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1> George Friday’s (1787) and Rebecca Murphy’s Father and Mother. Daughter Lucindy (1827) was written about in the Hendon Bible (1855) that she was from “Dutch Ancestry”.


2> David Fridig (1723) Friday and all Seven Children.


3> Frederick Friday born (175x-1827) in South Carolina. Resident of (Newberry County, SC/Dutch Fork) 1794, and moved to Marion County,MS before 1820. Who was his father? Where did his children go after he died in 1827?


4> Burial place of Gabriel Fridig (1728) next to Kleckley in South Carolina?


5> Who was Sally Friday off Rocky Creek/Saluda River in Lexington Co, SC. See 1825 neighbors

Her neighbors were John Gartman (1777), Jacob Site, Dennis G Hays, Mrs. Poindexter, Jacob Ralls, Henry Weaver and David Boozer (1786). (SNLP)


6> Who was Joseph “David” Friday in Washington County, GA applied for Revolutionary War Pension in 1832. Did he have descendants? Was he from South Carolina?




8> Samuel Berry Friday (1802) born in South Carolina, son of whom? Mother was a Berry.


9> Gravesites of Friday’s residences; at Fork of Congarees and Broad River, 4 county area around Columbia,SC etc…


10> John Martin Friday and 4 sons, South Carolina.


11> William Friday born (1774-1784) and lived in Dutch Fork via 1800 Census. Son of Whom? Was the older woman his mother or wife? Was he living with his brother or older son?


12> Did John Friday die/have descendants after the land record (1785) from his ancestor Hans Fridig (1690) in Orangeburg?


13> Who was the father/mother of Daniel Friday born (1813) in Lexington, SC?


14> Who were all of John Friday’s born (1759?) (of Camden/Fairfield District) SC children?


15> Henry Friday was supposed to have moved to Alabama in 1819, but still shows in Richland County, SC Census in 1830. Did he move back or his son Henry stay there and move later?


16> Where did the Joseph Friday born 1842 in Alabama and son James S Friday (1874) live/migrate?

17> Who were the parents of Mary Ann Friday born (19 Aug 1810) in Georgia? She married Jacob Sumrall born (1804) and married 1825 in Georgia. She died 11 Feb 1874 in Mississippi and is buried in Mt. Zion Cem., Choctaw County, Alabama.

18> Ambrose Cox of Campti, Louisiana saw the wagon train logs kept by Capt. Dean (wagon master) listing Friday’s. The train started in Macon, GA and came to Angola, LA; where the Red River runs into the Mississippi River. People went up the Red River and stayed at various places looking for land for homestead and grants before the civil war. Where is this log? Various attempts have been made to find this log. Possibly now resting in a museum or private collection?

19> Who was James Friday (1853) born in SC, who worked as a Mine Laborer under the Superintendent (William O. Reese) of Cole City Prison Stocade in Coal, Dade, Georgia in 1880.


20> Vansickle and Friday in Arkansas. Looking for any information on Vansickle and Friday in South Arkansas around Ouachita, Columbia County in the late 1800's and early 1900's, particularly John Chunning and (married) Alice Lee Friday, ancestors and decendents. Also, Benjamin Vansickle and (married Rissa Proctor) and Berryman Friday. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

There was a story that was passed down about a family member that was in the war.  It had to be the war between the states, but I am not sure of it. I do not know if it was a Friday or a Vansickle.  I am thinking that is was a Friday and wanted to know if you heard or know about the story and can put any names, ect. with it.  My father told it to me when I was a very young girl.  He died when I was 10 years old and my memory is very vague about the story.  I am hoping that you can fill in the gaps. It was told that one of my ancestors was assigned to keep watch over the livestock during the war.  The place was on a small island that had a fence all the way around it.  He had to make sure that the animals were not taken by the opposing troops.  (It must have been pretty close to enemy lines.)  He kept watch over the animals for 9 months, never lit a fire (for fear the enemy would see the fire or the smoke). and only fired one shot.  Women would sneak food and other necessities into him at night.  On the night that he fired one shot:  He saw something climbing up the bank and could not tell what it was, but it was going after the livestock.  He fired one shot and it went down.  For fear that it was an enemy solider, he did not check that night to see what he had shot.  Next morning, he checked.  It was a bear. Does this story ring a bell with you?  Can you fill in the names, places, ect.? (Vansickle, Susan 2003)


21> Who was Joseph B Friday of White County, AR who was in the war of 1812 and a residence of that county in 1820. He also purchased land on 27th Nov 1820 in White Co, AR.


22> New Orleans, LA Marriages: Where were they born?

Abraham A Friday (1862) married Stella Cockrum on  11/04/1895.

Peter Friday (1815) married Anny Burry on 01/09/1871.



23> What is Friday Crossing of Blount County, AL; location is 34°3'35"N 86°26'2"W; elevation is 819 feet names after what/whom?

24> Who were the parents of  Frank Friday Birth: 1805 in South Carolina
Death: 1871 in After 1871 Census

25> Who was Fred Friday parents? He was born 1858 in South Carolina
Census: 1880 Augusta,Richmond,Georgia
Occupation: Carpenter 1880 Augusta,Richmond,Georgia
Marriage 1 Lizzy Malone b: 1861 in Georgia  daughter of Lizzie and David Malone from Ireland.

26>  Who was Frederick William Friday parents?
Birth: in South Carolina

Marriage 1 Mollie Molone

27> Who was Gaubert Friday parents?
Birth: 1891 in South Carolina

Census: 1930 Richland Co,Columbia,SC
Marriage 1 Mammie J b: 1893 in South Carolina
Children Gaubert S Friday b: 28 SEP 1919 in South Carolina

28> Who was George E Friday parents?
Birth: 2 MAR 1848 in South Carolina

29> Who was Anderson Friday’s wife Olive’s maiden name?

30> Who was Joseph Friday parents?
Birth: 1816 in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina

> Who was Louie Friday parents?
Birth: 1839 in South Carolina
Death: 1861 in After 1860 Pickens Co,SC Census
Census: 1860 Pickens Co,SC

Lived with the Fagens in 1860:
22 549 549 FAGEN H. 40 M W Tailor 3,900 4,000 Hanover, Ger. . . . . Germany
23 549 549 FAGEN Augustine 36 F W . . . Hanover, Ger. . . . . Germany
24 549 549 FAGEN Hermann 11 M W . . . SC . X . . .
25 549 549 FAGEN Mina 7 F W . . . SC . X . . .
26 549 549 FAGEN Mattie 3 F W . . . SC . . . . .
27 549 549 FAGEN Anna 1 F W . . . SC . . . . .
28 549 549 FRIDAY Louie 21 M W Clerk . . SC . . . . .
29 549 549 DORSEY Amanda 20 F W Seamstress . . SC . . . . .
30 549 549 WATSON Sarah 26 F W Seamstress . . SC . . . . .
31 549 549 FAGEN Margaret 16 F W Serving . . Hanover, Ger. . . . . Germany
32 549 549 BREMER Mattie 9 F W . . . Hanover, Ger. . X . . Germany

33> Who was William Joseph Friday?
Birth: 2 MAR 1850 in South Carolina

34> Who was William I Friday’s parents?
Birth: 1853 in South Carolina
Census: 1880 Richland Co,Columbia,SC
Occupation: Farm Laborer 1880 Richland Co,SC
Marriage 1 Sallie b: in South Carolina
Children  Frederick Friday b: 1876 in South Carolina

and  Florence Friday b: 1879 in South Carolina


35> I am researching the POWELL family from Edgefield. In the 1880 census I have Susan M Friday b. 1855 in SC widowed, keeping house, living with her father John W Powell in Pine Grove community Edgefield, SC. She married Joseph Lee CREED on Nov. 5, 1883.

1880 Census - John W Powell 61 with wife Dirindy Powell 52, daughter Margaret 19, son Sumpter L 21, daughter Laura E 16, Aunt Sally Powel 83 and daughter Sally M Friday 25 all born in South Carolina.


36> Who was Solomon Fridy (1811) in Tennessee residing in Tchula, Holmes, Mississippi by 1860. His son Andrew (1839) and daughter Kathy (1839) are living with him. Solomon is a farmer with $2,100 Personal & $2150 Real Estate Values.


37> Who was Wiley S Walker who married Sarah Friday? Did they live in Columbia, SC? Who were her parents?

38> Who was
George S Friday (November 9,1909-January 19, 1972) buried in RoseHill Cem,Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX? He was also a Private in the US Army in WWII.


39> Who was Elizabeth Friday married in St. Phillips Parish, SC during the 1820’s.


40> Who was Mary Anne Friday b. 3 Feb 1823 d. 5 Apr 1899 in Barnwell Co SC Buried at Williston Cem, Barnwell Co SC Married 1835 to Seaborn (Seab) Weathersbee b: 2 Sep 1819 in Barnwell Co, SC?

41> Who was Kate Frietag of Kershaw County, SC who married A Witherspoon Brown on Feb 20th, 1884 by Rev. M.E. Broaddus?


42> Cemetery Walkthrough needed-

Bethlehem "Lutheran" Church est (1788) - 209 New Hope Rd. Pomaria, SC

St. Davids Church - 132 Saint Davids Church Rd, West Columbia, SC - (803) 356-3035


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