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[Senate Doc. 512, No. 247, pages 395]

May 14, 1833.

Sir; I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of April 6, respecting a draft drawn on the War Department for a quarter's salary.   I will endeavor, to the best of my abilities, to obey your instructions in every matter pertaining to the duties of my office.   Gov. Pope has left the Territory for Kentucky.   I was told that Secretary Fulton was confined to his house by sickness, which is my apology for writing this letter.   Gov. Pope placed in my hands fifteen hundred dollars, Quapaw money, which I paid over to the Indians, and took their receipt.   He placed in my hands a further sum of one thousand dollars, a donation from the Government.   I paid, out of the sum, three hundred and fifty dollars to Antoine Barraque. I paid Joseph Duchasin (order in favor of A. Barraque) seventy dollars, as part of the salary due him as interpreter.   I retained in my own hands one hundred and fifty dollars, by the written request of the chiefs, and the approbation of Gov. Pope, to visit the commissioners on Indian business. I did not charge one cent for three trips up and down the river to receive and the money, and for the purpose of making my report to Gov. Pope.   The sub-agency is kept about one hundred and twenty miles below the Rock, and near the Indians.   There are forty-one Indians yet to pay.   The chiefs made a mistake in giving in the number, which deranged the whole calculation.   I have sent out Indians to notify the remainder to come in and receive as much of the donation as will put them on a par with the other Indians.   The chiefs are desirous that the balance of the money be expenses in exploring their new country, and marking out the route, which will be pretty much through the woods.   If the exploring expedition should meet your approbation, the money will be kept for that purpose.   If you do not approve the expedition, I think it will be prudent to lay the money out for clothing for the poor of the tribe.   Last fall, when laboring under severe bodily sickness, I made out a statement for Gov. Pope, as to the situation of the tribe.   He stated to me that he forwarded the communication to the War Department.   I was very much surprised, as I intended it only for his own eye, to found a letter on to the department.   The communication was made in his own house, and at a time when I was incapable to write.   I well knew, from the goodness of his heart, he would  pardon any omission that might arise in consequence of bodily disability.

So soon as I am instructed, I will forward my account properly authenticated.   I presume Gov. Pope has forwarded to the department the receipts taken from the Indians, as well as Antoine Barraque's receipt.   Gov. Pope directed me to pay Duchasin's order, and Mr. Schermerhorn to detain the balance of the money in my hands for the purpose of meeting the expenses of the exploring expedition.

I am, with great respect,
Your humble servant,

To Elbert Herring, Esq.,
Commissioner of Indian Affairs.