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My name is Sue Palmer~Elliott and I am the webmaster for The Elliott/Elliot Summit website and All Things Elliott, Elliot, and every variation of the surname....and all that means is that you send it, I post it...and try to keep the web site entertaining and up-to date.

The Spelling of Our Name

Double L and single T

The Elliots of Minto and Wolflee;

Double T and single L

The Eliotts that in Stobs do dwell;

Single L and single T

The Eliots of St. Germains be;

But double L and double T

The de'il may ken wha' they may be.

The Eliot spelling is generally attributed to the descendents of a knight named Alyot who came over to England with William the Conqueror.
The Elliot and Eliott spelling derive from Ellot or Elwald, an ancient Scots familiy from Angus at the foot of Glenshie who migrated to the Scottish Borders in support of Robert the Bruce (abt. 1300).
The double L and double T is a bit harder to pin down, but one theory has it that the named filled out while the Scots deported from their homeland in the early 1600's settled in Ireland. Many found there way back to England, and many emigrated to the colonies. Yet another story has it that a couple of notorious Elliots in England were condemned by Queen Mary to change their name, with the second T to stand for "thief"!

(Contributed by Chuck & Denise Elliott)

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