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In Service To God -- Our Relatives In Religious Life

Reverend Hull ABBOT
Reverend John W ATKINS
Reverend Thomas ATKINS
Reverend Jacob BAILEY
Reverend Henry BLATCHFORD
Reverend Simon BRADSTREET
Reverend Simon BRADSTREET
Reverend Simon Jr BRADSTREET
Reverend Thomas J BRADSTREET
Reverend Joseph CAPEN
Reverend John COTTON
Reverend Seaborn COTTON
Reverend Reuben B CURTIS
Reverend David DUDLEY
Reverend Hiram Carlos Hamilton DUDLEY
Elder Joseph DUDLEY
Reverend Levi DUDLEY
Elder Moses DUDLEY
Reverend Nicholas DUDLEY
Reverend Samuel DUDLEY
Deacon Stephen DUDLEY
Reverend Thomas DUDLEY
Reverend Joseph ELIOT
Reverend Nathaniel GILBERT
Reverend Nathaniel GOOKIN
Reverend Nathaniel GOOKIN
Reverend Isaac HURD
Reverend Peter KEYSER
Reverend John MOODY
Reverend John ODLIN
Reverend PAGE
Reverend Thomas PARKER
Reverend William PERKINS
Reverend Peter PHILBRICK
Reverend Daniel ROGERS
Reverend Daniel ROGERS
Reverend John ROGERS
Reverend John ROGERS
Reverend Nathaniel ROGERS
Reverend Nathaniel ROGERS
Reverend Nathaniel ROGERS
Sr. Mary Barbara Pauline SCHANTZ
Reverend Dudley THING
Reverend Nathaniel TRASK
Reverend John Jacob WALKER
Reverend John WARD
Reverend Joshua Wingate WEEKS
Reverend John WHITING
Reverend William WILLIAMS
Reverend Benjamin WOODBRIDGE
Reverend Ephraim WOODBRIDGE
Reverend John WOODBRIDGE
Reverend John WOODBRIDGE
Reverend John Jr WOODBRIDGE
Reverend Timothy WOODBRIDGE

Remember that this list is and, in all probability, always will be incomplete since all data is constantly under scrutiny and being updated as it can be.

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