias b.1877 - Ahtanum Valley, Yakima Co, Wa
Stanton, Matthias Fosher b.1837 - , La Porte Co, In
Stanton, Melissa b.1826 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Melissa b.1824 -
Stanton, Mercy b.1784 -
Stanton, Mercy -
Stanton, Mervin D. - Living
Stanton, Mervin Daniel - Living
Stanton, Mikael Wallace - Living
Stanton, Milo Swain b.1827 -
Stanton, Minnesota "Minnie" Louisa b.1865 -
Stanton, Minnie - Living
Stanton, Miriam b.1782 - Core Sound Area, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Missouri - Living
Stanton, Montana Lee b.1868 -
Stanton, Moses b.1823 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Myra b.1844 - , In
Stanton, Nancy b.1802 -
Stanton, Nathan Eli b.1875 -
Stanton, Nathaniel b.1778 -
Stanton, Nellie -
Stanton, Nellie A. - Living
Stanton, Nellie Irene b.1884 -
Stanton, Nellis b.1813 - of Union Co. in.
Stanton, Nicholas Alexander - Living
Stanton, Noah b.1843 - , In
Stanton, Oella b.1822 -
Stanton, Olive b.1815 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Olive Eugenia b.1889 - , Wa
Stanton, Olive Jane b.1851 - Salem, Marion Co, Oregon
Stanton, Oliver b.1822 -
Stanton, Oliver W. b.1826 -
Stanton, Omar b.1835 -
Stanton, Oscar b.1842 -
Stanton, Oscar -
Stanton, Owen Jr b.1780 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Owen Sr b.1755 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Pamphila b.1827 -
Stanton, Patience b.1740 - Newport, Newport Co, Ri
Stanton, Patience b.1672 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Patricia Wallace - Living
Stanton, Paul Burdick b.1824 - Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut
Stanton, Pauline -
Stanton, Pauline B. - Living
Stanton, Percy b.1884 - , Wa
Stanton, Permelia b.1838 - of Campbell Co.
Stanton, Phebe b.1760 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Phebe b.1848 -
Stanton, Phebe b.1772 - , Guilford Co, Nc
Stanton, Phebe b.1791 - , Campbell, Virginia
Stanton, Phebe b.1772 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia
Stanton, Phebe C. b.1844 -
Stanton, Phebe U. b.1806 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Phillip Aaron b.1848 - Salem, Marion Co, Oregon
Stanton, Prudence b.1649 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Rachael -
Stanton, Raymond Nathan b.1893 -
Stanton, Rebecca b.1775 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Rebecca b.1831 - of Richmond, Wayne Co., Indiana
Stanton, Rebecca b.1842 - , Oh
Stanton, Rebecca b.1819 -
Stanton, Renewed b.1771 -
Stanton, Rhoda b.1803 - , Caroline, Virginia
Stanton, Robert -
Stanton, Robert b.1599 - England
Stanton, Robert b.1677 - Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Robert b.1735 - Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Robert b.1702 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Robert F. - Living
Stanton, Robert Peter - Living
Stanton, Roberta Melrose - Living
Stanton, Rosetta b.1828 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Rosina Alice b.1833 - La Porte, La Porte Co, Indiana
Stanton, Ruth b.1687 - of Portsmounth, Rhode Island
Stanton, Ruth b.1787 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Ruth E. - Living
Stanton, Ruthanna b.1830 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Salome b.1824 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Stanton, Samantha -
Stanton, Samuel -
Stanton, Samuel b.1799 - , Campbell, Virginia
Stanton, Samuel b.1745 - Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Samuel m.1776 -
Stanton, Samuel b.1708 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Samuel b.1766 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Stanton, Sanford A. b.1843 -
Stanton, Sarah b.1738 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Sarah b.1736 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Sarah b.1680 - of Portsmounth, Rhode Island
Stanton, Sarah b.1840 - , In
Stanton, Sarah b.1764 - of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Sarah b.1842 -
Stanton, Sarah m.1769 -
Stanton, Sarah b.1789 - , Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Sarah b.1778 - Ware Creek, Carteret Co, Nc
Stanton, Sarah b.1643 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Stanton, Sarah b.1762 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia
Stanton, Sarah b.1826 - , Union, Indiana
Stanton, Sarah B. b.1861 -
Stanton, Sarah E. b.1873 -
Stanton, Sarah Elma b.1840 - , La Porte Co, Indiana
Stanton, Sarah Forrester "Sally" b.1794 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, Sarah Jane b.1848 -
Stanton, Sarah M. b.1845 - , In
Stanton, Sebra b.1752 - Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Seth B. b.1812 -
Stanton, Sidney Fawcett - Living
Stanton, Sina - Living
Stanton, Stephen Butler b.1809 -
Stanton, Susanna b.1785 - , Carteret Co, North Carolina
Stanton, Susanna b.1805 - , Enroute NC to, Ohio
Stanton, Susanna b.1738 - Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island
Stanton, Susanna Morris - Living
Stanton, Susannah b.1766 -
Stanton, Susannah b.1805 - , Enroute NC to, Ohio
Stanton, Tabitha b.1845 - , Oh
Stanton, Tetitha C. b.1822 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Thaddeus b.1835 -
Stanton, Theophilus b.1824 -
Stanton, Thomas b.1807 -
Stanton, Thomas - Living
Stanton, Thomas m.1599 -
Stanton, Thomas b.1614 - England
Stanton, Thomas E. b.1811 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Thomas Elwood III b.1881 -
Stanton, Thomas Elwood IV - Living
Stanton, Thomas Elwood Jr b.1854 - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, Ca
Stanton, Thomas Franklin b.1830 - New Garden, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Thomas H. b.1838 -
Stanton, Thomas Townsend d.1857 -
Stanton, Travis W. - Living
Stanton, Virginia - Living
Stanton, Virginia - Living
Stanton, W. Leroy b.1872 -
Stanton, Wallace b.1840 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, Walter b.1853 - La Porte, La Porte, Indiana
Stanton, Wendell Wade -
Stanton, Willard -
Stanton, Willard b.1856 - Salem, Marion Co, Oregon
Stanton, William b.1842 - , La Porte Co, In
Stanton, William b.1839 -
Stanton, William b.1832 -
Stanton, William A. b.1849 - , Indiana
Stanton, William Aaron m.1800 - , Union Co, In
Stanton, William F. b.1807 -
Stanton, William Hanson - Living
Stanton, William Henry b.1860 -
Stanton, William Jr. b.1764 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia
Stanton, William Ketchum b.1792 - St John, Nb, Canada
Stanton, William Macy Jr - Living
Stanton, William Macy Sr b.1888 -
Stanton, William P. - Living
Stanton, William S. b.1837 - , In
Stanton, William Sr b.1737 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Stanton, William T. b.1807 - Whitewater, Wayne, Indiana
Stanton, Willis b.1842 - , In
Stanton, Willis William - Living
Stanton, Zaccheus b.1779 - Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Virginia


Staples, Permelia -


Starbuck, Edward - Living
Starbuck, Mary m.1674 -
Starbuck, Nathaniel - Living
Starbuck, Sarah m.1659 -


Starcher, Sarah m.1841 -


Starrs, Hannah m.1697 - Harwick, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Stearns, b.1846 -
Stearns, Austin P. - Living
Stearns, Euphelia A. b.1842 -
Stearns, Frank P. - Living
Stearns, Henry K. - Living
Stearns, James Clement b.1817 - Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts
Stearns, Mary Isabella - Living
Stearns, Samuel -
Stearns, Sarah J. - Living
Stearns, Sylvanus Porter -
Stearns, William C. - Living


Stebbings, Anna Mariab.1812 - Barnard, Windsor, Vermont
Stebbings, Charles Doolittle -


Steer, Laura E. b.1877 -


Steffins, Jean - Living
Steffins, Rita - Living
Steffins, Robert - Living
Steffins, William - Living
Steffins, William - Living


Steinhower, Karen - Living


Steller, Christa - Living


Stempel, Johannas -


Stenger, Isabelle -


Stephens, Eliza Adaline -


Stetson, Mary b.1677 - of Scituate, Massachusetts


Stevens, Cortis b.1793 - Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Stevens, Daniel W. m.1846 - Medfield, Massachusetts
Stevens, Elizabeth m.1713 - Wrentham, Massachusetts
Stevens, Robert m.1693 -
Stevens, Sarah - Living
Stevens, Sarah b.1667 - Of Roxbury, Massachusetts
Stevens, Timothy -
Stevens, William B. m.1891 - , Moore, Tennessee


Stevenson, Edgar S. - Living
Stevenson, Martha V. m.1834 -


Steward, - Living


Stewart, Adelbert D. m.1892 - Pleasant Home, Multnomah, Oregon
Stewart, Albert m.1877 -
Stewart, Alice Mary b.1892 - Gresham, Multnomah, Oregon
Stewart, Allen Leroy - Living
Stewart, Emily - Living
Stewart, Eva -
Stewart, Hattie - Living
Stewart, Highland van Horn - Living
Stewart, Inez - Living
Stewart, Isabella m.1854 -
Stewart, James m.1840 -
Stewart, Jane - Living
Stewart, Lucina b.1879 -
Stewart, Paul Duane - Living
Stewart, Ronnie Duane - Living
Stewart, Thomas m.1825 -


Stillwagon, W.W. - Living


Stirnemanna, Anna -


Stivers, Charles Wesley -


Stockdale, Lavada b.1886 -


Stockwell, Quintane m.1666 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Stocum, Ann b.1707 - Portsmount, Newport, Rhode Island


Stoddard, Laura L. -


Stoddart, Myrna - Living


Stoeger, Anastasia m.1888 -


Stolzinn, Anna Maria m.1780 -


Stone, -
Stone, Alvin B. Doctor b.1878 - Centerville, Oregon
Stone, Bertha -
Stone, Dororthy b.1581 - Northhampton, England
Stone, Elizabeth b.1622 - Baltimore, Maryland
Stone, Ezekiel H. m.1877 -
Stone, Gail d.1992 -
Stone, Genevieve - Living
Stone, Harold - Living
Stone, John b.1580 - Croston, Lancaster, England
Stone, John F. -
Stone, Kenneth d.1992 -
Stone, Lois - Living
Stone, Mary b.1650 - Nanjemoy, Charles, Maryland
Stone, Naadene Anne Sister d.1992 -
Stone, Ralph d.1992 -
Stone, Richard DeCroston b.1540 - Croston, Lancaster, England
Stone, Rolland d.1992 -
Stone, Sarah m.1653 - Concord, Middlesex, Ma
Stone, Walter -
Stone, William b.1510 - Twiste, England
Stone, William b.1603 - Derbyshire, England
Stone, William Rev. - Living


Storms, Ann - Living


Stoutenborough, Estella Beatrice b.1855 - Brooklyn, New York
Stoutenborough, Lilian Mildred b.1888 -
Stoutenborough, Xenophon b.1828 -


Stover, John W. b.1832 -
Stover, Phoebe M. b.1861 -
Stover, Virginia A. b.1858 -


Stow, Judith H. b.1803 -
Stow, Nathaniel m.1622 -


Strang, Anna - Living


Stratton, Martha Ann -
Stratton, Mary m.1806 - Mason Co. KY
Stratton, Samuel m.1683 -


Straught, Meriba - Living


Stretton, Sarah m.1776 -


Strode, James -
Strode, Phoebe b.1757 -


Strudevant, Jean - Living


Stuart, John Rollin b.1828 - Montpelier, Vermont


Stull, Catherina Mary b.1723 -
Stull, Daniel b.1749 -
Stull, Elizabeth -
Stull, Isaac d.1797 - Maryland
Stull, Jacob -
Stull, John b.1733 -
Stull, John b.1697 -
Stull, Margaret -
Stull, Mary -
Stull, Susannah b.1743 -


Sueltz, Bertha Louisa Mohr - Living


Sullivan, Nancy m.1828 - , Union Co, In


Summers, Mary Jane m.1843 - , De Witt, Illinois
Summers, Peter C. m.1844 - , De Witt, Illinois


Sumner, Milton Albert - Living
Sumner, Rebecca b.1662 - Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Surrarree, Martha Jane b.1846 - Nenaygo, Michigan
Surrarree, Van Renseller b.1818 -


Swain, Elihu m.1823 - Liberty, Union Co, In
Swain, Elizabeth b.1788 - , Guilford Co, North Carolina
Swain, Semira d.1857 -


Swan, Sarah b.1622 - Boston, Lincolnshire, England


Swanton, Iva - Living
Swanton, John H. -
Swanton, Mary - Living
Swanton, Oilie - Living


Swasey, Lottie V. - Living


Swearingen, Abijah b.1769 - , Frederick, Maryland
Swearingen, Abraham b.1838 - , De Witt, Illinois
Swearingen, Abraham b.1798 -
Swearingen, Abram T. b.1833 - Champaign Co., Illinois
Swearingen, Adeline b.1811 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Albert Galatin b.1810 -
Swearingen, Alexander b.1782 -
Swearingen, Alfred m.1847 - , Clark, Illinois
Swearingen, Alfred W. b.1810 -
Swearingen, Algernon Sidney b.1813 - Louisville, Kentucky
Swearingen, Allen b.1810 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Andrew b.1811 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Andrew b.1798 -
Swearingen, Andrew b.1747 - , Berkley, Virginia
Swearingen, Andrew b.1773 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Andrew Jackson b.1808 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Ann b.1809 -
Swearingen, Ann b.1738 - Montgomery Co. MD
Swearingen, Ardrew -
Swearingen, Arian Ann m.1844 - Lewis Co., Kentucky
Swearingen, Barbara b.1831 -
Swearingen, Barkley b.1779 - , Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Basil b.1782 - , Beaver, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Benoni Lt. b.1755 - Shepherdstown, Jefferson, Virginia
Swearingen, Bolen b.1800 -
Swearingen, Bolling b.1760 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Catharine b.1780 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Catharine m.1851 - , De Witt, Illinois
Swearingen, Catherine b.1776 - Washington Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Catherine b.1808 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Caty b.1792 -
Swearingen, Charles -
Swearingen, Charles -
Swearingen, Charles b.1795 - Shelby Co. KY
Swearingen, Charles b.1735 - , Washington, Maryland
Swearingen, Charles b.1767 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Charles m.1819 - Lewis Co. Kentucky
Swearingen, Charles Simpson b.1805 -
Swearingen, Charles Stull b.1811 - Louisville, Kentucky
Swearingen, Clement -
Swearingen, Cornelia -
Swearingen, Crlinda b.1825 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Daniel b.1755 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Daniel b.1817 - Lewis Co., Kentucky
Swearingen, Daniel b.1749 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Daniel b.1772 - , Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Daniel M. b.1831 -
Swearingen, Daniel Stull b.1780 - Washington Co. Maryland
Swearingen, David F. b.1845 - DeWitt Co., Illinois
Swearingen, David P. b.1825 -
Swearingen, David P. b.1807 -
Swearingen, Drucilla b.1807 -
Swearingen, Drucilla b.1777 -
Swearingen, Drucilla -
Swearingen, Drucilla b.1759 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Drucilla b.1736 - Swearingen Ferry, Frederick, Virginia
Swearingen, Drucilla -
Swearingen, Druscilla b.1835 - Kentucky
Swearingen, Drusilla -
Swearingen, Drusilla b.1802 -
Swearingen, Drusilla b.1768 -
Swearingen, Drusilla -
Swearingen, Drusilla b.1750 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Drusilla b.1740 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Drusilla b.1758 - Hagerstown, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Drusilla Jane b.1818 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Drusillah b.1794 -
Swearingen, Edward b.1815 - Louisville, Kentucky
Swearingen, Eleanor b.1770 -
Swearingen, Eleanor b.1788 -
Swearingen, Eleanor -
Swearingen, Eleanor b.1796 -
Swearingen, Eleanor -
Swearingen, Elemelech b.1760 -
Swearingen, Elemelick b.1791 - Beaver Co., Ohio
Swearingen, Eli b.1767 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Eli b.1806 -
Swearingen, Elijah W. b.1823 -
Swearingen, Eliza m.1837 - , Champaign, Illinois
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1804 -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1797 -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1798 -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1775 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Elizabeth -
Swearingen, Elizabeth -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1717 -
Swearingen, Elizabeth -
Swearingen, Elizabeth -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1765 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Elizabeth m.1778 - Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1825 -
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1830 - , Illinois
Swearingen, Elizabeth b.1715 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Ellen -
Swearingen, Emma B. b.1857 - , Oregon
Swearingen, Eugene -
Swearingen, Ewen b.1779 -
Swearingen, Florence Elizabeth Ann b.1814 -
Swearingen, Francis b.1835 - Kentucky
Swearingen, Francis -
Swearingen, Frederick b.1758 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, George Washington b.1818 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Hanna b.1742 - of Abbeville Dis, South Carolina
Swearingen, Harmon Greathouse b.1783 - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Harriet L. b.1838 - , Monroe, Indiana
Swearingen, Henry b.1816 -
Swearingen, Henry m.1830 - Adams Co, Ohio
Swearingen, Henry b.1747 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Henry -
Swearingen, Henry Thomas Capt. -
Swearingen, Hezekiah -
Swearingen, Hezekiah b.1747 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Hugh b.1807 -
Swearingen, Isaac -
Swearingen, Isaac b.1809 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Isaac G. b.1838 - Illinois
Swearingen, Isaac L. b.1853 - , Oregon
Swearingen, Isaac S. b.1844 - , De Witt, Illinois
Swearingen, Isaac Stull b.1771 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Isaac Stull b.1766 - , Frederick, Maryland
Swearingen, Isaac Stull b.1766 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Isaac Stull b.1812 - Vanceburg, Lewis, Kentucky
Swearingen, Jacob W. b.1847 - , Illinois
Swearingen, James b.1808 - Lewis, Kentucky
Swearingen, James -
Swearingen, James -
Swearingen, James b.1824 - Vanceburg, Lewis, Kentucky
Swearingen, James b.1788 -
Swearingen, James R. m.1849 -
Swearingen, James Strode -
Swearingen, James Tower b.1832 -
Swearingen, Jane b.1802 - Mason Co. KY
Swearingen, Jane -
Swearingen, Jane b.1660 - St. Mary's Par., Somerset, Maryland
Swearingen, Jane b.1795 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Jason W. -
Swearingen, Jemmima b.1836 - , Illinois
Swearingen, John b.1821 - Lewis Co., Kentucky
Swearingen, John b.1802 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, John b.1795 -
Swearingen, John b.1790 -
Swearingen, John -
Swearingen, John -
Swearingen, John b.1772 - of, Montgomery, Maryland
Swearingen, John b.1745 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, John -
Swearingen, John b.1735 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, John b.1792 -
Swearingen, John b.1696 - , St. Marys, Maryland
Swearingen, John b.1720 - Ringgold Manor, Washington, Maryland
Swearingen, John b.1952 - Hagerstown, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, John B. b.1803 - Vanceburg, Lewis, Kentucky
Swearingen, John Dawson b.1751 - , Maryland
Swearingen, John H. b.1820 - , Lewis, Kentucky
Swearingen, John III b.1780 - , Pennsylvania
Swearingen, John J. b.1816 - Lewis Co. Kentucky
Swearingen, John Stull b.1791 -
Swearingen, John Stull b.1807 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, John Van b.1764 - Middletown, Frederick, Maryland
Swearingen, John van b.1778 - Washington Co. Maryland
Swearingen, John W. b.1806 -
Swearingen, Johnson Armstrong b.1823 - Lewis Co. Kentucky
Swearingen, Joseph b.1808 -
Swearingen, Joseph -
Swearingen, Joseph d.1837 -
Swearingen, Joseph b.1754 - Shepherdstown, Virginia
Swearingen, Joseph b.1803 - Springhill Township, Fayette, PA
Swearingen, Joseph b.1720 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Joseph b.1764 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Joseph P. -
Swearingen, Joseph Van b.1758 - Middletown, Frederick, Maryland
Swearingen, Josiah b.1735 -
Swearingen, Josiah -
Swearingen, Josiah b.1754 -
Swearingen, Josiah b.1744 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Julia b.1773 - Berkeyley Co. VA
Swearingen, Kate b.1800 - PA or WV
Swearingen, Katherine -
Swearingen, Katherine b.1734 -
Swearingen, Kennedy -
Swearingen, Kesiah d.1885 -
Swearingen, Kezia b.1738 -
Swearingen, Lemuel A. b.1831 -
Swearingen, Leonard b.1765 -
Swearingen, Levinah b.1790 -
Swearingen, Louisa b.1812 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Luranna b.1713 - , Prince Georges, Maryland
Swearingen, Luranna -
Swearingen, Lydia -
Swearingen, Lydia -
Swearingen, Lydia b.1763 - of, North Carolina
Swearingen, Lydia b.1726 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Lydia -
Swearingen, Lydia b.1850 - , Vermillion, Illinois
Swearingen, Lydia J. b.1836 -
Swearingen, Lydia Jane b.1822 - , Kentucky
Swearingen, Margaret b.1716 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Margaret -
Swearingen, Margaret W. b.1765 -
Swearingen, Maria -
Swearingen, Marmaduke b.1763 - Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Marmaduke b.1793 -
Swearingen, Marmaduke b.1784 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Martha b.1719 -
Swearingen, Martha b.1762 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Martha b.1855 - , Oregon
Swearingen, Mary b.1767 -
Swearingen, Mary b.1760 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Mary -
Swearingen, Mary -
Swearingen, Mary b.1780 -
Swearingen, Mary -
Swearingen, Mary b.1788 - of, Beaver, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Mary b.1767 - of, North Carolina
Swearingen, Mary b.1771 -
Swearingen, Mary b.1720 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Mary b.1718 - St. Barnabas Ch., Queen Anne Par., Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Mary b.1796 - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Mary Eliza b.1744 - of Abbeville Dis, South Carolina
Swearingen, Mary Eveline b.1863 - Junction City, Lane, Oregon
Swearingen, Mary J. b.1840 - , Illinois
Swearingen, Mary Jane m.1844 - , Clark, Illinois
Swearingen, Mary Margaret b.1710 - St. Barnabas Ch., Queen Anne Par., Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Matilda b.1819 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Matilda b.1804 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Matilda b.1806 -
Swearingen, Matilda -
Swearingen, Matilda b.1814 -
Swearingen, Nancy b.1804 - Ohio
Swearingen, Nancy b.1811 -
Swearingen, Nancy b.1770 -
Swearingen, Obediah b.1762 -
Swearingen, Otha b.1803 -
Swearingen, Otha m.1844 - , Champaign, Illinois
Swearingen, Otha b.1790 -
Swearingen, Otho b.1810 -
Swearingen, Piscilla b.1744 -
Swearingen, Polly b.1791 -
Swearingen, Priscilla b.1737 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Rachel b.1791 - Shelby Co. KY
Swearingen, Rachel b.1765 - of, North Carolina
Swearingen, Rawleigh d.1837 - , Highland, Ohio
Swearingen, Rebecca b.1806 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Rebecca -
Swearingen, Rebecca b.1745 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Rebecca A. b.1842 -
Swearingen, Rebecca Dawn b.1723 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Rebeckah b.1821 - Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Richard Cheek b.1760 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Richard Small b.1809 - Louisville, Kentucky
Swearingen, Richard Small -
Swearingen, Roseanna b.1740 -
Swearingen, Ruth -
Swearingen, Ruth b.1730 - , Maryland
Swearingen, Sallie -
Swearingen, Samuel -
Swearingen, Samuel -
Swearingen, Samuel -
Swearingen, Samuel b.1762 - , Montgomery, North Carolina
Swearingen, Samuel -
Swearingen, Samuel b.1760 - Washington Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel b.1784 - of, Beaver, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Samuel b.1751 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel -
Swearingen, Samuel b.1732 - , Montgomery, Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel b.1725 - , Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel b.1760 - near Hagerstown, MD
Swearingen, Samuel b.1795 -
Swearingen, Samuel b.1694 - St. Mary's Par., Somerset, Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel b.1728 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Samuel b.1772 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Samuel E. b.1829 -
Swearingen, Samuel R. b.1828 -
Swearingen, Sarah -
Swearingen, Sarah b.1802 -
Swearingen, Sarah -
Swearingen, Sarah -
Swearingen, Sarah b.1740 - , Abbeville Dist, South Carolina
Swearingen, Sarah -
Swearingen, Sarah b.1722 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Swearingen, Sarah b.1760 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Sarah E. b.1827 -
Swearingen, Sarah E. b.1833 - , Illinois
Swearingen, Sarah Ellen b.1817 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, Sophia b.1796 -
Swearingen, Susan -
Swearingen, Susan b.1814 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Susan E. b.1751 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Susan Greathouse b.1799 - Shelby Co. KY
Swearingen, Susannah b.1773 - Fredrick Co. MD
Swearingen, Susannah or Luranah b.1748 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Thomas -
Swearingen, Thomas b.1801 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Thomas m.1846 - , Champaign, Illinois
Swearingen, Thomas -
Swearingen, Thomas -
Swearingen, Thomas b.1753 -
Swearingen, Thomas -
Swearingen, Thomas b.1776 - of, Montgomery, Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas b.1761 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas b.1727 - , Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas -
Swearingen, Thomas b.1752 - , Berkely, West Virginia
Swearingen, Thomas b.1728 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas b.1735 - Swearingen Ferry, Frederick, Virginia
Swearingen, Thomas b.1797 - Fayette Co. PA
Swearingen, Thomas b.1814 -
Swearingen, Thomas b.1688 - St. Marys, St. Marys, Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas b.1743 - , Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas b.1775 - , Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Thomas III b.1708 - St. Barnabas Ch., Queen Anne Par., Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Thomas Van b.1763 -
Swearingen, Thomas van b.1784 -
Swearingen, Thomas van b.1784 -
Swearingen, Ulriah d.1781 -
Swearingen, Urice b.1761 - of, North Carolina
Swearingen, Van b.1778 -
Swearingen, Van -
Swearingen, Van b.1780 -
Swearingen, Van b.1774 - of, Montgomery, Maryland
Swearingen, Van b.1769 - of, North Carolina
Swearingen, Van -
Swearingen, Van b.1759 - of, Maryland
Swearingen, Van -
Swearingen, Van b.1735 - , North Carolina
Swearingen, Van b.1746 - Prince Georges Co, MD
Swearingen, Van b.1742 -
Swearingen, Van b.1802 - Shelby Co. KY
Swearingen, Van b.1725 - , Maryland
Swearingen, Van b.1692 - , Somerset, Maryland
Swearingen, Van b.1754 - Hagerstown, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Van (King) b.1719 - Queen Anne Par, Prince George, Maryland
Swearingen, Van H. m.1851 - Monroe, Adams, Indiana
Swearingen, William b.1812 - Lewis Co, KY
Swearingen, William b.1770 -
Swearingen, William b.1790 - of, Beaver, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, William b.1814 -
Swearingen, William B. b.1831 - Lewis Co. Kentucky
Swearingen, William George b.1818 -
Swearingen, William H. b.1840 - DeWitt Co., Illinois
Swearingen, Zachariah b.1786 - of, Beaver, Pennsylvania
Swearingen, Zilpha b.1839 - , Illinois


Swearinger, Sallie -


Sweet, Henry m.1681 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Sweet, Mary Ella -


Swegel, John b.1854 - , Clackamas, Oregon
Swegel, Mary b.1880 - Thornton, Whitman, Washington


Sylvester, Grace b.1706 -


Tabor, Marilla - Living


Taft, Grindall b.1753 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Taft, Jemina b.1758 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Taft, Nahum b.177 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Taft, Otis b.1777 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Taft, Seth -


Talbert, William -


Tamilyn, Jason - Living
Tamilyn, Jennifer - Living


Tamlyn, Robert - Living


Tasker, Ann m.1741 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland
Tasker, Benjamin m.1711 - St. Mary's, St. Mary's, Maryland


Tassie, Abagail m.1739 - , Winchester, Virginia


Tatesham, Alice b.1425 - Tatesham, Kent, England


Taylor, -
Taylor, Abigail b.1696 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Taylor, Ann - Living
Taylor, Benjamin Jr - Living
Taylor, Benjamin Sr - Living
Taylor, Dorothy Dean - Living
Taylor, Edith - Living
Taylor, Elisha -
Taylor, Ellenor -
Taylor, Elmo - Living
Taylor, Frances m.1844 - Shelby Co. KY
Taylor, Gerald Thomas - Living
Taylor, Helen - Living
Taylor, Hugh m.1564 - of Bray, Berks, Eng
Taylor, James m.1786 -
Taylor, Ludie Merlin - Living
Taylor, Rebecca b.1687 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Taylor, Robert m.1813 - Butler Co. OH
Taylor, Robert m.1737 - Portsmount, Newport, Rhode Island
Taylor, Sarah b.1692 -
Taylor, Sarah -
Taylor, Sherrod Mason - Living
Taylor, Sinah m.1859 -
Taylor, William - Living
Taylor, William m.1650 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Teague, Edward b.1757 -
Teague, Edward b.1716 - Cecil Co., Maryland
Teague, Grace - Living
Teague, Isabella -
Teague, John b.1751 -
Teague, Luranna -
Teague, Margaret Loraine b.1847 -
Teague, Mary -
Teague, Michael b.1755 -
Teague, Moses b.1777 -
Teague, Vandever Swearingen b.1740 -
Teague, William b.1693 -


Temple, Lucy -
Temple, Mary C. m.1812 -


Templeton, Jennie -


Terwilliger, Cynthia E. m.1848 - , La Porte Co, Indiana


Thacher, Ann b.1684 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Annah b.1673 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Elizabeth b.1671 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Lydia b.1679 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Mary b.1681 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Peter b.1686 - Martha's Vinyard, Dukes, Massachusetts
Thacher, Ralph b.1677 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Rodolphus b.1676 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Rudolphus b.1648 -
Thacher, Ruth b.1675 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thacher, Thomas m.1643 -
Thacher, Thomas -
Thacher, Thomas b.1670 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Thacker, Elizabeth m.1669 -


Thatcher, m.1638 -
Thatcher, Patience -
Thatcher, Peter -
Thatcher, Ralph -
Thatcher, Thomas -


Thayer, Abigail b.1718 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thayer, Abner b.1735 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thayer, Daniel m.1733 - Bellingham, Massachusetts
Thayer, Harriet m.1818 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thayer, Isaac -
Thayer, Jemima b.1735 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thayer, Nathaniel b.1733 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thayer, Nathaniel b.1708 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thayer, Rachel m.1755 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thayer, Samuel b.1713 - Mendon, Massachusetts


Thistle, Thomas m.1808 -


Thomas, Abigail M. -
Thomas, Allen Douglas - Living
Thomas, Ann Eliza m.1872 -
Thomas, Anne Eliza -
Thomas, Catherine Simmons - Living
Thomas, Charles Walter Jr - Living
Thomas, Charles Walter Sr b.1879 -
Thomas, Cornelius -
Thomas, David -
Thomas, George Murray - Living
Thomas, Gulielma -
Thomas, Isaiah -
Thomas, Jeannie - Living
Thomas, Jesse d.1845 - Mt Pleasant, Oh
Thomas, Jesse -
Thomas, John m.1803 - Core Sound Mm, Carteret Co, Nc
Thomas, Jonathan -
Thomas, Joseph -
Thomas, Judy - Living
Thomas, Lisa - Living
Thomas, Lorena -
Thomas, Lorrie - Living
Thomas, Mary C. b.1805 - Waterbury, Connecticut
Thomas, Nathan M. -
Thomas, Ralph Lester - Living
Thomas, William m.1816 - Lewis Co. KY
Thomas, William -


Thomason, Clara b.1877 - Drew, Douglas, Oregon


Thompson, - Living
Thompson, Abigail b.1704 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thompson, Amos b.1754 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thompson, Azubah -
Thompson, Clara - Living
Thompson, Coretta Clark - Living
Thompson, Eleazer -
Thompson, Eleazer -
Thompson, Eunice -
Thompson, Hannah -
Thompson, Huldah -
Thompson, John -
Thompson, Joseph -
Thompson, Keziah -
Thompson, Luther b.1772 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thompson, Matthew -
Thompson, Matthew -
Thompson, Moses -
Thompson, Moses b.1728 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thompson, Pamela -
Thompson, Rachel - Living
Thompson, Timothy -


Thomson, Mary -


Thorne, Charles "Bobby" Jr - Living
Thorne, Charles Sr - Living


Thorp, Henry m.1639 - Watertown, Massachusetts


Thorpe, John - Living
Thorpe, Margery m.1428 - England
Thorpe, William Sir - Living


Thrailkill, Oral Adrian - Living


Thurston, Hannah b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thurston, John -
Thurston, Samuel b.1669 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
Thurston, Sarah -
Thurston, Thomas b.1658 - Wrentham, Massachusetts


Tibbetts, David b.1873 -
Tibbetts, Erasmus -
Tibbetts, Henry m.1661 - Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island
Tibbetts, Lewis b.1863 -
Tibbetts, Martha m.1708 - of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Tidderman, Joan m.1626 - St Margaret's, Cant., England


Tifft, Frances Jeanette - Living


Tillotson, Daniel b.1796 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Daniel b.1790 - Lee, Bershire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Elizabeth Betsey b.1811 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Elizabeth Partridge b.1814 - Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, John b.1798 - Tyringham, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Joseph -
Tillotson, Leonard b.1802 - Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Meletiah Milly -
Tillotson, Polly b.1804 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Samuel b.1792 - Tyringham, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Samuel b.1786 - Lee, Bershire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Samuel b.1758 - Lee, Bershire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Sarah b.1788 - Lee, Bershire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Sarah Sally b.1800 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Seth b.1806 - Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Tillotson, Zadock b.1793 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts


Tillott, Helena -


Tivis, Eunice -


Tolly, Donald Leroy - Living
Tolly, Katlyn Marie - Living
Tolly, Matthew - Living


Tomahack, Lye - Living


Tomlinson, Benjamin b.1752 -
Tomlinson, Drusilla -
Tomlinson, Elizabeth b.1747 -
Tomlinson, James b.1742 -
Tomlinson, Jesse b.1752 -
Tomlinson, John -
Tomlinson, Joseph b.1745 -
Tomlinson, Joseph Jr. b.1712 - Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland
Tomlinson, Nathaniel b.1747 -
Tomlinson, Rebecca b.1754 -
Tomlinson, Samuel -


Toney, Nancy - Living


Toppen, Benjamin -


Torrey, James m.1755 - Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Torrey, Mable -
Torrey, William m.1670 - Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island


Tousley, Sibyl b.1787 -


Tower, Jannetta d.1857 -


Towle, Levi m.1820 -


Townsend, Joseph -
Townsend, Lydia Mendenhall -
Townsend, Martha b.1794 - , Washington Co, Pa
Townsend, Mary -
Townsend, Miriam m.1755 -
Townsend, William d.1785 - Weston, Massachusetts
Townsend, Zipporah m.1787 - Ashburnham, Massachusetts


Tracer, Ferinard - Living
Tracer, Ferinard - Living


Tracy, Ann c.1594 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Christopher -
Tracy, Christopher b.1592 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Jane b.1623 - Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, John c.1601 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, John b.1633 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Tracy, Margaret c.1604 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Margaret c.1599 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Mary b.1630 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Tracy, Rebecca b.1625 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Tracy, Ruth b.1628 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Tracy, Sarah b.1621 - Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Stephen b.1559 - of Great Yarmout, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Stephen b.1596 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, Thomas c.1589 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Tracy, William c.1587 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England


Traxel, Daniel -


Trevelyon, Job m.1813 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorest, England


Troxel, Catharine b.1828 - Weiseberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania


Truel, Trudy - Living


Trueman, Valerie Jean - Living


Trusler, Nelson m.1847 - , Fayette, Indiana


Tuggle, John m.1847 -


Tunan, Irene Veronica - Living


Turner, Amos -
Turner, Eliza Ann b.1828 -
Turner, Harriet b.1807 - Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Turner, Olive b.1809 - Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Turner, Polly b.1767 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Turner, Rebecca or Rebeckah m.1778 -
Turner, Sally m.1862 -
Turner, Thomas b.1742 - , Frederick, Virginia
Turner, Vestia -


Turpin, Elizabeth -


Tuten, John - Living


Twitchell, Anna b.1751 - Sherborn. Middlesex, Massachusetts
Twitchell, Elizabeth -


Tyler, Elizabeth b.1701 - , of Prince George, Maryland
Tyler, Priiscilla m.1723 - Prince George Co., Maryland
Tyler, Robert -


Tyrel, m.1848 -
Tyrel, Eliza b.1848 - Illinois
Tyrel, Oliver A. b.1849 - Illinois


Ulyss, Kli Anna -


Underwood, George B. m.1885 -
Underwood, Jereme -
Underwood, Melissa b.1817 - Jaffrey, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Underwood, Sarah b.1815 - Jaffrey, New Hampshire


Upgrove, Sally m.1802 - , Rutherford, North Carolina


Upham, Lucy Carlie b.1862 - Brookfield, Vermont
Upham, Mary Hutchinson b.1810 - Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Upham, Zenas Merrill -


Urbino, Victoria M. - Living


Urith, Sarah m.1760 -


Vail, Aaron -
Vail, Augusta d.1892 -
Vail, Caroline -
Vail, Charles b.1850 -
Vail, Charles m.1832 - , La Porte, Indiana
Vail, Isaac -
Vail, Julia b.1847 -
Vail, Lydia Ellen b.1856 -
Vail, Olive -
Vail, Sarah -


Valentine, John m.1838 - Salem, Union, Indiana

Van Buren

Van Buren, Charlotte b.1842 - Peekskil. New York

Van Cleave

Van Cleave, David b.1787 - Shelby Co. Ky

Van Elsberg

Van Elsberg, Herman Arthur - Living

van Swearingen

van Swearingen, Ellinor b.1696 -
van Swearingen, Jane -
van Swearingen, Jane -
van Swearingen, Joseph b.1759 -
van Swearingen, Joseph b.1730 - St. Marys Co., Maryland
van Swearingen, Joseph b.1696 - St. Marys Co., Maryland
van Swearingen, Keriah b.1763 -
van Swearingen, Martha b.1760 -
van Swearingen, Thomas -

van Sweringen

van Sweringen, Ann m.1728 -
van Sweringen, Charles b.1684 -
van Sweringen, Dorithy b.1690 -
van Sweringen, Elenor b.1686 -
van Sweringen, Elizabeth b.1660 - New Amstel, New Castle, Delaware
van Sweringen, Garrett d.1752 -
van Sweringen, Gerret b.1636 - Buesterdam, Holland
van Sweringen, Joseph b.1694 - St. Mary's Co., Maryland
van Sweringen, Joseph b.1682 - St. Marys City, Maryland
van Sweringen, Lurannah b.1704 -
van Sweringen, Mary b.1667 -
van Sweringen, Sarah -
van Sweringen, Teresa b.1688 - St. Marys City, Maryland
van Sweringen, Thomas b.1665 - St. Marys, St. Marys, Maryland
van Sweringen, Zacharias b.1663 - New Amstel, New Castle, Delaware

van Wig

van Wig, -

Van Zandt

Van Zandt, Abraham b.1788 -
Van Zandt, Elizabeth b.1801 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Van Zandt, Frances b.1784 - Rutherford Co., North Carolina
Van Zandt, Garret b.1726 - , Bucks, Pennsylvania
Van Zandt, Garrett b.1745 - Lincoln, Rutherford, North Carolina
Van Zandt, Garrett E. III b.1798 - , North Carolina
Van Zandt, Hugh Robert b.1796 - , North Carolina
Van Zandt, Jacob Lenore b.1791 - Boone, Arkansas
Van Zandt, James b.1784 - Rutherford Co., North Carolina
Van Zandt, John b.1789 - , North Carolina
Van Zandt, Margaret b.1806 - Barren Co., Kentucky
Van Zandt, Mary b.1783 - Rutherford Co., North Carolina
Van Zandt, Mary Peggy b.1816 -
Van Zandt, Rachel b.1793 - , North Carolina


Vangham, Mercy m.1652 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Vanhoof, Anton Michael - Living
Vanhoof, Brian Robert - Living
Vanhoof, Jessica Catherine - Living
Vanhoof, Kevin Donald - Living
Vanhoof, Robert - Living


Vanlandingham, Alonzo N. b.1869 - , Missouri
Vanlandingham, Andrew Jackson b.1824 - , Kentucky
Vanlandingham, Anita Viola - Living
Vanlandingham, Blake Gerald b.1897 -
Vanlandingham, Carl Anthony - Living
Vanlandingham, Carl Edward - Living
Vanlandingham, Charles Edward b.1859 - , Missouri
Vanlandingham, Clement Lester b.1890 -
Vanlandingham, Clifford Dinsmore b.1893 -
Vanlandingham, Daniel m.1821 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Vanlandingham, Debra - Living
Vanlandingham, Dewey Leonard - Living
Vanlandingham, Doris Helen - Living
Vanlandingham, Edna Lucille - Living
Vanlandingham, Floy Goldie b.1894 -
Vanlandingham, Francis L. b.1864 - , Missouri
Vanlandingham, George W. b.1854 - , Missouri
Vanlandingham, Isabelle J. b.1850 - , Missouri
Vanlandingham, Joe Edd - Living
Vanlandingham, John Clifford - Living
Vanlandingham, John Clifford b.1912 -
Vanlandingham, Lola Irene b.1918 -
Vanlandingham, M. E. b.1848 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Vanlandingham, Mary Jane b.1823 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Vanlandingham, Nancy Viola - Living
Vanlandingham, Robert R. b.1846 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Vanlandingham, Theopelas Jackson b.1857 - , Missouri


Vanor, -
Vanor, Mr. -


Vanzandt, -
Vanzandt, Catherine b.1806 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Eliza b.1818 - of, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Elizabeth b.1807 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Emily b.1818 -
Vanzandt, Frances Adeline b.1824 - of, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Isaac b.1813 - , Franklin, Tennessee
Vanzandt, Isaac b.1780 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Jacob b.1804 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Jacob b.1786 - , North Carolina
Vanzandt, Jacob Henry b.1829 -
Vanzandt, Jacob Rufus b.1812 - , North Carolina
Vanzandt, Jacob van b.1751 - , North Carolina
Vanzandt, Joel b.1810 - , Rutherford, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Margaret Elizabeth b.1832 - of, North Carolina
Vanzandt, Maria Louisa b.1822 -
Vanzandt, Mary Ann b.1827 -
Vanzandt, William Thomas b.1826 -


Vanzant, Abraham b.1777 -
Vanzant, Abraham Jr. b.1804 - , Kentucky
Vanzant, Albert M. -
Vanzant, Catherine -
Vanzant, Elizabeth b.1754 -
Vanzant, Elizabeth b.1772 - , North Carolina
Vanzant, Hugh Robert b.1855 - , Barren, Kentucky
Vanzant, Jacob b.1796 -
Vanzant, James b.1780 -
Vanzant, James b.1748 -
Vanzant, Jane b.1798 -
Vanzant, John Pope b.1862 - , Metcalfe, Kentucky
Vanzant, Leonara -
Vanzant, Leonidas b.1824 -
Vanzant, Martin b.1806 - , Tennessee
Vanzant, Mary b.1746 - , Pennsylvania
Vanzant, Mary b.1774 - , North Carolina
Vanzant, Mary b.1802 - , Tennessee
Vanzant, Matilda b.1818 - , Tennessee
Vanzant, Milton S. b.1834 - Edmonton, Kentucky
Vanzant, Neri b.1809 - , Tennessee
Vanzant, Rachel b.1752 -
Vanzant, Sena b.1814 - , Tennessee
Vanzant, William b.1826 -


Vaughan, William m.1655 - Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Vega, Irene - Living


Venson, Alecia Rozella - Living
Venson, Shawn Christopher - Living


Vernon, - Living


Vickers, Martha - Living
Vickers, Nancy Louisa - Living


Vigne, William La - Living


Virgin, Eleanor -


Vosburgh, Stephen Earle Dr. - Living


Wade, - Living
Wade, Joane m.1500 - England


Wagner, Katharina m.1899 -


Waide, Cibella -


Wait, Phineas -


Waite, Hannah b.1659 - Malden, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Waite, Peter b.1690 - Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Wakefield, Jonathan -
Wakefield, Samuel m.1768 -


Walbert, James -


Walcot, Christopher Parsons -


Wale, Joan b.1552 - Dunton-Bassett, Leicestershire, England
Wale, Margaret m.1734 -


Wales, James S. -


Walker, Ann b.1708 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Charles b.1698 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Charles Jr. b.1675 -
Walker, Crecy b.1713 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Ebenezer m.1703 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Elizabeth m.1681 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Elizabeth - Living
Walker, Elizabeth b.1695 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Experience -
Walker, Isaac b.1705 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Joseph b.1715 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Margaret m.1850 - , Pendleton, Kentucky
Walker, Martha -
Walker, Mary d.1694 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Mary -
Walker, Mary b.1702 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Michael -
Walker, Philip b.1662 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Phillip m.1654 -
Walker, Rachel b.1717 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Rebecca b.1700 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Richard b.1709 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Ruth b.1704 - St. Barnabas Chu, Queen Anne, Prince George, Maryland
Walker, Samuel b.1655 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Sarah b.1657 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Walker, Sinah -
Walker, Thomas - Living
Walker, William b.1620 - Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Walkup, Isabella - Living


Wallace, Eloise - Living
Wallace, George - Living
Wallace, Mary - Living
Wallace, Sarah Jane b.1832 - VA


Walno, Fred - Living


Walters, Sarah Jane -


Ward, James b.1701 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Ward, Margaret b.1780 - Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts
Ward, Mary m.1904 -


Ware, Benjamin m.1711 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Ebenezer -
Ware, Ezra -
Ware, John b.1646 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Jonathan b.1687 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Jonathan b.1687 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Lois b.1760 - Cumberland, Rhode Island
Ware, Margaret b.1685 - Wretham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Margaret m.1771 -
Ware, Michael m.1753 -
Ware, Patty b.1787 - Sherborn, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Robert b.1653 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ware, Ruth b.1720 - Wrentham, Massachustees


Wareham, Judith b.1761 -


Warner, Ichobod b.1684 - Hatfield, Hampshire, Connecticut
Warner, Lydia - Living


Warren, Abigail b.1674 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Warren, Elizabeth -
Warren, Kimberly Anne - Living
Warren, Leonard William - Living
Warren, Stryker Junior - Living
Warren, William m.1869 -


Washburn, Josiah m.1723 -


Waterhouse, Sally -


Watkins, -
Watkins, Bridget b.1646 - of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Watkins, Nathan m.1837 -


Watson, Charles - Living
Watson, Ebenezer -
Watson, Eliphalet - Living
Watson, Eliphalet Jr. m.1780 - Gorham, Maine
Watson, Hannah - Living
Watson, Nathaniel b.1788 -
Watson, Rebecca b.1795 -
Watson, Rhoda b.1791 -
Watson, Rufus -


Watt, Robert - Living


Watton, Robert d.1470 - Addington, Kent, England


Weast, Sarah Malinda m.1854 - , Rutherford, North Carolina


Weaver, Charles -
Weaver, Edith May -


Webber, Caroline m.1877 -


Webster, Mary b.1679 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Webster, Willis Veil b.1861 -


Weeden, Adelia -
Weeden, Melora - Living


Weeks, Cecil Richard Jr - Living
Weeks, Cecil Richard Sr - Living
Weeks, Elizabeth - Living
Weeks, Herbert Ashley - Living
Weeks, Janie Marie - Living
Weeks, Rebecca - Living


Weiss, Bernhard b.1756 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Weiss, Hans Jakob b.1704 - Wettsweil, Zurich, Switzerland
Weiss, Katharina b.1802 - Wettswil, Switzerland
Weiss, Stans -


Welch, Minnie Belle - Living
Welch, Nettie Frances - Living


Weld, Margaret -


Welle, Catherine Eliza b.1821 -


Wellman, Alexander c.1820 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Alexander c.1757 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, Alexander c.1786 - Melbury Osmond, Dorest, England
Wellman, Andrew c.1756 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, Betty c.1755 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, Edwin c.1832 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Eliza b.1838 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Hannah m.1740 - Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wellman, Henry c.1828 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Joan c.1752 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, John c.1764 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, John Cox c.1822 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Judith c.1819 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Martha c.1836 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Mary Ann c.1818 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, Sarah b.1780 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England
Wellman, Thomas c.1825 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, William b.1816 - Evershot, Dorest, England
Wellman, William b.1726 - of Melbury Osmun, Dorest, England
Wellman, William b.1784 - Melbury Osmund, Dorest, England


Wells, Johanna m.1694 - Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Wells, Lenora - Living
Wells, Robert -


Welsh, Henry - Living


Wentworth, Lydia Rebecca b.1791 - Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts


West, Abigail b.1682 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
West, Frances b.1669 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
West, Francis - Living
West, John b.1678 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
West, Pelatiah b.1673 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
West, Robert b.1525 - England
West, Samuel b.1672 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
West, Samuel m.1668 -
West, Steven b.1671 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Westcott, Mary -


Weston, John -
Weston, Mary m.1598 - St. Andrew's, Holburn, London, England
Weston, Susanna b.1686 - Cape Ann, Massachusetts


Wetherden, Susan m.1635 - New Romney, Canterbury, England


Wetherell, Sarah m.1624 -


Wharton, b.1612 - of Charles, Maryland
Wharton, Henry -


Wheaton, Susanna b.1751 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Wheeler, Abigail b.1774 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Ann b.1653 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Ariah m.1807 -
Wheeler, Calvin S. m.1831 - Sherborn, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Elizabeth b.1777 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Elizabeth b.1636 - of Cranfield, Bedford, England
Wheeler, Elizabeth b.1664 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Ephraim b.1678 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, George b.1500 -
Wheeler, George m.1631 - Cranfield, England
Wheeler, Gilbert m.1796 - Frederick Co. Maryland
Wheeler, Hannah -
Wheeler, Isaac b.1661 -
Wheeler, Isaac b.1648 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Jason b.1782 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, John b.1779 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, John b.1742 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, John b.1563 - of Odell, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England
Wheeler, John b.1538 - Odell, England
Wheeler, John - Living
Wheeler, John K. -
Wheeler, Jonathan b.1701 -
Wheeler, Jonathan m.1754 -
Wheeler, Joseph b.1681 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Joseph b.1651 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Joseph m.1642 - of, Cranfield, Bedf, Eng
Wheeler, Katherine m.1631 - Cranfield, England
Wheeler, Lewis b.1767 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Mary b.1646 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Mary b.1653 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Matilda b.1769 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Polly b.1790 -
Wheeler, Rebecca b.1670 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Ruth b.1673 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Sarah b.1667 - Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Sarah b.1649 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Thomas b.1561 - Odell, England
Wheeler, Thomas b.1662 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Thomas b.1620 - Bourne, Bedford, England
Wheeler, Timothy b.1667 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wheeler, William -
Wheeler, William R. m.1850 - , MacOn, Illinios


Wheelock, Ada Avilda - Living
Wheelock, Benjamin -
Wheelock, Betty - Living
Wheelock, Candance M. - Living
Wheelock, Carolyn Jean - Living
Wheelock, Chester - Living
Wheelock, Daniel Quinn - Living
Wheelock, Edward Clinton b.1912 - Rock Township, Wood, Wisconsin
Wheelock, Edward Louis - Living
Wheelock, Eleanor L. - Living
Wheelock, Ephraim -
Wheelock, Estella M. b.1869 - , Wisconsin
Wheelock, Experience -
Wheelock, Gershom -
Wheelock, Goldie Alliene - Living
Wheelock, Harry Hazelton b.1873 - , Wisconsin
Wheelock, Howard - Living
Wheelock, James Buoy b.1871 - , Wisconsin
Wheelock, James Robert - Living
Wheelock, Jasper G. b.1877 - , Wisconsin
Wheelock, Jimmie Leonard - Living
Wheelock, John - Living
Wheelock, John Hiram m.1867 - Sun Prairie, Dane, Wisconsin
Wheelock, John Paul - Living
Wheelock, Joseph -
Wheelock, Joseph Leonard - Living
Wheelock, Larry Arthur - Living
Wheelock, Martha Faye - Living
Wheelock, Marvene Kay - Living
Wheelock, Marvin E. - Living
Wheelock, Mary -
Wheelock, Mehetable b.1689 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wheelock, Ollie M. - Living
Wheelock, Peregrina -
Wheelock, Preston Jessie b.1911 - Preston, Jackson, Iowa
Wheelock, Ralph b.1600 - Shropshire, England
Wheelock, Rebecca -
Wheelock, Record -
Wheelock, Ruth - Living
Wheelock, Samuel -
Wheelock, Samuel -
Wheelock, Thomas Keith - Living
Wheelock, Wade - Living
Wheelock, Walter - Living
Wheelock, William David - Living


Whilney, Anna - Living


Whistler, Martha m.1621 - of Bray, Berks, Eng


Whitaker, m.1897 - , Lincoln, Tennessee


Whitcomb, Elizabeth m.1719 - Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitcomb, Lucy Jane m.1864 -
Whitcomb, Rufus m.1808 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts


White, -
White, Abigail c.1779 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Ann b.1768 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Benjamin b.1784 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Benjamin b.1743 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Benjamin b.1707 -
White, Benjamin b.1707 - Brookline, Massachusetts, Usa
White, Caleb b.1741 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Caleb b.1736 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Charles J. b.1869 -
White, Ebenezer m.1793 -
White, Eleanor b.1777 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Eleanor b.1745 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Eleanor b.1735 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Elizabeth b.1780 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Elon -
White, Hannah - Living
White, Isaac c.1780 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Isaac m.1754 - , Carteret Co, North Carolina
White, James C. b.1833 -
White, Jerusha b.1749 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Maria c.1782 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Mary Polly -
White, McDonald b.1863 -
White, Perrin Ellis b.1865 -
White, Samuel m.1792 - Braintree, Orange, Vermont
White, Sarah b.1775 -
White, Susanna b.1786 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Thankful b.1745 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Thomas b.1782 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Thomas b.1738 - Brookline, Massachusetts
White, Warren b.1790 - Brookline, Massachusetts


Whitecar, James m.1783 -


Whitehead, Deborah -
Whitehead, Sarah -


Whitehorn, Elizabeth m.1757 - S. Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island


Whitehurst, James G. b.1909 -
Whitehurst, Jonathan Haywood b.1944 -
Whitehurst, Kenneth Wayne - Living


Whiting, Edwin b.1809 - Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Whiting, Elisha -
Whiting, Samuel b.1649 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts


Whitlock, Felicia Emily m.1869 - , Marion Co, Or


Whitmarsh, Lydia b.1761 - Providence, Phode Island


Whitmill, Barney - Living


Whitmon, Nancy m.1808 - Ashburnham, Massachusetts


Whitmore, Douglass Lee - Living
Whitmore, Nicholas Frank - Living


Whitney, Anna b.1819 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Asia Partridge b.1827 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Benjamin -
Whitney, Caroline M. - Living
Whitney, Charles m.1816 - St John, Nb, Canada
Whitney, Charlotte -
Whitney, Cynthia b.1813 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Eliza b.1827 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Jabez b.1749 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Whitney, Jennie C. - Living
Whitney, Jerome b.1821 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, John b.1749 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Whitney, Joshua b.1738 -
Whitney, Joshua b.1687 -
Whitney, Louis L. b.1849 -
Whitney, Luke b.1810 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Luke b.1783 - Winchester, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Whitney, Mary - Living
Whitney, Mary b.1827 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Moses b.1772 - Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Whitney, Orason b.1806 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Samuel m.1741 - Weston, Massachusetts
Whitney, Sarah b.1839 -
Whitney, Thuseba b.1815 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Thuseba b.1815 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, Thuseba b.1808 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, William b.1817 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Whitney, William H. b.1841 -


Whitson, Sarah - Living


Whittemore, William m.1744 -


Wickersham, Caleb -


Wickham, Ann b.1720 -
Wickham, Nathaniel m.1723 - Prince George Co., Maryland


Wierman, Alva - Living
Wierman, Phyllis Katherine - Living


Wight, Abner b.1756 -
Wight, Jabez m.1820 -
Wight, Jabez b.1761 -
Wight, Joseph m.1679 -
Wight, Margaret b.1749 -
Wight, Oliver b.1753 -
Wight, Pliny m.1806 -
Wight, Rhoda b.1758 -
Wight, Silence b.1752 -
Wight, William m.1748 -


Wilbur, Hannah or Joanna b.1649 - Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Wilbur, Samuel -


Wilcock, Lois Rea - Living
Wilcock, Wanda b.1937 - Shelley, Bingham, Idaho


Wilcox, Amanda P. m.1836 -
Wilcox, Martha -
Wilcox, Mary m.1768 - North Bradley, Wiltshire, England
Wilcox, Roberta Bernice - Living
Wilcox, William W. m.1863 -


Wilcoxin, George b.1755 - Prince George Co. Maryland
Wilcoxin, Sarah b.1794 -
Wilcoxin, Thomas Jr. b.1725 -


Wilder, Anna b.1690 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wilder, Mary b.1674 - Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Wilder, Thomas b.1644 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Wiley, Isaac T. m.1851 -


Wilforde, Elizabeth b.1515 - Hartridal, Cranbrook, Kent, England


Willard, Benjamin m.1690 -
Willard, Daniel -
Willard, Hannah -
Willard, Henry b.1655 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Willard, John -
Willard, Jonathan -
Willard, Joseph -
Willard, Lucretia McCarty -
Willard, Mary -
Willard, Simon b.1605 -


Willes, Elizabeth Anna - Living


Willett, Eleanor b.1726 - , of Prince George, Maryland
Willett, Thomas -


William, - Living


Williams, -
Williams, Abigail d.1835 - , Oh
Williams, Allen - Living
Williams, Anne Meriam -
Williams, Annie or Amy -
Williams, Asa -
Williams, Atwill B. - Living
Williams, Benjamin -
Williams, Benjamin b.1710 -
Williams, Boyd m.1817 - Silver Creek, Union, Indiana
Williams, David -
Williams, Dearman -
Williams, Deborah -
Williams, Edward -
Williams, Elisha b.1728 -
Williams, Elizabeth -
Williams, Giles m.1831 -
Williams, Grace b.1688 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Williams, Jacob d.1725 -
Williams, Jane G. m.1842 - Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Williams, Lydia -
Williams, Mary -
Williams, Mary -
Williams, Richard m.1796 - Core Sound Meetg, Carteret Co, Nc
Williams, Robert -
Williams, Sarah E. m.1846 - , Franklin, Tennessee
Williams, William b.1708 - St. Marys Co., Maryland


Williford, - Living


Willis, Letha May - Living
Willis, Ruth m.1838 - Beardstown, Illinois


Willy, Sarah m.1682 - Concord, Massachusetts


Wilson, Andrew -
Wilson, Decie m.1825 -
Wilson, Elizabeth -
Wilson, Ephraim b.1684 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Ephrim b.1656 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, George -
Wilson, George -
Wilson, Henry m.1642 -
Wilson, John - Living
Wilson, John -
Wilson, John b.1753 -
Wilson, Martha - Living
Wilson, Mary b.1652 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Mary -
Wilson, Mary Ann -
Wilson, Mehitable m.1753 - Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Michael b.1644 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Nancy -
Wilson, Ralph b.1776 -
Wilson, Samuel -
Wilson, Sarah b.1654 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Sarah b.1650 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wilson, Sarah -
Wilson, Thomas -
Wilson, William -


Winch, Richard -
Winch, Robert -
Winch, Robert -
Winch, William -


Winche, Joan m.1620 - St. Paul's, Canterbury, Kent, England


Winchester, -
Winchester, Elizabeth -
Winchester, Henry -
Winchester, Ichabod -
Winchester, Jonathan m.1749 -
Winchester, Jonathan -
Winchester, Mary -
Winchester, Mehitabel -
Winchester, Samuel c.1757 -
Winchester, Sarah -
Winchester, William -


Wing, Dorcas b.1826 -


Wingworth, Thomas m.1786 - Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire


Winn, Prudence H. b.1802 - Massachusetts
Winn, Ruth - Living


Winnings, b.1920 - Arthur, Moultrie, Illinois
Winnings, Annita Darlene - Living
Winnings, Britney Paige - Living
Winnings, Donna Jean Murphy - Living
Winnings, Florence Marie - Living
Winnings, Floyd Raymond - Living
Winnings, Harold Eugene - Living
Winnings, Janet Louise - Living
Winnings, Judy Marie - Living
Winnings, Kathryn Ann - Living
Winnings, Lewis Thomas - Living
Winnings, Marilyn Kay - Living
Winnings, Raymond Lewis b.1915 - Moultrie, Illinois
Winnings, Robert Eugene - Living
Winnings, Samuel Harold b.1914 - Arthur, Moultrie, Illinois
Winnings, Sandra Mae - Living
Winnings, Stacy Louise - Living
Winnings, William - Living
Winnings, Zachary Davis - Living


Winship, Mary b.1794 -


Wisher, Elisabeth b.1806 - of Ottenback, Switzerland


Wolbert, Daniel -


Wood, Amanda -
Wood, David m.1771 - Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Jonathan -
Wood, Joseph b.1674 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Josiah b.1658 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Josiah b.1635 -
Wood, Lydia b.1662 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Lydia b.1659 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Mary m.1703 -
Wood, Mary B. b.1809 - Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Wood, Ruth b.1676 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, Samuel b.1671 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Wood, William -


Woodhams, Wanda - Living


Woodis, Dolly b.1782 -
Woodis, Nathan m.1836 - Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts
Woodis, Sarah Ann b.1837 -


Woods, Margaret Jane m.1875 -


Woodward, Alice -
Woodward, Anne -
Woodward, Casper - Living
Woodward, Delpha b.1916 -
Woodward, Don - Living
Woodward, Eva A. - Living
Woodward, George - Living
Woodward, George Francis - Living
Woodward, Guy b.1891 -
Woodward, John m.1686 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Woodward, Laura Elizabeth - Living
Woodward, Mary Jane - Living
Woodward, Moses d.1910 -
Woodward, Rebecca m.1666 - Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Woodward, Rhoda -
Woodward, Sarah -
Woodward, William m.1765 -


Wooley, Elizabeth m.1675 - of Portsmounth, Newport, Rhode Island
Wooley, Harry m.1929 -
Wooley, Sarah b.1708 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Wright, Catherin -
Wright, David m.1837 - , Champaign, Illinois
Wright, David m.1837 - Champaign Co. IL
Wright, Frank -
Wright, Hannah m.1840 - Vermillion Co. Illinios
Wright, Ida m.1871 -
Wright, Lee - Living
Wright, Lydia -
Wright, Mehitable m.1753 -
Wright, Rebecca b.1655 -
Wright, Sidney b.1821 - Indiana
Wright, William m.1827 - , Union, Indiana


Wunderlich, Anne -


Wyatt, Delilah b.1812 - , Missouri


Wybee, Mary Isabell - Living


Wydler, Albert Karl b.1863 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Anna Barbara b.1786 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Caspar b.1825 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Franiska b.1865 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Franz Xaver b.1867 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Franziska Fanny b.1853 - Alberieden, Switzerland
Wydler, Friedrich b.1878 - Freising, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Hans Conrad b.1793 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Hans Conrad c.1759 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Hans Jacob -
Wydler, Hans Rudolf b.1795 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Johann Franz Xaver b.1862 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Johannes c.1789 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Karl b.1874 - Augsburg, Schwbn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Karl Gustav b.1869 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Ludwig b.1874 - Augsburg, Schwbn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Maria b.1879 - Freising, Obrbrn, Bavaria
Wydler, Maria b.1871 - Landshut, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Theres b.1875 - Augsburg, Schwbn, Bavaria, Germany
Wydler, Verena b.1787 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland
Wydler, Wilhelm b.1876 - Freising, Obrbrn, Bavaria, Germany


Wylder, Johannes b.1797 - Albisrieden, Zurich, Switzerland


Wylie, Elizabeth b.1542 - of Helmingham, Suffolk, England


Wyman, Benjamin b.1674 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wyman, Joshua m.1841 -
Wyman, Judith b.1679 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Wyman, Lucy m.1729 -


York, Daniel m.1601 -


Young, Cindy Ann - Living
Young, Hannah - Living
Young, John Albert - Living
Young, Ralph Edwin b.1890 - Du Bois, Pawnee Co, Ne
Young, Robert W. m.1849 - , Union Co, In
Young, Theodocia -


Younglove, Jemima m.1764 -


Zacharias, Henry - Living


Zielsdorf, Naomi Lee - Living

Surname List