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This is an early picture of Knapp’s Point.
Patrick McAVOY was the first permanent keeper at this light.
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Wolfe Island Lighthouses

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From the map—See the peninsula at the northern-most point on the island (where it says St. Lawrence River). This is where Knapp’s Point is located. See the eastern-most point on the Wolfe Island map. This is the location for the light at Quebec Head. Location K on the map of downtown Marysville, is now the location of the Wolfe Island Post Office. This location was originally the location of the McAVOY Blacksmith’s shop.
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Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands. Because of its size (54 square miles), it is one of the only islands to have two lighthouses on it. To the north of the island, is Kingston and Ontario. To the south is the United States. The island is connected to both countries by ferries. There is a ferry to Kingston and Ontario. There is also a ferry to Cape Vincent in New York.

Wolfe Island officially became part of Canada in 1822. It was part of an agreement with the United States that traded Wolfe Island for Grande Island near Niagara Falls and a few small islands near Cornwall.

The information about each light house will be found on the related links for Knapp’s Point and Quebec’s Head.

This is the light house for the Quebec Head lighthouse on the east end or foot of Wolfe Island. The GILLESPIE family were keepers at this light for over 77 years.
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Knapp's Point Lighthouse

Quebec Head Lighthouse

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