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[M234, roll 290, frame 358-361, page 3]

List of Seminole Indians captured at Fort Jupiter E. F. by the Troops, from 22d Feby 1838 to 29th March 1838.

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NoNames AgeSex Remarks
183Nancy4f daug. 179
184Sneezar35f wife 156
185Ho nee si kee18f neice 156
186Cho cotte fixico40m  
187Nulth cup Yahola38m  
188Cotcha Hajo Chopco22m  
189Mah se ho28m uncle 188
190Sah ho pah kee15m  
191Spoke oke ko chee18m  
192Pof nee?18m  
193Ah fose hin ne ho chee18m  
194Honith hoi chee15m  
195Im faht ho kee13m  
196Cho cottee Yahola42m  
197Nulth cup tustenukky39m brother 196
198Is ho yile thle-21m son 196
199Tok ko sah Hajo chee19m son 196
200Talofe Hajo chee19m  
201He chi chee40f  
202Co choke inny23m nephew 93
203Mah thlee te-50f wife 93
204Chah wi poith che-32f  
205Yah kah pee24m nephew 204
206Neah thlocco60m husband 201
207Hotulkee Hajo30m  
208Hotulke-23m husband 126
209Cho fixico40m  
210Chitto Hajo23m  
211Tus cona Hajo32m  
212Peer ho kee26f wife 211
213Peet ho he yay16f cousin 212
214Chitto Hajo chee19m brother 213
215Cotcha tustenuk co chee28m  
216Choxey25m nephew 215
217Cotcha Holahta24m nephew 215
218Powhose Emathlo chee23m uncle 188
219Hinnee ho chee22m brother 188
220Tar hoie cher14m brother 188
221Ok o yi ke-12m brother 188
222Im mun tal ho yah11m nephew 215
223Sim pah lit9m nephew 215
224Te lun kay14m nephew 215
225Holahta Hajo chee14m brother 186
226Sar ho 50f  
227So ki he yay30f sister 215
228Sar se- ho kah9f  
229Ah ho he yay40f  
230Fi each kah21f daug. 226
231Irsee/Josee1m son 230
232Fi its kah39f  
233Muntal li kee27f sister 232
234Sof fo lo ta kee30f  
235Cotcha tustenukky30m  
236Soley Hajo21m  
237Sow wol o pi ker25f sister 215
238Ah top hoith cher20f  
239Cun co hah1m son 238
240Se cote ti her30f sister 116
241Im mo he yolth kah14f daug. 240
242Oh nah ker3f daug. 240
243Fut chal lah3m son 237
244Betsey29f sister 229
245infant child1/12f daug. Betsey
246Ina2f Daug. 229
247Cowock Emathla70m  
248Jinny50f wife 247
249Dinah8f daug. 248
250Neah thlocco75m  
251Nok ko ki chee6m son 232
252Nah fith chee50f  
253Ninny ho marte tustunukky70m  
254Si he to tee60?f wife 253
255Jim22m son 254
256Shot tak hah ker29m brother 215
257Pah sak tustenukky55m  
258Sin ho to se-48f wife 257
259Is tin mah ni cher15m son 258
260Nehee mathlo cher30m brother 258
261Hotulke? Emathlo chee24m son 258
262So ho yil- tee32f wife 260
263Sim mah li kee½m son 262
264Powhose Fixico34m  
265O kolth kah3m son 264
266Noke fi Emathla50m  
267So hal le gee39f wife 266
268Is sah he yay15f daug. 267
269Hoke tee chee10f daug. 267
270Fo lits ho he yay7f daug. 267
271Siltlo Betsey1f daug. 267
272See fo mo32f daug. 266
273Te --- kal -y19m grandson 266
274Ho cher fi k--6f daug. 272