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Charles DUNN's parents: Hugh DUNN (1821?-bef1915) and Ann KELLY (1835- )

Family of Charles DUNN and Annie EDGE

Husband: Charles DUNN (1870-bef1920)
Wife: Annie EDGE (1873-bef1920)
Children: Annie DUNN (1892- )
Marriage 17 Feb 1890 Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Husband: Charles DUNN

Name: Charles DUNN
Sex: Male
Father: Hugh DUNN (1821?-bef1915)
Mother: Ann KELLY (1835- )
Birth 4 Jun 1870 ,,Scotland
Death bef 1920 (age 49-50) ,,Scotland

Wife: Annie EDGE

Name: Annie EDGE
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred EDGE (1850?- )
Mother: Sarah WHORLTON (1850?- )
Birth 26 Mar 1873 Milton,Glasgow,Scotland,
Death bef 1920 (age 46-47)

Child 1: Annie DUNN

Name: Annie DUNN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles BOYLE (1892- )
Spouse 2: MCKITTERICK ( -bef1920)
Birth 4 Dec 1892 Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Note on Husband: Charles DUNN

charles and francis Dunn were twins.