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[Senate Doc. 512, No. 247, p. 690+]

General statement respecting Indian towns on the Appalachicola, taken from the pay rolls and census of May 1833, and from report of Indians in council, at talk November 9, 1833.

Name of town.Name of chief.Amount of annuity paid in May 1833, to townPopulation belonging to these towns in May 1833.Number of deaths since treaty in 1832, and prior to May 1833.Number of deaths since annuity in May 1833, as reported Nov. 9, 1833.Number gone to Creek Nation & their quota of annuity, according to pay roll of 1833.Number gone to Seminoles, and their quota of annuity, according to pay roll of May 1833. No. willing & ready to emigrate, & am't of their annuity, according to pay roll of May 1833. Population at treay of 1832. 
Chief and warriorsWivesChildrenSlavesFree negroesOld women, widows, ect.Others not heretofore includedTotal in May 1833No. of soulsannuity No. of soulsannuityNo. of souls.annuity No. of souls.
TotoivithlaEcon Chatti Micco$231.256130462465 172Not given.Not given.33.25         
ChoconiclaJohn Yellow Hair *226.00462326145Totiga 1
9 boys 9
115Not given.14      16 $64.50  
AttapulgusTustanugge Hajo185.25432215  7  87Not given.Not given.      10 20.00  
  $642.501507587 25101710374 1433.25    26 $84.50  
The following towns are included in the treaty of 1832, concluded with Colonel Gadsen, by Blunt and Davy, & c.
IolaColonel Blunt$289.506734589† 4 5 boys 5168201327$35.75    142 $153.74 193
SpanewatkaDavy Elliot98.25241722    638623‡37.7513 $16.25 21 72.00 71
 $387.759151809† 4 5231281950$73.5013 $16.25 163 $225.74  
Brought down from other towns.642.50150758725101710374   1433.25    26 84.50 264
Total of all the towns.$1,030.2524112616734141715605283353$76.7513 $16.25 189 $310.24 264

* See Yellow Hair's letter and list on the same, and copies of Pay Rolls, & c.
† These four are not included in the total.
‡ This sum of $35.75 is not included in the sum of $98.25, paid this town in May 1833, the absentees having ran away previously; although, since the treaty, their portionment went to increase the general fund, and was distributed among all towns.  The sum of $16.25, due those gone to the Seminole nation, is included in the $98.25, those Indians having gone away since the payment, & c.  Blunt's Indians, who have gone to the Creek nation, have all gone since the annuity; and their portion is, therefore, included in the amount paid his town. The difference in population (264) at time of treaty, and the aggregate of the number now ready to go away, dead since treaty, ran away, & c., is owing to the birth of children ad interim, & c.; 256 is the number stipulated in the treaty; but I presume it was not enough, or the difference is occasioned the same way, & c., or both.

Ready to emigrate163
Gone to Creeks50
Gone to Seminoles13
Dead since treaty47
Present population, including deaths since the treaty, and runaways     273 souls