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Project Participations
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Friday Surname DNA Project

 Rules of Participation

The stated purpose and goal, of the Fridig * Surname DNA Project, is to perform Y-Chromosome DNA tests on a representative international group of males bearing the Friday surname in order to establish the Friday haplotype (s) and determine which of the Friday lineages most likely share a common ancestor.  From this data, the laboratory performing the DNA testing will also be able to calculate the estimated time when the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) occurred.

The rules of participation are as follows.

  1. Each participant must be a male bearing the Friday * surname at birth.

  2. Each participant must believe that he is descended from a line of Friday males that is genetically unbroken for any known reason such as adoption, legal name change, or any other biological incidence.

  3. Each participant must submit the "Registration Form", to the Project Coordinator, which states their intent to participate in the Fridig Surname DNA Project.

  4. Each participant must supply, to the Project Coordinator, a minimum of three primary source certified generations of paternal ancestors, including name, date/place of birth, date/place of death, and name of spouse with maiden name.  A statement is required establishing that the supporting evidence for this data came from primary sources and is in your possession.  Primary sources include birth, death and marriage certificates, family bibles, wills and land records.  Thus the minimum certified lineage should include the name of the participant, his father, and his paternal grandfather.

  5. Each participant will provide an appropriately executed Consent & Liability Release Form to the Project Coordinator, when requested.

  6. Each participant must follow completely the written instructions provided with the DNA sample kit.

  7. Each participant must submit payment ($155.00 US Dollars made payable to Relative Genetics) for the DNA analysis of his sample at the time he mails the DNA sample back to the Project Coordinator.

  8. Each participant agrees to permit the Project Coordinator to have access to the participant's DNA test results for the following reasons.

  1. The need for group coordination with the test laboratory.

  2. The need for someone to tabulate and analyze the composite group results with regard to establishing the surname haplotype.

  3. The need for someone to publish the Project test results.

  4. The desire to maintain anonymity between specific individuals and the test laboratory.

  1. Each participate in the Fridig Surname DNA Project will be encouraged (but not required) to find one or more male cousins bearing his Friday (how ever spelled) surname to join him in trying to refine their haplotype determination and in the quest for new genealogical knowledge of their Friday surname.

* It has been established that the use of the italicized Fridig  surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted different spellings (Fridy/Fryday/Fridy) of the surname found in the site Orthography section.  

This Page Was Last Updated:  06/07/2005