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[Senate Doc. 512, vol. 246, page 480]

Creek Agency, October 6, 1832. 


A number of Creek Indians are desirous of emigrating this fall; and the reservations to which they are entitled, under the late treaty, not being located, nor is it believed they will be, short of six months, they have requested me to enquire of your department whether the Government will pay them for their reservations, or authorize them to empower a person to act for them in their absence, provided they do emigrate before they get possession of their respective reserves; if so, the census takers can take their names, and their places of residence can he pointed out to the locating agent. The chiefs have requested me to inform you that the surveyors have left a strip of land next to the Cherokee line, of about ten miles wide, that belongs to this nation. 

I have the honor to be,
 Your obedient servant,
 John Crowell,
 Ind. Agent. 

Hon. Lewis Cass,
 Secretary of War