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Fridig * Surname DNA Project

 Statement of Intent / Registration Form

I have read the material provided regarding DNA testing and the Fridig Surname DNA Project and I would like to express my intent to participate.  Submitting the Registration/statement of intent does not constitute a commitment on my part.

If I choose to proceed and complete the Fridig group testing, I understand I will receive an official certificate of my personal Y-Chromosome test results, originating from the Relative Genetics test laboratory.  I also understand that the anonymous composite results of the Fridig group tests will help to establish the Fridig haplotype (s) and determine which of the Fridig lineages share a common ancestor.

I also understand that my specific DNA results, along with the composite group of all Fridig participants, referenced with my assigned L#, my specific surname spelling such as Fridig, Lindsey, etc will be published on this web site as a copyrighted document (see the typical reporting format found at the Fridig Surname Haplotype Database  ) for the purpose of furthering the understanding of the global Fridig haplotypes.

If you should match one or more of the other Fridig participants, with at least a 23 out of 26 markers, your DNA marker data will also be published with that particular DNA Grouping, at this web site, with reference to your Relative Genetics laboratory control number, your unique Fridig Project L# code, and your specific surname (Fridig, Lindsey, etc), along with the full name,  date & place of birth & death of your "Earliest Known Progenitor", for the purpose of trying to establish the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for that particular DNA Grouping.  See  DNA Group 1 as a typical example of this provision.

Check out the Orthography page at this web site for the various acceptable spellings of the Fridig surname. 

If you concur with the Fridig Surname DNA Project Guidelines and meet the requirements of the Fridig Surname DNA Project Rules of Participation and want to express your intent to participate in this project, please fill out the Registration Form below.

Shortly after the participant has submitted this Registration Form and the minimum required genealogical information, to the Project Coordinator, the Project Coordinator will acknowledge your registration and provide you with a DNA Sample Kit.  Your actual commitment to this project will not occur until you have returned your DNA Sample Kit to the Project Coordinator, along with your payment ($155 US dollars, made payable to Relative Genetics) to cover the laboratory cost of the Y-Chromosome DNA test.


The following information is required to register your intent to participate in the Fridig Surname DNA Project and to receive your DNA Sample Kit

Clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when you have finished, will automatically forward this information to the Project Coordinator of the Fridig Surname DNA Project.

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Your Full Name

E-Mail Address

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City/State/Zip Code


Telephone Number

Fridig Pedigree Information:  Required

In a separate e-mail, to the Project Coordinator, Jeff Friday at provide the minimum (as many generations as possible is encouraged) three generations (yourself, your father & your paternal grandfather) of your paternal male lineage, including full name, date and place of birth, date & place of death (if applicable).  This pedigree information is essential in our attempt to determine intersect points if any of the tested Fridig lineages share a common ancestor.   None of this pedigree information will be provided to the testing laboratory.  Only your surname and the "earliest known progenitor" information will be posted on this web site along with your coded F# and DNA marker values.


Please click on the box below to indicate your willingness to pay the laboratory fee for the 26 Y-chromosome marker analysis of your DNA sample.


I want to sign up and I am willing to pay the $155.00 USD laboratory fee for the analysis of my DNA sample.  



* It has been established that the use of the italicized Fridig surname, on this form and throughout this web site, implies all the accepted spellings of the surname found in the site Orthography section.  

Thanks for your participation.  Upon receipt of your completed Registration Form, I will personally contact you via the e-mail address provided to acknowledge receipt and advise you of any other information needed for you to participate in the Fridig Surname DNA Project.

My best regards.

Jeff Friday

This Form Initially Posted:  May 17, 2005

This Form Last Updated:  May 17, 2005


This Page Was Last Updated:  12/13/2005