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John CARDOW's other family: with Agnes COOPER (1841-1873)

Family of John CARDOW and Margaret ISLINGTON

Husband: John CARDOW (1847-1898)
Wife: Margaret ISLINGTON (1847?-190?)
Marriage 1867 (app) ,,Scotland

Husband: John CARDOW

Name: John CARDOW
Sex: Male
Father: James CARDOW (1823-1883)
Mother: Sarah BOWMAN (1826?- )
Birth 1847 ,,Scotland
Death 15 Apr 1898 (age 50-51) Rutherglen,Lanarkshire,Scotland

Wife: Margaret ISLINGTON

Name: Margaret ISLINGTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 (app) ,,Scotland
Death 0190 (app) (age -1658--1657 (!)) ,,Scotland