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Fridig Haplotype Conclusions
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Fridig Surname Haplotype Database - General Analysis & Conclusions


Based on the information that has been gained thus far, many of the participants, in an on-going dialog, are communicating directly with each other to ascertain where their genealogies intersect and hopefully will eventually be able to determine the name of the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) that they share.

Some participants will personally choose to publicly reveal their names associated with their DNA information.  That is their right and choice to do so.  However, in keeping with the privacy agreement I have with the participants of the Fridig Surname DNA Project, no contact information for any participant will be provided to any enquiries to this web site.

One way to gain direct contact with the Friday participants and their specific Friday genealogies is to have a male bearing the Friday surname from your Friday lineage to register and participate in the Friday DNA testing.  Click on the Friday DNA Project Registration Form and get involved with this effort while there are still living male heirs to your Friday lineage.

In order to provide some guidance to global Friday researchers as to what has been learned from the Friday surname DNA testing, we will provide as much detail as possible in the DNA Groups 1 thru 12 web pages and the "General Analysis & Conclusions" section below without violating any participant confidentiality.


General Analysis & Conclusions

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