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Wolfe Island Births & Baptisms

On this page are Ontario civil Birth Registrations
and also births from newspapers, baptism church records etc.

Ontario Civil Birth Registrations

Below are links to Birth Registrations transcribed
from LDS (family history center) microfilms.

Birth missing?
Since these years are for registration, check the year before!
Or, birth may be on another film of those missed.
In some cases a registration in one year may be in the film for
the year of birth instead.
There are films for each year with delayed registrations.
(I have not transcribed these!)

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1869 to 1880

1881 to 1890

1891 to 1900

1901 to 1910

Off Island
006093, GRIMSHAW, William Stafford, May 22, 1879, m, s/o Delos Grimshaw & Sarah Hutton, farmer, Delos Grimshaw Pittsburgh, Kingston PO, August 1, 1879, Dr Sullivan, Chas Beliva.

006627, YOTT, Catharine, September 6, 1878, f, d/o Edward Yott & Catharine Turcotte, Mariner, Edward Yott, mariner Kingston, April 21, 1879, Dr KA Fenwick.

buried Wolfe Island - died within days of her birth, mom too - Archives Film # 929 48 007303, January 1, 1881 ,LEDFORD, Grace Nancy, female, parents John Ledford, Nancy Jane Hayden, fathers profession Saloon Keeper, informant John Ledford Saloon Keeper Kingston, registered Feb 9, 1881, Accoucheur Dr M Sullivan. From AM Benson

007382, STALEY, Benjamin, April 8, 1881, m, s/o George Staley & Georgina Davis, Broker, George Staley, Broker Kingston, April 13, 1881, Dr TM Fenwick.

07527, STALEY, Ethel Maude, 25 September 1881, f, d/o Charles Staley & Agnes Forsyth, Mariner, Martin Staley, Master Mariner, Kingston, October 24, 1881, Dr TM Fenwick.

010020, NORRIS, John Joseph, September 12, 1888, m, s/o James Norris & Elizabeth O’Brien, Hotel Keeper, DA Turnery PP Kingston, April 24, 1889.

010024, ALARIE, Charles, September 22, 1888, s/o Michael Alarie & Catharine Alarie, laborer, DA Turney PP Kingston, April 24, 1889.

010016, GRIMSHAW, Mary, September 7, 1888, d/o Silas Grimshaw & Julia Turcotte, laborer, DA Turney PP Kingston, April 24, 1889.

010465, DIAMOND, Catherine Elizabeth, December 29, 1889, f, d/o Charles Diamond & Elizabeth Mahoney, laborer, Charles Diamond, laborer, Kingston, December 31, 1889, Dr Phelan.

010369, RYAN, Thos Howard, October 13, 1889, m, s/o Matthew Ryan & Johanna Collins, laborer, Matthew Ryan, Laborer, Kingston, November 1, 1889, Dr Irwin.

003278, RYAN, Edwin David, May 23, 1892, parents William F Ryan & Elizabeth Coulton, Guard PP, Informant William F Ryan Guard PP Kingston. Registered June 28, 1892, Dr K W Fenwick.From AM Benson

008176, RYAN, Matthew, March 9, 1892, M, Matthew Ryan & Johanna Collins, laborer, Matthew x his mark Ryan, laborer Kingston, March 30, 1893, Dr K W Fenwick.From AM Benson

008476, DIAMOND, Michael John, M, Mar 19, 1892, Charles Diamond & Elizabeth Mulvany, Coachman, Charles Diamond Coachman Kingston, Dec 7, 1892, Dr Phelan.From AM Benson

008114, BRICELAND, Mary H, June 8, 1894, F, James Briceland & Margaret Fowler, farmer, James Briceland, Mount Chesney, July 7, 1894, Dr Phelen, Jno Simpson.From AM Benson

008412, MULVENA, Frances May, Dec 8, 1894, F, James Mulvena and Ellen Mahoney, farmer, James Mulvena Pittsburgh, Dec 22, 1894, Danl Phelan MD, Chas Beleva.From AM Benson

008596, CRAWFORD, Cecilia Jane, Jan 18, 1894, F, Thomas Crawford & Dora Sluman, Mariner, Thomas Crawford, Mariner Kingston, Feb 7, 1894, Dr Ryan.From AM Benson

008739, RYAN, Rose Veronica, Aug 6, 1894, F, Matthew Ryan & Johanna Collins, laborer, Matthew X his mark Ryan laborer Kingston, Aug 22, 1894, Dr Phelan. From AM Benson

008362, EVES, Chancy, April 11, 1895, m, s/o James Eves & Mary L Orr, farmer, James Eves, Twp of Kingston, September 7, Dr Mabee, Jno Simpson.

008994, NORRIS, Arthur Patrick, May 10, 1895, m, s/o James Norris & Elizabeth O’Brien, James Norris, Hotel Keeper Kingston, July 5, 1895, Dr Phelan.

010083, MULVENA, Augustin Wilfred, Dec 2, 1896, M, James Mulvena & Ellen Mahoney, farmer, James Mulvena (altered 10-9-65 file 5725 DM, Dec 12, 1896), Dr Phelan MD, Dr Philans filed return Dec 17, 1896.From AM Benson

013828, MCDONALD, Stuart Maurice, M, born May 4, 1901, parents Charlie McDonald and Mary Estelle Turcott, father occupation machinist residence Clergy & Barry, Dr Mundell, informant C McDonald, June 3, 1901.From AM Benson

013719, McDONALD, Wilma Gertrude Feb 12, 1901, d/o James B and Gertrude Charles, carpenter 47 Division St, James B McDonald, Dr Kilborn, Jan 13, 2001.From AM Benson

016726, EVES, baby, m, Feb 4, 1907, s/o William Eves & Mary Helen Hart, 71 Cherry St, Butcher, Dr Mundell, William H Eves, 71 Cherry St Kingston, Feb 9, 1907, still born.From AM Benson

016768, EVES, John Chas O, m, March 5, 1907, s/o John Eves & Ellen Willard, 10 Market St City Kingston, sailor, Dr Bogart, JG Bogart MD, Wellington St, March 30, 1907, see correction # 85 on file.From AM Benson

016780, ELLERBECK, Douglas Karl, m, March 26, 1907, s/o Richard (Joe) James Ellerbeck & Mary Alvina Daryaw, 187 Collingwood St city Kingston, Dr Bogart, J G Bogart MD, Wellington St, March 30, 1907.From AM Benson

018238, DARYAW, Henry Chauncy, M, March 28, 1908, s/o Henry Daryaw & Mabel Adair of 59 John St Kingston, mariner, Dr Bogart, informant Henry Daryaw 59 John St, April 4, 1908.From AM Benson

018319, SUDDS, Laura Marjorie, F, May 28th 1908, d/o Arthur Sudds & Laura Agnes Grimshaw living 44 Gore St Kingston, sailor, Dr JG Bogart, informant JG Bogart MD Wellington St, June 18, 1908.From AM Benson

018403, KEATS, Wm Alexr, M, July 21, 1908, s/o Fredk Thos Keats and Eliza Eves living 14 Rideau St Kingston, teamster, Dr Bogart, informant F T Keats 14 Rideau St, Aug 31, 1908.From AM Benson

018510, ALLORD, Joseph Charles, 22 November 1908, M, parents married, s/o John Allord & Elizabeth Ryan, laborer, parents married Wolfe Island Jany 29, 1908, her occupation wife, Dr W A McCarthy, informant John Allord father who was in the house at the time of birth, Dec 18, 1908.From AM Benson

McDONALD, George Chas Hugh, Sept 29, 1909 36 Markland St, m s/o Louis McDonald & Janet Beatrice McPhail, Dr AE Ross, Sept 30, 1909, reg # 017694From AM Benson

DARYAW, Thelma Dorothy, Nov 2, 1909, 59 John St, f, d/o Henry Daryaw captain & Mabel Florence Adair, married Kingston Sept 6, 1905, Dr JG Bogart, Mabel Florence Daryaw 59 John St Kingston, Nov 8, 1909, reg # 017742.From AM Benson

1905 is the last year that has been released.
If you have a missing birth it may be on a different film
for delayed entries.

Births From Newspaper Announcements

These are births taken from local newspapers.

Some Wolfe Island Newspaper Birth Announcements
-1 new 2003 births

Submitted by AM Benson
June 17, 1918
Kingston Whig Standard
At Wolfe Island, ONt., on June 14th, 1918, to Mr. and MRs. Thomas J. White (nee Carra? Comer) a daugther

From George Halliday
The Kingston Whig-Standard, Kingston, Ontario, CDA
October 3, 1969
BIRTH (Wolfe Island)
Mosier – Greenwood

Dennis and Kathy (nee Greenwood) are proud to announce the birth of a son Trent Redmond James, 8lbs 131/2 oz on Oct. 1 1969 at the Hotel Dieu Hospital. Many thanks to staff and friends.

The Daily British Whig
Thursday, October 14, 1897
Dawson -
At "Villa on the St. Lawrence" Wolfe Island, Ont. on Sunday, October 10 to the wife of D. J. Dawson, a son.

NEW~ From George Halladay
The Kingston Whig – Standard
Wednesday, September 9, 1942
At the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Sunday, September 6, 1942 to Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwood (nee Briceland) a son.


These are baptism records taken from church registers or certificates.

Submitted by Joe Rishell
From St. Mark's Catholic Church records, Prescott, Greenville, Ontario:
1831...5 May....The undersigned priest baptized MARIA O'HEARN daughter to Timothy O'HEARN and Ann CLANCY. The sponsors were Patrick RYAN and Jane MOORE.--aged 4 days.
T. O'Meara, Priest

Sacred Heart RC baptisms & Wolfe baptisms from St. Mary's Kingston

Some Trinity Anglican baptisms


IMAGE-- Wolfe Island Historian, Carmel Cosgrove turns 90
Kingston Whig Standard, 2003, includes photo
From Wilf Garrah

"Family Data Collection-Births From - A compilation of material from a variety of sources gathered during a study of human genetics. It is recommended (per that since documentation and specific details of the material (census record, BMD records, obituaries, etc.) was not saved that this data be used only as a secondary source." :

Name: Hadley, Mary
Father: Hadley , William
Mother: Orser , Hannah
Birth Date: 13 May 1819
City: Wolfe Island
County: Midland Dist
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Ingerson, Cora Bertha
Father: , Horace Ingerson
Mother: Mosher , Martha Ursula
Birth Date: 12 August 1872
City: Wolfe Island
County: Ontario
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Ingerson, Cora Bertha
Father: Ingerson , Horace Ingerson
Mother: Mosher , Martha Ursula
Birth Date: 12 August 1872
City: Wolfe Island
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Sanford, Minnie Bertha
Father: Sanford , Simon
Mother: Sanford , Nancy
Birth Date: 18 April 1869
City: Wolfe Island
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Whaley, William Frederick
Father: Whaley , John
Mother: Mulligan , Anna Mary
Birth Date: 7 September 1868
City: Wolfe Island
County: Frontenac
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Willson, Alfred
Father: Willson , Hugh L
Mother: Titus , Mary
Birth Date: 3 March 1809
City: Wolfe Island
County: Frontenac
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Willson, David
Father: Willson , Hugh L
Mother: Titus , Mary
Birth Date: 18 August 1807
City: Wolfe Island
County: Frontenac
State: ON
Country: Canada

Name: Willson, James Harvey
Father: Willson , Hugh L
Mother: Titus , Mary
Birth Date: 5 January 1805
City: Wolfe Island
County: Frontenac
State: ON
Country: Canada


Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms-offsite

From Bill Martins Site: The Registers of Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials of Rev. John Langhorn . His registers cover a large number of these events in the District of Mecklenburg, which includes the townships of:Ernest Town, Kingston, Fredericksburg, Adolphustown, Camden,Marysburg, Sophiesburg, Ameliasburg, Sydney, Thurlow, Richmond . Years covered are 1788 to 1813.

From Bill Martins Site:The Registers of Rev. Robert McDowall are of his work as a missionary and minister of the Presbyterian Church in the Kingston area. The townships he covered are the same ones mentioned for the area covered by Rev. John Langhorn. The register spans the years 1800 to 1830s.

From Bill Martins Site:The Parish Register of Kingston, Upper Canada 1785-1811 Edited by Archibald Hope Young (1863-1936), this book was published in Kingston in 1921. It contains the register of Dr. John Stuart, as it pertains to Kingston. This book has a lot of historical details about the early days of Kingston and the founding families. If you are lucky enough to find an ancestor listed you may also be able to find details on their lives and history that Mr. Young has added from a number of other sources in his very detailed footnotes. The book is in 2 parts. Click here to jump to PART 2.

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