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The Descendants of Michael Schanz
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Our Family Lines
By Monica Ann Schantz Staley

"In 1927 our first Family Historian appeared. Miss Gladys Schantz was the great granddaughter of Jacob and Magdelena Schantz. And her family line is traced down through Heinrich Schantz. Miss Gladys put on paper the history of the Schantz family, as she knew it. It was kept in the care of David Schantz, grandson to Heinrich Schantz, son of Jacob and Magdalena Schantz, who gave me a copy of this document. Gladys puts our family line starting in Bernese, Oberland, Switzerland, in the town of Baden, which is situated in the extreme southeastern part of Germany. There are two possible variations to the start of our line that I have found. One starts with Michael Schantz being the father of Johann Jakob Schantz, and another that puts him as being Johann's grandfather. And so we start with the Schantz line."

1. Michael SCHANZ was born1 about 1748 in Gundelsheim, Baden, Germany or Bernese, Switzerland. He died2 in 1802 in Gundelsheim, Baden, Germany.


He had the following children:

+ 2 M i Johann Christoph SCHANTZ SCHANZ

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