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In Service To Country -- Our Relatives In Military Service (Past)

Sam APPLE ---Civil War Veteran

Titus Josiah BLOUGH ---veteran flag on grave

Darrell II BROWN ---US Navy

Cyrus A CROFF ---Company G, 10th from 18 Nov 1

Eugene C CROFF ---Company E, 6th Mi Abt 13 Oct 18

Lee Cross ---US Navy WWI

Davidson DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War Cambridge, Massachusetts

Davizion DUDLEY ---French War on the last frontier near Canada East

Jonathan DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War Ticonderoga, New York

Jonathan DUDLEY ---Army

Jonathan S DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War New York

Joseph DUDLEY ---French and Revolutionary War

Stephen DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War

Timothy DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War 1/27 Apr 1760 Captain Johnson's Company

Trueworthy DUDLEY ---soldier

Trueworthy DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War Cambridge, Massachusetts

Trueworthy DUDLEY ---Revolutionary War

Ezra EASTMAN ---enlisted in the Union Army 12 Aug 1862

Julius E FISCHER ---WW

Oscar George FORD ---4-1-X-2

Walter H FORD ---15-5-2-0

Thomas T GREEN ---Union, 27 Michigan from 12 Apr 1 Civil War, various locations

David Cecil HINDMAN ---Pvt 27th Infantry 2 1950 Korea

Glen Joseph HINDMAN ---Tenn Tec 5 36 Arm Abt 1945 Tennessee

James K P HINDMAN ---Private Civil War C 1861/1865


Elmer J HINDMON ---World War I Draft C 12 Sep 1918 Savannah, Tennessee

James V HINDMON ---Private -- Army -- 8 Feb 1945 Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Luther HINDMON ---Private -- Army -- 24 Aug 1942 Camp Shelby, Mississippi

Joseph F HOUSE ---WWI

Carl Alvin MOLENAR ---PFC US Army, WW

Joseph NICE ---15-5-5-5 Bef 1910

Joseph NICE ---WW I

Wilfred NICE ---WW I

Charles "Chat" William Picken ---US Army WWI

Calvin L PIDER ---Air Corps of the Re 14 Nov 1941 Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California

Charles L PIDER ---WWI airplane mech England

Leroy Calvin PIDER ---WWI Draft Card Re 12 Sep 1918 Massilon, Stark County, Ohio


James Henry QUICK ---Private from 17 Sep 1 5th Michigan Infantry, Company S

William RYCKMAN ---Civil War Veteran

Robert Santimore ---US Army WW2 in Germany

John Emery SCHANTZ ---US Army Korea

Coley Abel J STRONG ---World War II

Eugene C. STRONG ---United States Air Force abt. 1960 or 1 Sawyer Air Force Base, M, Vietnam

Fred L. STRONG ---World War II

Carl TENBRINK ---WWII South Pacific

Robert TIMMONS ---WWII Army Air Cor


Johann J WALKER ---Private, Company 4 Oct 1864 Michigan

Charles S WEEKS ---served in the US Army

Cole WEEKS ---Corporal in the War of 1812 Burbank's Company of the 5th Reg of I

David WEEKS ---Revolution

John Wingate WEEKS ---US Navy during Sp

John Wingate WEEKS ---War of 1812 1812

Joseph WEEKS ---Muster Rolls 12 Dec 1724 New Hampshire

Captain J WEEKS ---Muster Rolls 8br 26, 1722 New Hampshire

Captain S WEEKS ---under Captain John Sep 1696 Oyster River

Ward Cotton WEEKS ---Captain Gilman's C 6 Jun 1775 Colonel Poor's Regiment


Admiral R WINTHROP ---Admiral British Navy

Joseph WODNICKI ---9-8-5-5 Bef 1910

Louis WODNICKI ---15-5-0-8 Bef 1910 WWI

Remember that this list is and, in all probability, always will be incomplete since all data is constantly under scrutiny and being updated as it can be.

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