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[M574, roll 61, frames 917-920, letter A368, duplicated on frames 19-21]
[Special File 207]

Schedule of Stock and other property alleged to have been left by the Creek emigrants of the Ufalla Town in the year 1837 by being driven from their homes and forced to remove the Country by the citizens of Ala & Georgia contrary to the promises of Major General Jesup during the time the warriors of the within Town were in the service of the United States in Florida.

Amount Remarks
Echo emarthla214.0012.0086.00 Horses valued
at $30 per head.

Cows - $10 per head

Hogs - $3 per head.

Corn - $1 per bushel
Sally1     30.00
O kon ne chee22   3.0083.00
No cose Yoholo1     50.00
Fus hat che Yoholo3 7 3.005.00119.00
O hap pe e  4 2.002.5016.50
Parney22  3.002.0085.00
Jim e che   53.002.5010.50
Pol par key11  4.003.0047.00
Tus tunnuggee Harjoe21282015.0010.00249.00
Jack1   7.006.0043.00
Toney1   8.005.0043.00
Ben1   7.006.0043.00
Yelkey Harjo2220 8.006.00124.00
Charle emarthla1104.003.0047.00
Ar fu gar Fixico12.003.0035.00
Yar har Fixeco205.003.0028.00
John Holahtah36.005.00100.00
Ho par yo chee210.009.0079.00
Soke cose key214.0012.0086.00
 30     1502.00
Cotchar Harjoe124 5.004.0071.00
Anny  (female)2   6.005.0071.00
Tomey1   3.002.0035.00
Nit i ye1   4.003.0037.00
Billy uchee32  4.002.00116.00
William Ker    9.007.0016.00
Cho e kar Harjoe   307.005.0042.00
George Hadkey1   6.005.0041.00
Tal o war Micco3     90.00
My ar thle 6  3.002.0065.00
Ste yo per1   4.003.0037.00
Kor pit char Harjoe26  3.002.00125.00
Ma lay ha lar11  4.002.0046.00
Spar ney Yoholo21 53.002.0080.00
Major24  4.003.00107.00
Nit ter haper105.003.0018.00
Tal lofe Harjoe13.002.0035.00
Mon o chee   104.002.0046.00
Ar har lock Yoholo1   5.003.0038.00
Chock ho yoihle?1   3.002.0035.00
Ti e cha1 8 3.002.0059.00
Fo lah tah1   2.003.0035.00
Tock chi e1    4.0054.00
Oc ti ar chee Harjoe1   3.002.0035.00
Charlow Harjoe1   4.003.0037.00
Ar tus Micco33  3.002.00125.00
Ar tus Yoholo2  53.002.00125.00
No cos iller Harjoe12  3.002.00125.00
 25     1613.00
Tim p- -- kee 10  4.003.00107.00
E ho sy chee123 3.002.0064.00
Par se chee1 2 4.003.0043.00
Te war lar kee1  52.003.0040.00
No cose Yoholo1   3.002.0035.00
Echo Harjoe1   4.003.0037.00
Yar tip Harjoe  10 5.004.0039.00
Con chartee Fixeco1   4.003.0037.00
Cho Fixeco  5 3.002.0020.00
Lum he hoithle poyar1   4.003.0037.00
Neah thlocko Harjo13  3.002.0065.00
Dick138 2.002.0088.00
Cotchar Yoholo   56.005.0016.00
Artus Fixeco1   4.003.0037.00
Mis te wi kee 4  3.002.0045.00
Polly Fitzgerald1  516.0012.0063.00
Amanda Doyle126 12.0010.0090.00
Margerett14  13.009.0092.00
Octi ar chee Harjoe1 4 3.002.0047.00
Yar te Kar Harjoe 24 5.003.0040.00
Char low   F. 25 6.004.0045.00
Che par nee 58 4.005.0083.00
Cot larthlar 410 5.004.0079.00
Che pon sar kar 64 3.004.0079.00
Polly o chie   F.1 8 5.004.0063.00
Yar har Tustunnuggee24558.007.00135.00
Kim ma lee 35 4.003.0052.00
Thlar he char12  5.004.0059.00
Farce Key 24 4.003.0039.00
Jin na235 4.006.00115.00

We the undersigned chiefs of the Ufalla Town do certify that the within statement of property left in the Creek Nation east in 1836 contrary to the promises of General Jesup and forced to remove to the country west of Mississippi is true and correct.

Witness Jas. L. Alexander

February 14th 1838
Tustunuggee Harjo
Yelkee Harjo
Jim Boy

This is to certify that I was present at the Camp of the Ufalla Indians in the Spring of 1837, during the absence of the warriors to Florida when they were unexpectedly surrounded by the citizens of Georgia & Alabama and forced to remove from Macon county, Alabama without having any opportunity of collecting & disposing of their property.

Noah Felton
Late Asst. Conductor
Creek Emigration

May 6th 1838