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Niles, Michigan


Dean's Drugstore & Dr. Bonine's Office

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National Printing & Engraving Co.

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French Paper Company

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Back of postcard reads:  "St. Joseph River, Niles, Michigan, the "Four Flags City"

This view of this historic river inclueds the dam and several of the buildings of the French Paper Company, one of Niles' oldest major industries.  The stream bisects this beautiful city and adds much to its charm.  In former days this river was navigable for river boats for 150 miles."

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W. A. Reddick Specialty Factory

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Niles Light & Water Plant

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Garden City Fan

Back of the postcard reads:  "Here's our HOME...  in the heart of the industrial Midwest.  Nestled in the beautiful St. Joseph River valley, Niles enjoys an abundance of industry, agriculture, and natural recreational resources.  Stop in and visit with us!

Garden City Fan & Blower Company

Niles, Michigan    49120

Fans for Industry...since 1879"

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Kugler Restaurant

Back of the postcard reads:

"731 North 5th Street

Steaks, Chicken and Sea Foods, expertly prepared from the best foods and served in an atmosphere of Michigan's intrigue in Photo murals, with dinner music background."

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Tyler Refrigeration Corporation

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Gateway Plaza

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