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[M574, roll 61, frames 5-6]
[Special file 207]

Amount of Creek Claims

Washington City
26th April 1838

C. A. Harris Esq.
Commr of Indian Affairs


I am requested by the Creek delegation to lay before you their claims for property left in the old Nation as they were ordered to emigrate by Gel. Jesup and no time given them to either sell of gather their stock previous to their departure - you will also find accounts for prosperity lost on the way of doing business. You will also find a list of lost property of the families of those who went to Florida as volunteers under Genl. Jesup - their money property and indeed everything they owned was lost by the sinking of the Steam Boat Monmouth on her passage to Arkansas. It would no doubt be more satisfactory to the delegation - if after examination the Dept. would have those claims submitted to Congress.

Respectfully Your
Most Obd't Serv't
William Armstrong

No. 1For stock and other property left the Emigrants in the year 1836, in the old nation country East, by being ----- to remove and time not being allowed to assemble them to collect it & c. Amt. to 31,487.50
No. 2For stock left by the Emigrants in the years '33, '34, & '35, in the old Creek Nation.
For stock left by the Emigrants in the year 1836, by order of Gen'l Jesup. 
For corn left on farms in the year '36, by do [frames 958-977]
No. 3For horses left & c in the year '36, by order of Gen'l Jesup [frames 978-994]
For Cattle & Hogs & c in do do do. [frames 995+]
No. 4For Horses lost on the route of Emig. (year not listed) [frames 604+]111,799.
No. 5For Farms and corn abandoned, promised to be paid for by Genl Jesup, he requiring the Inds to remove before the expiration of the time fixed in the treaty28,774.
No. 6For property left by the Emigts at Wetumpka Ala, and injured by remaining on the way 12 month before rec'd. [frames 921-23]6,523.
No. 7For Stock and other property - such as Framing & cooking utensils, left the Emigts of the Ufalla town in the year 1837, by being driven from their homes by the citizens of Ala. & Geo. while their warriors were in Florida. [See frames 917-920 or a copy on frames 19-21 ] Stock 2550.
Prop 2351.
$ 478,518.91 ¼
No. 8For Stock and other property left by the Inds of Tallissee & Chehaw towns as in the preceding. [See frames 15-17] Stock       4,590.
Prop   6,405.60
No. 9For Slaves, money, and other property lost by the sinking of the Steamboat Monmouth, on the 31st Oct 37. [See claims]71,615.
No. 10For property lost and left in the old Creek Nation and for stock & supplies furnished for the use of the Emigts, & for services rendered by those who emigrated to the West. [The actual claims are on frames 740-891] 11,883.17 ½
No. 11For property lost and left in the Old Creek Nation, and for improvements abandoned prior to the year 1834. [Schedule of claims on frames 570-583.] 9,800.80
  $ 582,813.48¾