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This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

SurnameName Birth
??? Barbara [I2022] Private
  Dana [I0789] Private
  Gail [I0963] Private
  Gean [I0754] Private
  Martha Ann [I0882] Private
  Martha Ella [I2247] WFT 1868-1887
  Martha L. [I1404] 1903
  Mary Elizabeth [I1420] Private
  Omie [I2302] WFT 1864-1900
  Opal [I2135] Private
  Rosamond [I1052] WFT 1747-1770
  Ruth [I0823] Private
  Tammi [I0755] Private
  Teresea [I0939] Private
  Vickie [I0958] Private
  Vickie [I0890] Private
  Wanda [I1335] Private
Able Carol [I0810] Private
Adams Ida Lodier [I2286] WFT 1891-1911
Allen Clifton [I1775] WFT 1896-1925
  Elroy Huey [I1827] Private
  Laura Kay [I1824] Private
  Russell [I1248] Private
  Shane [I1825] Private
  Shirley Ann [I0644] Private
Allred Louis [I1362] WFT 1894-1914
Alread Carol Vance, , Sr. [I2003] WFT 1886-1915
Alred April Leigh [I2002] Private
  Christopher Bennett [I2000] Private
  Jerry Jan [I1998] Private
  Kimberly Kay [I2001] Private
  Pamela Jann [I1999] Private
Anders Danny Lee [I2007] Private
  Elizabeth Ann [I2008] Private
  Latish Marie [I2009] Private
  Mr. [I2006] Private
Anderson Arthur [I1106] WFT 1890-1916
Ann Martha [I0102] WFT 1830-1853
  Polly [I0557] 1827-04-06
Annable Kerri Nicole [I1328] Private
  Paula Beth [I1327] Private
  William Paul [I1326] Private
Anthony Suzette [I1691] Private
Armstrong Jeremy Blane [I2025] Private
  Jim Berry [I2023] Private
  John Boardman [I2035] WFT 1900-1929
  Jonathan Bennett [I2024] Private
Arness Cullen Shaun [I0356] Private
  Shaun Patrick [I0211] Private
Arthur Troy [I1108] Private
Ashley Jon Stephen [I1905] Private
Aston Hattie Esteelle [I2063] 1910-12-26
  William Allan [I2071] WFT 1859-1888
Aucoin James [I1448] Private
Ausborn Arch [I2347] WFT 1875-1904
  Iva Nell [I1296] Private
Austin Jo Ann [I1263] Private
  Margarette Lorene [I2112] 1922
Baccus Tressie [I0221] Private
Bachmann Vivian [I0173] Private
Backet Geraldine [I1151] Private
Bagwell Roger Dale [I1791] Private
Bailey S.P. [I1014] WFT 1823-1849
Baker Maggie [I1663] Private
  Stacey [I1737] Private
Ball Gary Russell [I1540] Private
  Ryan Aaron [I1541] Private
Ballard Mitchell Hollis [I1400] Private
  William [I1399] WFT 1928-1957
Bandy Vester Veck [I0550] 1911-06-01
Barber Homer Cecil [I0699] 1903-08-21
  Louise [I0700] Private
  Nannie [I1128] Private
Barker Gale [I0943] Private
Barnes Barbara Ann [I1643] Private
  Fannie [I1793] WFT 1844-1876
  Fannie [I0697] WFT 1837-1877
  Mr. [I1111] WFT 1806-1835
  Susan E. [I0595] 1857-11-00
Barnett Barry Ray [I1517] Private
  Dawn Michelle [I1518] Private
  Gary Dewayne [I1519] Private
  Patricia [I2020] Private
Barr Faye Juanita [I1252] Private
  James Gilbert [I1250] Private
  Rex Allen [I1251] 1933-03-28
Bates Joe [I0591] Private
Beam Fay [I1639] Private
  Lisa Denise [I0692] Private
Bean Agnes Elain [I1422] Private
  Ann Laura [I1423] Private
  Elver Lois [I1584] Private
  Jeanne Merdith [I1642] Private
  Jesse Elver [I1583] 1889
  John Anderson [I1586] Private
  Melva Jean [I1585] Private
  Rebecca Lynn [I1640] Private
  Susan Marie [I1641] Private
  William Stegall [I1421] WFT 1875-1905
Becker Kenneth James [I2354] Private
  Wesley Terrell, , Jr. [I2010] Private
Bell Guy [I1104] WFT 1893-1924
Bennefield Girlie [I1105] WFT 1887-1914
  Larene [I1103] WFT 1895-1918
Bennett Brian David [I1984] Private
  Curtis Allen [I1985] Private
  Dallas Roy [I1981] Private
  David Roy [I1980] Private
  Donald George [I1982] Private
  Etoyl Louise [I1972] Private
  Geraldine [I1973] Private
  Jackie Wayne [I1977] Private
  Jerry Clifford [I1975] Private
  Jimmy Houston [I1976] Private
  Kathaleen [I1385] Private
  Lillie V. [I1970] Private
  Nellie Fay [I1971] Private
  Pattie Jo [I1978] Private
  Rachel Ann [I1986] Private
  Rarie Ethel [I1855] WFT 1887-1910
  Roy Clifford, , Jr. [I1974] Private
  Roy Clifford, , Sr. [I1968] 1911-03-12
  Roy James [I1969] Private
Benson Leta [I2544] about 1906
Bentely Harold [I1898] Private
  Sandra Lee [I1896] Private
Benton Margie [I0676] Private
Bernhessel Daniel [I0305] WFT 1858-1886
  Eugenia [I0306] Private
Berrigan Marjorie Ann [I2526] 1927-12-02
Berthay Corinne [I0805] Private
  Guy [I0803] 1911
  James Kevin [I0807] Private
  Jimmy Letson [I0804] Private
  Steven [I0809] Private
  Suzanne [I0808] Private
Berumen Aurelio [I0512] Private
Bevill Julia [I2240] WFT 1803-1826
Bice ??? [I1090] Private
Birge Elijah Shaw [I1726] Private
  Harvey P. [I1718] 1935-12-18
  Jessica [I1727] Private
  Keith Alan [I1720] Private
  Mona Lisa [I1719] Private
Birmingham Bradley Edward [I1008] Private
Bishop Earlene [I2264] Private
  Evelyn [I2270] Private
Black A. Mr. [I2055] WFT 1889-1909
  Cheryl Ann [I1286] Private
  Linda Charisse [I1320] Private
Bland Irma\Eudella Eugenia [I2249] 1881-10-03
  James Reuben [I2254] WFT 1830-1859
  Patricia Ann [I0157] Private
  Virginia Luella [I2280] WFT 1876-1896
  Winston [I0165] Private
Blansett ??? [I1234] Private
Blaylock Adrenne Nicole [I0245] Private
  Albert Glen [I0250] 1915-05-25
  Alice Malicy [I0303] 1882-02-16
  Angelia Roybin [I0236] Private
  Anna Lou [I0194] 1877-04-04
  Ann Marie [I0226] Private
  Anthony Logan [I0235] Private
  Archie Lee [I0004] 1941-06-29
  Arlis Moonan [I0304] 1882-02-16
  Audrey Elsie [I0246] Private
  Becky Ann [I0262] Private
  Beth Ann [I0229] Private
  Bonnie [I0421] Private
  Brittany Dianne [I0243] Private
  Buster [I0425] WFT 1892-1918
  Carl Houston [I0001] 1912-08-13
  Celia D. [I0190] 1865-09-00
  Charlie Roy Dillard [I0310] 1901-10-31
  Cora Mildred [I0034] 1914-07-26
  Daisy E. [I0423] 1905
  Daniel Jay [I0346] Private
  Danny Lynn [I0292] Private
  David Keith [I0213] Private
  David Kenneth [I0204] Private
  Dennie [I0422] 1902-07-25
  Dillard Ray [I0320] Private
  Dustin Kenneth [I0358] Private
  Earthel Porter [I0548] 1929-09-21
  Estel Porter [I0197] 1893-09-03
  George Allen [I0206] Private
  Geraldine Oneda [I0319] Private
  Gladies Lavell [I0035] 1916-07-04
  Gladys [I0037] 1916-07-04
  Glenda Jo [I0259] Private
  Guy [I0036] 1916-07-04
  Guy Curtis [I0432] 1901-06-23
  Harry Long [I0258] Private
  Henry Lenord [I0311] 1903-11-14
  Henry Wesley [I0435] 1905-05-13
  Ilar [I0434] 1903-01-08
  Infant [I0549] Private
  Iva [I0433] Private
  Jacquelyn Ann [I0006] Private
  James Carl [I0003] Private
  James Edward [I0207] Private
  James Glen [I0275] Private
  James Matthew [I0228] Private
  James William Houston [I0029] 1876-08-24
  Jan Lee [I0209] Private
  Jeffery Lynn [I0340] Private
  Jeremiah [I0182] 1822
  Jeria [I0430] 1897-08-04
  Jerry Hall [I0233] Private
  Jesse Calvin [I0032] 1909-06-13
  Jessica Marie [I0026] Private
  Joe Bob [I0232] Private
  Jo Elaine [I0297] Private
  Joe Lawrence [I0289] Private
  John Albert Washington [I0046] 1878-10-19
  John B. [I0192] 1870-02-00
  John Henry [I0038] 1852-03-18
  Johnnie Bell [I0426] WFT 1892-1918
  John Thomas [I0007] Private
  Joshua McCarley [I0416] Private
  Joyce Lavearn [I0048] Private
  Kerry Kris [I0239] Private
  Larry Hughes [I0050] Private
  Lillie Amanda [I0431] 1899-03-02
  Linda Gale [I0051] Private
  Lorene [I0544] 1915-06-16
  Louisa E. [I0186] 1847
  Lucinda [I0184] 1844
  Luther Wayne [I0203] Private
  Margie Marie [I0261] Private
  Marilyn Joan [I0052] Private
  Mark Allen [I0225] Private
  Mary Bernice [I0031] Private
  Mary Ellen [I0260] Private
  Matthew Ray [I0345] Private
  McCarly McMillian [I0201] 1907-06-15
  Melissa Dian [I0021] Private
  Milton Burnard [I0230] 1910-04-19
  Murel [I0546] 1924-06-23
  Myrtle [I0196] 1890-11-10
  Myrtle Maureen [I0205] Private
  Nicky Doyle [I0240] Private
  Ora Blanch [I0200] 1905-10-13
  Pattie Ann [I0342] Private
  Russell Allen [I0248] Private
  Sarah Charlene [I0049] Private
  Sarah E. [I0191] 1868-02-18
  Scott Milton [I0249] Private
  Sharie Helen [I0214] Private
  Teresa Dawn [I0086] Private
  Terry Lee [I0020] Private
  Terry Lee, , Jr. [I0025] Private
  Toni Kay [I0343] Private
  Tura [I0420] 1897-08-00
  Vertie Lee [I0195] 1883-12-29
  Vickie Lee [I0341] Private
  Waynoka [I0547] 1927-04-03
  William Cleon [I0033] 1910-10-13
  William Curtis [I0185] 1845-06-25
  William Douglas [I0362] 1942-02-07
  William Henry [I0193] 1876-09-04
  Wilma Frances [I0360] Private
  Winnie [I0424] Private
  Wyona C. [I0545] 1918
  Zeffie [I0436] 1907-07-01
Blazer Katherrine [I2207] Private
Boatner John Michael [I0269] Private
  Michael Faybon [I0268] Private
  Natilie Dawn [I0270] Private
Bolden I. R. [I0589] WFT 1843-1863
Bolen Mary Estelle [I0656] Private
Bonds Eugene Michael [I1510] Private
  Eugene Wesley [I1509] Private
Booker James Monroe [I0610] Private
Boren Georgia Ann [I0041] 1860-03-14
  Louise [I2026] Private
  Patrick Henry [I2033] WFT 1871-1900
Boutwell Lois [I2090] Private
  Ronald [I0791] Private
  Ronald Scott [I0792] Private
  Sean Patrick [I0793] Private
Bowen Abigale Marie [I1631] Private
  Amanda Loouise [I1630] Private
  Barbara Katherine [I1621] Private
  Benjamin Clay [I1632] Private
  Chadwick Alan [I1638] Private
  Gregory Alan [I1624] Private
  Jana Maria [I1634] Private
  Matthew Gregory [I1637] Private
  Moody D. [I0427] 1900
  Robert Dale [I1623] Private
  Robert Denton [I1635] Private
  Robert Landon [I1620] Private
  William Hal [I1622] 1952-08-16
Boyd Cathy Joyce [I1685] Private
Boyett Jesma [I1168] Private
  Robert [I1505] WFT 1895-1921
Braden Sallie [I1063] WFT 1847-1867
Brady Austin James [I2408] Private
  Charles Roger [I2400] WFT 1880-1909
  Cole Richard [I2409] Private
  James Roger [I1574] Private
  Jared Lawrence [I1582] Private
  Matthew Alan [I2407] Private
  Michael James [I1577] Private
  Scott Roger [I1576] Private
  Shannon Louise [I1575] Private
Brawley Joe [I1334] Private
Brazil Minnie [I1910] WFT 1894-1917
Brewer Alisha Michelle [I1716] Private
  Connie Sue [I1694] Private
  Cynthia Jean [I1693] Private
  Michael Steven [I1695] Private
  Pamala Gale [I1697] Private
  Robert Dale [I1698] Private
  Robert Ernest [I1692] Private
  Robert Travis [I1717] Private
  Vivian Lynn [I1696] Private
Bridges Frances Emma [I0419] 1876-03-05
Brinkley Harold Lloyd [I1434] Private
Brock Regenia Ann [I0224] Private
Brooks Dennis [I0575] WFT 1852-1884
  Elbert [I0576] WFT 1893-1928
  Gladys [I0577] WFT 1893-1928
  Ora F. [I0393] Private
Brown Angela Maie [I2014] Private
  Bland Powell [I2373] WFT 1886-1915
  Carol Jean [I1675] Private
  Franklin Delano [I1379] 1937-01-31
  Glenn [I1235] Private
  James Elkin, III [I2017] Private
  James Elkin, , Jr. [I2013] Private
  James Elkin, , Sr. [I2012] Private
  James Eric [I2015] 1970-03-08
  Jennifer Susanne [I1380] Private
  Martha Jane [I2072] WFT 1868-1891
Brumlow Margaret Dan [I1271] Private
Bryan David Austin [I0009] Private
  Jeffrey Allen [I0008] Private
  Laura Abigail [I0010] Private
  Philip Ray [I0126] Private
  Wende Suzanne [I0011] Private
Bryant Rachel [I0069] Private
Bryeans Linda Carol [I1329] Private
Buckhana Reedy [I2379] Private
Burfield Amanda Glendon [I1307] Private
  Barbara Ann [I1324] Private
  Brian Kenneth [I1341] Private
  Burt Bouden [I1340] Private
  Elmer Vance [I1337] Private
  Fleta [I1361] Private
  Glenda Danette [I1348] Private
  Janice Ellen [I1338] Private
  Kellie Christine [I1319] Private
  Kenneth Dale [I1305] Private
  Kimberly Dawn [I1310] Private
  L.B. [I1299] 1919-11-03
  Marion Dallas [I1304] 1940-10-21
  Mary Katrin [I1322] Private
  Randell Keith [I1349] Private
  Rhonda Lynn [I1309] Private
  Sula Mae [I1360] 1911-11-11
  Thomas Ernest [I1298] 1890-08-05
  Thomas Ernest [I1303] Private
  Thomas Jackson [I1317] Private
  Tina Louise [I1350] Private
  Vance Davis [I1301] Private
  Wiiliam Copeland, , Jr. [I1323] Private
  William Copeland, , Sr. [I1300] 1920-10-12
  Will Thomas [I1325] Private
Burk Fred [I0152] Private
Burns Johnny Wayne [I1949] Private
  Marseline [I2345] Private
  Mr. [I1948] Private
  Ruby [I1123] Private
Burrow Eunice Faye [I1407] Private
  Jeanette [I1306] Private
Burser Guy, , Jr. [I2269] Private
Burt Amanda Nicole [I0150] Private
  Charles Kelly [I0148] Private
  Kayla Renea [I0151] Private
  Sarah Denise [I0149] Private
Burum Mildred Genva [I1821] Private
Buse Janett [I0836] Private
Butler Gladys [I1751] WFT 1891-1913
Butts Margurite [I0317] WFT 1803-1826
Byce Larry Allen [I0483] Private
Cain Bertha Idela [I2348] WFT 1884-1907
  Maggie [I0139] WFT 1873-1896
Caldwll Lula Ann [I2139] WFT 1878-1901
Calhoun Barry [I1546] Private
  Haiden Augusta [I1547] Private
Campbell Irene [I1268] Private
  John [I1644] Private
  Mary Kathyrn [I0997] Private
Cannon Laura Ann Roseller [I1016] 1862-06-18
Cantrell Paul [I0439] 1907
Carothers David Rufus [I0364] 1877-09-05
  Davis Roy [I0367] WFT 1899-1926
  Jessie [I0366] WFT 1899-1926
  Lema Louise [I0361] 1907-10-02
  Maggie [I0309] 1867-09-04
  William David [I0314] WFT 1787-1816
  William H. [I0312] 1838-10-00
Carpenter Angeline [I2051] WFT 1839-1862
Carr Cindy Michelle [I1734] Private
  Gary Wayne [I1733] Private
  Joseph Patrick [I1735] Private
Carson Jimmy [I1492] Private
Carter Arvil [I2190] WFT 1898-1924
Cartwell Gregory Vance [I1352] Private
  Jason Wayne [I1354] Private
  Laurie Lynette [I1353] Private
  Leonard Wayne [I1351] Private
Caswell Ilva [I1823] WFT 1890-1913
  William Wayne, , Sr. [I1820] WFT 1897-1926
Catlett Jodie Lynn [I1539] Private
  John [I1538] Private
Causey Martha [I1042] WFT 1822-1862
Chandler Bonnie Lou [I0247] Private
  Eddie [I0068]  
  Rick S. [I2491] 1953-07-21
  Sherryl E. [I2510] 1954-07-22
Cheek Ruth Aileen [I0527] WFT 1894-1920
Childers Rodney Wayne [I1415] Private
Christian Amy Lynn [I0922] Private
  Aubert [I0860] 1884-03-03
  Calvin Daniel [I0864] Private
  Charles Edwin [I0861] Private
  Gary Edward [I0921] Private
  Johnny Edward [I0923] Private
  Scott Kalon [I0863] Private
Christopher Sammy [I0732] WFT 1887-1913
Chronister Herbert H. [I0551] 1913
Clark Elvin [I1782] Private
  Gerald [I1784] Private
  Kenneth [I1785] Private
  Mary [I1136] WFT 1864-1888
  Shelia [I1786] Private
  Steven [I1783] Private
  Thomas Ray [I0497] Private
  Toy Lynn [I2336] Private
Clay Lucille [I1147] Private
Clayton Eula Mae [I1174] Private
  Mabel [I1771] WFT 1894-1916
Clemons April Lynn [I1710] Private
  James Harlon [I1709] Private
Cleveland Andrew [I1933] WFT 1865-1894
  Dera Bellvie [I1927] 1916-03-14
Coats Billy Mack [I0903] Private
  Brenda [I0904] Private
  Lisa DeeAnn [I0906] Private
  Timothy Ervin [I0905] Private
Cobb Darinda [I0143] Private
  Edgar [I0144] WFT 1893-1922
  Martha Lee [I1758] WFT 1880-1904
Cockrell Dicey Ann [I0972] 1860
Cody James [I0163] Private
  Valarie [I0161] Private
Coggins Mary Caroline [I1807] WFT 1848-1871
Coker Ashley Marie [I0169] Private
  Christopher David [I0170] Private
  David Ray [I0156] Private
  Kendall Carlisle [I0162] Private
  Melissa Lea [I0168] Private
  Michael Brian [I0158] Private
  Michael Roy [I0155] Private
  Randy Lynn [I0160] Private
  Ronald Winston [I0159] Private
  Roy Henry [I0154] Private
  Timothy Aaron [I0171] Private
Colburn Linda [I1392] Private
Cole Marie Melvina [I1485] Private
Collins Juanita [I1316] Private
  R. C. [I1714] Private
Combs Nebbra Lee [I0473] Private
  Nebbs [I0484] WFT 1888-1917
Comer Claudine [I0274] Private
  Nora [I0365] 1884-07-28
Conaway Richard Aaron [I2394] Private
  Richard Chester [I0766] Private
Cook Andrew [I2210] Private
  Charles J. [I1535] Private
  Charlotte Ann [I1537] Private
  Deanna Lynn [I1536] Private
  Junior [I1196] Private
  J.W. [I1197] Private
  Steve [I1198] Private
Cookman David [I0877] Private
Copeland Martha Louise [I2032] Private
Cotrell Gertrude Ruth Woodruff [I2514] 1908-08-12
Cotten Jaunita [I2357] Private
Courtney Allen Lance [I2358] Private
  Bradley Lamar [I2360] Private
Craft Geroge [I1506] WFT 1898-1925
Craig Aaron Machell [I1867] Private
  Brian [I1866] Private
  Marilyn [I1870] Private
  William [I1868] Private
Crawford Jacqueline Jean [I2041] Private
  James [I2042] WFT 1899-1937
Creel Aman [I1100] Private
  Bernett [I1094] Private
  Bertha [I1097] Private
  Bessie [I1093] Private
  Charles [I1101] Private
  Kate [I1096] Private
  Larene [I1099] Private
  Lessie [I1095] Private
  May [I1098] Private
  Robert [I1092] WFT 1861-1893
Crew Myrtle Lucille [I1994] WFT 1892-1915
Criag Leroy [I1869] Private
Crockett Bruce [I0015] Private
  Holly Lynn [I0012] Private
  Lance [I0016] Private
Croney ??? [I1000] Private
Crouch Cynthia [I1925] Private
Crowder Brenda Carolyn [I0613] Private
  Gerald Dewitt [I0611] 1914-10-07
  Geraldean [I0612] 1946-05-08
Crowley Arnold [I0621] WFT 1909-1936
  Gary Dewayne [I0623] Private
  Richard Arnold [I0622] Private
  Timmy Dean [I0624] Private
Cruse Claude Therman [I2181] WFT 1891-1920
  Earl Claude [I2180] Private
Cummings Nancy P. [I0313] 1845-11-14
  Nelda Jean [I1489] Private
  William [I0316] WFT 1794-1823
Cunnison Steven [I0501] Private
Curtsinger Donald Garrett [I1721] Private
  Mary Brittney [I1722] Private
Custer Alexander Brian [I1460] Private
  Joh [I1459] Private
  Matthw Charles [I1461] Private
Damouny Michelle Renee [I0493] Private
Daniel John Edwin [I2248] WFT 1846-1874
Daniels Mary Jane [I0597] 1822
Danley Ashley David [I0729] Private
  Delia Elsie [I0727] Private
  Drake Evan [I0730] Private
  Emily Catherine [I1289] Private
  James Melvin, III [I0728] Private
  James Melvin, IV [I1288] Private
  James Melvin, , Jr. [I0726] Private
  James Melvin, , Sr. [I1281] WFT 1886-1915
  Madeline Ann [I1287] Private
Darrell Gerald Norman [I0927] Private
  Jerry Shane [I0929] Private
  Roy Chadwick [I0928] Private
Davis Georgia Ann [I0966] WFT 1883-1908
  Jean Elizabeth [I0521] Private
  Woodrow [I2267] Private
Day Roberta Lynn [I1684] Private
Deatherage A. Mr. [I2059] Private
Deaton Rae Evelyn [I2172] Private
Delancey Norma Lee [I1679] Private
DeMello Alfred [I0368] WFT 1884-1913
  June [I0212] Private
Denton Barbara Jean [I0650] Private
  Betty Jean [I2145] Private
  Sherry [I0125] Private
DeVaughn George, , Jr. [I0800] Private
  Wesley Caleb [I0801] Private
Digsby Clara [I1109] Private
Dill Allison Mitchell [I1532] Private
  Beatrice [I1501] Private
  Betty [I1502] 1938-01-14
  Edward Logan [I1500] Private
  Elvis Clark [I1496] WFT 1875-1907
  Emily Nicole [I1531] Private
  Etheline [I1498] Private
  Faye [I1504] Private
  Katie Elizabeth [I1530] Private
  Keith Mitchell [I1521] Private
  Pauline [I1497] Private
  Quitman Mitchell [I1499] 1926-12-18
  Randall Dwayne [I1522] Private
  Sandra Elaine [I1523] Private
  Wanda [I1503] 1941-02-14
Doan Clarence Chester [I2521] 1895-02-07
  Clarence Robert [I2476] Private
  Dorothy Maxine [I2475] Private
  Edward Le Roy [I2532] Private
  Flora Aileene [I2513] Private
  Florence Winiford [I2503] Private
  Howard Milton [I2534] Private
  William Franklin [I2483] Private
Dodson Henry J. [I0400] 1893
  Janet [I0406] Private
  Jeffrey [I0405] Private
  Kermitt [I0403] Private
  Michael [I0404] Private
  Quinton Hugh Ray [I0401] 1920-11-29
Donaldson Ada Kathleen [I2484] 1916-10-22
  Ann Karen [I2529] 1935-12-26
  George Wadsworth [I2508] 1907-02-09
  Janet Susan [I2519] 1942-02-11
  John Arlen [I2489] 1946-11-11
  John Herbert [I2496] 1906-03-14
  John Kelly [I2481] 1870-09-02
  Julia Ellen [I2499] 1942-02-11
  Kim [I2502] 1953-06-01
  Lucia Evelyn [I2482] 1911-12-03
  Marc Alan [I2478] 1954-09-18
  Martha Elizabeth [I2541] 1904-03-22
  Mary [I0101] Private
  Nancy Joan [I2527] 1938-11-02
  Robert Delmer [I2511] 1914-01-09
  Robert Esty [I2540] 1941-03-04
  Robert Scott [I2486] 1949-02-26
  Verna Louise [I2487] 1893-03-10
  William [I2535] WFT 1819-1848
  William Estill [I2536] 1909-08-29
Dudek Linda Diane [I2406] Private
Dugan Velma [I2154] WFT 1894-1917
Duke Annie [I1865] Private
Duncan Dorothy Fay [I1552] Private
Dunnigan Carolyn [I1677] Private
Dunsmeir Robert [I1107] WFT 1894-1921
Durany George [I1431] Private
Eason Jeannie [I0112] Private
Eastep Jeffie [I2326] WFT 1854-1877
Ebans Mary [I0256] WFT 1869-1894
  Myrle [I0255] WFT 1869-1894
Echols Vickie Lynn [I1471] Private
Edge Vera [I1801] 1890-05-30
  William Allen [I1806] WFT 1839-1868
Edwards Angle Robin Louise [I1656] 1988-03-15
  Carl Glenn [I1596] Private
  Charles Dennis [I2405] Private
  Dale [I1673] Private
  Elssie Rae [I1590] Private
  George Dewey [I1587] 1899-05-18
  Gladyes Mae [I1588] 1924-10-24
  James Grady [I1593] Private
  Jennifer Lynn [I2402] Private
  Joe James [I1680] Private
  Johnny Ray, , Jr. [I1686] Private
  Johnny Ray, , Sr [I1681] Private
  Lance Douglas [I1591] 1930-07-04
  Larry Wayne [I1657] Private
  Lawrence Benson, , Jr. [I1649] Private
  Lawrence Benson, , Sr. [I1589] Private
  Linda Darlene [I1682] Private
  Linda Kay [I1672] Private
  Louis Howard [I1592] 1932-05-30
  Nellie Faye [I1594] Private
  Paula Carol [I1678] Private
  Phillip Lee [I1683] Private
  Phyllis [I1646] Private
  Shelba Jean [I1595] Private
  Shirley Irene [I1648] Private
  Shirley Jean [I1597] Private
  Tammy Jean [I1676] Private
  Teressa [I1548] Private
  Terry Lynn [I1650] Private
??Edwards [I1403] Private
Elenore Willie [I2164] Private
El-Khatib Mutie Kamel [I0481] Private
Elliott Lisa Ann [I1467] Private
Elmore Sarah Mildred [I0953] Private
Enlow Jo Ann [I0005] Private
  Otha Thornley [I0017] WFT 1887-1916
Estes Margart Lucille [I1828] Private
Ethridge Clara Jo [I0294] Private
  James [I0298] Private
  Laurie Jan [I0293] Private
Evans Chris An [I1983] Private
  Clifford [I1987] Private
  Thelma Jacquelyn [I0290] Private
Everett Kaitlin Claire [I1285] Private
  Mallory Elise [I1284] Private
  Phillip Scott [I1283] Private
Ezell Carolyn Yvonne [I0283] Private
Farmer Jack Daiel [I1995] Private
  Laura Aynsley [I1996] Private
  Seth Daniel [I1997] Private
Farr Cora Lee [I1753] 1894-11-24
  Jesse Nixon [I1755] 1896-02-11
  Lydia Vestula [I1756] 1897-12-22
  Rochard Loyal [I1752] WFT 1846-1875
  Walter D. [I1757] 1900-03-05
Farrar Billy William [I0675] Private
  Elbert Burdine [I0672] 1925-02-08
  Elbert Raymond [I0671] 1906-02-26
  Jeremy Neil [I0678] Private
  Kevin Ryan [I0677] Private
  Mildred Elizabeth [I0673] Private
Faulk Freda [I2374] WFT 1895-1918
Faulkenberry Bill [I0440] 1901
  Dovie E. [I0543] 1896
Faye [I0153] Private
Fears Joseph Allen [I1953] Private
  Michael Dwayne [I1952] Private
  Mr. [I1951] Private
  William Benjamin [I1954] Private
Felps Melnaie [I1244] Private
Ferguson Homer [I1443] 1896-12-31
  Mavis June [I1446] 1926-10-23
  Ray Lanell [I1444] Private
  Ruby Fay [I1445] Private
Finley Ida Janice [I0127] Private
Fisher Carrie Lynn [I0535] Private
Flannington Mary Jo [I1514] Private
Fleming Devin Lianna [I1463] Private
  Howard [I1428] Private
  James Robert [I1429] Private
  Jason Wesley [I1464] Private
  Kenneth [I1462] Private
  Michael Clark [I1430] Private
Forbus A. T. [I1759] WFT 1874-1900
Ford Lela [I0322] WFT 1860-1883
Foster Rebecca [I2205] Private
Fox Carmen Denise [I2367] Private
  Nora [I2404] Private
Franklin Virginia Sue [I1555] Private
Franks Aaron Kirk [I0022] WFT 1890-1919
  Ella Virginia [I0019] Private
Frazier Spencer [I2208] WFT 1899-1929
  Walter Carl [I2209] Private
Frederick Buford Mack [I1989] Private
Fredrick Ruby [I1788] Private
Freeman Ashley Brooke [I1833] Private
  Brandy [I1707] Private
  Jonathan Blake [I1834] Private
  Leslie Michelle [I1832] Private
  Levi [I1706] Private
  Michael [I1704] Private
  Mitzi Dnise Mills [I1829] Private
  Phoenix [I1705] Private
  Sherri Ann [I1653] Private
Freitas Eve [I0513] Private
Frizar Lorraine [I1533] Private
Frizzell A Mr. [I2251] WFT 1869-1889
Fry Martha Ann [I0067]  
Fuller Dewey [I1773] WFT 1879-1907
Fulton Frank [I1747] WFT 1847-1884
Gallaway Evelyn [I0166] Private
Gallier Edward [I1342] Private
  Kelli Renee [I1346] Private
  Kevin Edward [I1345] Private
  Ronald Edward [I1343] Private
  Stephanie Diane [I1344] Private
Garrison Barbara Gay [I0087] Private
  Roy [I0088] WFT 1892-1921
Gasaway Bobbie [I0418] Private
Gault Furman Colon [I1993] WFT 1883-1912
  James Everette, , Jr. [I1992] Private
  James Everette, , Sr. [I1990] Private
  Vicki Lynn [I1991] Private
George Rosa Isablla [I2060] 1888-04-05
Gergen Julie Ann [I0276] Private
Gettman Brandon Alexander [I0472] Private
  George, , Jr. [I0468] Private
  Jordan Michael [I0471] Private
  Steven Ernest [I0469] Private
Gibson Dewey Gregory [I0615] Private
  Dewey Wilson [I0614] Private
  Mary Ann [I0616] Private
Gidley David [I1772] WFT 1879-1905
Gifford Terry, , Sr. [I0222] WFT 1886-1915
Gillentine Princes Ophella [I0018] WFT 1896-1919
  Willa Jean [I0099] Private
Gilmer Letha [I2284] Private
Gilmore Susie [I0970] WFT 1853-1894
Ginn Jerry Clark [I2171] Private
  Randy Carlos [I2170] Private
Glissen Jacob Hunter [I2030] Private
  Kimball [I2028] Private
  Marvin Detroit [I2031] Private
  Matthew [I2029] Private
Glover Leland [I0515] Private
Goforth Lois [I1282] WFT 1895-1918
Gorley Betty Louise [I0912] Private
Goszdak John [I2495] Private
Graham Colitaha [I1804] WFT 1887-1913
  Floyd [I0865] WFT 1900-1950
  Myrtle [I2040] WFT 1878-1901
Gray Allison Tyler [I1738] Private
  Kimberly Jo [I1731] Private
  Raymond Lloyd [I1730] Private
  Stacy LeAnn [I1741] Private
  Stephen Ray [I1732] Private
  Steven Zachery Loyd [I1739] Private
Greathouse Jacob Gifford [I0357] Private
  John Christopher [I0219] Private
  John Dee [I0220] Private
Greco Hogo Carmin [I1255] Private
Gregory Nelda Cheree [I2016] Private
Griffin Jeffie [I0119] Private
  John [I0118] Private
  Lisa [I0117] Private
Grifford Anna Maurne [I0217] Private
  Hugh Wayne [I0215] Private
  Hugh Wayne [I0218] Private
  Mary Machelle [I0216] Private
Grigsby Myrna Jean [I1839] Private
Grimes Bertha [I1645] Private
Grissom Louise [I1899] Private
Grose Marvin [I0180] Private
  Tyler DeWitt [I0181] Private
Hall Amy Denise [I0638] Private
  Aria [I0413] WFT 1886-1919
  Esther [I1188] Private
  Glenda [I1860] Private
  Joe Dennis [I0636] Private
  Mary Alice [I2114] 1895-07-01
  Opal [I0231] 1911-08-19
  Susanna [I0639] Private
Hallman William Phil [I2096] Private
Hamilton Evans [I2346] WFT 1839-1865
Hammock Bartlett [I1780] WFT 1801-1838
  William [I1061] WFT 1801-1838
Hancock Elizabeth [I0045] 1800
Hand Lois [I0659] Private
Handcock Francis [I2216] WFT 1709-1752
  Thomas [I2215] WFT 1749-1778
Hanfield Donna [I2369] Private
Harder Martha Caroline [I1141] WFT 1876-1904
Hardin Daisy [I0327] WFT 1884-1907
Harper Ida May [I1114] WFT 1874-1900
Harrington Cheryle Delighte [I1636] Private
Harris Barbara [I1725] Private
  Dudley [I2383] Private
  Erin Alexander [I2382] Private
  Garrett [I1674] Private
  Joe Bradford [I2380] Private
  Joe Mannin Taylor [I2381] Private
  Sandra [I2384] Private
Harrison Emma Jean [I0674] Private
Hart Boyce DeWitt [I0296] Private
  Laurie Jan Ethridge [I0295] Private
Hartley Sammy, , Jr. [I1355] Private
  Zachery Cain [I1356] Private
Harwood Eleanor Claire [I2507] 1917-10-03
Hawkins David Lee [I2410] Private
  Heather Lynn [I1581] Private
  Maggie Elois [I1493] Private
Hayes Ben [I0988] WFT 1879-1902
  Frank [I0990] WFT 1879-1902
  George [I0987] WFT 1844-1864
  Jack [I0989] WFT 1879-1902
  Tom [I0991] WFT 1879-1902
Haynes Donna Kay [I1508] Private
  Homer Raymond [I1507] Private
Hays John [I0992] WFT 1879-1902
Hearn James Leon, , Jr. [I0487] Private
Heavener George Dale [I0794] Private
Hellums George Louis [I2256] 1898-03-24
  Inez [I2261] Private
  Lila Marie [I2258] Private
  L. Laner [I2260] Private
  Nora Mae [I2257] Private
  O.T. [I2262] Private
  William Paul [I2265] WFT 1847-1876
  Wylie Walter [I2263] Private
  Zelma [I2259] Private
Hemphill William Robert [I0437] WFT 1882-1902
Hendrix Manzanita [I1336] WFT 1902-1928
Herndon John Wesley [I0273] Private
Herring Carolyn Ruth [I0055] Private
  Charles Phillip [I0056] Private
  Jackie Lee [I0833] Private
  John Christopher [I0073] Private
  Joshua Phillip [I0065] Private
  Matthew Thomas [I0058] Private
  Robert B. [I0053] 1933-08-15
  Robert Boyce [I0054] Private
  Samuel [I0074] Private
  Sarah Michelle [I0059] Private
Herrington Laura Kay [I2335] Private
Hester Johnnie I. [I0398] 1900
  Lunnette [I2179] Private
Hickman Freda [I0862] Private
  Opal Enid [I2401] WFT 1889-1912
Hicks Celia B. [I0183] 1822
  Nina [I0443] WFT 1889-1908
  Pauline Lena [I0446] WFT 1891-1916
Higgins Caryn Brittney [I1703] Private
  Steven [I1702] Private
Hill Beula [I2313] 1881-06-00
  Gail [I1658] Private
  Geroge Washington [I2315] WFT 1806-1835
  Howard Bramlett [I2323] Private
  Nan [I0788] Private
  Patricia [I1874] Private
  Paula Lynette [I2339] Private
  Q'Milla [I2322] Private
  Raymond Alexander [I2321] Private
  Robert Kyle [I2324] Private
  Sarah Ann [I2307] 1860-10-00
  Steven Keith [I2338] Private
  Wiley Ellis [I2312] 1880-04-00
  Wiley Jackson [I2311] 1857-08-05
  Willie Frank, , Jr. [I2320] Private
  Willie Frank, , Sr. [I2314] 1889-04-15
Hinds Charles Austin [I0785] Private
  Jacob Randell [I0786] Private
  Terry Glenn [I0784] Private
  Vicki Regina [I0834] Private
Hodges Una Burdett [I2043] 1881-11-11
  Wayne [I1441] Private
  William [I2050] WFT 1830-1859
  William Christopher [I1442] Private
Hodgkins Dawn [I0242] Private
Hoffman Ralph [I0574] Private
Holbrook Elner [I0308] Private
  Harold [I0307] WFT 1891-1911
  Ocie Ola [I1302] Private
Holcomb Charles Anthony [I0769] Private
  Dawn [I2083] Private
  Erich Clinton [I0771] Private
  Janet Ruth [I1844] Private
  Jimmy Dale [I1955] Private
  Nathan Anthony [I0770] Private
  Patti Michell [I1956] Private
  Sherri Lynette [I1957] Private
  Woodrow Wilson [I1958] WFT 1889-1918
Holland Erin [I2004] WFT 1895-1918
  Menervia [I0104] WFT 1893-1916
Holliman Howard [I0879] Private
Hollinshead Angelia Renee [I1466] Private
  Charles Wesley, II [I1455] Private
  Charles Wesley, III [I1458] Private
  Deborah Anne [I1457] Private
  Karen Ann [I1456] Private
Holloway Angela Dean [I1009] Private
  Betty [I1184] Private
  Dee [I0661] WFT 1864-1892
  Dianne [I1187] Private
  Elaine [I1186] Private
  Elaise [I1185] Private
  Emm [I0662] WFT 1864-1892
  Emma Elizabeth [I0607] Private
  Ern Riley [I0995] 1914-08-04
  Felon [I1183] WFT 1894-1925
  Fleeta Mae [I0605] Private
  Gerthie Carous [I0603] 1908-05-03
  Greg [I1010] Private
  Houghton [I1012] Private
  Isaiah Wesley "Nuge" [I0599] 1831
  James Isaiah "Jim" [I0660] 1887
  Jane [I0664] WFT 1864-1892
  Joseph [I0994] 1910-09-21
  Margie [I0999] Private
  Mary Magdalene [I0606] 1919-02-04
  Myrtle Flossie [I0604] Private
  Noah Vernon [I0667] Private
  Rosie [I0663] WFT 1864-1892
  Susie Bertha [I0602] 1906-01-01
  Terry Bolen [I0658] Private
  Vardeman [I0996] 1917-02-19
  William Calvin [I0608] Private
  William David [I0657] Private
  William Riley [I0600] 1885-04-01
Holmes Cretia Dolores [I2342] Private
  Seeb Emmit [I2343] Private
Holt Kimberly [I1944] Private
  Michael [I1943] Private
  Reson, , Jr. [I1942] Private
  Reson, , Sr. [I1941] Private
Hooks Jerry [I0878] Private
Hoots Clint Allen [I1391] Private
  Michael Phillip [I1390] Private
  Phillip R. [I1389] Private
Horn Joel Thomas [I1917] Private
Horrton Laighton [I2271] Private
Horton Donald, , Jr. [I0580] Private
  Donald, , Sr. [I0578] WFT 1884-1927
  Shirley Ann [I0579] Private
Houston James G. [I1611] Private
Howard Russell [I1087] WFT 1891-1928
Howell Glenda Faye [I0130] Private
  Jessie Ellis [I0131] WFT 1873-1902
  Jessie Willie [I0128] Private
  Linda Kay [I0129] Private
Howerton Will Brown [I1363] WFT 1896-1916
Huddle Chance Logan [I1474] Private
  Christopher Michael [I1472] Private
  Clynith Darwin [I1468] Private
  Rusty Daiel [I1473] Private
  Rusty Dean [I1470] Private
  Sephain Denis [I1476] Private
  Terry Michael [I1469] Private
Hughes Allen [I1960] WFT 1899-1928
  Brenda Gay [I1950] Private
  Grady [I0504] WFT 1862-1891
  Julianne Klaus [I1613] Private
  Lottie Avis [I0047] Private
Hughs Nora [I1359] WFT 1870-1896
Hunter Lillie Lorene [I1321] 1931-12-31
Hutchinson Moses S. [I2239] WFT 1794-1823
Hutchison Charles [I2236] 1877
  Elvalee [I2235] 1875
  John A. [I2234] 1872-07-31
  M. [I2238] 1881-02-00
  Martha [I2233] 1871-03-00
  Nancy [I2237] 1879-11-00
  Sam [I2232] 1869
  Walter Monroe [I2231] 1845-10-28
Hyatt Tamara [I0237] Private
Inmon James H. [I2281] WFT 1866-1886
Irene [I0338] Private
Irvin Audie L. [I0441] 1893-06-10
  Gladys E. [I0442] 1896-12-00
  William J. [I0198] 1870-10-22
Jackson Amy Shannon [I1433] Private
  Annie Ruth [I1564] Private
  Belinda Gay [I0917] Private
  Ben Franklin [I0895] Private
  Betty Ann [I0899] Private
  Bonnie Linda [I0014] Private
  Chester [I1432] Private
  Clyde Ervin [I0891] 1905-10-26
  Jennifer Ann [I0916] Private
  Johnny [I0742] WFT 1893-1913
  Joyce Ann [I0902] Private
  Kinya Dianne [I0901] Private
  Mary Sue [I0893] Private
  Norma Jean [I0894] Private
  Paula Faye [I0897] Private
  Paul Ray [I0896] Private
  Randy Ervin [I0898] 1953-10-19
  Robert Lewis [I0892] Private
  Steven Alan [I0914] Private
  Valerie Jean [I0913] Private
Jaggers Kelly Gay [I1715] Private
Jarvis Jessie Lee [I1534] Private
Jeans James Earl [I0946] Private
  Richard Earl [I0947] Private
  Ricky Lee [I0952] Private
Jenkins Earline [I2201] Private
Johnson Annie [I2334] WFT 1878-1901
  Billie Jean [I0741] Private
  Clarence A. [I0737] WFT 1893-1913
  Evelyn Ione [I0077] Private
  James Milton [I2385] Private
  Jessica Ann [I2387] Private
  Jewell [I0738] Private
  Leroy [I0739] Private
  Letha LaVelle [I1916] Private
  Mamie Ruth [I0740] Private
  Michael Edward [I2386] Private
  Michael V. [I0773] Private
  Ruby Wendell [I1959] Private
  Velma [I1774] Private
  Zana Deigh [I0752] Private
Johnston Ada [I2285] WFT 1888-1907
Jones Brice [I1491] Private
  Edward B. [I2153] WFT 1885-1914
  George C. [I0137] Private
  Mattie [I2150] Private
  Pamala Jean [I0335] Private
  Rae Jean [I1789] Private
Jordan Anthony Brent [I0108] Private
  April Michelle [I0120] Private
  Benjamin Kent [I0109] Private
  Brent Hollnd [I0121] Private
  Brook Bailey [I0122] Private
  Chanda Chyan [I2396] 1997-03-19
  Charlotte Lynn [I0105] Private
  Jerry Holland [I0100] Private
  Jerry Holland, , Jr. [I0106] Private
  Martin Van Buren [I0103] WFT 1884-1913
  Timothy Dale [I0107] Private
Jr Barto Garland Rickman [I1260] Private
Jr. Allen Lance Courtney [I2359] Private
  Clarence William Mace [I1450] Private
  Leslie Hubert Crockett [I0013] Private
  William Wayne Caswell [I1819] Private
Keith Chester Eugene [I2178] WFT 1900-1929
  Kenneth Waye [I2176] Private
  Samatha Nicole [I2177] Private
Keller Tony [I0453] Private
Kelley Edna [I1125] Private
Kellum Judy Frances [I0633] Private
Kelly Alice Eugenia [I1239] Private
  Velma [I1279] Private
Kendrick Anna Reda [I1484] 1947-03-14
  Annie Mae [I1480] Private
  Chester Lee [I1477] 1893-11-29
  Christopher Scott [I1241] Private
  Cortis Lee [I1478] 1919-04-22
  Deborah Jean [I1490] Private
  Dora Ann [I1406] 1904
  Frances [I1238] Private
  George Milton [I1237] Private
  Jennifer Marie [I1247] Private
  Joe Kelly [I1240] Private
  Joshua Caleb [I1246] Private
  Luther [I1236] WFT 1883-1912
  Milton Trey [I1243] Private
  Mitchell Davis [I1495] Private
  Mona Elois [I1494] Private
  Rawden Davis [I1481] Private
  Robert Hurshel [I1479] 1921-08-20
  Trudy Laray [I1242] Private
  Walter Lee [I1482] 1931-11-03
Kennedy Aimee Jean [I2531] 1971-12-14
  Emily Kathleen [I2528] 1974-07-17
  Paul Edward [I2516] 1945-02-09
Keykendell Clara [I0089] Private
Kilpatrick John [I0536] 1930-08-00
  Sean Mobley [I0538] Private
Kimbrough Chris [I0409] Private
Kinney Pearl [I2317] WFT 1876-1896
  Sally [I1044] WFT 1785-1857
Knight Angelia Jean [I0799] Private
  Dave [I0984] WFT 1868-1904
  Dennis Howard [I0796] Private
  Dewey Lee [I0690] Private
  Dianne Renee [I0798] Private
  Justin Lee [I0691] Private
  Veronica Denise [I0797] Private
Komar Andrew [I1280] 1907
Kouba David [I0816] Private
Kuhn Loraine [I0540] Private
Labriola Jason Mobley [I0537] Private
Ladner Carol [I0708] Private
Lambert Cynthia A. [I0565] WFT 1844-1867
Lampkin Deric [I2494] Private
  Everett William [I2504] 1927-01-24
  Kacie [I2485] 1979-07-04
  Kelly Rene [I2515] 1959-07-07
  Kevin Wade [I2501] 1958-05-03
  Kristen [I2490] 1983-11-05
  Kyle Alan [I2533] 1962-08-22
  Robert William [I2497] 1992-04-15
  Taylor [I2530] 1985-10-22
  William Franklin [I2543] about 1900
Lankforn Jessie [I1110] Private
Larson Ronald Floyd [I0301] Private
  Wayland Emil [I0300] WFT 1892-1922
Lawrence Cynthia Jo [I0482] Private
Lawson Caitlyn Paige [I0084] Private
  Carl Douglas [I0460] Private
  Julius Elijah [I0081] Private
  Matthew Benjamin [I0083] Private
  Tammy Dawn [I0078] Private
  Vivian [I2076] Private
Leake Charles [I2330] 1920-02-22
  Charlie Mack [I2331] Private
  Francis Terry [I2333] WFT 1869-1898
  Robert Ray [I2332] Private
Lear Jean [I0438] WFT 1897-1917
Lee Cory Branden [I0713] Private
  Dannie Joe [I0685] Private
  Jacquelynn Michele [I0711] Private
  Jamie Nicole [I0712] Private
  John Mark [I0710] Private
  Kassi Nichole [I0687] Private
  Kerri Suzanne [I0686] Private
  Terry [I1570] Private
Lesley James Henry [I0719] 1903
Letson Alice Faye [I0763] Private
  Betty Louise [I0790] Private
  Billie [I0838] Private
  Bryan Adam [I0783] Private
  Dale Wayne [I0776] Private
  Danny Hal [I0832] Private
  David Ray [I0764] Private
  Edell Marie [I0826] Private
  Edith Corinne [I0817] Private
  Elizabeth Ann [I0765] Private
  Fredrick Napoleon [I0735] 1887-05-11
  Henry Hal [I0829] Private
  James Arnold [I0757] Private
  Janice [I0839] Private
  Jason Kenneth [I0782] Private
  John Huner [I0835] 1927-09-12
  Johnny Glen [I0774] Private
  Judy Ann [I2524] 1953-12-18
  Kenneth Dean [I2493] 1974-11-02
  Kevin Arnold [I0780] Private
  Lawrence Ray [I0759] 1935-03-31
  Lisa Arlene [I0778] Private
  Lori Ann [I0777] Private
  Peggy Joyce [I0831] Private
  Randy Lynn [I0779] Private
  Sarah Jean [I0795] Private
  Susan Emoline [I0802] Private
  Susan Marie [I0762] Private
  Wanda [I0837] Private
  William Henry [I1011] WFT 1836-1865
  Zana Mae [I0736] Private
Lewis Alvis [I0756] Private
  Kendra Jean [I0461] Private
Linda [I1005] Private
Lindey Dutch [I1909] WFT 1885-1914
Lindsey Cassie Aleisha [I0716] Private
  Eula [I1906] Private
  Jason Michael [I0715] Private
  Kayla Ann [I0717] Private
  Leemon Ray [I1918] Private
  Michael Brian [I0714] Private
Linley ??? [I1249] Private
Little David [I2173] Private
Lockwood Patsy Ann [I0508] Private
Lofthouse Jonnie Gary [I2538] Private
  Karl Thomas [I2520] 1938-07-26
Logan Lou Ann [I0234] Private
Long Annie [I0315] WFT 1796-1819
  Christopher Jay [I0494] Private
  Claude [I0253] WFT 1861-1891
  Claude [I0254] WFT 1861-1891
  Mary Elizabeth [I0202] Private
  Myrtle Josephine [I0252] Private
Lopez Carmon [I0626] Private
Louder Martha Elizabeth [I2021] Private
Lovvorn Amanda [I1035] 1853-04-27
  Annie Eliza [I1040] 1869-09-29
  Annie Mae [I1762] Private
  Arthur Damascus [I1215] 1905-07-22
  Arvie Wayne [I1230] Private
  Betty [I1048] WFT 1811-1840
  Brenda [I1231] Private
  Caroline [I1045] WFT 1811-1840
  Carrie [I1764] Private
  Cassie Lee [I1395] Private
  Chrissy Ann [I1396] Private
  Cora Lee [I1026] 1901-02-07
  Danny Gene, , Jr. [I1571] Private
  Danny Gene, , Sr. [I1566] Private
  Delpha [I1047] WFT 1811-1840
  Dennis [I1225] Private
  Denver Glenn [I1417] 1924-12-27
  Edgar [I1025] 1899
  Edmond [I1053] WFT 1771-1800
  E.J. [I1549] 1917-09-06
  Elijah [I1057] WFT 1771-1800
  Elizabeth [I1049] WFT 1811-1840
  Elizabeth Ann [I1409] Private
  Era Mae [I1216] 1909-06-23
  Eula [I1767] Private
  Exie Ruth [I1219] 1919-03-02
  Flora [I1027] 1901-02-07
  Gabriel [I1055] WFT 1771-1800
  Gary Hal [I2377] Private
  Georgia Ann [I1037] 1860-05-05
  Gerald [I1405] Private
  Glenda Fay [I1386] Private
  Hal Lanear [I1291] 1912-11-05
  Homer [I1763] Private
  Homer Earnest [I1021] 1893-09-01
  Homer Halton [I1218] 1916-08-22
  Houston [I1226] Private
  James [I1041] 1875-05-26
  James [I1054] WFT 1771-1800
  James Bose [I1020] 1892-03-20
  James Herbert [I1366] 1922-09-13
  James Pleasant [I1031] 1824-08-02
  Jay P. [I1022] 1895-01-23
  John [I1056] WFT 1771-1800
  John Sanford [I1065] WFT 1872-1901
  Jonathan [I1778] WFT 1801-1838
  Judith Nell [I1297] Private
  Judy [I1059] WFT 1771-1800
  Judy Kaye [I1388] Private
  Junior [I1224] Private
  J.W. [I1222] Private
  Laura Leigh [I1410] Private
  Laura Lynn [I1394] Private
  Lemie [I1766] Private
  Lena Jane [I1019] 1890-04-01
  Lillian [I1768] Private
  Lisa Gail [I1408] Private
  Lowell [I1769] 1921-05-27
  Loyal [I1064] WFT 1872-1901
  Lula Bell [I0593] 1884-06-03
  Mahulda [I1046] WFT 1811-1840
  Mamie [I1232] Private
  Marie [I1029] 1905-03-28
  Mark Damascus [I1017] 1885-12-31
  Mary Ann [I1058] WFT 1771-1800
  Mary Ann [I1551] Private
  Mary Frances [I1365] 1920-02-03
  Mary Louise [I1563] Private
  Matthew Gene [I1573] Private
  Nancy [I1039] 1866
  Nancy Maude [I1023] 1897-01-24
  Ollie Mae [I1030] Private
  Pearlie Mae [I1223] Private
  Pearl Laverne [I1024] 1898-05-08
  Rhonda Renea [I2376] Private
  Richard [I1043] 1790
  Richard Davis [I1015] 1861-12-16
  Robbie Fay [I1217] 1913-11-19
  Robert Hal [I1294] Private
  Robert Lee [I1572] Private
  Robert Lee [I1018] 1888-05-01
  Robert Price [I1292] 1918-10-07
  Ruby Fay [I1228] Private
  Russell Gail [I1419] Private
  Sally [I1060] WFT 1771-1800
  Sam [I1227] Private
  Sanford [I1034] 1851-12-08
  Sarah [I1038] 1862
  Sarah Ann D. [I1050] WFT 1811-1840
  Shirley Diane [I1402] 1952
  Terrell Morgan [I1367] 1926-10-21
  Thomas [I1051] 1750
  Thomas Herbert [I1387] Private
  Tony Lanear [I1295] Private
  Velma [I1765] Private
  Verdalia Jane [I1220] Private
  Vester Eugene [I1028] 1903-08-28
  Vicky Lynn [I1565] 1951-11-03
  Windy Carol [I1393] Private
  Winston Eugene [I1562] 1929-05-30
Lowden Gary Thomas [I0532] Private
  Harold Spencer [I0530] Private
  Maya [I0533] Private
  Stacy Louise [I0531] Private
Lowe Arvie Johnson [I0571] Private
  Cassey Lee [I1724] Private
  Cecil P. [I0570] WFT 1878-1898
  Cynthia Rose [I0572] Private
  Joseph [I0347] Private
  Kevin Dale [I1723] Private
  Nathan Joseph [I0348] Private
Lucas Dirk [I1397] Private
  Vallerie Hope [I1398] Private
Luhm Brenda [I1339] Private
Luna Curtis Mark [I1835] Private
  Kaley Amanda [I1837] Private
  Megan Elisa [I1836] Private
Lyle Charles Nathaniel [I1381] Private
  Christy Diane [I1744] Private
  Melanie Denise [I1382] Private
Lyon Grace Evelyn [I2108] Private
Mace Clarence William, , Sr. [I1449] 1915-04-22
Mack Yvonne [I1891] Private
Mackey Adeline Rebecca [I2255] WFT 1839-1862
Mac Luna Clifford [I1838] Private
Magers Debra Lynn [I0703] Private
  James Leland, III [I0707] Private
  James Leland, , Jr. [I0702] Private
  James Leland, , Sr. [I0701] 1924-08-25
  Kari Rene [I0709] Private
  Patricia Ann [I0705] Private
  Ronald Keith [I0704] 1957-10-13
Maggard Amanda Gale [I1713] Private
  Tommy Lane, , Jr. [I1712] Private
  Tommy Lane, , Sr. [I1711] Private
Malone Andy Pink [I2340] WFT 1886-1915
  Diana Jo [I0653] Private
  Katherine [I2328] Private
  Margaret Odessa [I2337] Private
Maners Bill [I0111] Private
  Mary Meghan [I0115] Private
  Memory Robyn [I0113] Private
  Richard Steven [I0110] Private
  Spencer Jordan [I0114] Private
Marie Jennifer [I1826] Private
Marks James Neal [I0629] Private
  James Nicolas [I0635] Private
  Jannette [I0630] Private
  Judith Nicole [I0634] Private
  Mary Linda [I0628] Private
  Troy Neal [I0627] 1912-09-22
Martin Marissa [I0354] Private
Mary [I2539] WFT 1828-1851
Massengile Anna Brook [I0267] Private
  Josh Richard [I0265] Private
  Lea Ashley [I0266] Private
  Rickey Todd [I0264] Private
Matthws Barbara Ann [I1487] Private
  Willis Thurston [I1486] 1920-11-11
Mauvelene [I0082] Private
May Anox [I2053] WFT 1889-1909
  Anox [I2057] WFT 1893-1913
  Eugene [I2054] Private
Mayville Amanda Dale [I1544] Private
  Anthony Charles [I1542] Private
  Benjamin Orian [I1543] Private
McBrayer Charles Allen [I0286] Private
  Kimber Shea [I0287] Private
  William Allen [I0288] Private
McCarley Glenda [I1175] Private
McCarty Laura [I1245] Private
McCash Kathy Lynn [I1451] Private
McClintoct ??? [I1066] WFT 1871-1907
McCollum Bessie Mae [I2193] 1915-04-25
  Cletus Estel [I2197] Private
  Edward Eugene [I2202] Private
  Herman [I2206] Private
  James Richard [I2203] Private
  Laymon Estes [I2196] 1925-03-15
  Luna Lovelle [I2199] Private
  Nancy [I2204] Private
  Pamela Lynn [I2349] Private
  Raymon Elon [I2195] 1922-05-01
  Travie Eugene [I2194] Private
  Viona [I2198] Private
  Walter Richard [I2192] WFT 1871-1902
  William Richard [I2200] Private
McCool Dessie Mae [I2169] WFT 1897-1920
McDonald Tina Louise [I0718] Private
McDowell Bethany Rayanna [I1872] Private
  James Arthur [I1850] Private
  James Erick [I1857] Private
  Jimmy Wayne [I1853] Private
  Joseph Aaron [I1849] 1929-07-26
  Karen Marie [I1851] Private
  Mary Ruth [I1852] Private
  Sheree Christena [I1858] Private
  Wilbur Moses [I1854] WFT 1878-1907
McGaughy A. Mr. [I2129] Private
McGee Inez [I2159] Private
McGlothlin Glen [I0907] Private
  Tanya Marie [I0908] Private
McGregor A Mr. [I2268] Private
  Hattie [I2305] WFT 1879-1899
McGuire George Harold [I0584] WFT 1887-1924
  George W. [I0583] WFT 1846-1878
  Roy [I0586] WFT 1887-1924
  Virginia [I0585] WFT 1887-1924
McKinney Juanita [I0402] Private
  Mary Ellen [I0199] 1884-05-22
  Mildred Joan [I2518] 1906-01-08
McLane Margaret [I1894] Private
McMillan Zora [I0553] WFT 1871-1894
McMillen Dalton Scott [I0333] Private
  Danny Ray [I0324] Private
  Judi Beth [I0355] Private
  Kellie Dawn [I0330] Private
  Lilly Beth [I0337] Private
  Loyce Waldrop [I0323] Private
  Mollie Marie [I0336] Private
  Rickey Alan [I0325] Private
  Tracy Scott [I0329] Private
  William Cleveland [I0326] WFT 1875-1904
McMillon Sandra Eulamae [I0775] Private
McNeal ??? [I1214] Private
McNeece Michelle [I0332] Private
Merritt Brandon Keith [I1414] Private
  Carolyn Jeanette [I0140] Private
  William Keith [I1413] Private
Milam Beth Ann [I1701] Private
  Brian Steven [I1700] Private
  Steven [I1699] Private
Miller Junior [I1893] Private
  Sonya Dean [I1892] Private
Millican Lurice [I1191] Private
Mills R. C. [I1830] Private
Mitchell Arther Dale [I0909] Private
  David Leck [I1922] Private
  Dwight D. [I1919] 1952-11-09
  Jeffrey Wayne [I0911] Private
  Roy Dale [I0910] Private
  Toni Lynn [I1921] Private
  Traci Ann [I1920] Private
  Willard Darren [I1923] Private
  Willard Thomas [I1924] Private
Mithchem Amanda Donette [I2498] Private
  Elizabeth Mae [I2500] Private
  Rebecca Ann [I2525] 1947-03-23
  Wilbur Don [I2480] 1925-05-25
  Wilbur Wayne [I2505] 1901-01-22
Mobley Andrea Lynn [I0478] Private
  Beverly Dean [I0529] Private
  Billy Ray [I0467] Private
  Carroll Lee [I0526] Private
  Cheryl Ann [I0451] Private
  Crislyn Lee [I0456] Private
  Dolores June [I0465] Private
  Elmer [I0462] 1906-12-21
  Ernest LaVerne [I0466] 1934-09-04
  Ernest R. [I0463] 1908-08-02
  Esther May [I0502] Private
  Fealon Thaddeus [I0445] Private
  Gary Lawrence [I0476] Private
  Graham Edward [I0459] Private
  Jenna Marie [I0477] Private
  Joel Allen [I0474] 1958-11-16
  Karen Lea [I0488] Private
  Kevin Dwane [I0452] Private
  Kyle Andrew [I0479] Private
  Larry Burton [I0448] Private
  Lorinda d'Anne [I0457] Private
  Mindy Lou [I0480] Private
  Nancy Carol [I0528] Private
  Rebecca Lynn [I0450] Private
  Robert Eugene [I0447] Private
  Robert Lucian [I0542] WFT 1860-1890
  Russell Thomas [I0458] Private
  Sharon Faye [I0496] Private
  Shauna Dian [I0475] Private
  Thomas Gregory [I0498] Private
  William Edward [I0539] Private
  William Thaddeus [I0444] 1883-06-15
Monaghan Frank [I0138] WFT 1864-1893
  Martha Dale [I0134] Private
  Robin Renea [I0142] Private
  Sarah Josephine [I0135] Private
  Terri Jeanettee [I0141] Private
  Wilford Ray [I0136] Private
  William Henderson [I0133] 1915-08-19
Montgomery Alec [I2106] WFT 1835-1864
  Andrew Alec [I2097] 1886-05-14
  Calvin Oscar [I2100] 1914-08-27
  Carol Lynn [I2109] Private
  Charlotte W. [I1945] Private
  Elton Lane [I2103] Private
  Fletcher [I2113] Private
  Georgia Frances [I2101] 1923-06-04
  Mary Catherin [I2110] Private
  Mendell Alec [I2098] 1913-06-29
  Orbon [I1946] WFT 1893-1922
  Unnamed Baby [I2099] Private
Monts Doris [I0164] Private
Moore Brenda [I0888] Private
  Danny Davis [I0095] Private
  Gaston [I0098] Private
  George M. [I1787] WFT 1888-1908
  Mary Beth [I0097] Private
  Samuel Ashley [I0096] Private
  Tammy Ann [I1740] Private
Mordecai Lennie Pearl Bridges [I0851] 1927-11-28
Morgan Virginia [I1418] Private
Mormen Joe [I2188] Private
MorrieTilley Justin [I1668] Private
Morris Opal [I1124] WFT 1896-1920
Morrison Ethel Beatrice [I0464] 1912-07-19
Moss Bessie Mae [I1122] Private
  Carl Buford [I1117] Private
  C.C. [I1777] WFT 1801-1838
  Darrell [I1209] Private
  Debra [I1939] Private
  Delyn [I1205] Private
  Doris [I1208] Private
  Dwight [I1206] Private
  Elbert Francis [I1120] Private
  Ellis Harvey [I1121] Private
  Gilford [I1203] Private
  Grace Irene [I1118] Private
  Harvey [I1211] Private
  Hobert Ezra [I1119] Private
  James Wiyle [I1113] 1889-09-08
  Linda [I1201] Private
  Newton Washington [I1112] WFT 1839-1867
  Randell [I1210] Private
  Sharon [I1212] Private
  Terry [I1202] Private
  Thomas Hubert [I1115] Private
  Wayne [I1204] Private
  William Roman [I1116] Private
Mowery Nicholas James [I1580] Private
  Timothy John [I1578] Private
  Timothy John, II [I1579] Private
  William Herbert [I2403] Private
Mullenaxe Culene [I1126] Private
Murphy Clennon [I0743] Private
  Freddie [I0746] Private
  Henry [I1545] Private
  Terry [I0745] Private
  Tony [I0744] Private
My [I0251] Private
Myhan Julice [I1761] WFT 1863-1889
Myhand Miss [I1792] WFT 1879-1910
Nance Charles Clement [I1254] 1921-07-31
Nanney John Andrew [I2398] WFT 1857-1886
  Oravelle [I1561] 1908-01-06
  Ozell [I1221] 1908
Neal Barba [I2390] Private
  Carlton [I0500] Private
  Christie Ann [I2391] Private
  Hal Channing [I2393] Private
  Lee Albert [I2389] Private
  Madie Mae [I0998] WFT 1895-1919
  Michael Joe [I2388] Private
  Sharon Lee [I0961] Private
  Vincent Lee [I2392] Private
Neblett Martha Louis [I1616] Private
Newcomb Janette [I1129] Private
Nice Edward Arthur [I1569] Private
  Glenn [I1567] Private
  John Wayne [I1568] Private
Nicholas Wanda [I1520] Private
Nix Henry Thomas [I0694] 1868-11-26
  Lucille [I0696] WFT 1893-1934
  Susie [I0695] WFT 1893-1920
Nugent Mildred Hixson [I0541] Private
Ogle William [I1779] WFT 1801-1838
Oliver Reba [I0955] 1929-09-16
Onsly Lera [I2266] WFT 1856-1879
Ortloff Barbara Donna [I0167] Private
  Ronald [I0172] Private
Overton Bobby Joe [I1001] Private
  Jerry [I0625] Private
  Jimmy [I1002] Private
  Johnny [I1004] Private
  Kerry [I1003] Private
Owens Georgia L. [I1149] Private
Palmer Barry [I0412] Private
  Mr. [I0410] Private
  Terry [I0411] Private
Param\Parham Jarusha [I0043] 1822
Pardue William Edward [I0116] Private
Parham David Wayne [I0648] Private
  Victoria Brooke [I1598] Private
Parker Frank Gene [I1553] Private
  Robert Andrew [I0632] Private
  Robert Merle [I0631] Private
Paterson Dean [I1670] Private
Patterson ??? [I0747] Private
  Child 1 [I0748] Private
  Child 2 [I0749] Private
  Child 3 [I0750] Private
  Jerry [I0271] Private
  Jessy Wayne [I0272] Private
Paul Suzanne Marie [I0499] Private
Paulk Robert Lester [I2397] 1950-12-14
  Thomas Lester [I0733] WFT 1896-1929
Peach Joseph A. [I0564] 1855-08-07
Pearce Connie Sue [I1962] Private
  John David [I0392] Private
  John Marvin [I0389] WFT 1897-1932
  J. S. [I0588] WFT 1879-1922
  Judy Pearce [I0391] Private
  Robert [I0390] Private
Pearman Auburn Douglas, , Jr. [I2094] Private
  Auburn Douglass, , Sr. [I2093] Private
  Stephanie Alise [I2095] Private
Peck Mr. [I0428] WFT 1890-1910
Peddle Voncile Elizabeth [I1831] Private
Peek ??? [I1524] WFT 1900-1929
  Nathan Dale [I1528] Private
  Nicholas Tayor [I1527] Private
  Ronald Dale [I1525] Private
Pennington Bezzie Adeline [I0721] 1889-02-14
Peterson Kristin Renee [I0244] Private
  Tommie Carol [I0455] Private
  Zane [I0241] Private
Pettis Melvina [I1133] WFT 1847-1875
  Tancy [I1134] WFT 1853-1877
Pharr Casey Shane [I1889] Private
  Chris Dean [I1888] Private
  Dale Lesley [I1886] Private
  Dennis Gene [I1885] Private
  Dereck Lesley [I1897] Private
  Herbert Dean, , Jr. [I1884] Private
  Herbert Dean, , Sr. [I1883] Private
  Tonya Deane [I1895] Private
Phelon A. L. [I0924] Private
  Kenneth Roger [I0918] Private
  Kevin Roger [I0920] Private
  Tara Jo [I0919] Private
Phillips ??? [I1086] Private
  Charlie Leon [I0489] Private
  Charlie Leon, , Jr. [I0490] Private
  Mary Katherine [I0491] Private
  Paul Kevin [I0492] Private
  Shiela [I0495] Private
  Vera [I0552] Private
Pickle Cathy [I0965] Private
  Earnest William [I0842] 1888-04-10
  Frank Coley [I0843] Private
  Jerry Wayne [I0957] Private
  John Alfred [I0959] Private
  John Henry [I0848] Private
  Johnny William [I0956] Private
  Linda Sue [I0926] Private
  Lori Ann [I0962] Private
  Mary Leona [I0844] Private
  Maxine Strickland [I0850] Private
  Rachel [I0964] Private
  Roy Clarence [I0846] Private
  Victoria [I0960] Private
  Willie Mae [I0847] Private
  Willie Pauline [I0845] Private
  Winnie LaVada [I0429] 1877-10-12
Pierce Arzenie "Zenie" [I0665] WFT 1869-1894
Pinkleton Cade [I0372] WFT 1872-1901
Porter Jacque [I0951] Private
Post Terran Lynette [I0772] Private
Pounders Doug [I2542] 1975-01-21
Pratt Kathy [I1666] Private
Prestage Adam Lee [I1440] Private
  Barry Malone [I1438] Private
  Deborah Ann [I1437] Private
  Roy [I1435] Private
  Tony Bean [I1436] Private
Prestridge Hollie Mae [I1760] WFT 1888-1910
Price Amanda [I1032] WFT 1810-1833
  David [I2537] 1945-02-12
  Jeffery Don [I2506] Private
Priest Melania [I0177] Private
  Sandra Joyce [I1935] Private
Provens Zora [I0985] WFT 1876-1896
Pruitt Dula [I1085] Private
Pryor Angelia Denise [I1729] Private
  Hudson Dee [I1728] Private
Pugh Al [I0977] Private
  Bernice [I0975] Private
  Bessie Mae [I0722] Private
  Carrie [I0668] 1879-01-10
  Cassie [I0698] 1905-10-25
  Ellic [I0981] WFT 1878-1905
  Eula [I0693] 1880-11-22
  George F. [I0971] 1858
  Ike [I0973] WFT 1878-1905
  Isaac [I0596] 1835
  James Isaac [I0594] 1855-10-12
  James Thomas [I0983] 1880
  James Thomas [I0592] 1885-04-18
  John Franklin [I0840] 1891-09-09
  Katie Lee [I0002] 1908-09-05
  Lallia Myree [I0723] Private
  Lee [I0982] WFT 1878-1905
  Loyce Noah [I0968] 1902
  Lula [I0979] WFT 1878-1905
  Martha L. [I0986] 1861
  Mary Elizabeth [I0598] 1852-01-06
  Mattie [I0601] 1884-04-24
  Minnie Ollie [I0734] 1889-08-11
  Oscar [I0978] Private
  Ovis [I0976] Private
  Riley [I0980] WFT 1878-1905
  Sarah C. [I2395] 1856
  Susie Eunice [I0967] 1900-11-21
  Walter Jay [I0720] 1887-08-23
  Zana Ethel [I0841] 1895-11-22
Pulliam A Mr. [I2128] Private
Purdom Anna Lee [I2137] Private
  Leroy [I2136] Private
  Robert Lee [I2138] WFT 1869-1898
Rae Melvin C. [I2052] WFT 1887-1906
Ramirez Brandon Lee [I1652] Private
  Patrick [I1651] Private
Ramsey David Leland [I2509] 1908-10-20
  Kathleen Jean [I2517] 1946-11-19
  Minnie [I2034] WFT 1880-1903
Raper Aletha [I0382] Private
  David Robert [I0379] 1886-09-19
  Maudie [I0380] Private
  Mildred [I0381] Private
  Susie [I0969] WFT 1853-1892
Ray Diana Christine [I2175] Private
  Novis Nellivee [I0925] Private
  William Eugene [I2174] Private
Reed ??? [I0587] WFT 1888-1930
  Bodie [I1170] Private
  Howell [I1127] WFT 1898-1927
Reese Roger Ray [I0731] 1914-04-10
Reeves Mary [I1274] Private
Rehn Phillip Deaniel [I0753] Private
Rey Alexander Vincent [I1315] Private
  Charles Ernest [I1314] Private
Rhea Charles Christopher [I2141] Private
  Charles Frank, , Jr. [I2140] Private
  Charles Frank, , Sr. [I2143] WFT 1888-1917
  Leigh Ann [I2142] Private
Rich James Edward [I2011] Private
Richardson Allen [I1330] Private
  Andrea [I1333] Private
  Chad Allen [I1332] Private
  Erica Brook [I0353] Private
  James Lee [I0352] Private
  Jessica Ann [I1331] Private
  William [I1488] Private
Rickman Barto Garland [I1259] WFT 1894-1923
  Bret [I1266] Private
  Bryan Lee [I1275] Private
  Charles Edward [I1261] Private
  Dianne Michell [I1278] Private
  Donald Ray [I1270] Private
  Gene Douglas [I1262] Private
  James Edward [I1269] Private
  Jeffrey Gene [I1276] Private
  Kevin [I1277] Private
  Rex Allen [I1265] Private
  Rhonda Lee [I1264] Private
  Tanya Lee [I1272] Private
  Troy Douglas [I1273] Private
Rineheart Bob Gene [I2163] Private
  Mary Angela [I2160] Private
Ritter Albert [I0559] 1858-03-10
  Annie [I0567] WFT 1875-1892
  Daisy [I0566] 1895-05-19
  Elvira [I0558] 1855-06-10
  Father [I0554] WFT 1779-1815
  Hillard Jones [I0563] 1870-03-04
  J. Mack [I0556] 1826-02-27
  John Liney [I0561] 1862-12-07
  John Terrell [I0562] 1867-08-30
  Mittie [I0569] WFT 1873-1887
  Mother [I0555] WFT 1786-1815
  N. Troy, , Jr [I0581] Private
  N. Troy, , Sr. [I0568] WFT 1879-1908
  Sarah Elizabeth [I0039] 1843-07-22
  T. A. [I0582] Private
  Third Child [I0560] 1860-08-16
Roberson Connie Douglas [I0812] Private
  Garman [I1776] WFT 1898-1926
  James B. [I0573] Private
  James Douglas [I0811] WFT 1908-1938
Roberts Janice Yvonne [I1633] Private
  Marion [I0751] Private
Robertson Betty Lynn [I1743] Private
  Elisha Lenox [I1452] WFT 1894-1922
  Fredrick Paul [I1453] Private
  Ivalene [I2165] Private
  Robert Lee [I2168] WFT 1888-1917
Robison Johnnie Mae [I1979] Private
Rodgers Angelia Marie [I1006] Private
  Eddie [I0637] Private
Rogers Andy Jacob [I0285] Private
  Debbie Renee [I0359] Private
  Herman [I0417] Private
  James Allen [I0278] Private
  James Carlton [I0277] Private
  John Trent [I0284] Private
  Katie Nicole [I0282] Private
  Mammie [I0063] Private
  Myra Jo [I0280] Private
  Ricky Glen [I0279] Private
Roman Ruth [I2058] Private
Ross Willie [I1447] WFT 1886-1971
Rouse Birdy [I1934] WFT 1874-1897
Rucker Sara [I1988] Private
Rushing Claymon [I0383] Private
Russell Greg [I2111] Private
Rutlan Eugene Dell [I0363] 1909-02-11
Rutten Everhardus Hermanus [I2522] 1955-12-26
  Everhardus Hermanus [I2523] Private
Rye Fannie [I1364] 1890-07-14
Sanders Angelia Kay [I1558] Private
  Betty Leona [I0886] Private
  Cladie Harold [I1556] Private
  Curg [I2378] WFT 1889-1918
  Eddie Harold [I1557] Private
  Edward Hill [I1550] Private
  Edward Scott [I1654] Private
  Janice Kathleen [I1560] Private
  Jennifer Judith [I1655] Private
  Thelbert Oneal [I0885] Private
  Thomas Greg [I1559] Private
Sanderson Delma [I1192] Private
  James [I1190] Private
  Jean [I1199] Private
  Judith Ann [I1189] Private
  Juenellar [I1181] Private
  Junior [I1178] Private
  Keith [I1200] Private
  Preston [I1180] Private
  Tildon [I1195] WFT 1877-1903
  Tildon [I1176] WFT 1873-1906
  Tim [I1193] Private
  Tommy Hugh [I1182] 1935-06-04
  William [I1179] Private
Sandeson Ervin [I1166] WFT 1888-1908
  Lorice [I1177] Private
  Walter Grady [I1167] Private
Sandlin ??? [I1089] Private
  Ira Myrtle [I0371] 1901
  John O. [I0369] 1867-07-00
  Willie Marvin [I0370] 1896
Sayder Diane Bertha [I2411] Private
Scarborough Leland Lawrence [I0724] Private
  Nancy Ann [I0725] Private
Schlicht Herman Kirkland [I1845] Private
  Herman Russell, , Jr. [I1840] Private
  Herman Russll, III [I1841] Private
Scott Blandie [I0331] WFT 1886-1927
  Diane [I0189] WFT 1807-1830
  Johnnie Ann [I0328] Private
Seely Jimmy [I0881] Private
  Joshua Dewayne [I0883] Private
  Misti Michelle [I0884] Private
  Walter, , Jr. [I0880] Private
Self DelVon [I0872] Private
  Loyce [I2125] Private
Sellars Betty Sue [I1370] Private
  David [I2350] WFT 1863-1892
  Ethelene [I1369] Private
  James Kenneth [I1371] 1943-05-26
  John Anthony [I1373] Private
  John Douglas [I1368] Private
  Kathy Diane [I1384] Private
  Kelly Nicole [I1745] Private
  Mary Gwin [I1372] Private
  Tara Michelle [I1746] Private
Sellers Brian Christopher [I2492] 1981-04-04
  Donnie Wayne [I2477] 1950-11-13
  Eric Dewayne [I2488] 1985-02-09
Senter Annie Joan [I0386] Private
  Betty G. [I0385] 1933-10-17
  Hershal [I0384] WFT 1882-1911
  Jo [I0387] Private
  Max [I0388] Private
Serpa Lucille [I0485] WFT 1897-1920
Setliff Gertruede [I0223] WFT 1895-1918
Shanon James Luther [I1424] 1918-02-13
  Janie Elaine [I1426] Private
  Nancy Kathryn [I1427] Private
  Wanda Jean [I1425] Private
Sharp Angela Dawn [I0949] Private
  Edward [I1102] WFT 1879-1907
  George Gregory [I0950] Private
  George Thomas, III [I0948] Private
Sheffield ??? [I0590] Private
  Bobbie Joe [I1861] Private
  Charles [I1864] Private
  Joel Machia [I1863] Private
  Mary Elizabeth [I1862] Private
Shelton Mr. [I0887] Private
Shepherd Ethel L. [I0132] WFT 1882-1905
Sheppard Donnie Mae [I2036] Private
Shoemaker Jan Robyn [I0064] Private
  John [I0075] Private
Shrum Adam Christopher [I0523] Private
  Audrey May [I0506] Private
  Carlton Wayne [I0507] Private
  Gala Dawn [I0509] Private
  Hannah Elizabeth [I0525] 1990-01-01
  Heidi Alaina [I0522] Private
  Herbert Allen [I0505] Private
  Hubert LaFayette [I0503] WFT 1888-1919
  Jeremy Lee [I0519] Private
  Jodie Michelle [I0520] Private
  Joel Eric [I0518] Private
  Jonathan Wayne [I0517] Private
  Matthew Allan [I0510] Private
  Michael [I0524] 1988-07-05
  Nathan Allan [I0511] Private
  Robyn [I0514] Private
  Timothy Philip [I0516] Private
Shults Viana [I1073] WFT 1856-1885
Shumaker Jimmie [I2329] Private
Simmons Billy Neal [I0124] Private
  Shona DeLea [I0123] Private
Sims Betty Grace [I1169] Private
  Billy Ray [I1163] Private
  Bobby Joe [I1146] Private
  Clayton [I1790] Private
  Debra Jean [I1153] Private
  Earl [I1078] WFT 1901-1930
  Earline [I1162] Private
  E.T. [I1171] Private
  Garfield [I1075] WFT 1901-1930
  George W. [I1067] WFT 1833-1865
  Gerald [I1148] Private
  Gozy [I1140] Private
  Grace [I1137] Private
  Grady [I1138] Private
  Iveory [I1080] WFT 1901-1930
  James [I1159] Private
  James J. [I1068] 1880-04-05
  J. C. [I1142] Private
  Jesse [I1082] WFT 1901-1930
  Jimmy [I1172] Private
  Julie [I1072] 1893-12-06
  Kelly [I1155] Private
  Kenneth [I1164] Private
  Laura [I1135] 1899-08-06
  Lawrence [I1077] WFT 1901-1930
  Leldan [I1076] WFT 1901-1930
  Leona [I1074] 1897
  Lester [I1083] WFT 1901-1930
  Mary Lee [I1091] 1883-12-29
  Maudie [I1144] Private
  Maxie [I1173] Private
  Maxine [I1161] Private
  Odell [I1081] Private
  Ralph [I1079] WFT 1901-1930
  Ray [I1143] Private
  R.G. [I1070] 1881-12-17
  Richard Thomas [I1152] Private
  S.A. [I1071] 1885-11-07
  Sonia Jean [I1154] Private
  Teddie [I1165] Private
  Thomas [I1131] WFT 1830-1861
  Thomas [I1132] 1879-12-16
  Thomas, , Jr. [I1145] 1928-02-24
  Truman [I1139] Private
  W.P. [I1069] 1889-12-16
Sisk Deborah Yvonne [I1812] Private
  Jame Allen [I1813] Private
  James Harold [I1811] Private
  Sharon Bernice [I1814] Private
Skiles Choya LeeAnn [I0915] Private
Sledge C. Fount [I2296] 1855-10-24
  Dock [I2300] WFT 1873-1902
  Elizabeth [I2316] WFT 1815-1838
  Emma [I2298] 1880
  Evander [I2301] WFT 1873-1902
  Lizzy [I2297] 1878
  Permelia [I2243] 1853-07-15
  Perry [I2299] 1883
Smelley Hamton [I1770] WFT 1878-1904
Smih John [I1748] WFT 1852-1883
  Lonard [I1749] Private
  Robert [I1750] 1906-02-02
Smith A. Mr. [I2056] WFT 1889-1909
  Annie Lee [I0377] 1902
  Billy Wayne, , Jr. [I0954] Private
  Billy Wayne, , Sr. [I0933] Private
  Bonnie M. [I0376] 1898
  Clarence Milburn [I0930] 1915-10-11
  Delea [I2341] WFT 1895-1918
  Dorothy [I0395] Private
  Earl [I0394] Private
  Eri [I0397] Private
  Gladys Milburn [I0931] Private
  Glenn [I0396] Private
  Harold [I0414] Private
  Inez [I0145] Private
  Jewell [I0415] Private
  Joy Hayes [I2353] Private
  Katie Mae [I0932] Private
  Marie [I0399] Private
  Miss [I1194] Private
  Samantha Rose [I2077] Private
  Shelby [I0378] WFT 1886-1912
  Tamara Ann [I0299] Private
  Terry Allan [I2074] Private
  Viola [I0374] 1889
  W. Alfred [I0373] 1865-12-22
  William Terry [I2073] Private
  Willie T. [I0375] 1892
  Willis Bryson [I2075] Private
Spears Betty Jo [I1257] Private
  Dempsey [I1256] WFT 1894-1922
  Norma Jean [I1258] Private
Spinallia Patricia [I2019] Private
Spradling Lela [I1416] Private
Spruill Annie R. [I2319] 1896-11-23
  Simpson [I2325] WFT 1845-1874
Sscrogum Tammy [I1708] Private
Stacey Vadis Elizabeth [I0023] Private
Stafford Ruth [I2070] WFT 1884-1939
Stancil Egbert [I1084] WFT 1880-1900
Stanford Anna Virginia [I0654] Private
  Bobby Dale [I0828] Private
  Cassandra Elaine [I0652] Private
  Charles Franklin, , Jr. [I0646] Private
  Charles Franklin, , Sr. [I0641] Private
  Charles Tyler [I1599] Private
  Charlie Russell [I0640] 1919-03-26
  Clarence [I0827] WFT 1893-1920
  Danny Lynn [I0643] Private
  Elizabeth Carolyn [I0645] Private
  James Russell [I0642] Private
  Jenny Lyn [I0655] Private
  Kevin Lee [I0651] Private
  Lona Lucille [I0758] Private
  Nathan Kyle [I1600] Private
  Timothy Allen [I0647] Private
Stegall George Edward [I0175] Private
  Patterson Ruthledge [I0174] Private
  Rebecca Leigh [I0176] Private
  Victoria Elizabeth [I0179] Private
Stelle Virdia [I2105] WFT 1875-1898
Stephens Bridget Marie [I0681] Private
  Carla Mae [I2005] Private
  Deborah Carol [I0680] 1950-10-17
  Karen Elizabeth [I0683] Private
  Ottis Ray [I0679] Private
  Terry Ray [I0682] Private
  Timothy Allen [I0684] Private
  Varnell [I1160] Private
  Wesley Ray [I0689] Private
Stevens Carolyn Anderson [I1609] Private
  James Michael [I1608] Private
  Joseph Joshua, III [I1606] Private
  Joseph Joshua, , Jr. [I1605] Private
  Kristen S. [I1610] Private
  Thomas Rogers [I1607] Private
Steward Susan Emoline [I1013] WFT 1845-1868
Stewart Andrew Jackson [I0813] Private
  Andrew Jackson, II [I0814] Private
  Joshua Roberson [I0815] Private
Stiles Tujuana Louise [I0868] 1953-07-01
Stokes Charlene [I2078] Private
  Nellie Jackson [I0874] Private
Stoner Chester Charles, II [I0534] Private
Strickland Clyde Junion [I0854] Private
  Helen Marcell [I0853] Private
  Homer Junior [I0866] 1926-02-28
  Jerry Wayne [I0856] Private
  Lera [I0849] WFT 1891-1918
  Lisa Lynn [I0876] Private
  Mary Alice [I0855] Private
  Randal Wayne [I0889] Private
  Samuel [I0852] 1908-08-09
  Susan Dianne [I0875] Private
Stroud Thomas [I2242] WFT 1862-1882
Stubbs Amanda Denise [I2368] Private
  James Bradley [I1374] Private
  Juanita [I1375] Private
  Morris Bradley [I1378] Private
  Nathan Brice [I2370] Private
  Peggie Dolores [I2344] Private
  Russell Earl [I2355] WFT 1887-1916
  Tessa [I1377] Private
  Wanda [I1376] Private
Stutsy Chritopher Jayke [I2088] Private
  Don [I2087] Private
  Nathan Cole [I2089] Private
Suggs Linda [I1439] Private
Summerford Helen Hughes [I1615] Private
  John Hunter [I1619] Private
  Julia Owen [I1612] Private
  Keith [I1411] Private
  Lois Carolyn [I1602] Private
  Michael Austin [I1617] Private
  Richard Michael [I1604] Private
  Robert Clayton [I1618] Private
  Thomas Burlee [I1601] 1922-11-15
  Thomas Jerry, , Jr. [I1614] Private
  Thomas Jerry, , Sr. [I1603] Private
  William Luke [I1412] Private
Sunday ??? [I0993] WFT 1879-1910
Suzki Suto [I1454] Private
Swain Dovie [I2306] WFT 1873-1908
  Emily [I2273] WFT 1885-1909
Sweat Deborah Lou [I0227] Private
Tacker Jo Ann [I1647] Private
Tackett Deborah Lynn [I0147] Private
  Gerald Allen [I0146] Private
  Susan Scott [I1629] Private
Tallannt Jim [I2293] 1887-08-00
Tallant Amanda Nicol [I1963] Private
  Annie [I2288] 1877-01-00
  Anthony Heath [I2084] Private
  Anthony Jewell [I2079] Private
  Archie [I2246] 1878-07-27
  Benjamin Clovis [I1798] 1893-10-03
  Benjamin Isaiah [I2227] 1857-08-00
  Benjamin Ogden [I0042] 1824-11-10
  Benjamin W. [I2287] 1851-06-00
  Bob M. [I2131] Private
  Booie O. [I2279] 1895-07-26
  Brenda [I2149] Private
  Bronn Andrew [I1964] Private
  Bryson Webster [I1932] Private
  Buck Otis [I1799] 1896-08-31
  Carol [I1938] Private
  Cecil Murry [I2118] 1920-01-16
  Christine [I1931] Private
  Clifford Lawrence [I1926] 1911-05-13
  Cora Elma [I0030] 1884-04-23
  Crystal [I1940] Private
  Cynthia A. [I2134] Private
  David Lee [I2162] Private
  David Louis [I2038] Private
  Donald Kenneth [I2123] Private
  Donna Faye [I2151] Private
  Dottie Ovelle [I2044] 1904-04-15
  Doyle Lee [I2122] 1929-07-30
  Earnest Isaiah [I2278] 1892-08-30
  Edna [I2291] 1882
  Edna Vinie [I1846] Private
  Edward Morgan [I1795] 1882-04-09
  Elijah Isaiah [I1794] 1880-12-17
  Eliza [I2220] 1824
  Eliza S. [I2295] WFT 1809-1832
  Emmogene [I2127] Private
  Ernest James [I1803] 1907-08-19
  Ethan Holcomb [I2086] Private
  Franklin [I2222] 1831
  Genola Olivia [I2065] Private
  George Russell [I1966] Private
  Gretta [I2187] Private
  Hazel Inez [I2046] Private
  Herman Wade [I2062] Private
  Jackson [I2218] 1819
  James C. [I2221] 1829
  James Eury [I2047] 1912
  James Kay [I2119] 1922-07-12
  James Lee [I2161] Private
  James Leslie [I2252] Private
  James S. [I2294] WFT 1800-1829
  James Wesley [I2224] 1847-09-23
  Janice Louise [I2027] Private
  Jeffrey Lee [I2152] Private
  Jennie [I2292] 1886-04-00
  Jessie Lenore [I2276] 1886-04-12
  Jettie Jewell [I2275] 1883-11-14
  John [I0044] 1796
  John T. [I2290] 1879
  John W. [I2219] 1820
  John Wallace [I2253] Private
  Josephine [I2223] 1845-03-29
  Joshua Blake [I2085] Private
  Kenneth Laear [I2166] Private
  Kenneth R. [I1936] Private
  Lana Faye [I2069] Private
  Larry [I2148] Private
  Lewella [I2245] 1874
  Lillie Faye [I2184] Private
  Linda [I2126] Private
  Lonnie Franklin [I2121] 1927-01-31
  Lonnie Marshall [I2274] 1880-11-23
  Lottie Pauline [I2045] 1906
  Lou A. [I2133] Private
  Louis Elven [I1967] 1921-09-01
  Louis Lawrence [I1928] Private
  Luna Belle [I1800] Private
  Luther Jeff [I2092] Private
  Luther Milton [I1796] 1886-01-12
  Mable Annie [I2120] Private
  Manerva [I2226] 1854-07-22
  Martha A. E. [I2225] 1849-05-00
  Mary [I2146] Private
  Mary [I2289] 1878
  Mary Eloie [I2124] Private
  Mary L. Ann [I2228] 1860-09-07
  Mary Myrtle [I2250] 1901-08-31
  Michal Stacey [I2081] Private
  Mildred Vera [I1809] Private
  Milie [I2277] 1888-12-10
  Milton Allan, , Jr. [I2091] Private
  Milton Allan, , Sr. [I2068] Private
  Nancy Jane "Nannie" [I2230] 1862
  Oliver Jewell, III [I2082] Private
  Oliver Jewell, , Jr. [I2067] Private
  Oliver Jewell, , Sr. [I2061] 1912-10-04
  Ozzie Olene [I1797] 1888-08-11
  Paralu [I2308] 1890-03-00
  Patsy [I2147] Private
  Rhonda Grace [I2167] Private
  Richard [I2214] WFT 1745-1774
  Ronald T. [I2132] Private
  Rosealind Jeanette [I2064] 1937-02-06
  Ruby [I1965] Private
  Russell Lee [I1929] Private
  Samantha Isabell [I2241] WFT 1857-1881
  Sandra [I1937] Private
  Sandra Jo [I1810] Private
  Sarah "Fannie" [I2229] 1862
  Swanzy [I2310] 1897-04-00
  Tharesa Charlene [I2080] Private
  Thomas H. [I2217] 1817-08-00
  Thomas Otis [I2186] Private
  Troy C. [I2116] 1915-09-08
  Tyson [I1930] Private
  Una Vae [I2049] Private
  Unnamed Baby [I2066] Private
  Unnamed Girl [I2117] 1917-04-27
  Virgil Douglas [I2115] 1913-10-10
  William Earl [I1802] 1906-02-16
  William Elbert [I1805] 1928
  William Franklin [I2048] 1915
  William Franklin [I0040] 1850-11-07
  William Wesley [I2244] 1872-09-22
  Wilma [I2185] Private
  Zorah [I2309] 1895-07-25
Tater Helen Delores [I1253] Private
Tatum Clayton [I2191] Private
Taylor Betty Jean [I1881] Private
  Cathy Ann [I1882] Private
  Cynthia Lynn [I1913] Private
  Debbie Ann [I2479] Private
  Dexter G. [I1915] WFT 1893-1922
  Dexter Lexter [I1847] 1906-01-18
  Donna Marie [I0057] Private
  Edath Mavlene [I1848] Private
  Elven Lexter [I1876] 1934-08-19
  Glenda [I1233] Private
  Grace [I2130] Private
  Kathleen [I1554] Private
  LaVelle [I1912] Private
  LaVerne [I1875] Private
  Leland Royce [I1879] Private
  Mary Lou [I0339] Private
  Nadine [I1877] Private
  Patricia Ann [I1526] Private
  Paul Anthony [I1908] Private
  Paul Lester [I1878] Private
  Regina Dawn [I1907] Private
  Sherri Lee [I1914] Private
  Troyce James [I1880] Private
  Xerxie [I0867] 1923-07-23
Tedford Brandon [I0940] Private
  Candi Ann [I0937] Private
  Christopher [I0944] Private
  Christopher Allen [I0936] Private
  David [I0942] Private
  David Oneal, , Jr [I0935] Private
  David Oneal, , Sr. [I0934] Private
  John Brody [I0941] Private
  John Steven [I0938] Private
  Thedford [I0945] Private
Templeton Otway [I2352] WFT 1907-1916
Templton Horace [I1742] WFT 1867-1894
Thacker Heather Dawn [I1313] Private
  Jessica Nicole [I1312] Private
  Ralph Edward [I1311] Private
Tharp Mattie [I2351] WFT 1872-1895
Theresa [I0408] Private
Thomas Betty Jo [I1911] Private
  Jo [I0238] Private
  Zeda Bell [I1961] Private
Thompson Daniel Edward [I0454] Private
  Jennifer [I1842] Private
  Rebecca Lynn [I0486] Private
  Rex [I1843] Private
Thornberry Betty [I0028] Private
Thorton Lillian [I1947] Private
Thrasher Marvin [I0210] WFT 1883-1912
  Sue [I0208] Private
Tilley Billy Wayne [I1660] Private
  Glenn [I1661] Private
  Janna Marie [I1669] Private
  Jennifer Michelle [I1667] Private
  Kyle [I1664] Private
  Lynn [I1662] Private
  Samuel Mitchell [I1665] Private
  William Mitchell [I1659] Private
Tinney Virginia Jean [I0900] Private
Todd Georgia Ann [I0974] WFT 1878-1912
  Josie May [I1213] 1886-01-23
Torres Karen [I1465] Private
Towery Rufus Harmon [I0609] 1906
Trimble Milton C. [I1781] WFT 1801-1838
Turner Betty Jo [I2272] Private
  Cassie Nichole [I0061] Private
  Jerry Richard [I0257] Private
  Lesa Suzanne [I0263] Private
  Nancy Lynn [I0344] Private
  Stanley Michael [I0060] Private
  Vicki Angela [I0781] Private
  Virginia [I1207] Private
  Willie [I0062] Private
Tutor Arch [I2304] WFT 1863-1883
  Charlie Quay [I2283] 1910-10-27
  Dolphus A. [I2282] 1885-01-08
  E. [I2303] WFT 1861-1881
Tyra Shirley [I1156] Private
Uithover Frances Beatrice [I2144] WFT 1897-1920
Underwood Jane [I1036] WFT 1820-1846
  Mary [I1033] WFT 1810-1834
  Robert [I1062] WFT 1774-1819
Vaughn Francee [I2107] WFT 1844-1867
  Jean Cathleen [I1293] Private
Vercher John Roy, , Jr. [I1688] Private
  John Roy, , Sr. [I1687] Private
Vercrysse Kathalene [I1318] Private
Victory Jordny Elizabeth [I1358] Private
  Michael [I1357] Private
Vinson Bill [I2189] Private
Voss Gwendolyn Sue [I1475] Private
Waddle Barbara Lynn [I1902] Private
  Dudley Marion [I1901] Private
  John Robert [I2039] WFT 1869-1898
  Mabel Bernice [I1808] Private
  Maylne [I2037] Private
  Patricia Leigh [I1903] Private
  William Marion [I1900] Private
Wade Josephine Howard [I2183] WFT 1882-1907
Wadsworth Flora Belle [I2512] 1872-06-11
  George Washington [I0066]  
Waggoner Cynthia Marie [I2366] Private
  Ricky Curtis [I2365] Private
Waits Marvin Allen [I0291] Private
  Olivia Jo Allison [I0302] Private
Waldrip Cheryl [I0824] Private
  Corine [I0822] Private
  Fredrick Thomas [I0821] Private
  Glenn Allen [I0819] 1940-01-10
  Josh [I0825] Private
  Leland [I0820] Private
  Ralph [I0818] WFT 1892-1919
Walker Adam Bowen [I1628] Private
  Daniel Ward [I1626] Private
  Dick [I2318] WFT 1864-1884
  James Milton [I1625] Private
  Joshua Mikael [I1627] Private
  Lumas A. [I1754] WFT 1869-1896
Walls Allen Charles [I1815] 1953-03-24
  Kari Michelle [I1816] Private
  Kirby Nichole [I1818] Private
  Kristi Amanda [I1817] Private
  Noorval Horace [I1822] WFT 1881-1910
Walters Terry Kevin [I1736] Private
Wanda [I0407] Private
Ward Alger Aloyius [I2371] Private
  Mildred Diane [I1383] Private
Wardlaw Mittie Pearl [I2399] WFT 1866-1889
Warren ??? [I0666] WFT 1854-1890
  Betty Ann [I0619] Private
  Billy Wayne [I0620] Private
  Marjie Ruth [I0618] Private
  Oscar [I0617] 1912-02-02
Wassell ??? [I1088] Private
Watson Cynhia Lorraine [I1308] Private
  Mary Gwendolyn [I0085] Private
Watts Candance R. [I1871] Private
  Jerry [I1873] Private
Wattts Billy Monroe [I0669] 1870-02-28
  Corria Lou Sally [I0670] 1901-01-10
Wax Ollie Laura [I1290] 1875-10-07
Weatherford Amanda Catherine [I0187] 1849-05-29
  William Basil [I0188] WFT 1798-1827
Webb Donna Jean [I0706] Private
Webber John Wallas [I2155] Private
  John Wesley [I2157] Private
  Joshua Wallas [I2156] Private
  Malcome Rell [I2158] WFT 1900-1929
Weeks Nannie [I1401] WFT 1910-1934
Welch Michael Ray [I2018] Private
Wells Mary Helen [I2356] WFT 1896-1919
Wesmoreland Emmer May [I2182] Private
Wesson Billy Gene [I0027] Private
  Gena Lynn [I0024] Private
Westbrook Kristine Miree [I0787] Private
Wheeler Abby Lauren [I0080] Private
  Ashley Dawn [I0079] Private
  Charles David [I0071] Private
  Charles Richard [I0070] Private
  Louise [I1229] Private
  Marilyn Paige [I0072] Private
  Raymond Cletus [I0076] WFT 1889-1918
White Howard Grantham [I2361] Private
  Laura Louise [I1347] Private
  Mertie Bell [I0318] 1902-12-15
  Parker Bradley [I2364] Private
  Reed Grantham [I2363] Private
  Robert Anthony [I0321] WFT 1851-1880
  Russell Howard [I2362] Private
Whitehead Mildred Fay [I2372] Private
  Rodney Lane [I0178] Private
Whiteside Paul Carter [I1904] Private
Wiest Annette Marie Williams [I0470] Private
Wiggington Mildredge Madene [I1483] Private
Wiggins Walter [I1130] Private
Wilhite Charlene [I0830] Private
Williams Carolyn Ann [I0281] Private
  Jo Ann [I0760] 1940-12-15
  Joy Ann [I0449] Private
  Linda [I1267] Private
  Treavor Alan [I0334] Private
Willie Margarite [I2375] Private
Wilson Billy [I1890] Private
  Sharon Kay [I1887] Private
  Sue [I0806] Private
Womack Bryan E. [I0349] Private
  Hope Marie [I0350] Private
  Jason Bryan [I0351] Private
Wondt Cindy Allison [I1007] Private
Wood Oneal [I1859] Private
  Tammy Christena [I1856] Private
Wright Julia [I0688] Private
  Marlne [I1671] Private
Yarbough Floyd Hilton [I0870] Private
  Floyd S. "Buddy", , Jr. [I0859] Private
  Floyd S., , Sr. [I0857] 1927-09-03
  Keith Aaron [I0873] Private
  Martha Annete [I0869] Private
  Martha Helen [I0858] Private
  Terry Lyn [I0871] Private
Yeager Christopher Allen [I1515] Private
  Debroah Gwen [I1513] Private
  Gary Dewayne [I1512] Private
  Jeffry [I1516] Private
  Joel Randall [I1689] Private
  Olis Wayne [I1511] Private
  Teresa Darlene [I1690] Private
Young Barbara Ann [I1157] Private
  Homa Waye [I2211] Private
  Joe Price, III [I0091] Private
  Joe Price, , Jr. [I0090] Private
  Joe Price, , Sr. [I0093] Private
  Judy Nan [I1158] Private
  J.W., , Jr [I1150] WFT 1897-1926
  Kyle Reed [I0092] Private
  Patsy Diann [I2212] Private
  Pattie [I0094] Private
  Terry Wayne [I2213] Private
Yount Tracey Ellen [I0649] Private
Zimmerman Gladys [I2327] Private
Zinn Kathleen [I2102] 1917-09-07
  Thomas Jackson [I2104] WFT 1866-1895
Zollen Doris Elizabeth [I1529] Private