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Pauline CAMPBELL's other family: with Patrick SHEEHAN ( - )

Family of James MOORE and Pauline CAMPBELL

Husband: James MOORE ( -1998?)
Wife: Pauline CAMPBELL (1930-2001)
Children: Elaine Veronica MOORE (otherwise Elaine Ver. Sheehan) (1960- )
Evan James MOORE (1964- )
Fiona Claire MOORE (1966- )
Marriage 2 Aug 1962 Liverpool,Lancashire, England

Husband: James MOORE

Name: James MOORE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1998 (app) Liverpool,Lancashire, England

Wife: Pauline CAMPBELL

Name: Pauline CAMPBELL
Sex: Female
Father: John Joseph CAMPBELL (otherwise Jack Campbell) (1896-1960)
Mother: Florence Miriam MC COY (1896-1975)
Birth 29 Oct 1930 Dublin,Dublin, Ireland
Death 10 Dec 2001 (age 71) Liverpool,Merseyside,England

Child 1: Elaine Veronica MOORE (otherwise Elaine Ver. Sheehan)

Name: Elaine Veronica MOORE (otherwise Elaine Ver. Sheehan)
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: (otherwise Elaine Ver. Sheehan)
Spouse: Mr DRINKWATER ( - )
Birth 22 Apr 1960 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Child 2: Evan James MOORE

Name: Evan James MOORE
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Aug 1964 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Child 3: Fiona Claire MOORE

Name: Fiona Claire MOORE
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Jun 1966 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Note on Husband: James MOORE

James was principal bassonist for the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.