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Horne and Point Alexandria Cemetery Tombstones
Photos and Transcriptions
Page 20

Help please!
There are quite a few stones that due to lighting, age, digital camera etc are not of the best quality. If while browsing these pages you find that you have a better quality photo then one here (in colour or black and white-taken any time) please submit it! You will be listed as submitter. If you have a photo of a stone that is not listed here please send it in as well! And lastly, if you see any transcription errors, please let me know (give stone number) Thanks!!

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Stone 191
Leaning against next stone.

Stone 192-full view
Stone 192
James Matier
Died May 9 1894
Aged 71 years
His wife
Mary Marshall
Died April 5 1894
Aged 69 years

Stone 193
(Leaning against above stone)
In memory of
James Matier
Dec 16 1882
91 years 11 mos

Stone 194-full view
Stone 194-left side
Stone 194-right side
Left side
Simon P. Shaver
Who died
April 8 1863
Aged 83 yrs 23 ds

Right side
In memory of
Hannah Davis
Beloved wife of
Simon P. Shaver
Died Dec 3 1894
Aged 84 years

Stone 195
Stone 195-full view
broken stone, damaged
(missing: ?? Wife of Damon G. Spinning.)
May 5 1834
(missing: Feby 21 1877)

Stone 196

Stone 197
George A. Boyd
His wife
Clara McDonald
His wife
Laura Keyes

Stone 198-side a
Stone 198-side b
side a
1812 Andrew Boyd 1872
His wife
Margaret McComb
Ethel Leakey 1876-1884
Mary A. Boyd 1838-1910

side b
Sarah Boyd
Wife of
John Leakey
Etta Cattanach
Wife of Herbert Leakey

Stone 199-side a
Stone 199-side b
side a
(If anyone has a better photo please email me.)
Richard Moore
His wife
Lucy M. Bennett

side b
(If anyone has a better photo please email me.)
Mary D.
Miram D.
Rodney R.
Truman S. Bennett
His wife
Mary D. Mosier

Stone 200-side a
Stone 200-side b
side a
In memory of
Thomas Keys
Died July 3 1915
Aged 72 years
His wife
Lucy Bullis
Died Nov 24 1922
Aged 71 years

side b
In memory of
Died May 6 1895
Aged 8 Years
Died Apr 26 1897
Aged 15 years
Minnie F.
Died Apr 6 1901
Aged 26 years
Children of
Thos & Lucy Keys

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