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[M234, roll 290, frame 358-361, page 4]

List of Seminole Indians captured at Fort Jupiter E. F. by the Troops, from 22d Feby 1838 to 29th March 1838.

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NoNames AgeSex Remarks
275Pompey3m son of 272
276Co wok ker tustenukky36m  
277Yo pat ho kee31f sister 276
278Sun yolth ho ker10f daug. 277
279Sok ky8m son 277
280Tosahkee5m son 277
281Nith lee Hoketee30f  
282So thly che-8m son 281
283Tustanuk Chopco60m  
284Keith li gay8f daug. 285
285Nah ho kee45f wife 285
286Ah pah kee2f daug. 285
287Sah ti- hoketee34f wife 177
288Lee mot lo mi kee4m son 287
290Cotcha Hajo chee40m  
291Hotulkee Yahola26m  
292So hee chee20f sister 290
293Tony13m brother 290
294Tase ke-6m brother 290
295Holah te-14m cousin 290
296Tim me huth pee8f  
297Honis Yahola chee25m  
299Linda/Sinda25f wife William
300Hoke pis Hajo chee20m cousin 290
301Thlah ho yay nay15f sister 292
302Sah fi ee26f wife 217
303Tallofe ochee21m  
304Cho fee Hajo21m  
306Finnah hah yay34f wife 305
307Honun wuth chee11m son 306
308Fole ho kee9m son 306
309Sah wah hith chee7m son 306
310Sop ho yithe chee5f daug. 306
311Chah hi lee15f daug. 306
312Cotcha Hajo chee28m  
313Conip Hajo28m  
314Co wok ko chee24m  
315Powhose Tustenukky26m  
316Chitto lahno che-12m  
317Tustanuck co chee46m  
318Molly17f daug. 317
319Hal pah too che-36m  
321Cotcha Tustenukky36m  
322Tustenuk Chopco30m  
323Cho was ti Emathla28m  
324Oke lah thlee26m  
326Chitto fixico25m  
327Me sigh ker8m  
331See by10f daug. 330
332Is ya kof ho he yay8f  
335Enehah Ca-ca-a35m  
336Sow oke o low Micco55m  
337Powhose tustenukky40m  
338Yo pah ho he yay60f mother 377
339Chee punth cah2m son 320
340Cotcho bee68m  
341O chee see70m  
342Powhose tustenukky75m  
343Cotcha Yahola80m  
344Chitter Yahola32m  
345Hinneah Honkee48m  
346Chitto Hajo29m  
347Sah pul hun ni ke-20m  
348To- cosah Chopco25m  
349To- cosah Hajo29m brother 348
350Oke Choy35m  
351Cotcha Yahola40m  
352Powhose Hajo Chopco32m  
353Chitto tustenuk co chee40m  
354Sim mok ho pah nee36f  
355Hol li wee12m son 354
356Ahn thlee10m son 354
357Fope kee9f daug. 354
358Tin no ho no he yay8f daug. 354
359Hinnee hithe chee4m son 354
360Hi yok pieth chee29f  
361Ah chee wythe chee5f daug. 360
362Holy unk kee4f daug. 360
363Low i ker3m son 360
364Istin lah mah ker12m son 360
365Sip ho he yay40f  
366Chillah kee15f daug. 365