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 "You Dutchmen are celebrated for fine gardens; let us go and look at yours"

by Colonel Maxwell to John Fridig (1743)

The Swiss Connection! 
The Fridingen/Fridinger/Friding/Frydig/Fridig/Fryday/Fridy/Friday Family History Site
Pronounced: "Fri-dee" or "Fry-ding" or "Fri-dig-er"

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The Friday's geographic distribution; places of historical significance to Fridays; and lists of over 200 towns, cemeteries, islands, roads, mountains, streams, B&B's and other places containing the Friday name.  

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The world-wide Friday Family Photo Album contains over 5 generations  of photographs of over 20 Friday ancestors.

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  1735 Orangeburg,SC
  1825 Robert Mills Map SC
  Attala Co, MS Township Creeks Map
  Burcelow Creek, SC Topography Map
  Whitepond/Williston/Springfield, SC 1800's
  S Fork Edisto River Plats, Aiken, SC
  Leesville,SC Plat
  1735 Orangeburg, SC Land Plats
  Saxe Gotha, SC - Colonial Plat "Inaccurate"
  Kitchins Mill, Aiken, SC 2 3
  Townships of Carolina Mouzon 1776
  Dutch Fork map by Dr. Carl Nichols
  Tuscaloosa Township (1824-1860's) xls
  Saluda River Plat Map [Original]
  1735-42 Saxe Gotha Township Plats [Rev]
  St.Jacobs Church, SC land plats
  Natchitoches Township (1850-1910) xls
  Saxe Gotha, SC (Congaree) Township xls
  Tuscalooosa Co, AL Land Plat Map
  Dutch Fork Map by Theresa Hicks
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The book !! The Genealogy and History of the Friday Families from Switzerland, Colonial and Southern America. : 1535-2003 Frydig/Fridig/Fridy/Fryday/Friday

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  Marion and Willie Maybelle Friday
  Bridge over Broad Petition - 1828
  History of Bienville Parish              
  Frydig Births and Christenings    
  Frydig Swiss Marriages
  Canal and Railroad Petition - 1839     
  Friday House - Arlington, TX
  Sandy Run History  2
  Land Records  Zip File 
  German-Swiss Society
  Henry Gallman  Will - 1760
  Henry Hartley  Will - 1768
  Land Act "Cash & Homestead" Records
  Miscellaneous Links & References
  Brochure - Attract Migration - 1740 

  Descendants of Gwer Fridig
  Henry Gallman  Letter - 1738
  Gabriel Fridig Death Bed Letter - 1830
  Henry Gragg Rev War Pension App
  Lt. B. V Thompson Story - 1865
  Fairfield Co Will of David Friday - 1827 doc
  George Friday - War of 1812
  W. W. Friday - Civil War Pension
  WWI Civil Draft Registrations
  1810 Stewart Co, TN - Tax List
  Neighbors west of the SC Friday's West All
  SC Friday Neighbors
  1753 - Conrad Myre Mortgage
  1739 - Six Mile Creek Warrant
  Calhoun Journal - Michael Watson
  1896 G.T & H.G. Friday Land Assessment
  W W. Friday w/drawn sale of Land
  George W Friday (1822) Civil War Roll
  William Friday (1818) Seminole War Zip File
  William Friday (1818) Seminole War Doc
  1832 W'm Friday Will - Charleston, SC 2  Doc
  1735 Switzers Petition
  1849 Will of Milly Nertz
  Bio of Fridig

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How You Can Help

If you found information on this site that was helpful, it was probably something that was provided by another Friday or Friday descendant. Wouldn't you like to return the favor and further expand the utility of this site? Here are some ways to do that:
   1. In our Family Tree, can you tell us which members of your family are missing?
   2. In our Archives, can you scan the names in your family's States and Counties and see if you can identify any of the unknowns?
   3. In our various Professional Lists, can you add a new name or identify the ancestry of one of our unknowns?
   4. In the Interesting Friday section, can you tell us the ancestry of any of the unknowns? Or can you send us a news clipping on another Friday, perhaps yourself?
   5. Do you know a Friday in the Military that is not reported or whose ancestry is unknown?
   6. And finally, in our Neighbors 2 section, do you know for whom any of the Friday places were named? or email:


Census, marriage, deed, death, wills and other archived records of legal and historical significance.

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* Portraits reproduced by kind permission of the Family, Friends and Researchers..

Note: This is history of the Friday families (all variations) from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Colonial and Southern America!!

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