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Cornelius COTTER's other families: with Agnes DUFFY (1857?-1888), unknown spouse and unknown spouse
Margaret BRADLEY's parents: MCFARLANE (1832?- ) and Mrs MCFARLANE (1832?- )

Family of Cornelius COTTER and Margaret BRADLEY or McFarlane

Husband: Cornelius COTTER (1850?-1895)
Wife: Margaret BRADLEY or McFarlane (1854?- )
Marriage 31 Dec 1888 Bridgeton,Lanarkshire, Scotland

Husband: Cornelius COTTER

Name: Cornelius COTTER
Sex: Male
Father: Cornelius COTTER (1830?-bef1878)
Mother: Ann CRONIEAR (1830?-bef1878)
Birth 1850 (app) Dublin,Dublin,Ireland
Death 16 Jan 1895 (age 44-45) Bridgeton,Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Wife: Margaret BRADLEY or McFarlane

Name: Margaret BRADLEY or McFarlane
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: or McFarlane
Father: MCFARLANE (1832?- )
Mother: Mrs MCFARLANE (1832?- )
Birth 1854 (app) Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland