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The Human Genome Project has unleashed an avalanche of interest and funding, both academic and commercial,  in the field of  molecular genetics.  Many colleges and universities are spending the time and money to publish much of their scientific work on a web site available for the world to see and appreciate.  A great deal of this leading edge discovery is often seen on the Internet prior to publication.  The potential knowledge found at these various sites is priceless and endless.

The university projects that will be posted on this page (see navigation bar on left of this screen) will be limited to those dedicated to some form of genetic genealogy or population migration patterns studies.

If you are aware of a college/university level project that could possibly add synergy or enlightenment to the Fridig Surname DNA Project and it is not posted here, please e-mail the particulars and it will be added to this web site.


This Page Was Last Updated:  06/07/2005