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[M234, roll 290, frame 358-361, page 1]

List of Seminole Indians captured at Fort Jupiter E. F. by the Troops, from 22d Feby 1838 to 29th March 1838.

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(The letters "ke-" and "che-" are probably "kee" and "chee")
NoNames AgeSex Remarks
1Hoke pis Yahola28m  
2Eliza33f wife of no. 1
3Micco Hajo chee3m son of do
4Katy29f sister of do
5Rhina7f daug. of no. 4
6Stepney5m son of no. 4
7Emathla Hajo45m  
8Mowter40f wife of no. 7
9Sally23f daug. of no. 7
10Elsy5f daug. Sally
11infant child¼f daug. Sally
12Mary22f daug. of Mowtee
13infant child¾f daug. of Mary
14Nancy15f daug. of Mowtee
15Little Widow45f  
16So mote ha he yay13f daug. no. 15
18Nokose Hiller Hajo21m son of no. 17
19Nittah huth chah18m son of no. 17
20Suzy28f daug. of no. 17
21Sat pith thlah ke-1/2f daug. of Suzy
22Homah hi tee13f daug. of Milly
23Sin ho fei kee14m orphan
24Clah both chat26f  
25Thlah sa yah kof kee2f daug. 24
26Tommah chee17m  
27Jonnee9m brother of 26
28Davy7m brother of 26
29Is timmo whi kee26f  
30Nokose ho yi chee7f daug. 29
31Illee ne tee5f daug. 29
32Ke-lth kah4f daug. 29
34Pol kee28   
35Ok eum mi kee3m son of 34
36Is co yo he yey45f wife of Cloud
37Eufalla Hajo23m son of Cloud
38Son ne hee yea21f daug. of Cloud
39Sinnah ho mah15f daug. of Cloud
40Sin lot ker28f daug. of 36
41Tim pah li gay6f daug. of 40
42Son ah coith chee3f daug. of 40
43Octi archee fixico32m husband of 40
44Ah full ote pooke13f daug. of 43
45Low Kah28m  
46Polly28f wife of no. 45
48Jinny30f daug. of Molly
49Sah pee humky9f daug. Jinny
50Cah pit sha32m  
51mother  - do54f name not known
52Cotcha Hajo chee21m son of no. 51
53Holatta Emathla28m son of no. 51
54Tustennuggy23m son of no. 51
55Hannah30f daug of no. 51
56Thlas so hah ho wy13f daug. of Hannah
57Chi yah yah kee6f daug. of Hannah
58Nulth ho yea22f daug. of no. 51
59Im me heith corts chee12f daug. of no. 51
60Eliza28f sister in law of Cloud
61Tommy Holahta28m nephew Cloud
62mother of - do52f name unknown
63Flola?28f wife of no. 61
64Che pah nee6m son of no. 61
65Tah thlok i kee4f daug. of no. 61
66infant child½f daug. of no. 61
67Sin fi i kee24f  
68Hi chi kee33f  
69To he chah17m son of 51
70Hoith la12m nephew Cloud
72Ne kee te yea3m  
73Is kin nah tah21f  
74Socco sah8f  
75To see yah9m nephew Cloud
76Fuck ah Hajo26m brother of no. 73
77Toccosah Emarthlo chee30m  
79Thlas ah lak kee30f wife  no. 78
80Coo yeh20f daug. 78
81Ah ha lock Hajo chee23m husband of 80
82Thlas sah ho way37f sister of Micanopy
83Tote kee16f daug. of 82
84Te am ho kee30f sister Micanopy
85Hoith li chee8m son 84
86Pah sah- ho he yay6f daug. 84
87Wah ke- pee4m son 84
88Sounah Hajo23m nephew Micanopy
89Fulloti kee35f wife      Micanopy
90Tustannuk Hajo25m son 89