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Friday * Orthography

Various Spellings of the Fridig Surname

Although it was not always adhered to, Germans (and others) often named their children by following a simple set of rules.  There were often variations, for many good reasons.

  • 1st son named after father's father

  • 2nd son named after mother's father

  • 3rd son named after father

  • 1st daughter named after mother's mother

  • 2nd daughter named after father's mother

  • 3rd daughter named after mother


The following list of 10 spellings of the Friday surname was taken from the South Carolina Department of Archives various books and records.  The same individuals had names spelled various ways depending on the person documenting the record.   These duplications were eliminated in the list below.


  1.  Frydig - Hans Frydig
  2.  Fridig - many record in SC before 1800 and up to the death of Gabriel Fridig in 1832.
  3.  Fryday - Frederick Fryday
  4.  Fridy - Thomas W Fridy (1825)
  5.  Freidag - SCDAH website search engine
  6.  *Freytag - Assumption of Genealogical name. Names in North Carolina
  7.  Freaday - Census record assumption of Friday.
  8.  Fridag - SCDAH website search engine
  9.  Friday - common anglicized name.
  10. Fritig - name taken in 1748 for a pamphlet to promote Carolina

  * For the sake of simplicity, we have establish that the use of the italicized Friday surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted spellings of the surname found on this page of Orthography.  


Orthography Addendum

The various spellings of the Friday (how ever spelled) surname found in the Orthography above was taken from from the South Carolina Department of Archives various books and records.  Since that time we all have witnessed additional modifications of our surname.  A noted historian and researcher, Bill Friday of Texas, paved the way for Friday genealogical research.  Bill spent many hours working through the SCDAH records to record his findings.  This following Foreword and Addendum contributed by J. S. Friday was posted at the Friday International web site June 7th, 2005, for the purpose of providing additional insight for Friday researchers in need of this knowledge.  Our thanks to our contributors in their efforts and willingness to share the fruits of their genealogical research into the Friday surname.



Like most Frid*ys, I early found that there was more than one way to spell my surname. I first heard the question "are you Irish or German?" My grandfather thought we were Irish. Only when I took up genealogy did I realize it was more complex issue than I had supposed.

In 2000, I gained access to a database of the indexed names of all head of household in the Federal and State Censuses of 1790 - 1920. Using the Soundex, I looked for all  Frid*ys in the souther states during that period. After culling out all but true  Frid*ys, obvious variants, and (possible) misspellings, I was left with a 8 total names for the censuses.

One of my own line was listed on four of the five censuses, and his name was spelled differently each time. It was then that it dawned on me that some of the "Brick Wall" ancestors I was looking for (and couldn't locate) might well be exactly where I thought they were, but I couldn't find them due to spelling variations. So I then decided to look at those spellings for any person that I knew (or suspected) to be a Linds*y and see how big a problem the "different" spellings could be. The 590 names yielded the following spellings:

 Fryday     =    10+  Fridig    = 3+   Fridy     =     3   Friday     =     20+

Since then, I have felt that we ignore spelling at our own peril when we look for ancestors. So I submit the following 9 variants as Frid*ys that I have found during my research. I have removed all those that are still in doubt from the Addendum list below or whose source is not available. But, if I am sure of any thing in the world, it is that the list below will always be incomplete. If, and when, other names (Freidig, *Freytag, etc.) prove out, I will add them to my list.

I hope this Addendum will be of some help to the Friday readers.

Jeff Friday

  1. Frydig
  2. Fridig
  3. Fryday
  4. Fridy
  5. Freidag
  6. *Freytag
  7. Freaday
  8. Fridag
  9. Friday

This Page Was Last Updated:  12/13/2005