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[American State Papers, Indian Affairs, vol. 8, p. 754-862]
[Senate Doc. 249, 19th Congress, 2nd Session]

Senate Doc. 249 - Proceedings in relation to a Creek Treaty

This is a collection of documents titled "Proceedings in Relation to a Creek Treaty" that are reproduced in the American State Papers, volume 8.  Much of the letters were written by or written to George M. Troup, the Governor of Georgia.

Proceedings in Relation to a Creek Treaty

(p. 754-761)

Documents on the subject of the murder of General McIntosh 
and other friendly chiefs of the Creek nation.

(p. 761-774)

Documents on the subject of the claims of Georgia, under 1802 compact, 
in reference to land occupied by the Cherokees in Georgia.

(p. 774-777)

Governor's message to the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, November 7, 1825.

(p. 777-784)

Report of Creek Indian Affairs

(p. 784-795)

Correspondence between the Governor of Georgia (George M. Troup), 
the general government, and it's agents, in reference to the late treaty.

(p. 795-820)

Report of the Georgia Commissioners in the case of the Indian agent, dated July 16, 1825.

(p. 820-825)

Correspondence between the United States' agents and the Georgia Commissioners.


Report of the Georgia Commissioners, dates August 23, 1825.

(p. 843-851)

Published addresses of the different United States Agents.

(p. 851-862)

Correspondence on the subject of the dividing line between Georgia and Alabama.

(p. 862)